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*** No matter what you might think . . . I’ve never physically threatened anyone. I’m passionate about my causes and I sometimes use Literary Hyperbole to make my point. If you tend to be a candy-ass Coward, afraid of every-damn-thing . . . perhaps this website is not for sensitive panty-waists like you.

I have NEVER and will NEVER physically threaten anyone. If you think otherwise . . . don’t read this website. This tends to be an R-Rated website . . . and it ain’t for the faint-hearted. It’s for mature grownups who don’t wet the bed at night.


5-28-2016 -- 3:07 PM

One of you told me a few years ago about a guy who had taken on the hospital.

And he was run out of town.

I can’t remember his name and I can’t find my notes.


Would you tell me again?


5-26-2016 -- 10:08 AM

Email . . .

Hi Gary,

This is ____. I used to work at Brady hospital. (Sentence deleted . . . GR). Anyway, I wanted you to know (if you didn't already) that 5 RN's and 2 LVN's have left the hospital and the CFO walked out. Rumor has it that he told Timmy that he had f****ed up the hospital and quit. Thought the people of Brady might like to know this. Please don't use my name if you post this e-mail. Keep up the good work. You have a lot of fans out there.



5-25-2016 -- 11:04 AM

Who vetted these new City Council Ham Sandwiches?
Did Morticia?  She recruited them.

Why do I call James Griffin and Jane Fonda-Seymour-Schwarznagel-Hinkerdink-Pearce-Huffman ham sandwiches?

They weren’t elected, Jack Turk and Latricia Doyal were unelected because they wouldn’t get on their knees and kiss the Almighty ring of the Loyalists’ Grand Pooh-bah . . . Clay Jones.

They did what they thought was best for the people of Brady.  They didn’t take orders from the likes of Morticia or anyone else.

Remember . . . Morticia, Tim Jones, and the dental jaw-breaker resigned from the EDC because the City Council refused to fund Clay Jones’ Club Med for Seniors.

The City Council took away their Piggy Bank so they couldn’t fund Con-Men like Ben Siebert anymore.

Wah, wah, wah.

So the two gals and one of the gal’s boyfriend resigned from the EDC!!  Somehow thinking their resignations would make an impact on local politics.

Snooze . . . Snooze.  NO ONE MISSED THEM A BIT!!!

What are the qualifications of the new City Council members?


James Griffin, according to two sources, held four teaching jobs in five years!!

Why did he move around so damn much?

I hear he refused to answer that question at the Candidates’ Forum.  What does he have to hide?

Why did he go from being a teacher to a grunt at Wal-Mart?  He’s a manager now, but he started out as a grunt.  Why?

I know some of you teachers and school administrators know the answer to this question.  Please let me know the truth and I’ll protect your ID.


Jane Fonda-Seymour-Schwarznagel-Hinkerdink-Pearce-Huffman?

What are her qualifications?

Do any of you know?  Especially you Loyalist Cult Members?  Y’all voted for her as a cult should . . . blindly following the Big Dog’s edicts.

Do y’all even know who or what you voted for?

Do y’all even care?

Voting against someone is not the same as voting FOR someone.

I hear Jane Fonda-Seymour-Schwarznagel-Hinkerdink-Pearce-Huffman was hard to work with when she was on the School Board, where she was defeated when she ran for reelection.

Is THAT why you Cultists voted for her?

What reasons did y’all have to vote for her?

NONE?  That’s what I thought.


5-14-2016 -- 9:47 AM

Mr. Morticia Derrick
Is At It Again!!!

Evidently this scum-sucking coward has been posting crap on Facebook about PAWS, saying something like. . . “ they couldn’t keep any volunteers working there because blah, blah, blah.”

Two of the “non-existent” volunteers from PAWS went to ask him about it.  I hear they work 12 hours a day, seven days a week to take care of our orphaned and precious critters and they just wanted to inform him of this.

The pompous prick verbally attacked them, even saying something like . . . “We have our city back now because of the City Council election and the first thing we’ll do is close down PAWS.”

The ladies were in tears.  They’re giving their time and efforts to save our critters and this punk-ass puke verbally attacks and denigrates them.

Trust me, Mr. Morticia Derrick, even the two ham sandwiches just elected won’t take orders from you!


Maybe from your husband . . . but not from you.

Like it or not . . . PAWS is a charitable organization started to take care of our animals.  That bitches like you would wanna close it down just shows you are, in fact, a true sociopath.

By the way, Coward, why don’t you or your husband sign the next email you send me?

Since your husband, like the rest of her brave Loyalist Big Dog jackasses, has filed a Criminal Trespass Warning against me . . . I can’t confront you personally . . . but my address is listed above.  Why don’t you come over to my house and try to intimidate me?

Or Bill Neslage?

We’re both older than dirt, and I haven’t been feeling well lately, but I believe we can both give you a run for your money.

Or do you only pick on women?


5-8-2016 -- 10:14 AM

Two emails from a typical Loyalist anonymous coward!!

The mandate for your arrest will issue to the McCulloch County Court and from there to the Sheriff on July 11, 2016. Your escort has been instructed to retrieve you from your domicile at 8am. You will be released on April 6, 2017 from the Rankin County jail. You will not be released prior to this date
Olive Oil


Hope From The Heat is audited every year. 100% of funds go to deserving local cancer victims.

The Derricks work for a living. Something you have not done most of your pathetic life. The people that work pay the federal taxes for disability collecting maggots like you to live on. Your welcome maggot. Enjoy your 270 days in the Rankin County Hilton.

You are going to hell!


