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*** No matter what you might think . . . I’ve never physically threatened anyone. I’m passionate about my causes and I sometimes use Literary Hyperbole to make my point. If you tend to be a candy-ass Coward, afraid of every-damn-thing . . . perhaps this website is not for sensitive panty-waists like you.

I have NEVER and will NEVER physically threaten anyone. If you think otherwise . . . don’t read this website. This tends to be an R-Rated website . . . and it ain’t for the faint-hearted. It’s for mature grownups who don’t wet the bed at night.


10-29-2016 -- 12:08 PM

Where In the World . . .
Can You Get a Death Sentence . . .
For a Conviction on a . . .
Trumped-Up Misdemeanor Conviction?







But . . . sadly for Clay Jones, Tim Jones, Michelle Derrick, Danny Neal, the Weathermans, Marilyn Gendusa, judge rob hofmann, DA Tonya “Olive Oil” Ahlschwede, all the other PUBLIC Christian Loyalists, and all the other cowards in Brady who are afraid to fight back against the tyranny facing us daily . . . I’m not dead yet.


Even though our local sheriffs department was told by the folks at Seton Hospital I would be lucky to live 2 to 3 days back in August. According to this official that’s why I was released from jail early . . . Although he did admit the County didn’t want to pay my hospital tab which, in my opinion, was the ONLY reason I was released.

The egregious charges weren’t dropped, I was just sentenced to “time served.”  While I was still leg-shackled and handcuffed at Seton Hospital like a triple murderer, with two jail guards standing over me 24 hours a day. 

I see Mark Marshall’s and Danny Neal’s hands all over this.

I won’t forget it.

Nor will I forget judge rob hofmann’s 9 month sentence for a bullshit crime he knows damn well was trumped-up and illegitimate.  That has always bothered me. Before I went to jail I did a little research . . . the average sentence for a 60+ year-old who had never been charged with a crime in his life and was now convicted of a misdemeanor charge was two months PROBATION.  Yet rob hoffman sentenced me to nine months, with no time off for good behavior.


Perhaps that’s why him and Danny Neal met the morning before my sentencing. Perhaps that’s what his Big Dog handlers wanted. Perhaps that’s what his loyalist supporters insisted on. Perhaps he’s just an asshole who thinks he can control people’s First Amendment rights. I was writing and saying things he didn’t like and perhaps he truly thought the punishment fit the non-crime.

How dare a peon like me speak his mind.

But he didn’t just sentence me to nine months in jail. He fully intended to ruin me and my family. He fully intended to make me homeless. He fully intended to wreck me financially. He fully intended to completely destroy me.

Because he knew something at the time that I didn’t.

If you’re in jail for over 30 days, Social Security stops making disability payments.

Trust me, rob hofmann knew this.

That’s why he sentenced me to nine months.

I won’t forget it.

I’ll probably still lose my home.

My utilities will probably be cut off.

Many other bills will probably go unpaid.

But I’ll tell you, judge hofmann, the same thing I’ve been telling the Big Dogs for years . . .


A pompous little pretty boy like you can’t intimidate me.

You went after my family too, you sonofabitch.


I’ll use every legal avenue available to me to find justice . . . unlike the illegal acts of you and your brethren.

But I will play by as many of y’all’s rules as I can.  My anger knows no bounds now.

What else can any of you do to me?

I’m already dying.


6-14-2016 -- 11:07 AM

I’ll be going to jail at noon today.

Sheriff John Stafford, when he called me this morning, was very respectful and kind.

I’ll be talking to y’all from jail.


6-5-2016 -- 10:51 AM

The Big Dog Cowards . . .
. . . and their Minions . . .
Blinked and . . .
My Civil Trial was Cancelled!


Go here.

This just proves that us common folk CAN beat the Big Dogs if we’re willing to fight back against them . . . no matter how long it takes.

Do they seriously think this is all over now?

LOL.  I told ‘em at the beginning that they were picking on the wrong sumbitch.

I’ll probably lose my house.

I’ll definitely go to jail.

I’ll have a criminal record for the rest of my life . . . when I hadn’t even been charged with a crime in 60 years before the Big Dogs decided I should pay for speaking the truth about them.

Brendan Weatherman started all this crap . . . when he lied out his ass and told everyone in town, including his mother, that I threatened him with a gun to keep him for running for reelection to the City Council.  HE WAS JUST TRYING TO SAVE FACE!!  HE DECIDED ON HIS OWN NOT TO RUN FOR REELECTION.  AND THE MEETING WE HAD ON MARCH 3RD, 2013 . . . WHERE I “SUPPOSEDLY” THREATENED HIM . . .  WAS HIS OWN DAMN IDEA!!!

Do they think I’ll just forget all the damage they’ve caused me?  Does Brendan think I’ll forget?  Even after he moves to Breckenridge?  Hell, Farm Bureau promoted him!  Even after his roof shingles fiasco!  Even after his lies.  Even after him causing a Civil War in Brady when him and Missi Davis and Kathi Masonheimer supported a KNOWN con-man . . . Ben Siebert.

You can run, Brendan.  But you can’t hide.  You will pay a legal penalty for your lies.  Either now or later . . . YOU WILL PAY!!

Why did the Big Dogs and their minions do this?  Cancel the trial?

Because they don’t want their illegal activities to be known to the public and they knew I was going for the gusto at the civil trial.

One has to wonder now what would’ve happened had other witnesses been called at my criminal trial?  Remember, I only learned I would be the ONLY witness for the defense five minutes before I got on the stand.

We’d talked about 20 folks I wanted to call as witnesses.  It would’ve been pretty much the same folks I subpoenaed for my Civil Trial.  Why didn’t we call any of ’em?

Good damn question.

Also remember, I still have to serve 270 days in jail for this farce.

Even though I can prove I was ONLY convicted because my First Amendment Rights were violated.  In fact, that’s all Clay Jones, Tim Jones, Morticia, Kathi Masonheimer, Missi Davis, Brendan Weatherman, Police Chief Charlie Derrick, Police Sgt. Mike Hudson, judge hofmann, DA Tonya “Olive Oil” Ahlschwede, and Asst. DA Steve Lupton did was violate my First Amendment Rights.  And many in this list also perjured themselves.

Don’t believe me?

Check out these Supreme Court Decisions . . .

Watts v. United States, 394 U.S. 705 (1969)
Decided April 21, 1969


Elonis v United States
Decided June 1, 2015

Elonis was decided almost a year after my conviction but it’s decision is plain.  All these idiots who got on the stand and claimed I threatened them not only committed perjury but, according to Elonis, the prosecution had to prove my “intent” was to harm them.

No one even tried to prove that.

Hell, neither the police or the DA’s office even tried to talk to me before this fiasco blew up.  They didn’t give a damn about the truth.  Their Big Dog Handlers wanted me to shut the hell up and, after I’d refused to take ANY deals . . . like shutting up for a year so Tim Jones could slip his nursing home BS by the citizens of Brady without anyone saying anything about it . . . the Big Dogs wanted me convicted.

So . . . that’s what happened.

Ms. Ahlschwede can still do the right thing . . . before I go to jail.  She can cite Elonis and get the conviction over-turned, keep me from going to jail, and clean up my criminal record.

Will she?

I doubt it.  But, just for the record, I plan on emailing her today so I have a copy that I tried to get her to do the right thing.

By the way . . . how many of you have EVER seen TWO prosecutors handle what started out as a Class B Misdemeanor?  They were determined to get a conviction no matter what it took.