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*** No matter what you might think . . . I’ve never physically threatened anyone.  I’m passionate about my causes and I sometimes use Literary Hyperbole to make my point.  If you tend to be a candy-ass Coward, afraid of every-damn-thing . . . perhaps this website is not for sensitive panty-waists like you.

I have NEVER and will NEVER physically threaten anyone.  If you think otherwise . . . don’t read this website.  This tends to be an R-Rated website . . . and it ain’t for the faint-hearted.  It’s for mature grownups who don’t wet the bed at night.

In memoriam . . . Paulette Savage and Pat Davis.  Our friends . . . gone far too quickly.


7-29-2014 -- 11:41 AM

I hear some guy from Iowa named Steve is having the same problems with Ben Siebert as we did.  Ben’s the Mudualistic Wonder Boy that our Silly Council and Mayor at the time fell into lust with!

WE TOLD Y’ALL SO BUT Y’ALL WOULDN’T LISTEN!!!  Missi, Kathi, and Brendan.  Now the guy’s out there doing his conman stuff in other communities.

Why don’t y’all pat yourselves on the back??

Siebert’s a proven conman . . . THAT’s why I took on Brendan Weatherman, Missi Davis, and Kathy Masonheimer.  They wouldn’t listen to ANYTHING ANYONE had to say and wasted about $500,000 on a damn conman.

I can’t believe they wanna regurgitate all this . . . but they obviously do.

I have to tell the TRUTH to counter their perjured testimony.

Brendan obviously doesn’t wanna talk about his lies . . . so I’ll use every legal maneuver I can come up with to hold him accountable and to affect his finances as he’s affected mine.  I’ve purposefully stayed away from this in the past because it would hurt people personally and would adversely affect their families.

Brendan obviously doesn’t give a damn about my family.  He’s trying to send me to jail for NOTHING!!  I suspect him and his Bosom Buddy, Tim Jones, concocted this scheme together . . . now they’ll reap the whirlwind they created.

Kathi Masonheimer . . . the Chief Drama Queen . . . even belittled my granddaughters.  You, Kathi, came over to my house to whine to me that I exposed your daughter as “being a cheerleader.”  I thought it was a compliment.


You are one vicious, ill-tempered Viper . . . and I’ll never forget your actions.  I’ll soon be posting EVERYTHING I EVER wrote about you.  We’ll let We the People decide if I ever threatened you.

Your husband’s main complaint was that EVERY time I mentioned your name it was searchable on Google.  Every legal action will now be exercised.  You might even become infamous.

I’ll even get statements from others who knew you were doing a piss-poor job.  You conveniently left them out in your perjures diatribe.  Do you even know what the definition of the TRUTH is?  You’re about to be taught the meaning of the word.

There’s a reason you can’t hold a job, Kathi.  It’s not my fault.  You try to put the blame on anyone else but yourself.  You’re evil and vindictive.  We just pointed it out.  Others now know you for the shrew you are.

I’ll see you in court again and again and again.

I’ll be talking about all of this crapola in SPECIFIC detail later but almost any of y’all are welcome to get copies of my archives and make up your own minds.

No Loyalists Allowed!  LOL.


7-28-2014 -- 12:01 PM

How did a Political Pissing Contest . . .
And . . .
A Personal Vendetta . . .
Turn into a 272 Day Jail Sentence for me?

That’s the Brady Way.


They’ve always intimidated the Rebel Rousers into silence in the past.  I can’t be intimidated.

Those folks that We the People took down all got together and discussed and organized all their lies so their testimony would be the same.

The Prosecutors gladly let this happen.

The Judge let this happen.

Sadly, me and my defense team let this happen.

But that’s okay.


Did they honestly think I would take these affronts to my Constitutional Rights . . . and then limp off like a whupped dog?


They ain’t learned nada about me.

Here’s what probably started this perjures campaign . . .

Tim Jones first tried to intimidate me into quitting writing at the March 5, 2013 Pep Rally for his Boy-Toy Brendan Weatherman.

I didn’t blink.

Mark Marshall tried to get me to plea-bargain away my First Amendment Rights in the Fall of 2013.

I didn’t blink.

THAT’S probably when this all started.

Tim probably bragged to his Boy-Toy and his Sweetie Pie that HE COULD TAKE ME DOWN!!

He probably thinks he’s been successful at doing that.

He’s wrong.

By the way . . . what would his and his Sweetie Pie’s Love Child look like?



To those of you “Leave or Die” folks . . . Y’all should look down my website to the “Kiss My Tush” Photo I posted for Tim and Clay and pick out an X of your own, then plant your lips and enjoy the experience.

I’m not afraid of y’all.