The email address for these two comments is

What a brave little punk-ass coward.


5-4-2016 -- 12:06 PM

When am I going to Jail?

To: district  judge hofmann, DA Tonya “Olive Oil” Ahlschwede

Y’all had me convicted and sentenced to 9 months in jail on a bogus charge, per your masters’ requests . . .



I wanna have time to report y’all and all the other sleazy legal folks to the State Bar.

I wanna start suing the folks who committed perjury, are committing fraud at the hospital, and any other Loyalist Crook Cultist who has a pulse.

Be ready Brendan Weatherman.  You’ll probably be first.

So let’s get it on!

Do y’all sincerely think y’all can intimidate me into silence?

Arrest me or drop this bullshit!


5-3-2016 -- 10:37 AM

To Mr. Morticia Derrick, Election Sign Snitch

Since you’re in charge of snitching on folks who don’t have their signs right, perhaps you should check on those of the Sheriff-wannbes Dagen and Escobar.

And snitch on them.

I’m being told their signs aren’t right either.

Or . . . did you purposefully pick out the signs of Turk and Doyal . . . so y’all can stack the City Council as you Loyalists did before?

You’re a pathetic human being.


5-2-2016 -- 12:12 PM

Bill and Morticia Derrick
Sociopathic Serpents
Without a Conscience

Definition of a Sociopath . . . a person with a psychopathic personality whose behavior is antisocial, often criminal, and who lacks a sense of moral responsibility or social conscience.”

THAT defines these two perfectly.

They will do ANY-DAMN-THING to look good to the Loyalist Cult’s Hierarchy.

What have these two done now?

Morticia went out and recruited two ham sandwiches to run for the City Council . . . knowing the Loyalist Cult Members will vote for who the Big Dogs tell them to vote for.

But Bill Derrick is the main topic of this post.

That jackass reported both Jack Turk and Latricia Doyal to the city because they didn’t put two IMPOSSIBLE TO READ statements on their campaign signs.



Did Morticia’s husband give a damn about that?

Hell no!!  He’s Morticia’s husband!!

I’ve done a lotta things in my bitching career . . . but I’ve never falsely accused anyone of any crime . . . much less make them susceptible to a FELONY charge.

I’ll soon be going to jail because Clay Jones, Tim Jones, Morticia, and their legal crook pals railroaded me on a bullshit charge.



I’ll be checking out all these “supposed” charities Morticia and her hubby are involved with while in jail.


If they wanna play dirty . . . I’ll roll around in the gutter with them.


4-29-2016 -- 10:58 AM

My new phone number is 325-276-3865.


$4.28 a month.

But you must have the internet.


3-31-2016 -- 11:48 AM

Well . . . We Lost the First Appeal . . .

. . . but that’s as I expected.

What bothers me even more is I’ve wasted nearly two years being on the defensive.

Folks have been advising me that I had to take care of the Criminal charges before I could go on the offensive.


I’ve been wronged in so many ways that it’s time I started seeking legal vengeance.

Starting with Brendan Weatherman.

His lies about me threatening him with a gun started my Criminal Problems.  Then he was suddenly “on vacation” when my criminal trial came up so I couldn’t confront him.

It’s time for him to pay for his lies.


3-28-2016 -- 8:59 AM

My Civil Trial has been continued until 6-22-2016 @ 9:00 AM.

Still no word on the Appeal Decision on my Criminal Trial.


3-18-2016 -- 2:08 PM


My Civil Trial is April 7th @ 9:00 AM . . . not April 5th


3-3-2016 -- 12:24 PM

Brady’s Justice System
Now there’s an oxymoron for ya’.

20 months after my criminal trial, and conviction, it appears that my appeal hearing will finally be heard . . . On March 22nd.  Go here.

So, I’m either closer to going to jail or closer to beating the railroad job that Tonya “Olive Oil” Ahlschwede and district judge rob hofmann put on me in July, 2014.


I don’t wanna go to jail but neither will I admit to a crime I didn’t commit. Clay and Tim Jones just wanted me to stop writing about them and they thought they could intimidate me into silence.

They were wrong.

But their justice system friends did what they asked them to which was to convict me.

In Brady, if you’re charged with a crime by a Big Dog or one of their minions, and you’re not guilty, please don’t let judge hofmann appoint you a public defender because he or she is part of their justice system. They serve at hofmann’s bidding and according to his rules. They don’t give a damn about what happens to you, they’re going to serve their masters to keep in the good graces of hoffman and the Cultist Loyalists of Brady.

If you want a chance of a fair trial, you must change who the judge is and the venue of the proceedings.  YOU WILL NOT GET A FAIR TRIAL IN BRADY!! Everything is stacked against you here.

But I’ll keep fighting against them no matter what they try to do to me.

Brady, in my informed opinion, is the most corrupt town in Texas.

If I live long enough, I will take these corrupt officials down.

So . . . If I do go to jail, I’ll be bidding you folks adios for a while . . . But I’ll be back in nine months and I’ll resume this battle with nine months of motivation behind me.

The Jones Boys and Morticia can run and hide behind corrupt officials . . . but they will not get away.


2-19-2016 -- 12:38 PM

Email . . .


Here’s an email for ‘ol Jimbo.  He tells people I only post positive emails.


I know you won’t post this but I’m going to get all this shit off my chest.

You’re the biggest asshole I’ve ever heard of.

You’re tearing this town apart.

How can you even show your face in public?

James Stewart and Tim Jones deserved those awards!

What right do you have to question that?

You need to eat shit and die.

