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*** No matter what you might think . . . I’ve never physically threatened anyone.  I’m passionate about my causes and I sometimes use Literary Hyperbole to make my point.  If you tend to be a candy-ass Coward, afraid of every-damn-thing . . . perhaps this website is not for sensitive panty-waists like you.

I have NEVER and will NEVER physically threaten anyone.  If you think otherwise . . . don’t read this website.  This tends to be an R-Rated website . . . and it ain’t for the faint-hearted.  It’s for mature grownups who don’t wet the bed at night.


11-26-2014 -- 10:21 AM

Thou Shalt Not Lie!
Unless You’re a Big Dog LOYALIST!


Clay Jones said at the Candidate Forum between him and Gary Sutton on 10-20-2014 that him and his Wolf Pack would be “working with” Brady West Nursing and Rehabilitation soon to do another “Crane Deal” with them.

That was a lie.

In fact, the contracts had already been signed and the deal was effective 9-1-2014!

Why lie about it?

Why not shout it out from the highest hill in McCulloch County?  If it’s such a good deal for both parties?

Am I the ONLY one who thinks all of this DOES NOT pass the smell test?

If it’s such a good deal, why didn’t the Crane Hospital do a deal with the Crane Nursing Home?  Why do business with an out of town Hospital like ours?

And what’s with all this Top Secret Crapola?

The Crane Deal was first announced at my Bogus Criminal Trial where Clay Jones, Tim Jones, and Michelle Derrick railroaded me and had me convicted of a BS Charge to try and shut me up.

It didn’t work.

It’ll NEVER work!!

Politicians love to brag.  Why didn’t Clay and his entourage announce this deal.  Why did us peons have to discover it?  And announce it?

And now us peons have to announce that the Brady West Deal is already signed and in the books.

What gives with all this!!

Clay might’ve won the election . . . but he’s got an entire posse of GREAT Researchers after him now.  Some will remain anonymous, some won’t.

But it ain’t over yet!!

Why are so many people and companies involved in all this?

Why is there, evidently, so much real estate flipping going on?

Why isn’t this business conducted in the open . . . so all citizens can participate?


I just don’t get it.

But I will.

And they’ll never shut me up!!

Wendy Jones posted on Facebook that Gary Sutton is a liar.  When, in fact, he’s got proof for his allegations.

That term “in fact” is NEVER used in the same sentence with Wendy’s mate’s name!

Perhaps Wendy should be looking closer to home.

I believe Gary’s track record is much better than her hubbies’!


11-18-2014 -- 6:17 PM


You are way too brave.  Or Stupid.  Hee-hee.

I wasn’t worried about your safety until now.

I can only imagine what’s in your book but crooks don’t like it when people write about them.

Not to worry, kiddo.

First of all . . . I missed the line where the fear gene was handed out.


Secondly, two friends always get copies of all my notes, comments, and whatever I write on a daily basis.  I just emailed them now.

I’ve written enough where any Ghost Writer can finish up for me.

Besides, it might be better off if I was gone when, or if, the book gets published.

They wouldn’t have anyone to sue then.

Just kidding.  Don’t call and try to chew me out.


11-18-2014 -- 3:16 PM

Is it true that you’re writing a book?


That’s one reason I haven’t posted much in the past six months.

If so, what’s it about?

Guess.  LOL.

Is it true that you already have a New York Agent?

No comment.  LOL.  I’ve always wanted to say that.

Will you ever stop?  So the anger in Brady can cool?

Look . . . these cowards are trying to send me to jail for nine months, just because I refuse to kiss their rings.  They’re pure, unadulterated evil and I won’t sit idly by while they try to bully me.

So . . . there’s a chance I will go to jail . . . so I’ll just eviscerate them in literature.  So that their names and actions will be read and spoken about FOREVER!!

Clay Jones won the election.  Why won’t you just let it go?

He won an election in his Precinct.  If it were held county-wide, he would’ve lost in a landslide.

Besides, according to the Loyalist Credo, Elections are just “suggestions” until they’re blessed by the Loyalist Cult.

Take the election on the Civic Center for example.  The people approved expanding it with 76% of the vote . . . yet James Stewart wants to ignore this election.

But, if they’ll agree to my conditions . . . which they won’t . . . LOL . . . I’ll stop and even move away from Brady.  People in Brady will turn on you in a second and I’d prefer not to live around folks like that.

How long this fight lasts is up to the Loyalist Big Dogs . . . not me.


11-1-2014 -- 11:52 AM

Clay Jones’ Club Med Retirement Home

Clay Jones and his Minions . . . especially the Head Minion - James Stewart . . . are prepared to cause a Civil War in Brady just so the taxpayers will fund Mr. Jones’ Club Med Retirement Home.

These past-Dictators are shameless as they try to bulldoze over anyone in their path.

All for naught per Agenda Item 7.B paperwork being used to plan the 11-4-2014 City Council Meeting.  Read the report for yourself.  Kim Lenoir’s research is thorough, non-partisan, and reflects well on our new City Manager.

On page 2, at the middle of the page, you’ll find a paragraph that states EDC Money CAN NOT be used to fund a Club Med Retirement Home or any Housing Projects!!

That “should” be the end of the story . . . but it won’t be.  LOL.  The Dictators from days-past refuse to accept the fact that our Public Officials are no longer intimidated by them and they intend to do the PEOPLE’S BUSINESS . . . not be Robots to the Powerful Elitist Fools who think they still run things.

This is with the exception of one City Council Member . . . and she’ll be gone in May, 2015.  She’s currently the ONLY Carnival Barker for the Loyalist Clique.

Then, on the last page of this packet, you’ll find that James Stewart . . . when he was Mayor . . . approved of something that looks eerily similar to what the current City Council is proposing.

But this two-faced approach isn’t out of character for a Loyalist who wants to become a Big Shot.  Morals are of no value in their world.


10-30-2014 -- 11:54 AM

There’s a lot to talk about today because the Loyalists are in full-mode attacking position.  Their teeth are out and they wanna chomp on anyone’s gluteus-asseus who happens to disagree with them.

Woe is me . . . LOL . . . no one is listening to us!!

This, of course, is cacca del toro . . . but how does it feel Loyalists?  Us peons have had to put up with 150 years of you Elitists DICTATING to us how things should be done and run.

Let’s get started . . .

The LCRA Report . . .
That No Loyalist Wants to Talk About!!

Here is the Report in it’s entirety.  If you don’t wanna read all the gobbledy-gook, I highlighted what I thought was important.  As is my standard but shy MO . . . LOL . . . I added a few comments.

LCRA stands for Lower Colorado River Authority.  An INDEPENDENT group and company who offered to study the impact the Civic Center has on the local economy.  I believe we get our wholesale power requirements from them so as Brady prospers . . . so does the LCRA.

I’ve been told this study, and report, was first requested by Michelle Derrick before she threw a hissy-fit and quit the EDC.  Now she and her fellow Loyalists are disputing the facts of the report . . . because it doesn’t follow the Loyalists Creed.

