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*** No matter what you might think . . . I’ve never physically threatened anyone.  I’m passionate about my causes and I sometimes use Literary Hyperbole to make my point.  If you tend to be a candy-ass Coward, afraid of every-damn-thing . . . perhaps this website is not for sensitive panty-waists like you.

I have NEVER and will NEVER physically threaten anyone.  If you think otherwise . . . don’t read this website.  This tends to be an R-Rated website . . . and it ain’t for the faint-hearted.  It’s for mature grownups who don’t wet the bed at night.

In memoriam . . . Paulette Savage and Pat Davis.  Our friends . . . gone far too quickly.


7-22-2014 -- 7:02 PM



7-16-2014 -- 12:15 PM

“That is the funniest sh*t I've seen in a long time!!!!!!!!!!!!!”


“I’ll be sending you a dry-cleaning bill.  And maybe a bill for a new keyboard.  I spit out my coffee.  And spilled it.  Your photo is hilarious!”


“I still don’t like you.  Or your politics.  But you’re a genius about getting your message out.  If Clay and Tim Jones don’t understand that you’ll never give up by now, which I hope they don’t because your battles with them are quite entertaining, it is them who are the stupid ones.  Not you.

“As I said, I still don’t like you, but I have to respect your courage and genius.  If I ever get in as much trouble as you are, you’ll be the first one I call for help.”


“Your disgusting photo only proves how crazy you truly are.  I don’t know if you are dangerous like they say you are.  But you are definitely dog-sh*t crazy.”

Thanks, Mom.


7-15-2014 -- 4:01 PM

Since Clay and Tim Jones . . .
Obviously Can’t Understand . . .
the Written Word . . .

I decided to make it easier on ‘em.


Pucker up, Boys.

X marks the spot.


You guys are pickin’ on the wrong sumbitch!!


7-15-2014 -- 1:58 AM

“one woman is comparing you to Sheriff Pusser i the Walking TAll movie.......one man against a town......”


Yup, I’m just like Buford Pusser.

Except I don’t have any muscle definition, I can’t even carry a plastic model of his “Big Stick,” I can barely spell Kung Fu much less use it to ward off my enemies, and I have no plans to run for Sheriff.

I’m 60 years old, 100 pounds over-weight, with only one good knee and it’s been operated on three times, and I have the IQ of a toadstool after about 2:00 PM.

In fact . . . the ONLY trait me and ‘ol Buford share is I’m the most stubborn sumbitch alive . . . but Buford comes in a close second.

But thanks for the compliment anyway.


7-14-2014 -- 12:37 PM

Please, please upgrade your wardrobe for your trial.

You still have many more Supporters than you think and we want you to kick the sh*t out of Tim and Clay Jones.

You should do this to show the jury and judge that you respect them, if for no other reason.  You keep saying you respect them.  Won’t you prove it?

Please?  Please?


Have you been talking to my granddaughters?  The oldest one has especially been hammering me.  I guess she doesn’t want me to look like a homeless bum.

Have a covey of y’all just been sitting around plotting against me?

Look . . . you can put lipstick and new clothes on a Village Idiot . . . but he’s still just a Village Idiot!


I had to wear a three-piece monkey-suit for over 20 years when I was in the business world . . . and I swore I would NEVER dress like that again.

But I WILL upgrade my schtick for the trial.



7-11-2014 -- 10:30 AM

TIMBER . . .

From KNEL . . . the ONLY Honest and Unbiased News Source in Brady.

Derrick, Jolliff, Jones Resign From Brady EDC Board

Three members of the Brady Economic Development Corporation -- Michelle Derrick, Susan Jolliff and Tim Jones -- submitted their resignations from the board on Monday to Brady Mayor Tony Groves. All three resignations are effective immediately.

If I was lighter on my feet . . . I’d get up and dance the polka!!

According to the Brady Standard-Herald, all three said the current political climate in the City of Brady was a contributing factor in their decision. In her resignation letter, Jolliff specifically cited the recent settlement of a lawsuit with John Chase, et. al. caused her to lose confidence in the city council, mayor and city manager. She added she didn't feel they were listening to the recommendations of the EDC board.

I don’t know Susan Jolliff personally . . . other than having her drill in my mouth to fill a cavity . . . but others have told me she’s a die-hard Loyalist.  That’s okay . . . God loves Crazy People.  Maybe not Village Idiots, but He does love the looney-birds.

Boo-the-frickin-hoo!!  The Big Shots aren’t listening to other Big Shots!!

Now these Three know what it feels like to be a Rebel . . . except we’ve been carrying this burden for 146 years.

And, just for clarification, Jon Chase is also a MEMBER of the EDC Board!  But the wayward threesome always dominated the Board because their voting bloc was as resolute as the Soviet Union’s ever was.

But Jon’s and Tracy’s opinions mattered just as much as did those of the majority triumvirate.

So . . . when this triumvirate doesn’t get their way . . . they pout and throw a hissy-fit, believing the tactic will work because it always has in the past.

But Tony Groves, to his credit, called their obvious bluff and accepted their resignations.

Good job, Tony!!

Now . . . on to Morticia and Clay Jones’ sixth appendage . . . Tim Jones.

They will soon be exposed in public and I’ll be able to start writing about all their crooked deeds.

Appearing on KNEL's Morning Program Tuesday, Brady Mayor Tony Groves announced that he had received the resignations; that he had accepted them; and that the City is now looking for new members for the EDC board. Groves said the City thanks those folks who had served on the EDC; regrets that they decided to resign; and now the City is seeking new folks.

Tony, evidently, finally gets it.  Good job!!

The EDC board consists of five members. The two remaining members are John Chase and Tracy Pitcox.


The Economic Development Corporation is charged with using money generated by a one-half of one percent sales tax -- about $200,000 each year -- to encourage business development in Brady and McCulloch County.

What moola are you gonna use for your PET Projects now, Morticia??


7-8-2014 -- 6:01 PM

I hear Morticia, Tim Jones, and Susan “the female dentist” all resigned from the EDC.


7-5-2014 -- 11:04 AM

I'm wondering, since the hospital is now a private corporation and has been for several years, what recourse do we have to get that tax taken of our tax bill and get back the money we paid in since it became private. And then, if it gets proven in court what Tim did was illegal and criminal charges are filed against him, and he is found guilty..wouldn't he then have to pay all that money back to the county??


Some others posted on these GREAT questions as well.

I can’t answer the questions NOW . . . because of the Gag Order . . . but I will the day after my trial.

If you wanna see this Live and In Person . . . even those who hate me and disagree with EVERY word I write . . . go to my trial.

We’re gonna burn ‘ol lying-ass Timmy at the stake with this kinda stuff.


7-5-2014 -- 10:30 AM

A Wimpy Village Idiot????



A friend called me last night and almost begged me to tone down my rhetoric until after my trial.  I finally got her to understand me and my tactics.

I don’t give a Tinker’s Damn about the outcome of the trial!  Or how I “might” affect some jurors.


My lawyer and investigator are tasked to try to win the trial.  I’m continuing to focus on my overall goal . . . to take down some Big Dogs and Big Shots so EVERYONE in Brady gets fair shots at whatever they’re trying to accomplish.  BIG DOGS BE DAMNED!!

If I’m convicted, we’ll just appeal and appeal and appeal until the outcome is more to our liking.