Not sincerely signed,

Up yours


Another anonymous Cultist.  Brave suckers . . . them Cultists.

I’m not gonna comment . . . but if anyone else wants to comment, please do.

I post nearly every email the writers will let me post, pal.


2-18-2016 -- 12:36 PM

Email . . .

The keypad locks on “Sir Timmy’s” – as you call him, I love your nicknames for everyone, especially “Morticia” – door is primarily there so he can hide documents in his office.  I’ve heard he even has some kind of motion sensor in there so he can catch burglars – but that might just be a runor.

He’s paranoid about the hospital’s files.

I believed you were “crazy and dangerous” for a long, long time.  “Sir Timmy” just hammered it into us the past few years.  Over and over.  Again and again.  He really hates you.  The feeling is mutual, my little chickadee.  (That was my poor imitation of W.C. Fields.) 

But I slowly started realizing you provide proof with your accusations.  The final proof for me was the email you posted that “Sir Timmy” sent to the late Charlie Derrick and Kim Somebody.  What a worm that ass is.

Then I heard today that Bill Nesledge’s car was seen at your house.

That was so funny!

It was like someone dropped a nuclear bomb on the hospital.

I heard you and him were starting to gang up on “Sir Timmy” and that Mr. Nesledge and you were going to start filing all kinds of lawsuits.

One friend, I trust him, also told me boxes and boxes of that big computer paper are being hauled off.

I don’t know what’s going on for sure, but “Sir Timmy’s” sure scrambling around.

I’ve never been interested in politics before but I must admit that I’ve been reading your website forever.  Even when I thought you were “crazy and dangerous.”

You’re a funny writer.  I enjoy it.  Thank you.  Shucks.  ‘Ol Jimbo’s gonna get pissed off.  He hates it when I post emails like this.  He says I’m just “patting myself on the back.”  LOL.

Now, I believe you.  You can’t stop writing now as you sometimes do.  Because my husband and I are both hooked.

It seems you’ve been writing every day lately, and we love it.

I’ve decided to also send you information that I believe you’ll need to take down “Sir Timmy.”

You’re right.  He needs to go.

I hate to ask this, but please keep my name anonymous.  For now anyway.  We’re leaving Brady as soon as my husband gets a new job somewhere else, but I need this job right now.  I’ve started looking around after you write about some things.  This town stinks, unless you’re a “Big Dog.”  And they’re all crooks.  I’m sorry you feel you have to leave.  But so would I if I had some youngsters like you do.  I WILL PROTECT YOUR IDENTITY! And please tell your friends.  I can’t take Sir Timmy down without evidence.

My husband is right.  “Brady’s a Rich-Man’s Sewer.  They lie, cheat, and steal and I don’t want to raise our children here.”

And my husband hates change but we have some young ones and we want to get them out of this “Sewer.”

So please keep my name anonymous.  My husband and I both are going to list our names, and our phone number, because we trust you and believe in you now.  You’re also right about more and more hospital employees getting bolder and bolder.  We’re all just getting sick of all the pressure we’re always under.  One threat Sir Timmy ALWAYS uses, like he did during the Hospital Board Election, is . . . “This hospital will be closed if . . .”  . . . y’all don’t do what he wants done.  Blah, blah, blah.  Like voting how he wants y’all to vote.  Etc.
I don’t want the hospital to close.  I never have.  Nor does anyone else I know.  I just want it run by someone honest.  Someone who cares more about medical care than the almighty buck.  Sir Timmy is a cowardly asshole.  Nothing else.

Don’t let us down or I’ll have to come over there and hurt you.  I believe you.  LOL.


Love your website and writing.

Names withheld.


2-17-2016 -- 3:57 PM

Correction #2

I’m not doing very well today, huh?  LOL.

I wrote in my 1:20 PM post . . . “ATTACKED WITH A KNIFE!!  AND NOTHING WAS DONE ABOUT IT!!!  I did nothing and got a Criminal Trespass Warning.  A hospital employee is attacked by another hospital employee and nothing was done!”

My source just called and said she wasn’t “attacked” with a knife.  The gal just pulled out a switch-blade and kept flicking it open in a menacing manner when they were alone.  The same girl did physically attack her from behind . . . but not with a knife.

I’m sorry.  I just try to correct things as fast as I can when something changes or I make a mistake.


2-17-2016 -- 2:49 PM

Election Comments

Emails . . .

Thanks for the info. I listened to the forum last night on KNELs website, and listened to him. I had emailed KNEL earlier to ask who Michael Rice is, and why there was no mention of him in the paper. They answered by telling me about the forum, but also said Rice hasn't paid for any advertising in the paper. I still voted for Rice this morn. I was torn between Dagen, and Galindo for sheriff. I liked what I heard from Galindo last night, but when it came down to casting my vote I just couldn't bring myself to vote for Galindo because of his connection to J.Stewart.  You didn’t vote as the “Citizen of the Year” would have you vote.  LOL.  Jimbo’s taking that award way too seriously.  Most of the folks I talk to respect him about as much as you and I do.


I asked this person if I could post the above.


Their comments . . .


Absolutely! I have some more info I want to share with you. This morn a very reliable souce told me that after the forum finished up Sheffield walked up to Brent Deeds, and Phil Graves, who were speaking together. Sheffield asked them if they got all their questions answered, and Deeds told him no he didn't. Deeds proceeded to ask him why he had helped the Joneses privatize our hosp. Sheffield claimed he didn't remember anything about it, and would have to look into it. Sure he will. That's the same question I would have asked if I'd thought it would get through the screening process for the forum. Sheffield apparently told Deeds to give him a call in a few days after he's had a chance to look into it. (Better known as 'after I've had a chance to check with the Jones boys about what I should say). 