“Thou shalt not decide squat-usha without our blessing.”

Per KNEL . . . the highlighting is mine . . . GR.

“Using the number of events held at the Civic Center and Texas Tourism visitor profiles of estimated per-capita spending, the LCRA study estimated that annual local spending in Brady by visitors to the Civic Center in fiscal year 2013-14 totaled $810,000.

Plus, the total annual economic impact from the recirculation of that money throughout the Brady economy added an additional $650,000 to the local economy for an overall total of more than $1.4 million.

“The LCRA analysis projected that spending by visitors to the Civic Center over the past six years were $3.5 million, with an additional economic impact of $2.9 million.

“The LCRA report also indicated the Civic Center creates an average of 5-9 jobs in the community while generating $3,900 in local sales taxes annually and an average of $9,900 each year in hotel/motel taxes.”

Of course . . . the Loyalists dispute all of this . . . LOL.  I’m surprised they’re not accusing Lynn Farris and his crew of incorrectly reporting the news.

The Loyalists . . . per the same KNEL news article . . .

“Several members of the audience at the EDC meeting raised questions about the methodology of the study and the implications of its results. Generally, they indicated doubt that the study supported spending EDC funds to expand the Center.”

Sure they questioned the report because it blew all of their objections outta the water.  LOL.  Those devious Loyalists . . . they think we’re such dolts that we can’t see what they’re doing.  Heck, even Tim Jones understands their foolishness.

If you replaced the word “Center” with “Clay Jones’ Club Med Retirement Home,” they would whole-heartedly support the Report.  Trust me, if this Club Med is ever built, they won’t let peons like me in it.  As someone told me the other day . . . this will be solely for their parents and loved ones and they want the rest of us to help pay for it.

But, currently, they’re not being allowed to use the money from what Michelle Derrick considered her “personal” piggy-bank to do with as they will . . . so they SAY they don’t trust the Report.

Why don’t we TRY to make a list of ALL the reasons why they don’t want EDC funds being used on the Civic Center.

1.  They’re raising hell loudly and publicly because they want, in my opinion, Gary Sutton’s ACCURATE CLAIMS about the Hospital’s malfeasance to not be discussed or even thought about.  THEY want to be in charge of the public AGENDA.

2. Michelle Derrick has been saying for about a year that ALL EDC Funds would go towards funding “Clay Jones’ Club Med Retirement Home.”  Can’t let the Big Kahuna down.

3.  They wanna buy the license for “Clay Jones’ Club Med Retirement Home” so they can bilk even more money from the taxpayers.

Lonnie Vickers states in this week’s Loyalist Tribune that the agreement with the Crane Nursing Home “is legal and breaks no current law.”  Why the ‘qualifier,’ Mr. Vickers?”  Why did you add “breaks no current law?”

Trust me, Vickers, if I need legal advice I’ll go to a lawyer . . . not a doctor who has a vested interest in the proceedings.

Let’s talk about this legal - illegal point for a second.

If something is “currently” legal . . . does it matter to us if it’s immoral?

Did we vote for these Hospital Directors because we KNEW they could set aside their morals as it suited them?

“Breaks no current law.”  Think about that.  It implies to me that Vickers knows it’s immoral but it’s not currently illegal so why don’t we go ahead and RAPE the taxpayers while we can.

Who do y’all think will be paying the $500,000 annually that Clay Jones says the Crane deal will make us?


Even if Vickers is right, which I doubt, do we want our elected officials to be making decisions on border-line illegal acts that is just costing us taxpayers more money?


Vickers’ half-page comments will be discussed later.  He’ll have his own section.  LOL.

I’m starting to venture off the point on this LCRA topic so I’ll stop now and go on to other topics that’ll drive my point home.

Check out the LCRA Report.

It’s a no-brainer that we should do what the citizens’ wanted done concerning the Civic Center.

Oh, by the way . . . the Loyalists so intimidated the EDC crew that they elected Jon Chase as President.


10-28-31 -- 2:05 PM

Did Y’all Know . . .

That our illustrious McCulloch County Hospital District Board . . . led by Clay Jones . . . did virtually the same thing with Brady West Nursing and Rehab as they did with the Crane Flippity-Flip-Flop Nursing Home?

I hear they purchased Brady West’s LICENSE sometime in August . . . AND HAVEN’T SAID A WORD ABOUT IT!!

If, as Clay says, this is such a win-win deal for our Hospital District and Brady West . . . WHY DON’T THEY SHOUT OUT THE NEWS FROM THE HEAVENS??

Why is everything always Top Secret with these jokers?

Methinks there’s a rat in the mix.

It’s obvious Clay is money and power hungry.

THAT, to me, is why Gary Sutton is the obvious choice in the Hospital Board Election.

Mr. Sutton wants these folks to focus their energy on improving our Health Care . . . while, seemingly, all Clay and his posse care about is making money . . . legal or not.


How about this?

I’ve also heard the Hospital gets 1/4% of the Sales Taxes in Brady . . . THE SAME AMOUNT AS THE EDC!!  About $200,000 per year.

Did y’all know that?

Where else are they getting tax-payer moola?


I’m no legal expert or lawyer or anything . . . but I suspect some of these jokers . . . especially Clay Jones, Tim Jones, and Michelle Derrick . . . may soon be exposed to some criminal charges.

After all, our bombastic DA . . . Tonya Ahlschwede . . . said at my trial that “NO ONE IS ABOVE THE LAW!!!”

Of course she was talking about a True Blue Rebel . . . moi . . . and not a Loyalist . . . so we’ll see if she’s REALLY got the stones to apply justice equally . . . regardless of who the criminals are.

I suspect we’ll have to go over her head to get any justice.



I’ll also have some more comments about James Stewart soon.

For him to be the voice for the suddenly “Fiscal Conservative Branch” of the Loyalists is a complete joke.

I’ll prove to any reasonable person that Mr. Stewart is nothing but a curmudgeon with a selective memory who is trying to embarrass our Current City Council because THEY’RE ACTUALLY DOING SOMETHING . . . INSTEAD OF JUST TALKING ABOUT IT LIKE HIS REGIMES DID!!

And he’s trying to play up to the Big Dog Loyalists.  “LOOK AT ME!!  LOOK AT ME!!  I’M IMPORTANT!!”


10-24-2014 -- 2:04 PM

Plausible Deniability . . . That Ship Has Sailed!!

What is “Plausible Deniability?”

That’s where a crook, or crooks, denies knowing about an illegal act committed by other crooks to cover their backsides.

The rest of the Hospital Board of Directors and the Directors of the Heart of Texas Healthcare System can no longer use ignorance as a dodge . . . if some of them TRULY didn’t know about the malfeasance being perpetuated in their names by Clay Jones, Tim Jones, and Michelle Derrick . . . they do now!!

