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4-5-2014 -- 4:57 PM


The Heart of Texas Healthcare System

Was Legally Formed on November 17, 2010, right?

So why did Clay and Tim Jones have our State Representative Sheffield

Change the Hospital Crapola Giving our Local Crooks the Right

To Lease out our Hospital with an effective date of September 1, 2013?


Did they get the horse before the cart?

Did they finally realize they weren’t doing something right?  And had Sheffield clean up their BS for them?

Here is the Certificate of Formation filed with the Secretary of State’s Office.

Here is H.B. 1920 . . . which gave the Hospital Big Dogs and Big Shots the right to do whatever in hell they wanted to do.


Now . . . let’s discuss each one of these individually . . .


Certificate of Formation

It clearly states on Page 1 when the Corporation was formed.

Tim Jones is just as clearly assigned to be the King of All Things . . . later to be joined by Queen Morticia.

It shows who all the INITIAL Board of Directors was.

Next . . . on Page 2 . . . it states HOTHS was formed for the “benefit of” the Heart of Texas Memorial Hospital.

Oh really?  Is that why the citizens were allowed to vote for this boondoggle?  Because it was a BENEFIT to us?  Oh yeah . . . we didn’t get to vote for this.  And just how in the hell has it benefited us?

The citizens voted not to build a new hospital.  THESE JACKALS DID IT ANYWAY!!!!!

Ain’t sub-section “A” cute?

“B” says they can’t carry on any PROPAGANDA!  Ain’t that rich?  So . . . just why has Tim Jones been telling everyone in town that I’m crazy and DANGEROUS?  Why did he post a Wanted Poster of me?  Why has that jackass been lying out every orifice he has about me?

If that ain’t Propaganda . . . what is it?

The Prick is nothing but a lying Propaganda Pole.

Lastly . . . if these jack-wagons are doing nothing wrong . . . WHY DID THEY HAVE SHEFFIELD PUSH THIS DAMN THRU?

How did they get it pushed thru?

Clay Jones asked that it be done . . . that’s all.


H.B. 1920

Check Section “F.”

Our damn BOARD doesn’t give a Dante’s Damn about us citizens . . . that’s why THEY have empowered themselves to lease out or give away our County Assets without our knowledge!

I guarantee that MOST of us Citizens thought all this lease BS was handed down because the story flying around town was because Shannon was gonna lease our Hospital . . . as Clay and Tim Jones wanted us to think until they could grab control.

Some of you think this Board does give a damn about what we think.  If so, why do they hide their elections?  And when their Board Meetings are?  And who’s up for reelection?

They believe they’re Hospital Potentates and you and I are just here to do their bidding without any questions asked.

Well . . . I for one ain’t no damn serf.

I’ll hold these folks accountable . . . no matter how long it takes.


I’ve proven they jumped the gun by at least two years.

Corrupt?  Thy name is Clay and Tim Jones.

I wonder which one leads when they dance?


So . . . do y’all still trust these folks?