Bullshit!  I agree with you.  Sheffield is a professional liar and if the moderator didn’t ask any questions about this . . . he or she didn’t do their jobs.

Sheffield knows damn well he GAVE our hospital away so they could hide all their fraud.

Did he get paid for passing the law?  Ask him . . . you know what I think.

Anyone who votes for this blowhard is not only a fool . . . they’re a damn fool!!

He’s one of the most hated Republicans in the state!


2-17-2016 -- 2:28 PM


I wrote below . . . “I’ve also heard they do much the same thing with nursing homes.  They take mail-in ballots to the nursing homes . . . ALREADY FILLED OUT WITH WHO TO VOTE FOR . . . have them signed . . . and then mail them in!!”

I just got back from talking to the election experts and was told this couldn’t happen as I described above.

I won’t explain the process because I don’t wanna give Sir Timmy any ideas . . . LOL . . . but mail-in ballots are much more controlled than what I described.

Besides, Sir Timmy has much more experience at rigging elections than I do in trying to catch election riggers.


2-17-2016 -- 1:20 PM

All Hail Timmy Jones . . .
Our Lifetime Achievement Award Winner . . .
Per the Cultist’s Political Action Committee . . .
aka the Chamber of Commerce’s Board of Directors.


Sir Timmy Jones is losing control of the Hospital.  One can only rule using intimidation tactics, as Sir Timmy has been doing, for so long.  The shelf-life of his management tactics has, apparently, run out. 

I’ve talked to more current and former hospital employees this week than I have in a year . . . mainly because of the Cultist’s Political Action Committee’s choices at their Awards Banquet.  It seems their farcical choices have back-fired on them.  And I also posted Sir Timmy’s “I’m above the law” email to Charlie Derrick and Kim Lenoir.

It seems citizens tend to get pissed off when Public Servants publicly kiss the asses of the rich and famous.


Let’s start with an email from one of Sir Timmy’s FORMER employees!

Hi Gary, I just walked off my job today mid shift. I told them I din't have to put up with their shit. I said I wanted to give my 2 weeks notice and my boss( Leeanne Cook) said (sp corrected) go to Tonya Weathermans office and do it. Guess who was waiting there for me! Leeanne!. I turned on my heal and walked out but not before telling Leeann that she din't tell me she woudl be here too so I would not be ganged up on and (THE F-WORD) this shit!!! I got in my car and left. They would have made my 2 weeks a living hell. I have been attacked by a co worker and they did nothing so ahe(Dana Polk) procedes to pull a knife on me when no one is with us on a regular basis. Nothing was done. They don't care. I start counseling at the Haven tomorrow. If you need any info that I have let me know. Sincerely, (name removed by me with the writer’s approval . . . GR)

(profanity-laced comment removed by me with the writer’s approval. . . GR)


ATTACKED WITH A KNIFE!!  AND NOTHING WAS DONE ABOUT IT!!!  I did nothing and got a Criminal Trespass Warning.  A hospital employee is attacked by another hospital employee and nothing was done!!  My source wasn’t hurt but why wasn’t anything done to stop these intimidation maneuvers, Mrs. Weatherman?  Sir Timmy won’t meet with complaining employees.  He feels he’s too good and important to stoop down so low to talk to the minions he rules over.

Or too scared!


He’s even got a key-pad lock on his office door!!

Seriously, LOL.  And no lowly grunts know the combination.

He sends all the disgruntled employees to Brendan Weatherman’s Honey Bunch and has her deal with them.

Sir Timmy, hiding under his desk . . . that’s the funniest picture I’ve had in my head in a long time.


Election Rigging

We all know about ‘ol Jimbo . . . our Citizen of the Year . . . trying, and probably succeeding, to rig the Hospital Board Election with his slanderous pieces about the “Forged Letter.”

A source told me Sir Timmy did the same thing . . . but in an even more dastardly and illegal way.  Sir Timmy, personally, went around HIS hospital and ordered his employees to vote . . . and even TOLD them who to vote for.

I’ve also heard they do much the same thing with nursing homes.  They take mail-in ballots to the nursing homes . . . ALREADY FILLED OUT WITH WHO TO VOTE FOR . . . have them signed . . . and then mail them in!!

Why is a simple Hospital Board Election so damned important?  Other towns can barely get people to run for this Board!

And Clay and Sir Timmy Jones fight and cheat like hell to get and keep their minions on the Board!!!!


WAKE UP, CULTISTS!!!!!!!!!!!!


They are in fact crooks, as I’ve said all along.  And they don’t want anyone they can’t control on their Board!


If y’all can’t . . . then what are your explanations for why they do what they do!!


Hospital employees . . . both past and present are really, really pissed off.

I talked to more of them yesterday than I have in the past year!

Why are they pissed off?

Because of the Cultist Political Action Committee’s Awards.

Because of Tim Jones’ May, 2014 emails to Police Chief Charlie Derrick and City Manager Kim Lenoir.

And because of Sir Timmy’s dictatorial management style.

One of these sources said they even had “documentary proof” that would “seal the deal” about my claims that they’re committing Medicare and other kinds of fraud.  I’m “supposed” to get these documents this weekend.  (Correction: one of my sources just called, at 12:20 PM, right before I was about to post this, and told me to check my mailbox.  I found a thumb-drive in an envelope.  I scanned it.  It must have 500 pages of crapola on it.  YEE-THE-FRICKIN’ HAW!!!! I made two copies of it and took these copies to two trusted friends.) 