Gary Sutton has opened the cans of worms wide, wide, wide open.


All the Directors, the honest ones at least if there are any, should resign en masse so they don’t get caught up in the legal vortex that will soon swallow ‘em all up.

Are the County Commissioners somehow involved in all this?

If not, why’s Jim Quinn spending the night at Clay’s Bank to attend a series of never-ending meetings that I’m being told about.

I’ve been told that Hospital Directors and Jim Quinn have been marching in and out of Clay’s Bank like Brady’s Marching Band.


How’s it feel, fellas?  Y’all have been trying to bury me with perjured witnesses and untruths . . . NOW THE TRUTH WILL SOON BURY YOU ALL!!

It appears our DA and District Judge made an example out of the wrong sumbitch.  Perhaps they should’ve chosen one of their friends instead.


10-21-2014 -- 6:23 PM

Down Goes Jones!
Down Goes Jones!
Down Goes Jones!


It was a fairly even boxing match last night . . . initially.

Of course, Clay Jones stacked the arena with his adoring fans . . . or debtors afraid not to do as they were told . . . and he had height, weight, and reach advantages . . . and, certainly, his BS-O-Meter was tuned to perfection because he’s used it all his sheltered and coddled life.

For the old-timers, he even had to mention that he was kin to the White Family and was on the Board of the White Trust or some damn thing like that.

He portrayed himself as the Heavyweight Champion . . . like Muhammad Ali . . . the Greatest of All Time!

Welterweight Gary Sutton wasn’t intimidated.  He darted in and out, landing jabs and body shots to the slow-moving but boisterous Cassius Clay.

Sutton claimed Clay and his Waco cronies “might” be involved in ILLEGAL FLIPPING of the Crane Real Estate.

For the uninitiated, I found this on the FBI’s website to explain such actions . . .


“Hello. I’m a special agent with the FBI. And this is A Mortgage Minute for the Average Joe. Today’s topic—illegal property flipping schemes.

“Before the recent mortgage meltdown, property flipping was a common way to make money in the real estate business. You would buy a house, fix it up and then sell it for more than you paid for it. That was—and is—legal.

“However, there are some illegal property flipping schemes out there. This is how they work: A con artist buys a property with the intent to re-sell it an artificially inflated price for a considerable profit, even though they only make minor improvements to it.

“In order for this scheme to work, the con artist needs to find someone to buy the property from him quickly. So, he contacts a friend or acquaintance and tells them that they can make several thousand dollars by just applying for a loan to buy the house. This person is known as a “straw buyer” because they don’t intend to live in the house.

“The con artist also pays an appraiser a fee to submit a false and artificially-inflated appraisal report to the bank. The bank then makes the loan to the straw buyer. The con artist will sometimes make one or two of the mortgage payments to the lender. Then, after the con artist pays off the straw buyer and the appraiser, he keeps the rest of the money for himself. It’s then up to the bank to foreclose on the property, but it will take a huge loss on a home that was never worth the amount of the loan they made.

“If someone asks you to participate in an illegal property flipping scheme, or if you know of one already going on, you are encouraged to contact your local FBI office.”



Now . . . think about how that might apply to the Crane situation.

If the previous owners were crooks, and our Hospital Clique participated in such a FLIPPING transaction with them, doesn’t that make Cassius Clay and his cronies crooks?

Clay dodged the accusations last night.  I believe he should be forced to explain the situation in detail.  Or he’ll have to when Sutton turns over his research to the “proper authorities.”

If the rest of the Hospital Directors want to keep backing their favorite horse, then they deserve to go down with Clay and his minions Tim Jones and Michelle Derrick.

Then Sutton, in his closing arguments, mentioned all the businesses in Waco involved in these Crane Shenanigans.

He mentioned four businesses . . . IN THE SAME DAMN BUILDING!!

If we can truly and LEGALLY make $500,000 a year for a $725 investment, are we sharing the wealth with these other businesses?

If so . . . WHY?

I’d like to hear Clay’s explanation of that!!

This was a close match until the 15th round, when Sutton delivered a hay-maker and knocked Clay out of the ring, out of the arena, and, hopefully, out of the race.

This kind of malfeasance has been going on for 150 years in Brady.

Gary Sutton wants it to stop.

As do I.

We should all realize now why I’m in the legal jeopardy I am . . . and why, through Mark Marshall, they wanted me to stop writing about them for a year.

They wanted to sneak all this ILLEGAL BS by everyone in Brady.

Tim Jones wanted to intimidate me into silence.

That didn’t happen.

Now, regardless of what eventually happens to me, I don’t really have to worry about my fate.

I believe Gary Sutton will continue to take them on . . . whether he wins or loses.

But it would make it a lot easier if he wins.

If you’re a Registered Voter in Precinct One . . . the choice should be obvious . . . Gary Sutton wants excellent health-care for the citizens of McCulloch County.

Nothing more.

What’s Cassius Clay want?  Power and money . . . nothing else.  He’s making a fortune off of financing the bonds for a hospital the citizens didn’t want in the first place.

How much longer are we gonna allow the Big Dogs to rule over us and gobble up our tax-dollars as if the money was from their personal Piggy Banks?

Sutton’s the only Honest Choice.


10-20-2014 -- 11:56 AM

Throwin’ Rocks At Glass Houses

So . . . James Stewart and Clay Jones’ posse have suddenly become fiscal conservatives, huh?


Since when?

One needs to just look at one set of City Council Minutes, dated 8-31-2011, to see this is a joke.

By the way, if you look for these Minutes online . . . YOU WON’T FIND THEM!!

When I started this little research project I discovered the Minutes between 5-3-2011 and 7-2-2012 were missing.



Just as it was coincidental that Brendan Weatherman’s declaration that I had NEVER threatened him on the audio recording of the March 5, 2013 City Council Meeting was “missing” from the City’s recording.

But KNEL’s recording had his mea culpa.

Another coincidental coincidence, huh?

This seems to happen a lot when Loyalist transgressions are documented or recorded.

Christi Badilla is diligently fixing this problem and I assign no blame to her.  SHE JUST WOULDN’T DO SOMETHING LIKE THIS!!

Back to the 8-31-2011 Minutes . . .

A long, sometimes heated discussion of Mudualistic ensued.

Councilman Weatherman stated that nothing over $100,000 will be paid by the city . . . that anything over that will be paid by Mudualistic.

How’d that work out for us, Brendan?

KJ Hallmark made note about some non-compliance issues.

As is his standard petulant MO . . . James Stewart responds by asking Ms. Hallmark if she had a biology degree.

So . . . in this vain . . . do you have a degree in economics, Mr. Stewart?

Why is this infrastructure subject so damned important to you NOW when you had years and years to do something about it YOURSELF?  WHEN YOU WERE IN POWER?

In fact, if you weren’t the architect of the Mudualistic Fiasco . . . you damn sure laid some of the initial bricks for it.  And I’ll prove this later, using another batch of Minutes.

