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*** No matter what you might think . . . I’ve never physically threatened anyone. I’m passionate about my causes and I sometimes use Literary Hyperbole to make my point. If you tend to be a candy-ass Coward, afraid of every-damn-thing . . . perhaps this website is not for sensitive panty-waists like you.

I have NEVER and will NEVER physically threaten anyone. If you think otherwise . . . don’t read this website. This tends to be an R-Rated website . . . and it ain’t for the faint-hearted. It’s for mature grownups who don’t wet the bed at night.


7-21-2015 -- 7:28 PM

Our See-Mint Competition

I just got back from the Silly Council Meeting and two “supposedly” reliable contacts both left me messages, saying Hobbs, New Mexico is our competition.


7-21-2015 -- 4:19 PM

Has anyone VETTED This See-Mint Company . . .
or Their Employees or Their Businesses Practices?

For the previous City Council Members . . . those folks who wouldn’t believe the research we did on Ben Siebert that showed he was a PROVEN CON-MAN (Especially Brendan Weatherman and Missi Davis -- the Mudualistic supporters to the end) . . . the term VETTED means to “make a careful and critical examination of someone, something, or a company”.

That means we check out EVERYTHING there is to know about someone or a company before we jump into bed with them and just start flinging taxpayer cash at ‘em.


I wanna know who vetted these See-Mint guys and their company!


Not after the poop careens into the fan!!

If we haven’t done this yet . . . why are we wasting our time, energy, and moola on this?

How many times do we have to get burnt before we, finally, learn a lesson?

Don’t get me wrong . . . I’m still in favor of this deal 1000% . . . but ONLY if everything is on the up and up . . . and the company PROVES to us that none of our citizens will be harmed.

And what’s with all of this secrecy BS?

I don’t feel all fuzzy inside knowing Danny Neal has known about this for over a year BEFORE the public did.  I also don’t have confidence in Danny to “negotiate” this deal by himself as he said he was at the meeting last Tuesday.

How many of you trust him to Ram-Rod this deal alone?

I don’t either.

I say this secrecy is complete and utter BS.  I for one will believe we’re negotiating against OURSELVES until the See-Mint company gives us the name of the town in New Mexico we’re “supposedly” competing with.

In my opinion . . . Secrecy is only used to hide something.  Something that usually is in favor of the entity who’s demanding the hush-hush nonsense.

I will NEVER support this deal until all the cards are on the table and ALL the questions from the NAY voters are answered.

If this See-Mint Company . . . Royal White Cement . . . doesn’t agree to give up the secrecy . . . I SAY WE SHOULD STOP TALKING TO THEM!!

Trust me, they won’t move here because they like us.  The ONLY reason they’ll move here is because they can make more moola here than anywhere else.

This Diplomatic nonsense of promising this and that . . . when we don’t have ALL the facts . . . is monetary suicide but, most importantly, I don’t want it on my conscience that ONE child is harmed in the future by decisions that’re haphazardly made today.




By the way . . . how can a County Judge afford to buy all of that property?


7-21-2015 -- 11:36 AM

More “Good” News from Jones, Jones, and Morticia, Inc.


I’ve now had six complaints from folks who have loved ones WAREHOUSED  in Brady West Nursing Home . . . and three of them have had multiple complaints.

Doesn’t “our” hospital district “own” the license for Brady West?

Is that just so Clay and his lackeys can get somewhere around $500,000 per year . . . for doing nothing?

Or are they responsible for the piss-poor care that many of our elderly citizens are getting at Brady West?

This sounds like a typical Clay Jones arrangement . . . take the moola without doing a damn thing to receive it.

Our elderly citizens should be respected and loved in their Golden Years . . . not treated like chickens in a coop.

Hell, it seems that many of them would be better off being hung on nails in a warehouse than enduring their current situation at Brady West.

What’re you gonna do to clean this up, Clay?  You’re damn sure getting enough money!  Why don’t you step in and do something to earn a few dollars of it?


7-21-2015 -- 11:23 AM

Welcome to Jones, Jones, and Morticia Funeral Home . . .
aka Brady Memorial Hospital . . .
aka Heart of Texas Memorial Hospital . . .
aka the Big Dogs’ Piggy Bank.


Email . . . Highlights are mine!!