To my sources: I WILL protect your identities until you tell me I don’t have to, as I promised.

Do you hear the sirens outside, Sir Timmy.  That’s the FBI coming for you.)




I’m still standing and I’m still coming after y’all!  Legally . . . of course.  LOL.

You can come out from under your desk now, Sir Timmy.


All the Loyalist Cultists keep saying I’m lying.

If so, why hasn’t any of these Big Dogs sued me for slander?

They’ve got a lot more moola than I do.

They haven’t sued me because I’m telling the truth.

And they don’t want to have to open their books to me.

You Loyalist Cultists are just being played!  You’d best wake up now . . . if not, you could be charged as co-conspirators later!

The Big Dogs are going down!!

Are y’all sure y’all wanna go down with them?


I would love to talk to more current and former hospital employees.

I WILL PROTECT YOUR IDENTITIES! I know many of y’all know the folks I’ve already talked to.  Ask them if I keep my word.  I don’t care what happens, nobody will get your information from me.

I know most of you know how big a crooked asshole Sir Timmy Jones is.

I can get rid of him for y’all.

I WILL get rid of him for y’all.

Legally of course, Sir Timmy.  LOL.


We are finally, finally getting somewhere!!


This job of stealing moola from here and there and hiding it here and yon has been hard on Sir Timmy.  A few years ago he resembled a rake with Magoo glasses.  Now his face is puffy like a blowfish and his clothes look like they were fashioned by Omar the tentmaker.


Do you hear those sirens, Sir Timmy?


2-16-2016 -- 12:52 PM

And Now . . .
For the Chamber’s . . .
Biggest Joke of Their Award Banquet . . .
Humble Jimbo Stewart . . . CITIZEN OF THE YEAR!!



Let’s take a look at ‘ol Humble Jimbo’s own words first.

My Title for his self-serving, vomit-inducing article – “Humble Brag.”

Just James – I Took It All — Hook, Line and Sinker

My wife is really good at keeping secrets. 

Apparently she has been working overtime in the past few weeks to keep a certain announcement and ancillary social visits and plans hidden from me. 

I like to think of myself as pretty savvy of things going on, (like when you fought upgrading the Civic Center after over 70% of the voters approved this in 2009, when you were Mayor and supported the project. After the big dogs turned against it because they couldn’t siphon any money off from the project . .  you then changed your mind and fought this City Council to cancel the project.  But they outsmarted you.  Or when you tried, and probably did, sway the Hospital Board Election with your pre-meditated hit political pieces about the “Forged Letter” two days before the election ended -- like the immoral scumbag you are.  Is that the kind of “pretty savvy” you’re talking about?) and with this year's annual chamber banquet, as in years before, I always try and get the skinny on who is being recognized. It's fun knowing ahead of time so I can look for little things throughout the event and hopefully capture that one image of surprise when the light finally switches on.

I was so busy focusing on the person I believed to be the one getting the award that I quite literally had no idea what was unfolding right before my eyes.

As a photographer, I strive to capture the instant something happens that tells the story of the moment—the emotion on a face, the ball in the air, the concentration in someone's eyes.  (I hear you’re also obsessed with photographing Brady’s cheerleaders in various poses at football games.  I know, I know.  You’re just expressing your school spirit.)

Looking back now, the way Thursday unfolded was rather humorous. I'd had a hard afternoon at the office and was a bit grumpy about leaving the house. Holly came in from a trip to Austin and after seeing how I was dressed, urged me to change. I begrudgingly changed jeans, but figured since I was just going to snap some photos, there wasn't a need to dress up.

Note to self: Always, always, ALWAYS listen to my wife when she makes subtle (or not-so-subtle) wardrobe suggestions.  (He, he, he.  You’re so funny, Jimbo.)

I forgot to even put on a belt before I left the house and standing around with my shirttail out and just casually sitting at the back of the room hoping to stay in the wings, I all of a sudden was right in the middle of being the center of attention.  Oops.

I try to stay cued into things that are going on around me, but suffice it to say, I had no idea whatsoever that my name was being mentioned. It's pretty obvious in the video they got of me. I'm just glad my friends got it all on video so I can see how it all unfolded—and actually recall what I said.  (Damn, son.  Aren’t you impressed with yourself?  This wasn’t a Presidential Swearing-In Ceremony.  It was just a ridiculous farce being held by a group of programmed robots.  Don’t make it into being something special.  You were, and still are, a community joke.)

For those who don't know, I was told that my pastor Brandon Bohannon was going to be getting the award. I bit on that hook, line and sinker. I couldn't wait to get pictures of him as he became aware of the fact that he was being honored. But the joke was on me.

I recall during the "introductory speech" that there were a few things mentioned that I didn't know Brandon had done. I was concentrating on being ready for "the shot" and the acoustics in the room were messing with my clear understanding of what Jeremy Campbell was reading. But at the point where Jeremy referenced LCRA, the candidate forum and the Miss Heart of Texas float, I was thinking to myself, "I didn't know Brandon was on an LCRA board?!?"

About the time Jeremy said "husband to Holly..." the lights finally came on.

Yep ~ hook, line and sinker.  (It surprised everyone, pal.  This type of farce could only happen in Brady, Texas.  Because of the Cultist Political Action Committee – the “Supposed” Chamber of Commerce’s Board of Directors.  A Chamber is supposed to be apolitical.  Ours, obviously, is not.)