It’s amazing to me how allergic you Loyalists are to the truth.

If you wanna trash our current City Council and Mayor . . . then it’s only fair that you be held to the same standards.

Back to the 8-31-2011 Minutes . . .

Missi Davis, completely ignoring the citizens’ concerns, motioned for the 380 Agreement to be passed.  James Stewart seconded.  The motion passed unanimously.

How’d that work out for us, Mr. Stewart?

Mr. Weatherman?  Did we ONLY spend $100,000?

Remember, this was 8-31-2011.

Here’s a copy of a $55,000 check, signed by Mayor Lohn and Mary Bradshaw, DATED 9-1-2011!!


What was the hurry?

So now . . . according to Weatherman . . . Mudualistic could ONLY milk another $45,000 from city coffers, right?

How’d that work out for us, Brendan?

I’ve been told James Stewart crammed this Mudualistic Horror down the throats of the rest of the City Council Members.


Didn’t we need infrastructure improvements at that time?

Or is the infrastructure problems the same as the drinking water problem?

James Stewart and previous City Councils passed EVERY problem they could to succeeding City Councils and now him and his posse are whining like school girls because this City Council has decided to do what’s right!

The improvements of the Civic Center was approved by 76% of the voters.

And James Stewart wants to nullify that vote . . . why?


The main reason is so the Loyalists can change the subject.

Clay Jones, Tim Jones, Morticia, and the Hospital Hierarchy have their teats in a wringer and they want the people’s attention to be diverted elsewhere.

If James Stewart was REALLY so concerned about the infrastructure . . . why didn’t HE do something about it?

Back to the 8-31-2011 Minutes . . .

Siebert, a proven conman, then stated that “14 truckloads of trash” had been hauled off.

Those living in the area proved this was a lie . . . as was typical of Mr. Siebert.

No one believed Siebert’s lies but the City Council.  Leading the charge was James Stewart.

And now, all the sudden, he’s a fiscal conservative?


What about the 2.1 Million Dollar Smart Meters, Mr. Stewart?  Did you protest against them?

I didn’t think so.  THAT, after all, was a Loyalist City Council.

James Stewart and the rest of the Loyalists . . . being led by Clay Jones, Jason Jacoby, and the other loud-mouths . . . are losing control and they just can’t stand it.


Poor Clay.  Poor Jason.

Let the good times roll!!!!


10-9-2014 -- 3:48 PM

Wheeeeeeeeeeee - Doggie!
The Loyalists Had a Great Revival Meeting Tuesday Night!
At the City Council Shindig!

Gimme that old-time religion,
Gimme that old-time religion,
Gimme that old-time religion,
It’s good enough for me.

But, sadly for the Loyalists, regardless of the words and ways they used to try to bring back “that old-time religion” and the previous dictatorial manner in which Brady was ruled I believe they’ll learn that only their election-hating-and-election-ignoring zealots were listening. And clapping deliriously with every spoken Loyalist word . . . then derisively deriding everyone who spoke against their take on things.

Such is the Loyalist Way.

Brother Clay Jones received a rousing ovation for every breath and every time he cut wind . . . which I hear happened often.

Brother Jason Jacoby led off with a sermon cajoling the City Council to listen to both sides of an argument before they make decisions . . . as never happened in previous regimes. Regimes that he wholeheartedly backed.

Brother Jacoby doesn’t even live in the city of Brady, and he had no standing to speak at this meeting much less voice his opinions of the topics being discussed, yet that has never kept a Big Dog from blowing hot air as he so desires.

Such is the Loyalist Way.

When I first arrived at this shindig, I looked around the room and noticed most Big Dogs and Big Shots and Big Shot wannabes were in attendance. Which got me to thinking . . . if a bomb went off or a tornado demolished the building and everyone in it, where would the next Corruption King come from?

There’s a reason the Secret Service won’t allow the President, VP, and the Speaker of the House to be at the same location at the same time.

I had plenty of time to think of such goofiness because every Loyalist pretty much said the same damn things again and again.

Clay Jones, Jason Jacoby, Judge Danny Neal, Mark Marshall, Tim Jones, Morticia, James Stewart, Gail Lohn, and a gazillion other Loyalist Big Shots-in-training were all there rooting like wild hogs in a pigpen.

Snort . . . snort . . . joyously wallow in the mud being slung . . . snort . . . snort.

Such is the Loyalist Way.

To have such folks whine about money being potentially wasted is the ultimate joke.

I’ve only been politically active since April, 2012.

In that short period $500,000 was given to a proven conman . . . And I’ve recently learned that James Stewart ramrodded this deal down other City Council Members’ throats yet he’s trying to hide in the shadows as though he had nothing to do with it.

Then there was the 2.1 million dollar smart meter program when we’d just paid off our other metering devices. This could’ve been put off for years and years and years but, all the sudden, it was imperative for this to happen.

But most egregiously James Stewart’s regime and Gail Lohn’s regime both ignored the radium that’s in our drinking water.  This could be one of the many, many reasons both were fired as the Mayor.

Instead of ignoring the problem as previous City Councils have done this City Council has attacked the problem with uncommon vigor.

Had they not done so, because of the lackadaisical attitudes of both Stewart and Lohn, Brady would’ve started to be fined $37,000 PER DAY if a plan wasn’t in place by November, 2014.

$37,000 PER DAY!!

Them’s a lotta greenbacks.

Not only did they potentially expose us to an unGodly amount of fines . . . they exposed us and our children to RADIUM!!  Although I’ve heard James Stewart has the Culligan Man on speed-dial and he’s got his house filtered so no nasty water reaches the lips of anyone in his family.

This City Council has either completed their plan or they’re damn close.  Here’s proof.

And James Stewart wants to whine about this city government?  When him and Lohn and their posses did NOTHING!!

Such is the Loyalist Way.

If my math is correct, it would’ve only taken 65 day’s worth of fines to equal the 2.4 million dollars projected being spent on our Civic Center!

What say you to this, Mr. Stewart?

It seems you only whine when you’re trying to become Mr. Important! But you’ve never been Mr. Important and you never will be.

Why don’t you tell the citizens that you were selling the city office supplies when you were both the Mayor and on the City Council?

Does that not pose a conflict of interest?

Such is the Loyalist Way.

Now, let’s talk about Brother Clay Jones.

If he’s so worried about using EDC money to pay for the Civic Center project, why doesn’t he donate the $400,000 he receives annually for financing the bonds for the new hospital . . . a new hospital that was voted down in an election where the voters clearly stated they didn’t want to waste this money.

But Clay Jones, Tim Jones, Morticia, and other Big Dogs, Big Shots, and Hospital Directors took on the project anyway.

Before they can lie to you and say no taxpayer money was used or will be used let me ask you citizens this question. If the $400,000 being paid to Clay and his bank instead went into the hospital coffers, shouldn’t we have rightfully been able to demand that our taxes be lowered?