Thought you might like an update on _____...after 4 more months of _____ going to the er with excruciating Pain and numerous x-rays, 3 ct scans and the drs there tlling her she needed to see an internist or GI expert, because they were finding nothing wrong, she finally came up with the $25 to go to Frontera Clinic, to be told by them it would be $125...she would have to apply all over again for the sliding scale. Because of the amount of pain she was having, they told her to go to the er. It was the clinic that told her to apply for indigent care. She did and they actually pushed it through and she was approved within a week and a half. She saw Dr. McDonough and he ordered an MRI and referred her to Dr. Stauffer. By this time she had swollen lymph nodes in her groin, he suspected lymphoma. but would need a biopsy to money for that. Her daughter came and got her, took her to Odessa, where she lives, because they have a lot more progams, she said, to help with medical(that was May 24). The hospital there ran all the same tests she had here and said she had stage 4 cancer. Tumors in her kidneys, liver, spine, lymph nodes, her pelvic bones. She was so close to death, they called in hospice. They did start radiation and a couple weeks ago, chemo. Her prognosis is still bad, but there are indications if she can survive the chemo, she could possibly go into remission. But the type of cancer she has is aggressive and most likely at some point will come back. How could all these "doctors" here miss something like that?? Then one "real" doctor feels the nodes in her groin and is almost sure it's cancer? From what I understand, 4 other women have been diagnosed with lymphoma since the beginning of the year...what is it going to take to wake this town up?? There is too much cancer here!! (and an inept hospital)

No sense in me commenting . . . the email says it all.

Good job, Clay Jones, Tim Jones, and Morticia.  Y’all are running a fine funeral home.


7-14-2015 -- 2:35 PM

A $175,000,000 New Business in Brady?
Which pays approximately $7,000,000 . . .
In Annual Salaries?
Hell Yeah!!


But not in my backyard.

I’m accustomed to being in the minority at any gathering of local politicians.  One guy asked me what would happen if a bomb blew up with all the politicos around?  I told him, “A good start.”


I was again the minority at yesterday’s political ho-down at the Civic Center.

The Loyalists normally stack the audience with their members and dare anyone to publicly disagree with them . . . Which, per my village idiot MO, I normally do.

But I suddenly noticed the folks in the audience yesterday were not Big Dog Loyalists or, with the exception of Brendan Weatherman, even Bigshot-wannabes. I somehow managed to ignore the presence of the King of Falsehoods and listen to the public speakers.

I quickly learned that, as so often happens, I would be the only idiot to speak against them.

But, then, some of their complaints started to hit home.

After all, who in their right mind would want a cement plant in their backyards?

But these “not-in-my-back-yarders’” were told this would be a state of the art cement plant . . . The first of its kind ever built in the United States.

Big words . . . But what proof do we have that these words are accurate?

After all, Brady is known statewide as corrupt and a con man magnet . . . A reputation we have painfully earned.

The speaker who really touched my heart was a young mother with several young children who stated quite intelligently that she would not be raising her youngsters down-wind from this plant.

I normally take the stance that some may have to suffer for the greater good.

I can’t with a clear conscience take that stance on this subject. Sure, it would be great to have 200 jobs open up in Brady . . . but at what cost?

Hell, would one of your children or grandchildren be worth more than $175,000,000 to you? I think so.  We must prove or disprove this company’s claims.

So, for once, why don’t we do our due diligence?

This company has made all kinds of promises and claims . . . Shouldn’t we now investigate these promises and claims?

I propose this . . .

1.  After we’re selected, if we’re selected, BUT BEFORE WE SIGN ANYTHING . . . The city and County should hire someone like Tom Swearingen or any other private investigator to check out the principle members of this company and their business practices. They bragged yesterday about a similar plant they have running in Egypt. Why not send Tom and one of the “not-in-my-back-yarders’” to Egypt so they could review this plant themselves, and take videos and photos, and talk to those who live close to the plant?  They could even hire a private lab to conduct tests of this plant to verify the company’s claims.

Would it be worth this even if the costs were $50,000-$100,000?

How much is the health of our citizens and youngsters worth?

We’re talking about an expensive and long term commitment, why don’t we, for once, do it right?

2.  I was a bit put off yesterday when the company’s representative wouldn’t even tell us the name of the New Mexico town we’re supposedly competing with for this cement plant.

Do any of y’all trust this company with this much secrecy? How do we know for sure that we’re not being scammed or that we’re not competing against ourselves? I negotiated a gazillion multimillion dollar deals before I became a disabled bum and the best way was to inject the “competition factor.”

Another thing I didn’t believe yesterday was when the rep said they started looking at about 100 locations for this plant . . . And this number was eventually whittled down to just two towns.