I like being the one behind the camera and pointing and highlighting other folks for their accomplishments, so being in front of the camera is not something I'm comfortable doing. I don't mind leading, but my time doing that as a public figure has passed, so I am thoroughly enjoying my time as a newspaper man and family man. I'm soaking up as much family time as possible because we're already on the downhill slide to becoming empty nesters. (Bullshit.  You love the spotlight and seek its glare every second of every day.  Look, genetics made you a sociopath, your ego made you a petty, vindictive, little mouse.)

I guess by default, this job puts me in the public eye even though I choose not to run for public office. (LOL.  I believe the voters who recalled you made THAT decision for you.)  I admire ones who do serve in public office—especially if they are doing it for the betterment of their community and not just for self-serving reasons. You open yourself up for a lot of criticism when you speak your mind in a small town, but if folks don't stand up for what they believe in, who will?  (Yet you, the Big Dogs, and the Cultists all hate me for doing likewise, huh?  It appears you believe the First Amendment is reserved for Elitist Cultists like you, huh?  I’ve been sentenced to nine months in jail for “standing up for what I believe in.”  Only in Brady, Texas.)

I still don't feel qualified to be considered, let alone chosen for the Citizen of the Year Award, (Finally . . . we agree on something.) but I will gladly accept that honor with the challenge of living up to what that award means. In living my life as a Christian (?) husband, father, businessman and community member, my goal for this coming year is to be sure I honor the award and hopefully live up to the distinction of having my name on the plaque.—JS (Jimbo tries to be the typical Holy-Roller in public . . . when in fact . . . he’s nothing but a scumbag who chooses to hurt as many people as he can.  Why does he feel the need to publish an “Acceptance Speech?”  Because the world is all about him in his mind.  He truly is a sociopath.)


All of these awards given by the Cultists on the Chamber’s Board of Directors were nothing but an attempt to cram a hot poker up the non-loyalist’s buttocks . . . But this effort will also fail because most citizens, including many Loyalist Cultist’s, see this farce for what it is.

I and many others are gonna be urging the City Council to no longer fund this cultist political action committee.

The Chamber of Commerce?

Who do they REALLY represent?

Are they bringing in any new commerce?


Then what is their purpose?

To cause strife in the community?

To pit citizen against citizen? Like they have with these awards?

This Board of Directors, evidently, is just a bunch of cultist buffoons.

Just like their award winners!

All hail Humble Jimbo!


2-15-2016 -- 1:06 PM

The Big Dogs Have Spoken!!


So . . . you programmed Cultist Robots need not think.  If y’all even can.


You are to vote for Jim Quinn, Ty Tully, and JD Sheffield.


These signs are in all the Cultist yards.  Big Banners in the Big Dogs’ yards.  Sieg Heil!

Don’t concern yourselves by trying to use your seldomly-used brains . . . just do as you’re told.

As y’all always do.

Hell, I heard Timmy Jones . . . our Lifetime Achievement Award Winner . . . is even gonna rename HIS hospital the JD Sheffield Memorial Hospital.  After all ‘ol JD passed a law that allowed Timmy to acquire his own private hospital . . . and there’s not a damn thing we can do about it.


Go here for proof . . .

I especially like this part . . .

“(f)AAThe board by resolution may order the lease of a hospital or other facility owned by the district to any person. The resolution must include a finding by the board that the lease of the hospital or facility is in the best interest of the residents of the district.



JD doesn’t give a damn about us residents!

He’s given Clay and Tim Jones a free rein to commit Medicare, Medicaid, and other insurance frauds and the hospital’s lawyers are keeping ANYONE from getting any public records to hold them accountable.  And they’re using hospital funds to pay this covey of lawyers.





Do a little research on ‘ol JD. 

Some say he’s a closet Democrat . . . not a Republican.

Some say he’s the most disrespected Republican in the state.

The Jones Brothers say . . . He’s Our Guy!!

Remember, he’s also the guy who LIED when ‘ol Jimbo wrote his election-stealing, slanderous, and lying-ass pieces about the “supposed” Forged Letter garbage only two days before the Hospital Board election was over.

JD is a lying-ass snake in the grass.

But you’ll never hear that from the Loyalist Cultists.

Or the Big Dogs.

Hell, he’s making them rich.


Quinn, Tully, Sheffield.

Y’all had best write those down.  Your brains aren’t used much . . . if at all.


2-14-2016 -- 3:59 PM

The Chamber of “We Don’t Want No New Stinking” Commerce’s . . .
Lifetime Achievement Award Winner is . . .
Tim Jones . . . Political Whore Extra ordinaire


How did the Chamber Loyalist Cultists come up with this BS?

Lets discuss some of these Brady Elitists who voted for these Cultist Awards.


Brendan Weatherman – Chamber Treasurer-- The ultimate liar and coward . . . and the lap dog of the Big Dogs.

He’s a consummate liar.

He told everyone he knew that I’d “threatened” him with a gun in March, 2013 when we met at the park across the street from my house.


He wouldn’t come inside my house because he was afraid I would record him.

Why would one be afraid of being recorded if they were gonna tell the truth?

He asked me what would happen if he ran for reelection to the city council.

I told him I would use every LEGAL maneuver I could find to defeat him.

Remember, this worm led the charge to give Ben Siebert, the Mudualistic Con Man, $500,000 from city coffers.

He then asked me what my supporters would do if he ran for reelection.

I told him I had no idea . . . that I couldn’t speak for them.

He ultimately decided to not run for reelection.

He made it to his feet, and crawled away like a dog hit by a Mack truck but still alive and determined to die at home.