So, in essence, aren’t we in fact paying for the new hospital?

Such is the Loyalist Way.

I won’t go into any more detail about this bond subject because I believe Gary Sutton will address it in so much detail that Clay and his cronies will start drowning in their lies.

But, off the bond issues, how can the Heart of Texas Healthcare System . . . Tim Jones’ pride and joy . . . afford to pay the McCulloch County Hospital District . . . Clay Jones’ baby . . . $250,000 per month for a lease when both entities are “supposedly” nonprofit organizations?

That’s $3 million a year!!!!!

Where’s that money going?

Them’s a lotta profits for a nonprofit.


Such is the Loyalist Way.

The old shuck and duck routine.

Raise enough hell about one topic to hide their own corruption on so many other fronts.

That’s all they’re trying to do . . . to get your minds off the truly important topics facing us as a community.

They’re only pissed off because they didn’t make the Civic Center decision, thus they don’t get to direct the flow of money to their cronies or other pockets.

And based on recent elections they’re learning the tide is changing against them.  They’re no longer as relevant as they once were and this is eating them up from the inside out.

If this City Council stands up to this obvious intimidation tactic, perhaps sometime in the future the Loyalists will join the public discussions instead of trying to dictate the results.

The voters voted by a margin of more than 3 - 1 (76%) to approve the Civic Center project!

That, to me, should be the end of the story!!

The City Council MUST stand up to the Loyalists and Big Shots now.

Remember that one gal who slipped and said she wanted the EDC money to be directed to provide the infrastructure for the proposed Assisted-Living Facility?

I don’t know the lady but she was sitting with Tim Jones and Morticia!

Go figure.


I believe that boat has sailed.  But the crooks keep coming back to the same issue.

They truly believe all tax dollars and all EDC moola is theirs to do with as they will.

Such is the Loyalist Way.

Speaking of Morticia . . . has anyone ever audited the “supposedly” charitable organizations she runs?

I can’t figure out how she supports her lifestyle with just a jewelry store.

As further proof on how far “Out There” the Loyalists are . . . I hear that Marilyn Gendusa was heard to giddily say this after the Revival . . . “MY People showed up!!”

Silly me . . . I thought the City Council was elected to represent ALL the citizenry.

But Marilyn Gendusa’s way is the Loyalist Way.

But not to worry . . . her boat will sail in May, 2015 . . . when she’s up for reelection.

Gimme that old-time religion,
Gimme that old-time religion,
Gimme that old-time religion,
It’s good enough for me.

I believe they’d best find another tune.  That boat has sailed as well . . . BIG TIME!!!!


10-7-2014 -- 3:04 PM

The Loyalists’ Patty-Cake Insurrection . . .
Only Proves How Desperate They Are!!

The United States of America was founded on the rule of law. These laws were “supposedly” to be applied equally and fairly to all citizens.

But that’s not the case in Brady, Texas or McCulloch County.

In Brady an innocent man, a professional hemorrhoid for sure, can be sent to jail for 270 days for simply tinkling in the Loyalists’ sandbox . . . while the Loyalists openly get away with fraud, perjury, and tyranny with impunity.

The same kind of injustice is being attempted now.

The citizens voted in 2009 to upgrade our local Civic Center . . . nothing has been done.

We now have a City Council with the courage to do the citizens’ bidding. But they’re being attacked on all fronts by Loyalists who’re acting like petulant children who’ve had their toys taken from them. These toys, in this case, are 150 years of dominating Brady’s landscape with political power and intimidation techniques perfected by countries like the Soviet Union.

This Patty-Cake Insurrection is “supposedly” being led by James Stewart . . . a failed wine salesman, a former mayor who was legally recalled by the citizenry, a failed City Councilman who was illegally allowed to run, and soon to be a failed businessman who owns the only newspaper in Brady.

This newspaper was once well-respected. But Stewart has turned it into nothing but a Loyalist’s propaganda engine that does nothing but attack those who don’t feed at the same political trough as does Stewart, his cronies, but most importantly, his Big Dog handlers. Stewart simply does their bidding.

Our local hospital is corrupt beyond measure yet Stewart gives them free space to try to blind the local citizens so they won’t believe these corruption practices. The facts are starting to come in and Stewart, at the behest of his Big Dog handlers, simply ignores these facts and tries to bury them under his limp-noodled commentaries and puff newspaper articles.

And now Stewart is leading the charge to overturn an honest and fair election by the citizens. He continuously states that he could never find a “viable” way to pay for what the citizens wanted.

Who in the hell gave him the right to decide what was viable and what wasn’t???????????

His bosses, the citizens, told him what they wanted done.

For him and the dolts who signed the pathetic petition, a full-page ad that was probably free in Stewart’s propaganda paper, is the ultimate act of arrogance.

In fact, it’s TYRANNY!

And I for one will never live under tyranny’s yoke.

Hell, I’m not in favor of allowing our city government to spend $2.4 million on anything . . . but the people voted for this in a fair and honest election.

The main reason I’m against this is because I don’t trust any government entity to manage any business! It’s been proven this mix just doesn’t work and I’m sure the city will screw this up until they understand the concept as well and leases the building and the activities to a private enterprise to manage.

For example, if someone earns their milk and bread off of revenue generated by the Civic Center, they’ll be working night and day to bring activities to Brady.

Governmental employees are not threaded that way. They serve their time, then they go home at the end of the day.

But, the people voted for this and my opinion and the opinions of James Stewart and the dolts who signed this petition are mute.



Our City Council should do their jobs and do what their bosses told them to do.

James Stewart and his ilk just have their panties in a knot because they can no longer dictate what happens in Brady.

What’s their alternative idea to the one we have now?

To just ignore the citizens’ wishes as they’ve done for five years?



Now they wanna whine like school-children because someone else is making decisions about what happens in Brady.

There’s only two reasons they’re bawling . . . (1) they’re no longer relevant and all-powerful . . . (2) the Big Dogs want another controversy to over-shadow the Hospital corruption controversy they now find themselves involved in.

It’s the ‘ol Shuck and Duck procedure.

I hope the majority of y’all can see this.

We’ll learn a lot about the courage of our City Council tonight when James Stewart and the other elitist eggheads press their cause with their boisterous blabber.

Tyranny at its finest.

I hope and pray that there are also some democracy lovers in attendance.

I only have these questions for Mayor Groves . . . Why are you continuously giving these Loyalist Elitists another bite of the apple?  You, sir, are causing nothing but grief for the citizenry.  Why?  Why can’t you allow the City Council to make their decisions and go on with their business and to not keep rehashing the same topics again and again and again?

We need a Leader as Mayor . . . not a Relentless Diplomat.

You have it in you, Mayor Groves.

I know you do.

As I’ve stated . . . I’m against this deal but our Democratic way of life MUST be adhered to!  Whether I or anyone else agrees with the decisions or not.


10-4-2014 -- 3:10 PM

When Does a Politician Keep Good News to Himself?