And all of this, in my opinion, will just help the CAUSE!!  The harder the fight is . . . the greater the eventual victory will feel.

I’m in no REAL hurry.

If I’m sent to jail again?

I’ll serve my time . . . and come back with even more venom when I get out.


Clay, Tim, and Morticia declared this war . . . not me.  But I aim to finish it!

They’ve intimidated others like me in the past . . . so much so that the previous Rebels have always given up the fight.

Some quasi-Rebels have done likewise this go-round.



Some of my “former” comrades are still whining about my STYLE.

They loved my style when it was used to help win their personal battles.  I haven’t changed a bit since April, 2012 . . . when I started this website and started taking on the School Board.

It is they who have changed.

Remember, they RECRUITED me to help them with their City Battles . . . I didn’t volunteer.

Unlike them . . . I finish things I start.

I don’t walk outside every morning and wet my index finger to see which way the Political Winds are blowing to help me decide how I’m gonna act.

I’ve been consistent from day one.

I find all this ticky-tick BS to be kind of ironic . . . since yesterday was the Anniversary of our Independence.

I thank God that our Forefathers didn’t try to talk the British Crown to death to resolve our problems.

If they had . . . we’d still be drinking hot tea with our thumbs and forefingers holding the cups and our dainty pinky-fingers would be blowing in the breeze . . . we’d all have rotten teeth . . . we’d have even higher taxes . . . and John Wayne would’ve talked like Laurence Olivier.

Can you imagine a cowpoke drawl with an English accent?

Nope . . . our forefathers negotiated with the British King until they realized just talking wasn’t working.

Then . . . they declared open warfare.

Which is all I’m doing . . . but without the violence.

THERE’S NO NEGOTIATING WITH BIG DOGS!!  Not if you wanna accomplish anything.

You have to rhetorically kick them in their political balls until they FINALLY understand their time’s up.

We the People should be in charge . . . both Loyalists and Rebels . . . without the dictatorial presence of any Big Dogs or Big Shots.

THAT is what I’m fighting for.

I know there are many who disagree with me . . . and that’s GREAT!!  That’s the American Way.  But even they will benefit if we can manage to take down the Political Potentates who are strangling the majority of the citizens of Brady.

So . . . if you don’t like my style . . . that’s your right!

Just as it’s my right to fight back as I see fit.

I’ve never threatened anyone . . . and I never will.

THAT’s what the Big Dogs are counting on . . . that their relentless campaign to portray me as a crazy, gun-fanatic who’s prepared to storm the Hospital and hunt poor ‘ol defenseless Timmy down will win the day for them.

I don’t wanna hurt the poor Punk’s feelings . . . but he ain’t worth a bullet even if I was threaded that way -- WHICH I’M NOT!!

I also hear I’ll be having a reunion soon with some of my enemies-past.

I say . . . GREAT!!

I’ve still got a whole bunch of vitriol left over for them in my hyperbolic quiver.

We’d been promised an INVESTIGATION about the Mud-Hole but, as usually happens in Brady, the matter was just dropped without any discussions.  My guess is that it involved too many hoitty-toity Brady’ites so it disappeared.

If the subject rears it’s head AGAIN . . . I’d love the opportunity to try and help punish those who foisted a known and proven con-man on us in the first damn place.

I can’t wait for this reunion.  Like shooting fish in a barrel.  (No, Timmy, that ain’t no threat neither . . . LOL.)




7-3-2014 -- 3:41 PM

Various Complaints About Our Beloved Hospital . . .
all names were withheld to protect those courageous enough to VENT!

Wow . . . I wish someone had told me about the FaceBook page called “Brady Vent” before.

I’ve been a bit depressed because I felt like no one was listening . . . or they just didn’t have the courage to speak up when they had problems at the Hospital.

Hot Damn!!  Was I wrong!!

The posters on this site have rhetorical cojones the size of Green Giant beach-balls!

Watch out, Tim, you ain’t got a chance!!

The posts . . .

I just want everyone to know that at the ER in Brady of blood pressure of 222/110 does not constitute an emergency even though she had carotid endarterectomy last Wednesday. They discharged her from the ER with a B/P of 196/106. Just amazes me!

They gave me Neosporin to put on a second-degree burn. Neosporin is a petroleum-based product, it keeps the heat in. My hand continued to cook for three days.

They sent my mother home and she had had a stroke! Left there went straight to San Angelo where she was admitted within 30 mins to the stroke unit. She received 4 units of blood and was there for 5 days!!!

My son was bit by a rattlesnake and they told me they were more worried bout a be sting....rushed him to Brownwood they rushed him in and he had 2 doses of antivenom...yea Brady er sucks.

I have been a nurse for 15 years, I know all about orders and procedures. The staff there is not “giving” their time. They are paid staff members. It is their JOB.

I know that is a hard job and it takes patiences but the Brady ER doesn’t have that I have taken my son in cause he fell and hit a table busted his face right by his eye and they told me next time dont bring him in use super glue now I’m not a nurse n know nothing about being one so I was upset they treated me so poorly all I was worried about is my son he kept fallin asleep on the ride to ER then a yr later he fell on a rock and his whole face was swollen and they were rude about me taking him in said their there was no reason I should be taking him in I said the rock was those huge rocks around playground at lake and they just said he would be fine and again I was worried cause he could have broke his face as hard as he it

Yea we had to file a complaint on that hospital it sucks!!! They care for no one!!

ok,,, get this out everybody! We need this to be known. Call a hosp. Board member and chew their butt! Then call another and another... and write a letter to the editor of the paper.. and perhaps whtever into the that governs our state’s medical facilities? google it!

They care bout that check

That lady doctor is something else

I also went to the Brady ER 3 times and was sent home with what they said way a inflamed colon. I was throwing up 16 to 18 times a day ask to be admitted and to please call in a specialist in this colon was told I did not fit the critera for admission under medicare.  (there-in lies the rub.  I believe the majority of these problems were caused because there was a question about the hospital being paid.  That’s what we get when we allow OUR Hospital to be turned over to a PRIVATE Company -- even if it was done using fraudulent means . . . GR)  went to see the dr.at his office he admitted me straight from his office he sent in a wonderful dr from Frederickburg and was transferred over to hill country hosp. there. Well what I had was a complete blockage of my colon and had a 2.5 cancer in the blockage had to get 18.5 inches of my colon removed and had to go for chemo for 8 months I was told if I had not got this done I could have died no more Brady hospital for me. I did go in and talk with member of the hosp board and refused to pay for those 3 er visits told tell who the attending dr was there and he is still on the staff and in the er. They also had to put in a angie tub which is very painful to swallow they did not get in in for enough and it fell out before I could get transferred and had to insert another one. It took 3 days to get all the bm drained from my stomach they r a joke if u want to die that's the place to go.

(Name withheld), that's who was there last night with my mother-in-law with her elevated B/P. She is a female alright, but I don't know about the Dr. part.

we all have known this for yrs! if you wanna live,, don't go to Brady HOSP!

And you are so right (Name withheld), they aren't giving you any of there time, they are getting paid for it and we are dearly paying for their time.