This is when he started telling folks I threatened him with a gun . . . TO SAVE FACE!!


She stopped me in the Davenport Civic Center Parking Lot two or three days after mine and Brendan’s Meeting, stood in the door of her truck, and yelled . . . “How dare you threaten my son with a gun!  How dare you threaten my son with a gun!  How dare you threaten my son with a gun!”

Typical Brendan.  Run and lie to Mommy when he has any problems.

I called Brendan after the City Council meeting, telling him I’d better have an apology that night.

Mommy Weatherman did call and apologize.

At the same City Council Meeting, Brendan told everyone that I’d NEVER threatened him . . . although you can’t prove it by the City’s recording of that Meeting.  Brendan’s Public Comments have been deleted.


Quite the coincidence.

The ONLY thing missing was Brendan’s comments.

These comments were deleted.

The recording started after Brendan’s last spoken word . . . and catching the first word of the next speaker.

Do I think Brendan had his comments deleted?

Sure I do . . . but I can’t prove it.


The Cultists stick together.

But, thankfully, KNEL had an UN-DOCTORED copy.


Amy Christie – Self Anointed Cultist Hit Man – her body language seems to always be in attack mode – hands digging in on her hips, her head dipped as if she’s preparing to charge.

This single-digit IQ’ed gal is quite the Diplomat.

Go here to read a rant she wrote about Bill Neslage in 2012.

Be sure and read the comments above hers . . . where Kathi Masonheimer, the Professional Perjurer, says she “loves me some Amy Christie.”

These Cultists believe anything and everything the Cultist Leaders say.  They don’t give a damn about the truth.

By the way, someone taped this rant on the door of Debbie Neslages’ business.


Missi Davis – she’s a middle-aged woman worn down to a humorless nub by years of Cultist service.

She followed Brendan Weatherman’s lead when they were on the City Council.

She was in lust with Ben Siebert.  She even apologized to him at a City Council Meeting because of “how he was being treated.”

I wonder if she changed her mind when he was proven to be a Con Man?

Probably not.

She, like Amy Christie, isn’t known for her brain-power.

By the way . . . she also decided not to run for reelection to the City Council along with Brendan.

She also committed Perjury at my trial . . . a fact that will be revisited soon.


JT Owens

He also “appears” to be in the Big Dog’s pockets like his father.  He’s causing all kinds of hell with the volunteer fire department.

Because Lyle Daniel refuses to kiss the Jones’ asses.


Yup, now I understand how Tim Jones could win ANY award.


Tim Jones – with his white shirt and sportcoat, looks like he's just arrived from Moscow where edicts rule the day.

Remember the “emergency preparedness” test Timmy, the police, an actor, and others conducted in May, 2014?

If not, go here.

When I saw this in the Jones Journal I kiddingly told my granddaughters that this was REALLY because of me.

I didn’t believe it at the time, I was just messing with my granddaughters.

I mean, hell, who would waste this kinda money to run a drill like this?


I just found this out a few weeks ago, after requesting some public records from the city.

Here’s part of an email Tim Jones sent to Charlie Derrick, former Police Chief, and Kim Lenoir, City Manager.


May 12,2014

Chief Derrick,

Thanks for participating in the Heart of Texas Healthcare System active shooter drill on May 12, 2014We appreciate the resources you dedicated and the time commitment from you and your officers. I will be emailing soon, a set of digital prints of all four hospital operated facilities. I will also label the keypad operated entrances and include the codes. As you can imagine, we take the security of our operations and the safety of our employees very seriously after the criminal trespass warning filed against Gary Ray.  The pretrial hearing is set for June 3 with the actual trial being conducted July 22. I encourage you and your officers to keep abreast of his musings on the website. He is becoming visibly more agitated of late, and I and my board members remain seriously concerned about his mental capacity. In the event that he is found not guilty of violating the criminal trespass warning filed against him, I will immediately file another with the Police Department. Thanks again for participating in the drill today, and please keep abreast of the website, as I remain concerned that he will follow through with threats and statements made to Sergeant Hudson on 10-02-2013 "I will come back but won't use the front doors."


Tim Jones

Chief Executive Officer

Heart of Texas Healthcare System


And then this . . . Kim Lenoir forwards the slanderous message to Charlie Derrick and Lyle Daniel . . .


FW: active shooter drill

Kim Lenoir

Sent: Tuesday, May 13, 2014 7:59 AM

To: Charlie Derrick; Lyle Daniel

Attachments: ~~chief derrick.doC){ (13 KB) [Open as Web Page]


Just FYI


Kim Lenoir


City Manager

City of Brady

325.597.2152 ext 209 office/VM

325.792.8150 new cell number

325.597.2068 fax


From: Tim Jones [mailto:timjones@bradyhospital,com]

Sent: Monday, May 12, 2014 5:43 PM

To: Kim Lenoir

Subject: active shooter drill


Please see letter attached, addressed to Chief Derrick. We appreciate his time

today. I, and my board members remain very concerned that this individual

will commit a dangerous act on hospital grounds. Since his criminal trespass

warning violations, we have installed over $14,000 of video surveillance

equipment in the hospital, not to mention countless hours developing security

policies, This person is dangerous and is not allowed on our campus, per the

terms of the CTW filed at the Brady Police Department.




Now, why would Ms. Lenoir forward this slanderous message to others?

She’s in charge of the Police Department . . . did she have them investigate me to prove I’m “crazy and dangerous?”

Is she or Tim Jones a shrink or criminologist?

If not, did she just take Tim Jones’ word that I’m “crazy and dangerous?”