The Fuher’s pathetic claim that investing $725 in buying the Crane Nursing Home’s license will return $500,000 ANNUALLY to our Hospital is complete bull-cacca!

If it were true, why did We the People have to ferret it out?

Why didn’t the Fuhrer and his band of crooks proclaim such a deal from the highest mountaintop, yelling like giddy idiots?


Everything they do is Top Secret because they don’t want the public “meddling” in their deals.

The Fuhrer and his band of crooks are FINALLY on the run.

We’ll soon be exposing all their crooked deals.

Gary Sutton has the stones to take him on mano y mano and the Fuhrer doesn’t have a chance against an honest guy who’s willing to stand up to him and his lies.

Did the Fuhrer also tell y’all about all the OTHER companies involved in this deal?

I didn’t listen to all of his drivel because I was laughing my abundant ass off.


If this is such a good deal, why would the Fuhrer and his band of crooks share the wealth with all of these other companies?

Don’t kid yourselves . . . the Fuhrer’s lying as him and Himmler, Tim Jones, usually do and, when all the facts are exposed, we’ll prove this deal is crooked like most of their deals are.

They can now feel the heat and we’re not letting them get away with all this crapola this time.


10-3-2014 -- 3:44 PM


(JGH News)  20140819_160718 - edited - website icon

Judge Daisy Neal’s Sex Change Operation was successful.  His/Her breast implants are in route and the operation is scheduled for next week.  The Fuhrer, Clay Jones, proclaimed Daisy would be appointed for life.  The Fuhrer then got His/Her Phone Number.

The Fuhrer was voted to be the President of the Texas Chapter of Liars Anonymous . . . mainly due to his pathetic performance on KNEL yesterday.

Brendan Weatherman was elected Vice-President and “Liar in Waiting.”

Morticia, Missi Davis, Kathi Masonheimer, and Sgt. Hudson were elected as Board Members.

Jimbo was appointed the Fuhrer’s “Joseph Goebbels” due to his recent, redundant, and totally ridiculous whine-oramas he’s published in the weekly version of Mein Kampf . . . once called the Weekly Wipe or the Loyalists Journal . . . where fluff pieces about the Crooks’ Paradise Hospital is given front-page space and Jimbo rattles on and on about local situations that he completely avoided when he was in power for years.  The man is a mental midget who’s doing everything in his power to actually become important . . . but those he coddles laughs at his cartoon caricature more than any others.

Tim Jones is still in the hospital in Dallas after rhinoplasty surgery.  It seems the Fuhrer slammed on the brakes too fast while on an infrequent inspection trip to the hospital and Little Timmy gave him a facial enema, breaking every bone in his nose.  Witnesses said Little Timmy’s nose was spread all over his face.  The Fuhrer loved the action.

Tim Jones was also added to the Guiness Book of World Records . . . as living proof that ALL abortions aren’t successful.

The Village Idiot was also proven to be the dumbest sumbitch in the world . . . with an IQ of -139.


10-1-2014 -- 1:45 PM

“No One Is Above the Law!!!”

So said Olive Oil Ahlschwede at my trial.


Did she mean it?

We’ll see.

It’s been proven that Clay Jones, Tim Jones, and Morticia broke the law by their Crane Shenanigans.

If the rest of the Board of Directors do NOTHING about it . . . doesn’t that mean they’re complicit in the act?

Will Olive Oil do anything about it?

She’s got the power to ask for a full-blown state audit.

Will she?

Hell, she used witnesses who perjured themselves to convict me.

She violated my First Amendment Rights . . . my Sixth Amendment Rights . . . and she’s been acting like a Petulant Child . . . ALL TO PLAY TO HER AUDIENCE -- HER WITNESS FRIENDS AND FAMILIES AND THE ELITE!!



Now, it’s been proven that the Elite she worships are crooks.

What will she do about it?

Then we have this . . .

In 2012 the Hospital was paid over $400,000 for Medicare/Medicaid services.

The VERY next year this tripled to over $1,200,000!!

Some Loyalists explain this by saying it’s because of the NEW Hospital.


As I’ve been saying all along . . . I suspect it’s because of FRAUD . . . perpetrated by Clay Jones, Tim Jones, Morticia, and perhaps the rest of the Directors as well.

Will Olive Oil even research this?

That’s highly unlikely.

She should’ve said . . . “No one is above the law . . . except for my Loyalist friends and the Big Dogs.”

She wants to be known as a TOUGH Prosecutor . . . so long as the toes she steps on aren’t in the “supposed” Elite Class of Brady.

All of this only PROVES what I’ve been saying all along . . . that Tim Jones, et al, ONLY gave me the first Criminal Trespass Warning because they wanted to intimidate me into shutting up . . . so I wouldn’t research and write about all the malfeasance we’re currently making public . . . and if Olive Oil and judge hofmann don’t recognize that I’ve been right all along, they’re either brain-dead or they’re Devoted Loyalists in their own right.

Right after I got the first CTW . . . I immediately received 7 or 8 more from folks who were rightfully taken to task by me for giving a proven conman around $500,000 of taxpayer moola, supplies, and services.

Will Olive Oil and judge hofmann ever admit they’re wrong?

Hell no!  LOL.

But . . . that’s okay.  I’ll sue every witness if I have to . . . starting with Brendan Weatherman, Kathi Masonheimer, and Missi Davis.

If they wanna perjure themselves to send me to jail . . . they should know that I’ll go down fighting . . . in the legal arena of course.

I haven’t taken some of then on full-force because I was afraid they’d lose their jobs or my words would hurt their families, etc.  But sending an innocent man to jail because they have their panties all bunched up?

No niceties can survive this.

People ask me all the time . . . “Why did you go back to the hospital after you got your CTW?”

Look, I had no way to appeal it.  Tim Jones admitted I was the FIRST and ONLY person he’d ever given a CTW to.  And I scheduled a meeting with Police Chief Derrick, Sgt. Hudson, Mayor Grove, and City Council-woman Latricia Doyal on September 30, 2013 . . . three days after I received the CTW . . . to see why I received the CTW and to see what I could do about it.

Derrick and Hudson bellowed that the Hospital “didn’t have to have a reason” to give me a CTW.  Mayor Groves said I’d threatened Clay Jones’ family . . . when even the comments he was referring to, which weren’t threatening in my opinion, were written AFTER I received the CTW.

After I was arrested I even refused to accept the plea agreements offered me by Mark Marshall.

Hell, all I had to do was give up my First Amendment Rights and stop writing about the crooks for a year and he would make my criminal trial and the civil proceedings disappear.

I said no then . . . and I say no now.

The crooks wanted to keep me from discovering all of their illegal acts we’re publicizing now.

What other proof does anyone need to realize these Crooks truly believe they’re above the law??!!

If I have to serve 270 days in jail to prove I refuse to be bullied into giving up my Constitutional Rights . . . so be it.


Olive Oil has her chance to answer these questions.