Mine was a resident black make that thought he was all that and a bag of chips. He was very rude and being diagnosed 3 times wrong he should have been fired on the spot.

that new facility was a waste of money! and it's arranged ass backwards. It's ridiculous for ppl to have to come in at the front and wak down 2 long halls to get to the patients rooms. Doesn't the administration,, (ahem!) realized this town is FULL of old ppl and disabled ones too??????? It's just idiotically designed. I like the old hosp better. I could drive right up to the ER door and let my 90 yr old mom out to visit my dad when he was in the hosp. This way is impossible! im glad I finally have a venue to bitch aabout it. I hope that jones guy gets this msg! I blame HIM totally. He rules the place like he is a monarch,, rather than the ppl's servan

which is what he's suppose to be,, a friend to the patients!

HOT hosp is more expensive than any surrounding hospital,, f'burg or angelo,, we've been to them all. Highest priced and sorryest care


I remember about 10 years ago at the old hospital I pulled up outside the ER with my 9 month pregnant daughter who was having contractions and the RN was standing outside when I drove up and I told him what was going on and he said we don't delivery babies here and I tried to tell him I was aware of that but I just wanted to get her checked to see if it was safe for me to get on the highway to SA with her but he kept cutting me off and wouldn't let me finish what was trying to tell him till I finally just gave up and left, little did he know that my daughter worked in the business office at the hospital. Luckily I did make it to San Angelo before she delivered, and he better have been damn glad I did.

they better have good insurance. I see an impending lawsuit,, and if ppl were braver,, MANY lawsuits!

I know about the prices too, to get my labs drawn here for my cholesterol is cost me 300 and in Eden 100.  And I love Dr. Castro.  He doesn't make you feel that you are beneath him and a complete idiot, he will listen and make you feel like he is concerned


7-2-2014 -- 6:12 PM

Sorry it took me awhile to answer this but I’m starting to feel the pressure from my battles with Clay, Tim, and Morticia.

Hell, someone called me today and said that Tim had threatened to whack me upside the head with his purse.  I’ve been worried sick.  He can be quite intimidating.



Really . . . I’ve just been lazy.

But here’s a link that applies to the following questions.



What happened about the McCulloch County Hospital District's property that was put up for bids for an assisted living facility?  I haven’t heard if the Direktors accepted the $140,000 bid.  Some folks say they did . . . others that they didn’t.

Who turned in the only bid, what was the price and was it accepted?  In the Weekly Wipe article.

Was this information made public or did I miss this along with others here in the Heart of Texas?  PUBLIC??  LOL.  Tim Jones and his Band of crooks NEVER make anything public.  WE ALWAYS HAVE TO DIG THE INFORMATION OUT!!



6-30-2014 -- 5:12 PM

You Ain’t Gonna Hide the Hospital Election . . .
This Year, Timmy!

Attached are the IMPORTANT DATES for the November Elections.

We MUST find two good and courageous candidates to run against Clay Jones and Rod Young this year . . . Precincts 1 and 3.

Remember, there hasn’t been a CONTESTED Race in NINE damn years . . . thanks to Timmy hiding the information.

Let’s take back control of our OWN damn hospital!!


6-28-2014 -- 9:21 AM

The Invisible, Silent Gorilla in Charge . . .
W. Clay Jones.

But you can hear him and see where he’s been if you pay close enough attention . . . by the peon tax-payer carnage left in his wake.

I hammer Tim Jones the most . . . because I despise the cowardly rat . . . but no one should fool themselves.

Tim Jones can’t pass gas without Big Daddy’s approval.

Big Daddy ALWAYS remains in the shadows . . . thinking this will protect him from flying feces when the sh*t hits the fan.

But you’re wrong, Big Daddy.  I’ll eventually run you to ground.

You’ve thrown the wrong sumbitch in jail!

I’ll dog you for the rest of my life if need be . . . and you will go down.

You’ve been a pimple on Brady’s ass for long enough.


6-27-2014 -- 3:05 PM

Recall ‘Em All

We can get rid of Clay Jones and Rod Young in this November’s election if we can find two candidates who’re courageous enough to wanna make positive changes in our community.


So we don’t have to wait years and years to start turning things around.

I don’t have time to research how to do this . . . nor do I have time to circulate the petitions.

If anyone wants to do something positive for this community, I would appreciate some help.


We need some strong candidates from Precincts 1 and 3.


6-27-2014 -- 12:26 PM

Morticia, Inc.

How does Morticia pay for her lifestyle with a Baubles Shop and a Music Closet?

I’ve heard she didn’t inherit any moola.

So . . . where’s the money coming from?

I’ve heard her costumes . . . uhhhh . . . clothes are expensive.

Does she shop at GoodWill to the Big Shots?

Where does she find the time to work since she’s spending so much time working for free on public, money-making and money-hiding enterprises?


So . . . where’s her PERSONAL money coming from?

It’s completely idiotic for the city and county to allow one individual to be on so damned many committees . . . and to be the CHIEF BOTTLE-WATCHER OF A LOT OF ‘EM!!  She just gets her directions from Clay . . . and does his bidding.

The most egregious mistake our New Mayor . . . Tony Groves . . . has made was to reappoint Morticia and Tim Jones to the EDC.  The lady’s been telling folks for months that no EDC moola will be spent on expanding the Civic Center . . . that she’s got it ear-marked for the Assisted Living Facility no one wants except the Three Amigos and their Direktor Enablers.


And Tony just sits idly by.

Both the city and county should pass rules that no single individual can be on more than one committee.


Don’t forget that her Hospital Director’s Position is an elected position . . . when there’s a damned election!!

Think hard about it . . . where’s her money coming from?


6-26-2014 -- 4:56 PM

What gives Tim Jones the Standing . . .
to Cancel the Ambulance Contract?

Does he speak for all the “hide the facts and moola” organizations they’ve set up?

For example . . . does he speak for the MCCULLOCH COUNTY HOSPITAL DISTRICT?


Or the Heart of Texas Memorial Hospital Foundation?

Or the Heart of Texas Memorial Hospital Fund Inc.?

Or the Heart of Texas Memorial Hospital?

Or the Service Organization of Concho Valley?


All of these names are associated with our LITTLE HOSPITAL!


And who handled the sale of the District’s land . . . the property that was designated as an “Assisted Living Facility” ONLY?

Yup . . . Tim Jones handled it.  The land is owned by the McCulloch County Hospital District and, when you ask, Tim Jones isn’t associated with it in any way.

So . . . why is he master-minding the sale?  Why did he open the ONLY bid turned in?

ALL OF THIS IS NOTHING BUT A FARCICAL FRAUD!!  The same people worked at the hospital before this Healthcare Systems fraud ever appeared . . . and the same people still work for the Hospital -- regardless of the name it’s called.  It’s also still managed by the same people.

But . . . now . . . since they “allege” it’s a private company . . . We the People can’t request documents or explanations -- leaving the Three Amigos able to do as they will . . . and we “supposedly” can’t do anything about it.

Don’t think all this confusion wasn’t designed on purpose!  They don’t want We the People to know what in the hell’s going on!  It’s not OUR Hospital . . . to their way of thinking.  IT’S THEIR DAMN HOSPITAL TO LOOT AND RAPE AT WILL!!

Our Hospital WILL close if someone other than moi or John and Charlotte Harper don’t stand up to these morons!

Speaking of John . . . please read this GREAT article he wrote . . . http://jcharper.net/index.php/local/city-of-brady/334-ems-questions-and-opinion.html

I agree with John . . . our speed-bump city can’t afford two ambulance services.  Someone told me yesterday that the EMT’s on the City’s EMS ambulances are better medical technicians than many of the doctors who support Sir Timmy.