Have we ever been this lucky?

3.  The biggest problem I have with this deal is Danny Neal thinks he can negotiate with the company alone.  It’s no big secret that I and many others don’t trust him. He said yesterday, basically, that he had to worry about 8000+ citizens and not just a few. Sorry, Danny, we elected County Commissioners to be our voices . . . Not just you. Someone else should be with ‘ol Danny Boy everywhere he goes on this deal. A man in the audience tried to tie him down yesterday but Danny refused to answer the guy’s questions. As is so typical of him.


If this cement company truly wants to be long-term partners with us, they won’t have any problems with anything I’ve written above.

If this cement company wants to scam someone . . . They need to just head on down the road.

Brendan Weatherman, Missi Davis, and the other Ben Siebert-Loving City Council Folks . . . including our then City Attorney . . . Didn’t ask Siebert one intelligent business question.  And our city coffers are somewhere around $500,000 lighter.  Siebert was a PROVEN con-man before Brendan cracked open our piggy bank . . . but Brendan didn’t care.

I hope we’ve learned a lesson. That lesson being take it slow and turn over every rock.


7-8-2015 -- 12:40 PM

I TRY to not pounce on “Innocents.”

After all, we ALL have the First Amendment Right to speak our minds . . . despite what Clay Jones, Tim Jones, Morticia, the Hospital Board of Directors, Mark Marshall, Danny Neal, Tonya Ahlschwede, Rob Hofmann, and MOST Loyalists think.

But I’ve been stewing on the following 7-1-2015 Letter to the Editor for days now . . . and I just can’t keep silent any longer.

I love my HISPANIC Granddaughters beyond measurement . . . and I just won’t sit idly by while someone body-slams them or their Race.

For the letter-writer’s information . . . I MUST point out a few things . . .

1.  According to this website . . . their projections concerning populations for Texas in 2015 are 27.7 Million total.  11.7 Million of that are us Gringos.  11.1 Million are Hispanic.  BUT IF YOU ADD THE FIGURES FOR THE “OTHER” RACES TO THE HISPANIC TOTALS . . . US GRINGOS ARE ALREADY MINORITIES IN TEXAS!!

2.  Texas was a part of Mexico before 1836 . . . so perhaps us Gringos should be more understanding of the Hispanics plight.  THEY WERE HERE FIRST!!  ACTUALLY, THEY WERE HERE SECOND AS NATIVE AMERICANS HAVE BEEN IN TEXAS FOR THOUSANDS AND THOUSANDS OF YEARS!

I’ll have some more comments after everyone reads this sickening Letter to the Editor.


The government is out of control


Well, I can not believe we are sitting in our living rooms and doing nothing!

This is just about to go too far. This by God, is America! People we have to stand up against this person sitting in the White House that thinks he has the right to change everything that is good and right in our country! I know he is wanting to infuriate us to the point that we rebel, just so he can enforce marshal law, but I will not let that dingbat tell me I can't fly the American flag, or the Confederate flag in my own home or on my own property!  (I agree to this point . . . then the letter-writer flies off the rails starting with the next sentence . . . GR) It is a disgrace to drive around town and see Mexico's flag flying and not the American flag. Go to Mexico if you think that is your flag! No, you want to sit and drink beer, eat good food that you go to the store and purchase with your Lone Star card, play your music so loud that it rattles the windows of the house two blocks away, then get in a knife fight with your family members and try and blame it on somebody else when you get thrown in jail. This kind of tyranny has got to come to an end...Come on Americans, let's wake up and take our country back!

If you don't go register to vote then you don't have a voice, and this is the kind of leadership you get when you let someone else do your thinking for you. Register and vote! Get informed on people that are running for office. This is our government and we should take control. We should not live in fear of our government, the government should fear the people. If you haven't learned in your civics class, there are three branches of government all of equal power. Seems to me the country as a whole has elected too many whimps, and a POTUS that thinks he is a king and can just dictate to us what we can and can not do. And the whimps in our legislative branch have let too many, I don't know what to call them, be admitted to the supreme court, that could care less about America.

It is time to stand and be counted!

Brady, Tex.


Let me repeat this quote . . . “It is a disgrace to drive around town and see Mexico's flag flying and not the American flag. Go to Mexico if you think that is your flag! No, you want to sit and drink beer, eat good food that you go to the store and purchase with your Lone Star card, play your music so loud that it rattles the windows of the house two blocks away, then get in a knife fight with your family members and try and blame it on somebody else when you get thrown in jail. This kind of tyranny has got to come to an end...Come on Americans, let's wake up and take our country back!”

