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*** No matter what you might think . . . I’ve never physically threatened anyone.  I’m passionate about my causes and I sometimes use Literary Hyperbole to make my point.  If you tend to be a candy-ass Coward, afraid of every-damn-thing . . . perhaps this website is not for sensitive panty-waists like you.

I have NEVER and will NEVER physically threaten anyone.  If you think otherwise . . . don’t read this website.  This tends to be an R-Rated website . . . and it ain’t for the faint-hearted.  It’s for mature grownups who don’t wet the bed at night.


9-13-2014 -- 2:49 PM

‘Ol Jimbo’s a Tea-Cup Chihuahua . . .
Who Dreams of Being a Rottweiler!
Part Deaux

In normal settings people should not be afraid of those in positions of power . . . the powerful should fear the people.

But Brady obviously isn’t normal . . . so the Powerful are in full attack mode because the minions have been getting outta line.

Jimbo isn’t powerful by any means but he speaks for those who are . . . like a little hand puppet, trumpeting their horse-cacca as directed.

He writes . . . “There is no doubt that this town needs an upgraded Civic Center. A bigger one would be great as well, as long as it makes sound financial sense from the perspective of the entire community – and not just to accommodate one music event that happens each year for three days.”

He does mention in passing in the previous paragraph that the voting citizens approved this Civic Center expansion and now him and his Loyalist Handlers have decided that only they have the right to decide what makes “financial sense” for our community.

Why does this really bother Jimbo and his Handlers so much?

It’s simple . . . they’re not in control of the moola and where it goes.

“It’s been common knowledge,” Jimbo goes on, “that the biggest voices in support of a massive expansion of the Civic Center believe that ‘we need to build this building for Tracy Pitcox.’

“Those are not my words; those words were said during a city council meeting by Bill Neslage and echoed by other members of various other boards and special interest groups.”

Look . . . I’ve got problems with Bill Neslage, some members of the City Council, and “other members of various other boards” but for Jimbo to even whisper, much less complain about the term “special interest groups” in print is so damn outrageous he should be tarred, feathered, and spanked on his naked buttocks on the courthouse lawn like the whining Chicken Little he is.

Brady has always been run by “special interest groups” and Jimbo’s just pissed off that the citizens voted against the interests of his “Almighty special interest group” led by Clay Jones and his Marauders and now he’s throwing another one of his infamous “hissy fits.”

Hell, Jimbo’s “special interest group” just railroaded me in court to try to get me to give up my First Amendment rights. But I’m willing to serve the 270 days punishment I was handed down so others in Brady will learn they too can take Jimbo’s “special interest group’s” best shot and survive. But I’ll take a lot of them down with me before I give up.

Tonya “Olive Oil” Ahlschwede either believed the perjured statements of her witnesses or she didn’t care if I got a fair trial or not.

I will hold her accountable in the legal arena but for Jimbo to whine about “special interest groups” is damn near laughable.

Him and Clay Jones’ other minions march in lockstep like Nazi Storm Troopers. They’ve just got their panties in a wad because it’s been a rough two years for them . . . since the people started fighting back.

So Jimbo tries to bitch slap the entire community.

Not a smart move for the publisher of an inherited newspaper. Not when the pages of his Loyalist Tribune are only good for wiping your bootie in a pinch when toilet paper is in short supply.

Next Jimbo complains about the infrastructure of Brady while also saying he’s a former mayor and city councilman and that they looked into how to finance the Civic Center on his watch, finding no way to come up with a “viable solution.”

He doesn’t say he was recalled when he was our mayor, nor does he say he was illegally allowed to run for city council by a member of his “special interest group.”

So, Jimbo, what did you do about the infrastructure problems when you were in power? Did you just whine about it like you are now?

What did you do about our water problems?

What did you do about our sewage problems?

What did you do at all to better the Brady community?

Yet you whine about Tracy Pitcox!!!

You’re nothing but the little mouse that roared.

Let’s talk about your idiotic analogy of asking where 500 people are going to stay when they come to Brady to an event in our Civic Center. When there are only 217 hotel rooms.

This analogy is disingenuous at best to try to prove what your real point is – that you dislike Tracy Pitcox and everyone else associated with KNEL because they regularly kick your ass . . . but I suspect your analogy is just stupid because you’ve never been known for your mental prowess.

Jimbo, do you seriously want us to believe that all 500 of these people will be single and without families?  That more than one person will NEVER stay in the same room?

Even if your scenario were true . . . I would think this problem would be a great problem for all local hotels and restaurants and every other business in Brady to have.

It is because of shortsighted brain-dead people like you that Brady isn’t the jewel of Texas it should be . . . instead of a ghost town in the making run by inbred moguls who don’t give a damn about anyone but themselves.

You mentioned all of your enemies in your pathetic rant except me . . . Tracy Pitcox a gazillion times . . . Bill Neslage several times . . . Jon Chase . . . the city council . . every board . . . every citizen who voted for the expanded Civic Center . . . and everyone who has ever kicked sand in your face – the list was long but you managed to get ‘em all in . . . and you’re committing business suicide.