I agree.

We can start turning things around in November.  The Big Kahuna . . . Clay Jones . . . is up for reelection in November.



W. Clay Jones, President
Precinct: 1
Term Expires: November 2014

Rod Young
Precinct: 3
Term Expires: November 2014

Gary Schroeder, Vice-President
ecinct: At Large
Term Expires: November 2015

Dr. Richard Lane
recinct: At Large
Term Expires: November 2013

Joe S. King
Precinct: 4
Term Exp
ires: November 2013

Michele Young Derrick
nct: 2
pires November 2013

Terry Keltz
recinct: At Large
m Expires: November 2015


We can get rid of two of ‘em this November . . . including the Big Kahuna -- Clay Jones -- who’s causing most of the problems!!

How many of y’all knew Morticia was up for reelection in November, 2013?

I didn’t either . . . by design.  They’ve never wanted us to know who was up for reelection and when the election was.

We talked to an election expert this morning and were told that there hasn’t been a CONTESTED race in NINE YEARS!!



6-25-2014 -- 10:32 AM

In Honor of My Wanted Poster that . . .
Tim Jones put up at the Hospital . . .
I give you . . .

Tim Jones . . . The Crook of ALL Trades!

Timmy hanging photos - edited110602

If you see him from a distance, and you’re driving . . . please pull over to the side of the road before you start laughing.

If you see him up close, please check for your wallet . . . he’s been known to steal anything that’s not bolted down or locked up.

He’s easy to spot in public . . . he’s usually got one foot headed for the exit because . . . without his lawyers running interference for him . . . he’s a DEVOUT COWARD!

He wanted EVERYONE at the Hospital to call 911 if they saw me.  I suggest that y’all call Comedy Central’s Hot-Line because he’s one Weird Dude!!

Hey . . . Clay, Timmy, and Morticia . . . I’m still standing!!


6-22-2014 -- 9:51 AM

It’s an Honest to God Miracle!!

Remember that 6-4-2014 letter I mailed to every Politico and Bureaucrat I could find with a pulse?


It’s an honest to God Miracle!


I didn’t expect ANY responses this first go-round.  I figured I would have to shame ‘em into helping.

Nope . . . you mention FRAUD and, evidently, these folks scramble to the light.

Y’all can run . . . Clay, Tim, and Morticia . . . but y’all won’t be able to hide much longer.

After my trial’s over . . . guilty or not guilty . . . I’ll begin a full-court press to hold y’all accountable.


6-22-2014 -- 9:34 AM


Thank you for all you do and bring to light for Brady! I have lived in Brady (withheld) and seems like the corruption is much worse with each year.

I was glad to see your question on how to listen to the archives on KNEL website, as I have the same problem with it.

I wish you the very best on your upcoming trial! Please post when it is if you can without infringing on the gag order.

Please keep up the rally on all this corruption!

My trial starts 7-21 @ 9:00 AM . . . but we have to select a jury before we get to the meat and gravy.  LOL.

Thanks for your kind email and I’ll NEVER give up the fight!!


6-20-2014 -- 9:43 AM

If y’all wanna read a REAL thought-provoking website . . . instead of just reading what a rambling Village Idiot spews . . . check out John Harper’s new website at www.jcharper.net.

Him and Charlotte are both great researchers and John writes like a master.

We disagree at times . . . but anyone who wants everyone to agree with them ALL the time is a Big Dog . . . not someone who’s trying to make a positive difference in their community.


6-20-2014 -- 9:29 AM

KNEL -- the ONLY Trust-Worthy . . .

News Organization in Brady!!

How many of y’all listened to KNEL’s rebroadcast of the Silly Council Meeting Wednesday?

I have now received 13 notices from folks that listened to it.

EVERY single one of these people LOVED how Charlotte Harper undressed Timothy S. Jones. Now that’s a projected sight that’ll give you nightmares. But, according to the folks who emailed me or called, she exposed him for the lying crook he is.

Twelve of the 13 were upset with our mayor for cutting Charlotte off.

Charlotte and I don’t particularly like each other . . . and that’s fine . . . but I still give kudos to those who deserve it. Evidently, she did a GREAT job.

If you haven’t listened to it, I “believe” it’s archived on KNEL . . . but I’m too stupid to be able to find it. LOL.

So . . . I got a copy of the recording. I tried to listen to it yesterday . . . but visits to my home and phone calls kept me from doing so.

Trust me . . . LOL . . . I’ll post about the slaughter after I listen to it.

FINALLY . . . some non-Village Idiot is exposing just how crooked Tim Jones is.


6-20-2014 -- 9:13 AM

I hear the hospital wasn’t connected to a water meter for a long, long time.

If that’s true, how much does Timmy owe the city?

Hell, we’re already subsidizing Timmy’s Little Empire with our taxes. Why should we subsidize his damn water as well?


6-20-2014 -- 9:06 AM

Yesterday you asked your readers to opine as to why the big dogs want you to stopwriting about them, and what they're doing. In my own humble opinion, you aredoing too good of a job at exposing their corruption, and they need to shut you down. They want you to go to jail to get you off the internet for however long they can keep you in jail. The fact that they offered to let it all go away if you promise to not write about them for a year shows how desperate they are. Maybe they need a year to complete their scams on the citizens, and they don't want you to point it out to us. Keep writing. I check your site twice a day to get the truth about what's going on here.

Yesterday, I heard that a couple, who recently moved to Brady, had hired a PI to investigate the hosp, and TJ. I don't think they are connected to you, but, apparently they are making progress. My source (name withheld) said Jon Chase told (name withheld) about them a month ago, but (name withheld) didn't know their names. I looked up the McC Hosp Special District rules, and saw where the board is supposed to have elections, and announce them in the paper just like any other elections. I have lived here for 15 yrs, and don't remember there ever being a hosp board election.

If this couple or their PI will get in touch with me, I’ll share everything I have with them. There’s no sense in us covering the same ground.  This could be Jon Chase and Bill Neslage getting involved as well.

(Name withheld) also told me that Sheriff Howell is living in Coleman with his girlfriend, and 2 days a week he judges brands in Coleman, and Mason. He has his resignaton ready to go, and plans to hand it in before his term ends so Neal can appoint, the man of his choice, to replace him. (Name withheld) said (name withheld) has heard Neal wants a guy names Stafford, or Stanford, (something like that) to be the new sheriff.

That’s the Brady way . . . appoint someone who can be controlled so they can run as the Incumbent in the next election. Danny Neal knows the process . . . that’s how he got his job.

By the way, I laughed out loud about your confusion on what a swapping club, and swingers club is. I can't help you with the swappers club, but it does sound similar to a swingers club where couples swap partners, and participate in an orgy.  I had an ex who wanted us to join a swingers club, but I didn't want any part of it.

That was a tongue-in-cheek post. Remember, I was the biggest scumbag in the world for a long while. I’m aware of most of the deviant life-styles. LOL.


6-18-2014 -- 11:59 AM

Charlotte Harper, I hear, kicked Tim Jones’ ass last night at the Silly Council Meeting.

You can listen to it at 12:15 PM today on KNEL AM.


6-18-2014 -- 10:04 AM

Why Do the Big Dogs . . .
. . . and their minions . . .
. . . want me to stop writing . . .
. . . about what they’re doing?

Tell me your opinion.


6-16-2014 -- 9:44 AM

I told you almost two years ago that you couldn’t trust Bill Neslage or Jon Chase.