So much racist indignation.  Where does this deep-seeded anger come from . . . and where could it go from here?

Several folks have told me the letter-writer works at the Weekly Wipe with my buddy Jimbo . . . but I don’t know this for a fact.

If I were Hispanic, I would be marching in front of the Weekly Wipe until both the letter-writer and Jimbo apologized.

I can’t believe Jimbo would allow such obvious racism to be published in HIS newspaper . . . but we all know CLASS isn’t Jimbo’s forte.

I feel sorry for the letter-writer.  In this day and age . . . thank God . . . she’s a dinosaur.

To screw up what could have been a GREAT message . . . with her racist views . . . demeans not only her but the message she was trying to get out there.




7-7-2015 -- 3:57 PM





From the 7-1-2015 Weekly Wipe -- Letter to the editor.


Chase offers opposing view


To The Editor:

James Stewart in his last editorials criticized my being a party to a 12 person lawsuit concerning MUDualistic, my appointment to the EDC and my involvement in his recall. His criticism is based on misinformation that I must now address as it has spilled over to the Mayor and City Council. 

(In Village Idiot-Speak . . . Jimbo is a lying snake who must be held accountable for causing another civil war in Brady.)

The first issue I will address is Mr. Stewart's complete misrepresentation of the filing of the 12 plaintiff lawsuit against the City and MUDualistic. The second issue is his inaccurate reporting of my appointment to the EDC. My influence on his recall is a non-issue. The citizens of Brady voted to recall Mr. Stewart and I only had one vote.

Now for MUDualistic and the lawsuit. In the Summer of 2011 as president of Simpson lake Club I was cut short by Mayor Lohn at a Public Hearing and was allowed only 2 minutes to present volumes of vital information and objections as to the proposed MUDualistic 's 24-7 ATV operation. After this hearing, the Simpson lake Club directors authorized a letter from a San Angelo attorney requesting a discussion with the City of Brady as to modifying the MUDualistic project. The request was totally ignored by the city. At this point I along with 11 other homeowners retained an Appeals Attorney, Renea Hicks, to petition the Brady Zoning Board of Appeals, (ZBA) to be heard as to the Zoning violation involved in the operation of a 24-7 ATV and dirt bike operation to be located adjacent to our neighborhood. We home owners were summarily denied by the city attorney who did not have such authority and we found later that the city did not even have a Zoning Appeals Board. It was at this point, after exhausting all other options that we were forced to file a lawsuit and go to court. Through the court it was ruled that we had to exhaust our legal remedies. This ruling was overruled in the Third Court of Appeals as there was no ZBA to appear before and we were finally going to be heard in court.

I seem to remember that Jimbo’s reporting of all this was so damned slanted that no Weekly Wipe reader had any idea what was REALLY going on.

At this point, the city appealed to keep us from being heard and we remained in the Third Court of Appeals for well over a year. We then settled the lawsuit for $12,000 after being forced to spend close to $50,000 fighting four city attorneys to protect our rights as Brady citizens. 

Jimbo’s biased reporting and comments aim to mislead Brady’s citizens.  He implies Jon Chase and his cohorts MADE $12,000 when, in fact, they lost approximately $36,000!!  Maybe his mathematical-deficiency is why he’s never been successful in any business he didn’t INHERIT!!  And he’s about to run the Weekly Wipe into the ground.

In the almost two years leading up to the settlement, MUDualistic committed a multitude of documented illegal and questionable acts. Here are just a few:

1. MUDualistic failed to provide adequate liability insurance, a major violation of their contract and a huge risk for the city.

2. Ben Siebert, the main partner, submitted a 1/2 page, fraudulent financial statement listing non-existent assets.

3. MUDualistic submitted no business plan and started construction with no City permits.

4. MUDualistic stole electricity from the City of Brady and was allowed to continue operating.

Has anyone been prosecuted for this theft?  I didn’t think so.

5. MUDualistic was cited by TCEQ for blading of over 7 acres of public property with no storm water permit before it even had a lease.

6. MUDualistic was cited by the TCEQ for illegal septic tanks

7. MUDualistic was caught by state law enforcement while stealing water from a public water supply and was still allowed to continue operation though cited by the TCEQ.

8. MUDualistic was cited by the State Historical Commission for excavating public land with no archeological study or permit.