9-30-2014 -- 11:57 AM


The Highlighting is mine . . . the words ain’t and they’re powerful!! . . . GR

9/29/14 4th AD

Greetings McCulloch County

In past weeks I have been coming to you describing differences between my opponent, Mr. Clay Jones and myself.  Today I come with a whole different issue.
In researching various issues concerning the hospital I began to look at the Crane Nursing Home deal executed 6/1/14.

Early on I felt the district may have broken the law by entering into the deal.  I have legal opinion that states that indeed the district has BROKEN THE LAW.  Per local law 1059.04 and Attorney General opinion JM 257 the District cannot operate outside the boundaries of McCulloch County. 

The Hospital Board BROKE THE LAW by entering into a $40,000 per month lease and assuming all of the liabilities for the Crane Nursing Home, over 200 miles from McCulloch County.

I believe other illegal acts may also have occurred and am turning my findings over to the District Attorney, as well as pursuing civil actions of my own. 

These findings make the Tim Jones’ newspaper statement of 8/13 (only cost $725) and Clay Jones’ statements at their last board meeting blatantly false and totally misleading.  I call on the Board of Directors to immediately do the right thing and:

  • Terminate the three illegal contracts associated with the Crane facility.
  • Terminate the employment of Mr. Tim Jones who executed these illegal contracts.
  • And I call for the resignation of Board President Clay Jones.


I am Gary Sutton and I am running for a seat on the Hospital Board of Directors.


As proof of Gary’s statements . . . I give you this . . . and this . . . and this.

Gary’s researched his statements and I believe he’s knocked out the first brick of this soon to be crumbling, corrupt empire!!

These guys are now PROVEN Crooks and Mizzzzzzzz Ahlschwede should treat ‘em as such!!

Will she?


Y’all know what my answer is.  Maybe she’ll surprise me.

But Gary Sutton’s done his due diligence.

Will Ahlschwede do her job?

Regardless of whether she does or doesn’t . . . Gary’s proven how corrupt the Jones Brothers are.

If the other Directors of the Board do nothing . . . does that mean they’re corrupt as well?


9-25-2014 -- 2:38 PM



Uhhh . . . no . . . I don’t.

I’ll post anything others wanna write about the Pathetic Pipsqueak’s rants in the Weekly Wipe . . . but I’m getting tired of being the only one raising hell about the Loyalists . . . and their Whiner-in-Chief!

I’ve finally decided to worry about me for awhile.

I’ll take care of my personal enemies in the legal arena.

Most former Rebels have stones the size of BB’s so they’re not gonna act on anything I write about anyway.

I will say this though . . . Jimbo’s memory is as long as his moral code.  It’s completely non-existent.

Him and his Loyalist Predecessors have had 150 years to fix the problems that him and other Loyalist mouthpieces are whining about now to a non-full-blooded-Loyalist Leadership that’s been in power for ten minutes.

What did you do about our water problems, Jimbo?

What did you do about our infrastructure problems, Jimbo?

The same goes to Susan Joliff, Brendan Weatherman, Missi Davis, Tim Jones, Clay Jones, Morticia and everyone else who crashed the last TPSG Meeting?

What have you diarrhea-mouthed folks done for the community?



You’re all just soul-less Robots who get off on power . . . and the people be damned!!

Why didn’t Jimbo fix the problems he’s whining about when he was in POWER??

Why didn’t the other Loyalist Weenies do like-wise?

They’re not pissed off about what’s going on . . . THEY’RE ONLY PISSED OFF THAT’S IT’S NOT THEM AND THEIR FRIENDS MAKING THE DECISIONS!!

Jimbo says he’s getting nothing but compliments about his three-week career-suicide mission.

Would that be the from the same folks who RECALLED your arrogant ass, Jimbo?

Your arrogance is only super-ceded by your pure-ass stupidity.

If Holly and Zack wanna allow you to ruin their Inherited and Proud Legacy . . . that’s their decision and I believe the REAL Citizens of Brady should help you with that process.


9-24-2014 -- 5:25 PM

Gary Ray’s crazier’n hell . . . according to Clay and Tim Jones and their Loyalist Parade.


Oh yeah?

Check this out.  I just got it in the mail today.  I requested it October 27, 2013.  Your Federal Government at work.

I’ll let y’all analyze it before I do here.

But I believe someone should ask Tim Jones how Medicare tripled from 2012 to 2013.

Yup . . . sure.  Gary Ray’s crazier’n hell, alright.



9-13-2014 -- 2:49 PM

‘Ol Jimbo’s a Tea-Cup Chihuahua . . .
Who Dreams of Being a Rottweiler!
Part Deaux

In normal settings people should not be afraid of those in positions of power . . . the powerful should fear the people.

But Brady obviously isn’t normal . . . so the Powerful are in full attack mode because the minions have been getting outta line.

Jimbo isn’t powerful by any means but he speaks for those who are . . . like a little hand puppet, trumpeting their horse-cacca as directed.

He writes . . . “There is no doubt that this town needs an upgraded Civic Center. A bigger one would be great as well, as long as it makes sound financial sense from the perspective of the entire community – and not just to accommodate one music event that happens each year for three days.”

He does mention in passing in the previous paragraph that the voting citizens approved this Civic Center expansion and now him and his Loyalist Handlers have decided that only they have the right to decide what makes “financial sense” for our community.

Why does this really bother Jimbo and his Handlers so much?

It’s simple . . . they’re not in control of the moola and where it goes.

“It’s been common knowledge,” Jimbo goes on, “that the biggest voices in support of a massive expansion of the Civic Center believe that ‘we need to build this building for Tracy Pitcox.’

“Those are not my words; those words were said during a city council meeting by Bill Neslage and echoed by other members of various other boards and special interest groups.”

Look . . . I’ve got problems with Bill Neslage, some members of the City Council, and “other members of various other boards” but for Jimbo to even whisper, much less complain about the term “special interest groups” in print is so damn outrageous he should be tarred, feathered, and spanked on his naked buttocks on the courthouse lawn like the whining Chicken Little he is.

Brady has always been run by “special interest groups” and Jimbo’s just pissed off that the citizens voted against the interests of his “Almighty special interest group” led by Clay Jones and his Marauders and now he’s throwing another one of his infamous “hissy fits.”

Hell, Jimbo’s “special interest group” just railroaded me in court to try to get me to give up my First Amendment rights. But I’m willing to serve the 270 days punishment I was handed down so others in Brady will learn they too can take Jimbo’s “special interest group’s” best shot and survive. But I’ll take a lot of them down with me before I give up.

Tonya “Olive Oil” Ahlschwede either believed the perjured statements of her witnesses or she didn’t care if I got a fair trial or not.

I will hold her accountable in the legal arena but for Jimbo to whine about “special interest groups” is damn near laughable.

Him and Clay Jones’ other minions march in lockstep like Nazi Storm Troopers. They’ve just got their panties in a wad because it’s been a rough two years for them . . . since the people started fighting back.