It’s about time you’re taking them on.

They’ve done more damage to Brady than good.

Yes, you did tell me that.  LOL.

But I’m not “taking them on.”

I just warned them that . . . since they declared me as their enemy and have exacerbated my legal problems beyond measure . . . that they would no longer get a pass when they mouthed off in public.

If they want to have a battle of words and see who ends up still standing, I’m prepared and energetically willing to do that.


I’ve now heard from four people about some of Sheriff Howell’s problems.

Apparently, and I haven’t proven ANY of this yet, he’s having marital difficulties.  I won’t comment about that.

But I’ve also heard he’s gonna retire in August so the County Commissioners can appoint a new Sheriff of their own choosing.

Aren’t we supposed to ELECT our Sheriffs?

That’s not the Brady Way.

I hear the County Judge was initially appointed.  Ditto for the Justice of the Peace.  Ditto for the County Treasurer.

I was told yesterday that, on the whole, Incumbents in Texas win 73% of the time.

Thus it can be argued that our elected officials prefer to appoint THEIR people . . . so they can hope to control them.

I have a novel idea . . . Why don’t the County Commissioners think about appointing Dale Pearce as our new Sheriff?

He’s got far more experience than anyone else they could consider and he’ll treat EVERYONE fairly . . . and he won’t kiss anyone’s ass.  As it should be.

But they won’t . . . if Howell’s retirement plans are accurate . . . they’ll promote a local lad so he’ll owe them his allegiance . . . regardless of his lack of experience.

Doing what’s right for the citizens isn’t normally a high priority for the local Politicos.

Everytime you talk to your Commissioner . . . IF I’M RIGHT ABOUT HOWELL’S SITUATION . . . why don’t you tell ‘em we’re sick and tired of the GOOD ‘OL BOY BULLSHIT BRADY’S LIVED WITH FOREVER!!


6-15-2014 -- 11:53 AM

EDC Board of Directors
aka . . . the Funders of Morticia’s Personal Piggy Bank

Board of Directors

Morticia, President
Timothy S. Jones, Vice President
Dr. Susan Jolliff

Tracy Pitcox
Jon Chase

I hear those in RED usually vote in one united block -- in favor of the Loyalists projects, while those in BLUE are left to suck the hind teats.

Don’t think for a second that situation is not BY DESIGN!!

Why don’t y’all ask Tony Grove why that is?  We the People voted him in as Mayor . . . but nothing has really changed.  He’s just been a Diplomatic Gail Lohn so far.  The guy’s got a silver tongue for sure . . . but We the People are still not represented properly or fully on ANY damn Council, Committee, or Board.

Why is that, Tony?

I mean, hell, when you’ve got Morticia and Timothy S. on the same damn Board . . . it doesn’t even take a double-digit IQ to realize something stinks to High Heaven.

Why is it that both of them ONLY get on Boards where moola is collected and shuffled around?  Usually without any oversight?


 President Michele “Show me the money” Derrick

Michele and her husband, Bill, own and operate two businesses in Brady. Young's Jewelry, a family business started in Brady over forty years ago by Michele's parents and Brady Music, a full service music store. They decided in 1992 to return to the hill country and raise their two daughters, Jennifer and Jacqueline. Over the years, Michele has volunteered time and resources towards numerous civic organizations and boards.

Currently she serves as president of the Brady Economic Development Corporation, the Heart of Texas Healthcare Systems, Heart of Texas Memorial Hospital Foundation and Hope from the Heart, a local non-profit cancer charity she helped found. Michele was awarded Citizen of the Year in 2010 by the Chamber of Commerce for her devotion to civic duty. An avid hunter and fisherman, Michele enjoys the access to outdoor activities. She strongly believes in active participation with city government to secure a productive economic future for our hometown.

Where to start?  Where to start?  LOL.

As promised . . . check out all the crap she’s involved in . . . all organizations that collect and distribute moola.


I’m not acccusing her of any SPECIFIC wrong-doing yet . . . mainly because the Healthcare Systems fights to keep their records private like an Ethiopian Greyhound protecting his last bone.

But am I the ONLY one who considers it ironic that she’s always on the front-end of all the moola trails?

This sentence really gets me . . . “She strongly believes in active participation with city government to secure a productive economic future for our hometown.”

How’s that been working out for us, Morticia?

In my humble opinion . . . you and the Big Dogs don’t want Brady to grow because it would weaken the powers y’all have over us peons.

Brady should be a vibrant, growing community like most of the other towns in the Hill Country . . . with jobs available that afford ALL of our citizens to increase their livelihood so they can struggle from poverty into the Middle Class.

But . . . then . . . the Big Dogs would lose the Biggest Stick they have to keep us down.  They can now threaten our jobs to keep us silent and in line.

If all of the jackals didn’t dominate all of these organizations . . . We the People would have a chance.

And having the same damn people on these organizations only weakens EACH organization because there’s NEVER any NEW ideas . . . just the same ones regurgitated over and over by the Big Dogs and their minions.

Why have you been telling folks for months and months that the Civic Center won’t be expanded . . . at least not by using EDC funds because you had them reserved for our new Assisted Living Facility?

Can you decide that on your own?  Or do you and your voting partners talk in private?  Without involving Jon and Tracy in your discussions?

You’re a piece of work, Morticia.  Like Timothy S. . . . you have no concept of morality.

But . . . can you feel the tide turning against you?



 Vice President Tim “I’ve never found a law or regulation I’m afraid to break . . . they’re just suggestions in my book” Jones

After college in 1992, Mr. Jones began working for Scott and White in Temple, Texas in hospital and clinic administration. Mr. Jones has held several positions within the primary care division, including family medicine and pediatrics. In 2004, Tim accepted the position as Chief Operating Officer for the Heart of Texas Memorial Hospital in Brady, Texas, focusing on cash flow and general healthcare operations until being appointed to Chief Executive Officer in August of 2005. Since that time, most of his efforts have been focused on adding new healthcare providers and facility replacement with the opening of a new hospital in 2012.

Such a small bio for such a DIVERSE CROOK!!


“. . . focusing on cash flow and general healthcare operations” my overly-abundant ass!  Doctors have complained, and probably still are, that it violates their Hippocratic Oath for you to try to change how they treat their patients . . . mainly so you can make more moola.

Don’t sell yourself short, Timothy S.

We’ll address that in court, in the proper venue.

You can run and hide behind your lawyers that the tax-payers are paying for you . . . BUT NOT FOREVER!


What about being the Chief Operating Officer, Document Shredding Impresario, and Document Hiding Sociopath Emeritus of your precious and PRIVATE (in your own mind) Healthcare Empire?

Why aren’t those titles on your bio?

Are you so stupid that you think . . .
1.  . . . we don’t know all the shenanigans you pulled in trying to sell the hospital’s property where y’all demanded that an Assisted Living Facility be built upon the land?
2. . . . we don’t know why you ONLY advertised this sale for 2-1/2 weeks?  Thus guaranteeing us tax-payers wouldn’t receive full value for OUR property?
3. . . . we don’t know about you scuttling one deal so you could do what you wished with this Assisted Living Bullshit?
4. . . . we don’t know why you want your own ambulance empire?
5. . . . we don’t know of your PRIVATE Meetings with hospital employees to try to intimidate them into not talking to my legal team?
6. . . . we don’t know of your MELT-DOWN after my investigator and lawyer just VISITED your precious hospital?
7. . . . we don’t know of you trying to change history so it matches up with, or replaces, your DOCUMENTED lies?
8. . . . we don’t know of your “outside” interests?  Ahh . . . another mystery to be exposed in court.  LOL.
9. . . . we haven’t turned over EVERY rock you’ve been hiding under?