9. MUDualistic illegally allowed operation of ATV's and dirt bikes by riders who did not comply with state regulations on public property.

10. MUDualistic used a fraudulent disclaimer form citing no accidents on city property after at least three extremely serious accidents occurred, one to a minor allowed to ride with no valid waiver.

11. Instead of the $70,000 - $100,000 per month "guaranteed payments" to the city, MUDualistic failed to average $300 per month payments during their existence.

12. MUDualistic failed to hire even one full time employee although the lease called for 10 employees after one year.

13. ATVs were allowed to operate far out into the Brady Lake bed in violation of TPWD and EPA regulations.

Most of the aforementioned violations occurred early on in the non-performing MUDualistic operation. Had, Councilman Stewart along with the Mayor and the rest of the Council taken action this operation would have been terminated early on. There was little public outcry because as both editor of the newspaper and City Councilman Stewart did not report on most of MUDualistic violations and editorialized that he would not publish anything critical of the Council or MUDualistic.

(Editor's Note: This statement is not accurate. What was stated was that the paper would no longer publish information about Mudualistic that was submitted by Jon Chase et. al. That statement was made after a string of negative advertisements were run in the newspaper by Mr. Chase and his cohorts.)

Then, Jimbo, why was I black-balled from the Weekly Wipe?  At the time I was commenting about the School Board issues.  But my views differed with yours so you REFUSED to publish any of my Letters to the Editors.


Our lawsuit against the City was filed because we had no other choice and our settlement offer was made to bring this issue to a close. Had the appeals process gone on and we prevailed it would have cost the City at least $100,000 more in legal fees. I feel that our offer was more than fair as our legal expenses were $30,000 more than the settlement.

The settlement was approved by a 4-1 vote with the lone dissenter being longtime MUDualistic supporter Marilyn Gendusa.

Now to the issue of my appointment to the EDC. Contrary to what Mr. Stewart wrote, Mayor Groves did not appoint me to the EDC. I was nominated by Mayor Pro-Tem Latricia Doyal and the Council voted 5-0 to confirm my nomination. They were under no obligation to do so. For my last appointment, Tony Groves asked the council for nominations for the two open EDC positions. The council had nine names to choose from and voted unanimously to reappoint Tracy Pitcox and me.

Even Gendusa and Perkins voted to keep Jon on the EDC.

There’s a lotta future projects Jon can’t talk about yet . . . but, trust me, this current EDC Board is doing some GREAT things for Brady!!

Not too long ago, on the front page of his newspaper, Mr. Stewart ran excerpts from a letter by Susan Joliff, a resigned member of the EDC, (and one of the three business owners who have BANNED me from their businesses because of my political views . . . GR) stating that she and two other members resigned because I was going in a "different direction" and had also sued the city. The current council apparently thought that the direction of honoring the 2009 vote by our "sales tax payers" to expand and remodel our Civic Center to 700 plus capacity, was the right direction. Ms. Joliff and the two other resigned members, Tim Jones and Michelle Derrick are very vocal supporters of a Type "B" EDC or a MDD type Development Corporation, this in spite of the fact that both the MDD and the type "B" EDC propositions have been overwhelmingly defeated in two elections. This, in essence, would give the Loyalist Big Dogs a free rein to rob our Piggy Bank unfettered by what the Citizens want. I agree with the majority of the voters, that any non-manufacturing or industrial project should be voted on, just as the citizens did with the Civic Center. I have faith in the intelligence of the citizens of Brady and feel as they do that all type "B" projects should be voted on. This is what happens with our type "A" EDC. Unfortunately the previous city council did not follow through with the voter's mandate, nor did the previous EDC.

The EDC has some very exciting possibilities to consider and I feel honored to have the chance to work with the council on these projects and to honor the overwhelming mandate of the voters in the 2009 Civic Center election and the type "B" and MDD elections. As a public servant, this is my duty.


President, Brady Economic Development Corporation

(Editor's Note: This letter references appointments made by the Brady mayor and city council. There are conflicting versions of the events that transpired leading up to said appointments. Those accounts are being investigated and will be reported upon in an upcoming issue.)




Because you’re starting to get bitch-slapped on a daily basis?

Because people are FINALLY starting to realize how dangerous you and your political views are to the community?

Because people are finally seeing you as the Big Dog Toady you really are?

You’re still pathetic, Jimbo . . . but it’s starting to get quite humorous so I’m just gonna enjoy the ride.