But even after all this . . . you’re still just a little punk with a teenie-weenie complex.

One of your closing paragraphs . . . “It’s time for common business sense to dictate decisions rather than special interest groups.”

Jimbo, perhaps you should go back to August, 2012 and see what OUR arguments were about the current state of affairs at that time.  At least try to be original.

You’ve got the memory of a tsetse fly, the brainpower of a three-toed sloth, and the morals of a do-do bug rolling his prey home for supper.

If this doesn’t teach the former Rebels that you can’t play diplomatic pattycake with the Lead Loyalists nothing ever will.

You must stomp ‘em like the cockroaches they are to ever make any positive progress.

So how do we stop Napoleonic ninnies like Jimbo? Especially when 99.9% of the Rebels are too terrified to speak out?

We have no choice but to start boycotting their businesses.


It’s time.

It’s the only way to show ’em we will go longer be ruled.  And you don’t have to be a loud-mouth like me.  You can boycott most of their businesses anonymously.

I’ve never advocated this before.



Trust me, money is their only driving force.  Shut that down and they’ll become a lot nicer.


My suggestions on the businesses we should initially boycott . . .

1.  Commercial National Bank
2.  The Loyalist Tribune . . . aka the Weekly Wipe . . . aka the Brady Standard
3.  Farm Bureau Insurance
4.  Clay’s Chicken Shack
5.  West Central Wireless
6.  Clay and Tim Jones’ Hospital
7.  Susan Jolliff’s Dental Practice


I might be the one going to jail for 270 days . . . but I’ll be a lot freer in jail than most of you will be on the outside.

I’ll never give in.



9-12-2014 -- 11:34 AM

‘Ol Jimbo’s a Tea-Cup Chihuahua . . .
Who Dreams of Being a Rottweiler!

Yup . . . ‘Ol Jimbo’s thrown another Hissy Fit in the Loyalist Tribune . . . aka the Weekly Wipe . . . where, after getting his instructions from those who’re higher up on the Loyalist Food Chain, he lets fly with all kinds of horse-cacca about the Civic Center and those who’re FINALLY going to do what the citizens voted to do to our Big City Out-House so, perhaps, some civic-minded folks like Tracy Pitcox can actually improve the way of life in Brady.

The Title of his Pitiful Rant . . .

“Council’s civic center vote shows how bad decisions are really made”

Jimbo should know.

A failed wine salesman . . . a publisher who drives his INHERITED BY MARRIAGE Loyalist Tribune into the ground . . . a RECALLED Mayor . . . and a City Council Candidate who was ILLEGALLY allowed to run for election by a Loyalist-to-the-bone City Attorney . . . would know about piss-poor business decisions.

Hell, Jimbo’s a Master of Piss-Poor Business Decisions!!



He’s nothing but a Loyalist Snake-Oil Salesman.

Where was his self-righteous outrage when the Mud-Hole came to town?  Where was he during the Civil War that followed?  Where was he when we PROVED Siebert was a conman and HIS Loyalist City Council gave him a wheel-barrow filled with taxpayer moola any-damn-way?  Did he devote ANY ink to this story?

Where was he when Clay and Little Timmy Jones decided to expand the Hospital when voters said NO?

I’ve been hearing about water and sewer problems for twenty-damn-years!  What has the Pied Piper Pipsqueak done to solve these “infra-structure” problems he whines about now?

A prospective lawyer just called and I need to email him some documents . . . BUT I WILL RETURN TO THIS STORY LATER AFTER I DO MY THING AND GET MY SECOND WIND!!

This Tea-Cup Chihuahua won’t get away with his self-righteous horse-cacca.


9-4-2014 -- 2:28 PM

I received this in the mail yesterday.

Perhaps judge Hofmann, DA Mizzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz Ahlschwede, Assistant DA Mr. Lupton, County Attorney Mark Marshall, County judge Danny ‘Boy Neal, Clay “Shuck and Duck” Jones, Little “Waaaah-Waaaah” Timmy Jones, Morticia, Kathi “He’s the ONLY Reason I can’t get and keep a job” Masonheimer, Pope John Paul Brendan Weatherman, Lapdog Missi Davis, and EVERY Loyalist should check this out!!

I’ll fight until my dying breath to protect my Freedom of Speech Rights.

By the way, Ms. Masonheimer, why did you move to your last job . . . from the place you moved to from Brady?

Whose fault is it that you HAD to move this time?  After all . . . nothing is EVER your fault!!  You had EVERY right to call the folks who disagreed with your ELITE take on things CAVE People, right?  “Citizens Against Virtually Everything!”

Nice attitude for a Chamber of Commerce and EDC Director.

You had a gazillion citizens after you before I even joined the mix.

Perhaps you just ain’t very good at your job!!

You started this last furball . . . just as you did the first one . . . let’s see how it’ll eventually taste to you.


All of you folks are messing with the wrong sumbitch!!