This is just a thumb-nail sketch of ammunition that we’ll be barraging you with.

I’m looking forward to the trial, or trials.

Are you?


6-15-2014 -- 10:03 AM

Missing Person Alert!!
Sheriff Earl Howell . . . Where is he?

Many of y’all have asked me where Sheriff Howell is because y’all have gone to see him and he’s never in his office and his staff won’t tell y’all where he is.

I don’t know why y’all are asking me.  I wouldn’t recognize the guy if he came to my door with a name tag emblazoned on his shirt.

I wrote him a few “Howdy Do” letters when I was incarcerated in his tin can jail . . . but he never replied and he never came by to break bread.

Some of y’all are sincerely concerned that he’s ill, some are just wondering what his Sheriffly work hours are, and some have even suggested he’s been kidnapped by aliens.

I’ve accused Clay and Tim of a lotta things . . . but I don’t think they’d kidnap our Sheriff.

So . . . if anyone knows what’s going on with our Sheriff, please let me know so I can get these questioners off my back.



6-14-2014 -- 4:31 PM

Have Y’all Heard About the “Big Drug Bust?”


I wanna offer our local law enforcement a hearty WELL DONE . . .

. . . for holding our city’s doors open while Brownwood’s Law Enforcement made a major drug bust in OUR city.

If you ONLY read Jimbo’s Weekly Wipe, you’d think Police Chief Charlie Derrick’s and Sergeant Mike Hudson’s troopers stormed the Normandy Beaches singlehandedly . . . when, in fact, they were holding clipboards on the outskirts of the perimeter while, somehow, one of the druggie kingpins got away.

Job well done.

Seriously, I don’t have a problem with the non-Big Shot members of our local law enforcement but when they’re led by Beavis and Butthead . . . we get what we’ve got.

Us peons have to protect ourselves while Clay and Tim Jones get our Police to serve as their serfs.

Not for much longer, We the People.  Trust me . . . not for much longer.


6-14-2014 -- 11:23 AM

The Cavalry is Coming to Save the Day!!


I hear Wild Bill Neslage and Jon “The Baptist” Chase have decided to take on the Hospital.


I’ve said a few things about them in the past . . . but I’ve got a year’s worth of venom built up and I hope and pray that this is a true story.

I’ve decided they aren’t and NEVER were true Rebels.

They just had some “personal” agendas they wanted help with and they used me and our Supporters to achieve their goals.  Once that happened they wanted ALL the glory for themselves when it was a collective effort and, when I wouldn’t dance to their drummer, and wouldn’t follow their new Party Line . . . they turned on me like a cobra on a mouse.


Both have said some things I’m gonna love exposing them with.  Like . . . “He deserved to be in jail.”  The list is endless.

Why are they attempting to resurrect their Rebel Labels?

The attendance at their TPSG Meetings has nearly dwindled to single digits.

Their fix to this problem is to start offering meals at these meetings.



People have been telling them for months that no one wants to listen to the Three Amigos spout off about what’s on their minds.

The last meeting I attended was like a Gail Lohn City Council Meeting on steroids.

There was no audience participation and the main topic was PAWS.

Look . . . I’ve supported PAWS from the beginning and I still do . . . but it’s not a headline-grabbing topic and NEVER will be.

I respect Deb Neslage as much or more than I do any other Brady’ite for her efforts to protect our furry little critters.

But PAWS is not a topic that’ll attract a crowd of Rebels.

These TPSG Meetings should be about the AUDIENCE . . . not about what Wild Bill and Jon the Baptist wanna yap about.

The audience should be given a microphone and allowed to talk about what concerns THEM!

Bill and Jon just don’t get it . . . and probably never will because their egos have them burping out brain-farts instead of thoughtful reflections.

So . . . now . . . a year after I urged them to start taking on Clay Jones and the Hospital . . . they’re scrambling to try to become relevant again.  Their egos demand that their names be emblazoned in lights.  Their egos demand that they get credit for ANY and ALL positive changes made in Brady.

I’m now the most unpopular person in Brady . . . thanks in large part to Wild Bill’s and Jon’s mouths . . . and the lies told by Latricia Doyal.

I hear my name was banned at TPSG Meetings.  I hear any talk about our website was verbotenTHEY DIDN’T WANNA HEAR ANY OF IT!!


Like I keep telling Mr. Clay . . . I’m still standing and there’s nothing y’all can do to change that.

It’s called morals . . . something that’s definitely in short supply in Brady.  I have a strict set of morals and I refuse to violate any of them.

I’ll take on all comers.

Hey, fellas.  I don’t give a Tinker’s Damn about being popular . . . I just keep fighting for what I believe is right.

If y’all wanna join forces to rid our hospital of the crooks who’re running it . . . fine.  But I’ll be in charge of this effort.  I’ve let y’all lead the Rebel Parade in the past and one year ago y’all let ANY Rebel Movement die on the vine.

Wild Bill’s money can definitely make a positive difference.  But are We the People REALLY gaining anything when a new Big Dog takes down an old Big Dog?

I think not.

If they do in fact take on the hospital, will We the People believe in their reasons for doing so?

I think not.

They’ve already turned their backs on We the People once . . . it’ll probably happen again and everyone knows it.

All the main issues in Brady involve TRUST . . . nothing more.  Us peons don’t trust our current Big Dogs and Big Shots one iota . . . hence there’s strife everywhere.  If We the People trust Bill and Jon so much . . . why is TPSG now just a shell of what it once was?

The few Supporters I have left and I are trying to take down the Hospital Honchos the right way.  TO PROVE TO EVERYONE THAT YOU DON’T HAVE TO BE A GAZILLIONAIRE TO FIGHT BACK AGAINST THE BIG DOGS!!

Some say that now that we have the Big Dogs on the run . . . Wild Bill and Jon just want to join the fight on the tail-end of it now that they know which way the wind is blowing.

Wild Bill and Jon the Baptist are welcome to join the fight . . . but I’ll take them on just as lustily as I do the Loyalists if I don’t trust their actions.

Are y’all willing to go to jail for your beliefs?

I think not.

I could’ve already been out from under all these criminal and civil problems I’m facing . . . but I refused to “stop writing about them for a year.”  “Them” . . . obviously was Clay Jones, Tim Jones, and Morticia.

Are y’all willing to make such a stand?

If not, perhaps y’all had best leave the Rebelling to the grown-ups.

If y’all wanna take on a Professional Bitcher . . . I say “Let’s do it, fellas.  I’ve got some payback to dish out.  I haven’t lost a war yet . . . feel free to try to break my record!”


6-13-2014 -- 7:43 PM

What in the Hell is a “Swappers Party?”

And what do they swap?

Baseball cards?


What in the hell do they swap at a “Swappers Party?”

I’ve looked through the Yellow Pages of every city known to man.  Found nada.

I’ve got a lotta junk to swap . . . I just don’t know what they specialize in.

One gal told me that some of my “fiercest” enemies founded this Swappers Party and they were the initial subscribers.