6-26-2015 -- 11:48 AM

Kim Lenoir and Her Crew are Rock Stars!


If you can stand it . . . LOL . . . read this Status Report 07 about our nuclear-water problems.

If you can’t stand reading it, just go to Page 6 because that’s what I’ll be commenting about.

A $7,635,000 Savings versus the No Grant model.  For you professional mathematicians or accounting bean-counters, I know my figures are skewered a bit . . . but I like to brag on the current administration so I’ve stretched it a bit.

I believe the REAL Truth is we were getting 50% of Grant Moola . . . now we’re getting 85% . . . so you egghead numbers guys can figure out what the savings REALLY are.

But I’m sticking to my  numbers.

Hell, I don’t care if it’s ONLY two mil . . . why didn’t the Stewart and Lohn regimes figure out how to do it?

The Loyalists on their Councils didn’t give a damn about the nuclear-water mess . . . they preferred to give a Proven Con-Man $500,000 of moola and/or services . . . so they passed the water problem on to the current council.

Brendan Weatherman led this ATV charge . . . and passed on the nuclear-water problem to someone else.  That should answer all of you who question why I’m so hard on the guy.  He kissed Ben Siebert’s ass, spent a lotta money we didn’t have, and his lies were one of the main reasons I was sentenced to 9 months in Jail.


 Legally, Brendan, don’t get your panties in a wedgie.  This isn’t a threat.



6-26-2015 -- 8:10 AM

Email . . .

"How dare you attack Bill Derrick.
He does nothing but good for the community and he had the right to collect signatures on ANY Petition he wanted to."

Ummmm.... WHAT?? That person should seek help immediately.

Personally, I think you are a bit of a whackadoo, Gary.  However, I wouldn't piss on Bill Derek if his ass was on fire. I am hard pressed to come up with any other soul that I find to be more disgusting and downright creepy than Bill Derek. The first time I ever met him, he told me how delicious my curves were. Who does that? The subsequent meetings were no better. Not to mention the fact that he and his almost equally creepy wife tried to rip me off at their "jewelry shop." I use that term loosely because I feel certain it is some sort of a cover. Had I only taken the time to ask a handful of people in Brady about their little racket of an establishment, I would have realized that screwing the public is their MO.

Although I disagree with your stance on several issues, I do find your site quite entertaining. You and I come from different places and different times, but I sure do appreciate your blunt-force honesty. Personally, I feel both sides of the Brady nonsense are somewhat laughable. I know each thinks they have all the answers, but as an observant bystander, neither side will shut the hell up for 2 seconds to listen to anybody else. Furthermore, if anybody DID stop to listen, the other side would continue to sling mud, oblivious to the fact that they are all GROWN-ASS PEOPLE!

Anyway, keep up the good work, Gary. It's always a pleasure to visit!


Up Yours is an Idiot


I would love to meet you and talk to you.  I’d love to get your take on things.  I try my best to tell the truth . . . but I agree with you . . . I am a bit of a whackadoo!!


One would have to be a bit crazy to take on Clay Jones and all the other Big Dogs and Big Dog “wannabes” like James Stewart.

Please call me and maybe we can meet.  I don’t know if the name listed on the email is your REAL name . . . but I don’t expose “Innocents” or try to figure out who people are.  You sound like an interesting person.  I need “interesting” right now.



Keep it up Gary….about the person that sent you the e-mail about Derrick – they have to have a huge deposit of SHIT FOR BRAINS…..bless their hearts!!!!!

I just looked over the petitions/signatures – there again…..SHIT FOR BRAINS!!!! I was shocked at some of the persons that did sign it…..because believe me I have seen some of their asses at a number of activities that have gone on at the civic center in the past.

I can’t believe JS will not publish the total truth about who is going to pay for what – so many believe property taxes are going up to pay for the improvements….If so I have truly been misled. I couldn’t help but be amused that the Miss HOT had to be held in a church activity center!!!!! Sorta like …. There was no nice place/auditorium to have a nice pageant….so they had to go elsewhere.

I talked to a friend of mine last week who was so upset because of a property tax increase because of the civic center……they were so determined about it that I didn’t try to explain the truth.

You can post this if you would like ---- JUST NO NAME PLEASE!!!



I find it strange that many Loyalists just leave that impression out there instead of telling the truth.

The City will pay for the project and the EDC will pay the city back.

This arrangement will save the EDC/City upwards of $450,000.

THAT is the truth!!