Who else did she send this message to?

The District Attorney?

The District Judge?


Does she think forwarding this message all over the city is fair to me?

Does she care?  I mean, after all, she’s telling all city departments they “must find a way to get along with the hospital folks.” Why do HER employees have to kiss the Big Dogs’ asses?  When it is them causing problems?

Why doesn’t she stand up for HER employees?

She CAN put a stop to all this BS!!

Why doesn’t she?

Methinks she might be a Cult member herself.


What is Tim Jones REALLY saying?

I believe they know their intimidation tactics aren’t working with me and, being the cowardly whiner he is, he’s trying to get others to fight his battles.

He hides behind lawyers, crooked police, and any other person of power to do his bidding.

I’ll come back to this over and over in the next few months.

When we finally get Clay Jones, Tim Jones, and the rest of their crooked accomplices in jail . . . there are many others who deserve the same fate.

These cultists resemble the German people after Hitler took charge.

They all marched in unison . . . just like Brady’s cultists.

Evidently they don’t have brains of their own . . . they just wait for the Big Dogs to tell them what to do and what to believe.

Tim Jones believes he’s above the law.

Kim Lenoir and Charlie Derrick have perpetuated this myth with their actions.


2-8-2016 -- 1:17 PM

How Does One Get “Selected” to be a Chamber Douche-Bag of the Year?

If I understand the process correctly, any Brady citizen can nominate anyone for an award.  They simply give the name and WHY they believe this person deserves an award.

Then the following Chamber Big Weenies vote for the award.


Executive Committee
Chair: Michael Cook,
Vice Chair: Tyler Williams,
Treasurer: Brendan Weatherman
Immediate Past Chair: Cory Howard

Amy Christie,
Cheryl Copeland,

Missi Davis,

Taylor Hoffpauir,

Cheryl Kubacak,
JT Owens,
Jenny Powell,
Jason Valdez,

Ex-Officio Peter Lamont

I tend to have a long memory, but I’ll give y’all the first opportunity to critique this list of Loyalist Cult Members.  I don’t know most of them but what I do know about a few of them makes the entire list suspect to me.

If you wanna see which scumbags won an award . . . go here.  Tim Jones appears to be getting as fat as moi. LOL.

It’s quite easy to see why our community isn’t growing.  Silly me . . . I always thought a Chamber of Commerce should be apolitical . . . when ours is deluged and drowning in Loyalist Cult politics.


2-5-2016 -- 1:03 PM

Letter from Bill Neslage to our “Citizen of the Year”


January 22, 2016

Publisher of Brady Standard Herald
201 S. Bridge Street
Brady, Texas 76825

Re: Formal request for retraction and correction of false October 28, 2015, news story, plus November 4, 2015 articles' false and misleading statements

Dear Mr. Stewart:

On October 28, 2015, you published a front-page article in your newspaper, headlined "Forged letter prompts state official response." Subsequently, on November 4, 2015, you published another article in your newspaper, headlined "Candidate's attorney authored draft letter." In that same November 4th edition, you also published an editorial headlined "Oh, the tangled web Brady politicians weave."

The October 28th article was false and, in my view of the available facts, deliberately and maliciously so. You were aware of its falsity at the time of publication, and its falsity was made patently obvious in a letter from State Representative Richard Raymond to State Representative J. D. Sheffield, a copy of which was provided to you. The article was intended to, and did, harm my public reputation as a resident of McCulloch County and a candidate for election to the Board of Directors of the McCulloch County Hospital District. Election Day for that position was the first Tuesday after your October 28th publication of the false story, and the timing of your publication was calculated to adversely affect my candidacy.

Through this letter, I formally request that you publish forthwith a correction and retraction of your October 28th story. Your November 4th articles do not remotely constitute such a correction or retraction and, in fact, your correction and retraction should include a retraction of the November 4th articles' false statements.

The falsity in the October 28th published story was that a letter had been forged, purporting to be from Representative Raymond, concerning questions of whether the McCulloch hospital district was operating legally in certain respects. There was no forgery involved and you knew that at the time of the October 28th publication. As part of the false accusation which you published, you imputed that I, too, was connected with the effort (non-existent) of forging the supposed letter. (There actually wasn't even a letter, much less a "forged" one.) This intended imputation was plain from the context and timing of the article, when I had been publicly critical of the hospital district's actions, questioning their legality, and was running for the district's board. You intended for the public to take from your false article the meaning that I was part of some illegal action in connection with questioning the hospital district's operations.

Your later articles on November 4th, at best, only indirectly and in the most obscure way possible acknowledged the falsity of your October 28th article (if they can even be said to have acknowledged the falsity at all). You hedged it with still more inaccurate accusations and innuendo. You have never forthrightly and directly acknowledged in a published article in your paper that the October 28th article was false (as explained above), that it was intended to be false at the time of publication, and that it was intended to damage the reputation of (among others) me. You must publish a story forthwith, giving it the same prominence in the paper as the October 28th story, that retracts your October 28th article in its entirety and explicitly states that it was false as to me that I did not act improperly in any fashion whatever in connection with the events and matters discussed in the October 28th story. Plus, you must not include in the story any other topics or items other than express retractions of the false and misleading statements in your November 4th articles, too.

Bill Neslage
O. Box 1381
Brady, Texas 76825


Comments;  James Stewart, our “Citizen of the Year,” is still nothing but a Big Dog Butt-Kissing, Lying-Ass Scumbag.  The Chamber of Commerce be damned!   And many Brady citizens are, in fact, damning them.  GR