I had to laugh . . . even though it didn’t give me a clue as to what she was talking about.  The world “fierce” and my enemies should NEVER be mentioned in the same sentence.  Hell, most of them are still breast-feeding.

I got so desperate I just started calling random phone numbers.

One guy told me it was the same as a “Swingers Party.”

“Good,” I said.  “I know I look like a hippo but I’m still purty damn light on my feet.  I love to dance.”

Man ‘oh man . . . I thought I was gonna have to call an ambulance because the guy sounded like he was half choking and half laughing.  But, then, I realized since we now have competing life-savers I might as well not waste my time.  Besides our horse hospital can’t fix the most basic malady . . . much less save a dying man.

He finally caught his breath, then said, “You’re the dumbest sumbitch alive.”

“Maybe so,” I countered in my most witty voice, “but “Swingers Party” ain’t in the Yellow Pages either.  So there.”

He hung up on me, still laughing.

Can any of y’all help me?

I hear some of the Biggest Dogs and Biggest Shots attend these shindigs religiously.


6-11-2014 -- 10:15 AM

Your fight with the Big Dogs, as you call them, is tearing Brady apart.  Why can’t both parties meet with an unbiased arbiter and settle your disputes?  Then forgive each other’s transgressions?


Have you ever seen a pack of crooked cobras meet with their prey and amicably “settle their disputes?”

These bastards are trying to throw me in jail . . . FOR NO LEGAL REASON!!

No one has EVER stood up to them until the absolute end.  I’m here to do just that.


Forgiveness is between them and God.

It’s my job to set up the meeting.

No, Timothy S. Jones, that is NOT a threat.  I’m not threatening to hasten your demise.  I just hope you can eventually find a relationship with YOUR God when you start staring between the bars in prison day after day after day.


6-9-2014 -- 9:46 AM

If Tim Jones is the lying crook you say he is, what makes you think he’ll tell the truth when he’s on the stand at your trial?

First of all, it’s easy to tell when Timothy S. is lying . . . his lips are moving.  LOL.

Look . . . I’ve promised Judge Hoffman and DA Tonya Spaeth Ahlschwede that I wouldn’t knowingly violate the Gag Order I’m under . . . so I can’t comment on that question directly.  All I’ll say is this . . . I tend to be a recording fool so people will believe the recorded truth and not the Party Line as dictated by Clay and Tim Jones.  This recording mania applies to all my enemies.  If anyone lies on the stand, hopefully they’ll be held accountable . . . this includes me if I take the stand . . . and my supporters.

I just want the truth to be told . . . by both sides.

Hospital Employees are really scared that the hospital will close.  What can you say to them?

I say if they’ll tell the truth NOW, then there’s a good chance the hospital won’t close.  If they continue to refuse to tell what they know . . . shouldn’t those who’re preventing justice from being done lose their precious jobs?

Closing the hospital is not my intent . . . but we don’t have a hospital now, do we?  We have a money-making machine that . . . thanks to Clay and Tim Jones . . .  doesn’t give a damn about patient’s treatment or rights.  THAT is what I’m trying to change.

We need a good hospital.  The citizens of Brady deserve a good hospital.  They don’t deserve this cluster-f. . . uhhh . . . bomb we have now.

Can the County Commissioners, including Judge Neal, decide if you get a fair trial or not?  I wasn’t at your hearing Tuesday but a friend was and he told me y’all had to ask for additional money for your investigator.  What happens if the Commissioners say you can’t have any more money?

Again . . . I can’t answer that directly.  LOL.  This Gag Order is hard on a Big Mouth like me but I’m trying to follow it because of the respect I’ve been shown in District Court . . . versus the complete BS I faced in County Court.

Why don’t you pose that question to Danny Neal?

You’ve told me many times that you’ll appeal this forever if you have to.  Aren’t you tired of all this mess?

Absolutely . . . but when do you just abandon your CORE Beliefs?  That’s what’s wrong with Brady, our state, and our country now.  Morality is abandoned as soon as it becomes difficult.

I tend to be a stubborn sumbitch . . . LOL.  I HATE Bullies and I’ll die for our Constitutional Rights . . . both are huge, huge problems in Brady.  The local Bullies believe they can trample on our rights with impunity.

I happen to disagree and I’ll fight them as long as it takes until I win.  Then . . . I’ll move away because this fight has been much harder than it would’ve been if us Rebels had continued to stand together.


6-8-2014 -- 7:57 AM

Will the Last Hospital Employee . . .
Please Turn Out the Lights . . .
When They Leave?

I’ve been hearing that several high-ranking hospital employees are either quitting at the hospital or are searching for other jobs.


Because they’re afraid the hospital might close.

That is NOT my intention!

I’ve also heard that 80 - 90% of the employees know that my battles with W. Clay Jones and Timothy S. Jones are complete BS.  If these people are afraid of me . . . as Tim said they were on the stand during my Temporary Restraining Order Hearing . . . they don’t know it.  LOL.

My only intentions are to get rid of Clay and Tim Jones and most of the Direktors . . . and three or four other employees who have gone out of their way to purposefully lie about me . . . and hold them all accountable for their actions.

I know a huge majority of the hospital employees are honest and very, very capable.  I would NEVER purposefully be a party to tossing them out of a job.  But Clay and Tim have to be stopped.  They’ve been hemorrhoids on the community’s ass for long enough.

Why is it that we can’t get the kind of doctors we need here?

It’s simple to me.  Who in their right mind would wanna work for Over-Bearing and crooked jackals like Clay and Tim?

When we get rid of them, we can finally staff our hospital with the doctors we need.

As long as they’re in charge . . . we’ll continue to have a Tonka-Toy Hospital.

Ask one of the previous doctors who left . . . a very, very popular and capable doctor . . . what he thinks of Timothy S.

Then make up your own minds.

Their employees know what these jackals are doing.

Several will be witnesses at my trial.

I’m Still Standing, Clay and Timothy S.

It appears I’ll have company soon.


6-6-2014 -- 8:04 AM


Why do I do what I do?

It’s simple.

I was the world’s biggest scumbag for the first 40 to 50 years of my life and I’m simply trying to atone for my sins.

When you can’t match your rhetorical targets dollar for dollar, and the rhetorical fight is important to you, you have to fight them with the means available to you.

I’ve got a big mouth . . . so that’s the weapon I use.

I hear many, many of you are complaining about your hospital bills.

That’s Great!

If you’ll send me copies of these questionable bills, I’ll guarantee you satisfaction eventually.

I’ll probably lose this first legal battle but I’ll just keep appealing until I get justice. Trust me, Clay and Tim Jones will eventually be held accountable for their actions. I’ve got the rest of my life to fight to right the daily wrongs these two crooks foist upon us.

And I’m willing to do that. I’ve got a lot of sins to atone for.

Copies of your questionable bills will help both of us in this battle.

Please believe me . . . I WILL EVENTUALLY WIN!!


6-4-2014 -- 1:54 PM

I receive about two of these kinda emails a month.  I’m deleting names because I haven’t received the approval of the necessary people . . . but her friends, family, and loved ones will know who I’m talking about.  Our prayers are with her.

Why in the hell are we paying taxes for a hospital that can do nothing but give aspirins . . . regardless if the infirmity?