So Jimbo tries to bitch slap the entire community.

Not a smart move for the publisher of an inherited newspaper. Not when the pages of his Loyalist Tribune are only good for wiping your bootie in a pinch when toilet paper is in short supply.

Next Jimbo complains about the infrastructure of Brady while also saying he’s a former mayor and city councilman and that they looked into how to finance the Civic Center on his watch, finding no way to come up with a “viable solution.”

He doesn’t say he was recalled when he was our mayor, nor does he say he was illegally allowed to run for city council by a member of his “special interest group.”

So, Jimbo, what did you do about the infrastructure problems when you were in power? Did you just whine about it like you are now?

What did you do about our water problems?

What did you do about our sewage problems?

What did you do at all to better the Brady community?

Yet you whine about Tracy Pitcox!!!

You’re nothing but the little mouse that roared.

Let’s talk about your idiotic analogy of asking where 500 people are going to stay when they come to Brady to an event in our Civic Center. When there are only 217 hotel rooms.

This analogy is disingenuous at best to try to prove what your real point is – that you dislike Tracy Pitcox and everyone else associated with KNEL because they regularly kick your ass . . . but I suspect your analogy is just stupid because you’ve never been known for your mental prowess.

Jimbo, do you seriously want us to believe that all 500 of these people will be single and without families?  That more than one person will NEVER stay in the same room?

Even if your scenario were true . . . I would think this problem would be a great problem for all local hotels and restaurants and every other business in Brady to have.

It is because of shortsighted brain-dead people like you that Brady isn’t the jewel of Texas it should be . . . instead of a ghost town in the making run by inbred moguls who don’t give a damn about anyone but themselves.

You mentioned all of your enemies in your pathetic rant except me . . . Tracy Pitcox a gazillion times . . . Bill Neslage several times . . . Jon Chase . . . the city council . . every board . . . every citizen who voted for the expanded Civic Center . . . and everyone who has ever kicked sand in your face – the list was long but you managed to get ‘em all in . . . and you’re committing business suicide.

But even after all this . . . you’re still just a little punk with a teenie-weenie complex.

One of your closing paragraphs . . . “It’s time for common business sense to dictate decisions rather than special interest groups.”

Jimbo, perhaps you should go back to August, 2012 and see what OUR arguments were about the current state of affairs at that time.  At least try to be original.

You’ve got the memory of a tsetse fly, the brainpower of a three-toed sloth, and the morals of a do-do bug rolling his prey home for supper.

If this doesn’t teach the former Rebels that you can’t play diplomatic pattycake with the Lead Loyalists nothing ever will.

You must stomp ‘em like the cockroaches they are to ever make any positive progress.

So how do we stop Napoleonic ninnies like Jimbo? Especially when 99.9% of the Rebels are too terrified to speak out?

We have no choice but to start boycotting their businesses.


It’s time.

It’s the only way to show ’em we will go longer be ruled.  And you don’t have to be a loud-mouth like me.  You can boycott most of their businesses anonymously.

I’ve never advocated this before.



Trust me, money is their only driving force.  Shut that down and they’ll become a lot nicer.


My suggestions on the businesses we should initially boycott . . .

1.  Commercial National Bank
2.  The Loyalist Tribune . . . aka the Weekly Wipe . . . aka the Brady Standard
3.  Farm Bureau Insurance
4.  Clay’s Chicken Shack
5.  West Central Wireless
6.  Clay and Tim Jones’ Hospital
7.  Susan Jolliff’s Dental Practice


I might be the one going to jail for 270 days . . . but I’ll be a lot freer in jail than most of you will be on the outside.

I’ll never give in.



9-12-2014 -- 11:34 AM

‘Ol Jimbo’s a Tea-Cup Chihuahua . . .
Who Dreams of Being a Rottweiler!

Yup . . . ‘Ol Jimbo’s thrown another Hissy Fit in the Loyalist Tribune . . . aka the Weekly Wipe . . . where, after getting his instructions from those who’re higher up on the Loyalist Food Chain, he lets fly with all kinds of horse-cacca about the Civic Center and those who’re FINALLY going to do what the citizens voted to do to our Big City Out-House so, perhaps, some civic-minded folks like Tracy Pitcox can actually improve the way of life in Brady.

The Title of his Pitiful Rant . . .

“Council’s civic center vote shows how bad decisions are really made”

Jimbo should know.

A failed wine salesman . . . a publisher who drives his INHERITED BY MARRIAGE Loyalist Tribune into the ground . . . a RECALLED Mayor . . . and a City Council Candidate who was ILLEGALLY allowed to run for election by a Loyalist-to-the-bone City Attorney . . . would know about piss-poor business decisions.

Hell, Jimbo’s a Master of Piss-Poor Business Decisions!!



He’s nothing but a Loyalist Snake-Oil Salesman.

Where was his self-righteous outrage when the Mud-Hole came to town?  Where was he during the Civil War that followed?  Where was he when we PROVED Siebert was a conman and HIS Loyalist City Council gave him a wheel-barrow filled with taxpayer moola any-damn-way?  Did he devote ANY ink to this story?

Where was he when Clay and Little Timmy Jones decided to expand the Hospital when voters said NO?

I’ve been hearing about water and sewer problems for twenty-damn-years!  What has the Pied Piper Pipsqueak done to solve these “infra-structure” problems he whines about now?

A prospective lawyer just called and I need to email him some documents . . . BUT I WILL RETURN TO THIS STORY LATER AFTER I DO MY THING AND GET MY SECOND WIND!!

This Tea-Cup Chihuahua won’t get away with his self-righteous horse-cacca.


9-4-2014 -- 2:28 PM

I received this in the mail yesterday.

Perhaps judge Hofmann, DA Mizzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz Ahlschwede, Assistant DA Mr. Lupton, County Attorney Mark Marshall, County judge Danny ‘Boy Neal, Clay “Shuck and Duck” Jones, Little “Waaaah-Waaaah” Timmy Jones, Morticia, Kathi “He’s the ONLY Reason I can’t get and keep a job” Masonheimer, Pope John Paul Brendan Weatherman, Lapdog Missi Davis, and EVERY Loyalist should check this out!!

I’ll fight until my dying breath to protect my Freedom of Speech Rights.

By the way, Ms. Masonheimer, why did you move to your last job . . . from the place you moved to from Brady?

Whose fault is it that you HAD to move this time?  After all . . . nothing is EVER your fault!!  You had EVERY right to call the folks who disagreed with your ELITE take on things CAVE People, right?  “Citizens Against Virtually Everything!”

Nice attitude for a Chamber of Commerce and EDC Director.

You had a gazillion citizens after you before I even joined the mix.

Perhaps you just ain’t very good at your job!!

You started this last furball . . . just as you did the first one . . . let’s see how it’ll eventually taste to you.


All of you folks are messing with the wrong sumbitch!!