"Political Correctness

is a doctrine, fostered by a delusional, illogical minority, and rabidly promoted by an unscrupulous main stream media, which holds forth the proposition that it is entirely possible to pick up a turd by the clean end."


“A liberal paradise would be a place where everybody has guaranteed employment, free healthcare, free education, free food, free housing, free clothing, free utilities, and only law enforcement has guns. And believe it or not, such a place does, indeed, exist. It's called prison."

Sheriff Joe Arpaio Maricopa County Arizona Sheriff's Office


6-22-2015 -- 12:59 PM

Email . . .

How dare you attack Bill Derrick.

He does nothing but good for the community and he had the right to collect signatures on ANY Petition he wanted to.

And what possible reason would you have to print the Petitions?

Are you trying to say that those who signed it did something wrong?

Is that not their right?  I thought you were in favor of the citizens getting involved.

I believe it is you who are the liar, and not James Stewart.

Up Yours



Not a bad rant for an anonymous Amateur.

I didn’t attack Bill Derrick.  In fact, I’ve purposefully not commented on him much because he hasn’t been an in-your-face Loyalist like Morticia.

But, unlike James Stewart and most of the Loyalists . . . like yourself, you folks hate to be confronted by the facts.

Here’s the facts I was referring to.  Check out the highlighted portion.

I know quoting ANYTHING as being factual from the Weekly Wipe is taking quite a chance.  As this article proved because, at the time it was written, and up until this date I haven’t found ANYONE who knows what this Board is or was that Mr. Derrick claimed to be the President of.

If you can prove me wrong with FACTS . . . I’ll gladly apologize.  Unlike some of your neo-Nazi friends, I find no shame in being wrong AND admitting I’m wrong.

I’ll give you another set of facts about Mr. and Mrs. Derrick.

While doing my research I noticed that him and his wife are in charge of EVERY charity known to man in Brady.

They’re either the most giving folks since Jesus and Mother Teresa or . . .


6-20-2015 -- 5:15 PM

Jimbo’s Petition

I’ll list the Petitions by who Ram-Rodded them.

Their names are all at the bottom of the pages.

James Stewart’s Petition.

Diane Jones’ Petition.

Don Perkins’ Petition.  He’s Shelly Perkins’ husband.  It seems “unseemly” to me that a sitting Council-Member’s hubby is out collecting signatures on a Petition that questions decisions being made by the same City Council she sits on.

“Unseemly?” I know, I know.  I don’t know where that came from.  In fact, I believe that’s the only time in my 62 years that I’ve used that word.

But it fits so I stand by it.


Bill Derrick’s Petition.  He’s Morticia’s “ceremonial” husband.  I ain’t got a clue what that means but I heard him described that way last week.  I thought it was cute . . . so I copied it.  By the way . . . he was also the “President” of some organization no one’s ever heard of . . . he “supposedly” almost begged Kathy Masonheimer to stay in Brady when she left for Midland.  I suspect she wasn’t offered a job and this was a maneuver for her to save face.


6-20-2015 -- 4:21 PM

You’re a prodigious liar, Jimbo . . .

But, despite all your practice, . . .

You’re still not any good at it.


Ahhhh . . . so much bullshit, so little time.

Here and here are the two articles I’ll be commenting on today.

The first one is on Page 1 of the June 17, 2015 Weekly Wipe. The second is from the same Weekly Wipe, it’s Page 4A.

Both are highlighted with red numbers on the pertinent topics I’ll be commenting on.

You’ll need to refer back and forth to keep up with my comments. Someone should probably explain this procedure to Jimbo so he can keep up.


Since it’ll take a novel to explain all my comments . . . I’ll break them down by Chapters so y’all can read this damn thing at your leisure.


Chapter One

Let’s get your lies outta the way first, Jimbo . . .

#3 on Page 1 – the article states you got enough signatures on your silly-ass Petition “within six calendar days.”

#4 on Page 4A – you yourself wrote that “it took exactly 5 days (Wednesday - Sunday) to collect the required number of registered voters’ signatures on my petition . . .”

During your Citizen Comments at the City Council Meeting this past Tuesday you first said it ONLY took THREE days to get the Petition signed . . . then later during the same damn braggadocio comments you said it took TEN days.

Which was it, Jimbo? Six . . . Five . . . Three . . . or Ten days?

That’s the problem with lies . . . you can’t remember them.  Even someone who lies so often like you.


Chapter Two.