I have just gotten word that (name withheld) fell yesterday and is in Hospital in San Angelo. She was originally taken to Brady and xrayed but nobody to read the results. She was sent back home but due to severe pain was taken back to the hospital and is now in San Angelo. Do not yet know what exactly is broken. Also having some confusion at this point. Need your prayers for her. (Name withheld)




6-4-2014 -- 9:25 AM

I just mailed the following letter to EVERY Politician, Bureaucrat, and Newspaper Editor with a pulse.  LOL.

I had to delete portions of the online version because of the Court-Ordered Gag Order I’m under.


May-Day, May-Day . . . Brady, Texas is Drowning!

You Folks Should . . .

Walk Tall . . . or Go Home!




Brady, Texas is a land-locked island surrounded by Big Dog Corruptness.  It’s an inherited affliction.  Brady has been one of the most corrupt towns in Texas for 145 years.  It still is and, based on the lack of a response from agencies and law enforcement under your control, it always will be.

Apathy is the death knell for Democracies. What we are witnessing now is the fall of the American Empire and us peons are bearing the brunt of this burden.

Who’s to blame for this apathetic scourge? One doesn’t need to look too far for the culprits. Their names appear on every election ballot . . . and, most importantly, on their lists of donors.  We haven’t seen any political leadership in this country since Ronald Reagan and justice is now buy-able.  Those with the moola run rampant over those poor peons who form the bulk of our country.

All of you professional politicians and bureaucrats are supposed to be representing We the People of the United States of America . . . not just the We Own the World Crowd.  It’s human nature that one stops caring when no protection or respect is given to those citizens less fortunate than the Big Dogs who can afford to buy all the protection and respect they need to keep the majority of Americans down and serving as their minions.

We’ve asked the FBI for help three times in the past eight months.  We’ve asked the Texas Rangers for help three times in the past eight months.  We’ve asked the Medicare folks to give us some documents so we can prove our fraud allegations four times in the past eight months.


Hell, I even tried to find the 82nd Airborne’s Commander’s phone number . . . and failed.

We need some help, folks.

Local law enforcement?




Sorry . . . the pause was because I was rolling around on the floor, hemorrhaging with laughter.  I’m a rolly-polly gorilla and it took me awhile to get back up.

Our Howdy Doody Police Department toes the party line.  Big Dog children get a pass . . . barely a howdy-do . . . when they’re caught drinking in public while peon progeny are sent directly to Alcatraz to hammer big rocks into little rocks.

Our Keystone Koppers know who slaps the butter on their bread . . . the Big Dogs . . . and they act accordingly.

Why should our situation be important to you Professional Politicians and Bureau Chiefs?

Because it’s a microcosm of what you folks and your Predecessors have allowed to happen over many, many decades. Your thoughtless disregard for our rights as American citizens has allowed our tormentors to lash out at us at will with impunity.

(Deleted because of Gag Order)

My crime?

(Deleted because of Gag Order)

Evidently, in Brady, the First Amendment is a privilege allowed those who speak the Party Line Lingo . . . and not for rebels like moi who tend to chafe under the yoke of any form of dictatorial behavior.

For the past two years I’ve been writing on a website titled www.webitch4u.com because I’m sick and tired of these Big Dogs and Big Shots trampling all over us mere peons. They controlled the local school board, City Council, and every political office and committee in town.

Many, many local rebels worked very, very hard to change things around.  We’d made enormous strides to correcting our local situation.

I’ve already spent ten days in jail and the Big Dogs want me stowed away another six months so maybe I’ll “learn my lesson.”

I’ve been offered several plea bargains, all of them with this caveat “You have to stop writing about them for a year.”

I turned them all down because of that requirement.

Does it sound proper to you that a County Prosecutor should try to force me to give up my First Amendment rights just so I can avoid jail time? In fact, he even told me that he could make my criminal and civil trials go way if I agreed to his terms.

I turned him down.

I knew this pressure was coming from the Biggest Dog . . . Clay Jones . . . and his minion tush-kisser . . . Tim Jones, no relation . . . so they could continue their acts of Medicare fraud, Medicaid fraud, and various other frauds at the local hospital. And also to keep me from researching their various other nefarious deeds exacted on the local community.

An example . . . the voters voted not to expand our local hospital. The Jones crooks and the hospital Direktors did so anyway. And that’s just one example of proof that they feel they can get away with doing anything they wish.

Everything done at the Hospital is Top Secret.  Their meetings, their elections, their decisions . . . all too important to let us voter-peons in on their secrets.

But don’t think I’m complaining about just the hospital. I’ve run into Clay Jones many times during the past two years. The guy’s a silver-spooned inheritance crook whose gall knows no bounds.

He had a local and well-liked principal fired because his precious daughter wasn’t appointed to the National Honor Society.  That she lied on her application wasn’t important to ‘ol Clay.

One more example . . . These jackals even got a state politician to pass a bill or an action or whatever it’s called giving them a free rein to steal our local hospital. The County Citizens pay taxes for this hospital . . . yet Tim Jones is now claiming it’s a private entity and he can do whatever he wants with it.

Including barring me from it and ALL the other property the Hospital owns.

I’ve been disabled for over twenty years . . . now if I have some normal problems I have to travel AT LEAST 80 miles to get help.


But they’re picking on the wrong guy.  I’m 60 years old . . . too damn old to change my tune now.  They should realize this by now.

If I have to continue to fight them alone . . . I’ll play the cards I’ve been dealt.

A huge Rebel Contingent has already replaced the entire School Board in two years.  They’ve done just about the same with the City Council.  A Mayor, City Manager, and City Attorney have all been shown the door.

The Big Dogs were running scared . . . (Deleted because of Gag Order) and the Rebels scrambled for cover.

But I can’t allow this to change me.  I HATE BULLIES!!  ALWAYS HAVE, ALWAYS WILL!!

I’ll continue this fight . . . with or without your help . . . but isn’t your main job to serve ALL of We the People and not just the We Own the World Crowd?

I won’t bore you with all the details of my allegations.  I have enough evidence to get your professionals involved but I don’t have enough evidence to prove all of my allegations because they refuse to give us ANY information through Freedom of Information Act requests or through subpoenas through the court.

Your people are “supposedly” the Professionals.  They should be able to cut through this “hide the evidence” BS in milliseconds.

Us peons can’t do squat . . . because the Big Dogs aren’t afraid of being held accountable.

Why should they be?  They haven’t been held accountable for 145 years.

I say we should start a new trend.

You do your jobs and us peons will do ours.

What in the hell are you people in office for?

I refuse to just lay down and be run over by these Big Dogs.

They’ve painted me as “Crazy and Dangerous.”  Just as they have EVERY other person who has tried to stand up to them in the past.

Maybe I am Crazy and Dangerous because I refuse to give up . . . LOL . . . but not in a physical way as they’ve described me.

Tim Jones has the hospital staff believing I’m about to storm the bastille carrying a machine gun, prepared to blast everyone in sight.

He’s a lying, back-stabbing punk who has had sand kicked in his face all his life and he’s just trying to kiss Clay Jones’ tush enough so he can appear to be an equal with all the others in the “In Crowd.”

Do any of you folks have the gonads to do your job . . . which is to serve ALL of We the People and not just the rich?

I’ll give y’all a week or two to contact me . . . then I’ll put this in as many newspapers as I can.  By the way, our website has approximately 12,000 daily viewers the last I heard.

You folks should . . . Walk Tall or Go Home.


Gary Ray . . . some call me “Kamikaze” . . . LOL.