Now . . . I’ll start commenting on the individual and for damn sure BIASED comments in your Propaganda Rag. Why Holly lets you get away with this nonsense is beyond me.

#1 on Page 1 – You or your minion wrote . . .

“The petition was submitted by Brady Standard-Herald publisher James Stewart in an attempt to use the election to affirm or vote down the usage of city funds to pay for a controversial expansion and renovation of the civic center.”

What a load of crap!!

76.92% of the Voters have already approved the “usage of city funds” for this project. It’s ONLY “controversial” because, first as Mayor and then as an illegal City Councilman, you refused to do anything about it. Either that or you were too dumb to figure out how to do it.

THIS City Council has the courage and know how to get the project done. Kim Lenoir has a GREAT team working with her and that gal will get the project done . . . IF THIS CITY COUNCIL IS EVER ALLOWED TO VOTE ON THE DAMN THING!!!


You’ve also said before that you voted FOR this project. That’s either another lie . . . or your Big Dog Masters have changed your mind.

Why would they do that?

Remember . . . Morticia, Tim Jones, and the lady jaw-breaker all threw hissy-fits and resigned from the EDC when they learned they would no longer be able to use EDC Funds as their private piggy-bank. Morticia had been telling folks for months, maybe years, that the EDC would pay for the infrastructure for Clay Jones’ Club Med for Seniors.

When the City Council said “Hell No!” . . . Morticia got her Loyalist panties in a knot and resigned.

These three stooges evidently thought the city couldn’t operate without them. Either that or they thought their brother and sister Loyalists would come to their aid and their protests would bring down this City Government.

Neither happened.

The cosmos didn’t explode.

The Loyalists didn’t riot or storm the Bastille.

WalMart opened as usual.

No flags were flown at half-mast.

No one cared that these dopes resigned.

EVERY phone call or email I received voiced their joy at the Three Amigos resigning.


Hell, the new EDC has gotten more done in the few months since their resignations than Morticia’s EDC ever did. Grown-ups are now in charge . . . and not the blind followers of Clay Jones.

So . . . the Loyalists had to attack to try to regain the “prestige” they thought they’d lost.

But, LOL, they picked the wrong spokesman, Jimbo. If you’ll travel outside your circle of church friends and Political Parasites . . . you’ll see that virtually no one respects you.


Chapter Three.

#2 on Page 1

After several years and numerous failed attempts by now four different city councils, Anthony Groves, Brady’s current mayor, has spearheaded the discussions and development of plans that have formally been approved by the council.”

Why would you admit that you’re a neutered eunuch and impotent politician in writing?

How many of these “different city councils” were you a member of? Two? Three?

How can this paragraph possibly support your idiotic protests against this project?

While you, as Mayor, helped start the current Civil War in Brady . . . Anthony Groves, at his own snail-like pace,  is trying to lead the city out of this tit-for-tat struggle that you started and are now still perpetuating.

You’re nothing but the Big Dogs’ Lackey. Just admit it.

You admitted above that you don’t givea damn about what the voters say . . . You’re still gonna do as you’re ordered.

I’m sure I’m still the most disliked person in Brady . . . But you’ve now made it a neck and neck contest. And one of us doesn’t care that he’s not popular.

Welcome aboard, Jimbo.


Chapter Four.

#3 on Page 1

Stewart, a vocal opponent of the project, started the petition after the last council meeting and provided a qualifying number of signatures on that petition within six calendar days.  That petition would require the city to put the issuance of the certificates of obligation on a ballot for voter approval.”

Here you go again, Jimbo. Lying your ass off.

You started getting signatures DURING the City Council meeting . . . Ignoring the fact that the City Council was still trying to conduct business . . . In your typical arrogant manner.

You don’t give a tinker’s damn about how the city pays for this project.


You’re just trying to stall hoping Latricia Doyal or Jack Turk either don’t run for reelection in May, 2016 or that they’re defeated so you Loyalists are in the majority once again and can dictate policies regardless of what the voters truly want.

I hope you’re paying homage to Senor Putin every day because you’d fit right in with his management style.


Chapter Five.

#4 on Page 4A

I’ll wait to publish the rest of my comments until later.

This sucker’s long enough for one day.


BEFORE I CLOSE . . . HOW MANY OF YOU HAVE NOTICED THAT JIMBO IS AN “I” AND “MY” KINDA MAN.  IT’S ALWAYS I DID THIS OR MY PETITION.  I suspect that those who signed his silly-ass petition had something to do with it as well.

I’ll post their names sometime soon.