I’m not afraid of anything or anyone in Brady.

Try whatever y’all think you’re man enough to do.

Hell, we can even make an appointment to meet.

I’ll be waiting.


7-27-2014 -- 9:00 AM

Protests & Boycotts

My stance on this has always been the same . . . all of this depends on how many We the People folks work at any company or organization we “might” wanna protest or boycott.

This includes the We the People folks who think I’m the Devil and/or are salivating about the thought of me going to jail.


In this instance . . . the definition of We the People would include anyone and everyone who is TRULY working for a living.

I just don’t wanna be a part of anything that might turn out to hurt those we profess to be working for.

But I appreciate your concerns and well-wishes.

We can discuss these issues again in the future.


On the other hand . . . small insurance companies are fair game.


Y’all know where I’m going with this.

Brendan Weatherman is fair game.  So is his business.  Officially called Texas Farm Bureau Mutual Insurance Company . . . but locally just called Farm Bureau.

He’s lied his ass off.  His lies were, in my opinion, the most damaging “testimony” at my trial.


He was “supposedly” on vacation yet, somehow, his testimony was STILL allowed to be entered at my trial . . . through his Drama Queens testimony.

Has anyone ever heard of HEARSAY?????????????

I guess not.

Some will say his comments weren’t HEARSAY because he “supposedly” told each of the witnesses what happened when he and I met on 3-3-2013.

How convenient.

But the facts are we didn’t have a chance to confront him about his lies . . . yet his testimony was allowed.

Was that fair?


People tell me that his mother was at my trial.

I won’t mention her by name.  I believe she should still belong in the INNOCENT category . . . which is those non-public officials involved in a Political Pissing Contest.

But those of you who know her should ask her this question . . . Did she confront me in the parking lot at a Silly Council Meeting, screaming at me “How dare you threaten my son with a gun!!  How dare you threaten my son with a gun!!  How dare you threaten my son with a gun!!??????????????”

I’ve got 10 or 12 witnesses who heard this tirade.

But she then called me that very SAME night and apologized and took back what she’d said . . . saying she was a “Christian woman and she shouldn’t have acted like that.”

If she denies either part of my claims . . . I’ll produce the witness statements and, perhaps, a phone recording.



One always has to save a few hole cards and I don’t wanna play ‘em against an Innocent unless I’m forced to.

Depending on her answers . . . I’ll prove my case in such a way that no one can argue about who’s lying.


I would do the very same thing . . . probably even in a more vehement manner if someone tried to take on my granddaughters.

The facts are clear . . . Brendan lied to his mother and everyone else!


He lied to send me to jail.

I’ll tell the truth to show him to be the scoundrel he is.

If Brendan wants to talk before this Boycotting and Protesting takes place . . . I’m available just about any time.

But I won’t meet with him alone this time.  AND I WILL RECORD THIS SESSION!!

He won’t be able to lie this time.  It won’t be a “he said -- he said” argument.

At the end of this month, if he doesn’t wanna talk, it’ll be a legal form of Open Season on him and the other liars.

Did you perjurers REALLY believe I would silently retreat from your lying onslaught . . . with my tail between my legs?

It seems y’all learned nothing after We the People kicked your Political Asses the first time.

Trust me, y’all will remember the Legal Thrashing that’s headed your way.


7-27-2014 -- 7:58 AM

Down Goes Clay!
Down Goes Clay!
Down Goes Clay!


I hear folks are quitting right and left at ‘ol Clay’s Bank.

All the top management is already gone . . . poor Clay is the ONLY Senior Manager left . . . and, since he inherited his title and his percentage of ownership, he’s failing miserably because he has absolutely NO IDEA how to run a bank.

He’s never REALLY worked a day of his life at a bank.  He was silver-spooned into a leadership role.

These troubles couldn’t happen to a nicer fellow.


7-26-2014 -- 1:31 PM

Is Donating to TPSG and PAWS a Crime?

Evidently . . . it is.

Steve Lupton, the assistant DA, tried to hammer me on who or what I donated to.


Because my lawyer was court-appointed and I’d promised to appeal my case until we get a decision of my liking.

Evidently, Ms. Ahlschwede, Mr. Lupton, and Judge Hoffman felt like my donating money over 15 MONTHS AGO somehow proved I had money when I plain-ass don’t.

Several Loyalists have been asking around town about how I bonded out when I was broke.

I put it on my VISA Card.  A debt I have no idea how I’ll pay off.  I’ve been using it to pay for my battles with Clay Jones, Tim Jones, and Morticia.

I probably owe close to $10,000 and I ain’t got a clue how I’ll pay it off.


But this battle has to be won!

And I’ll take any LEGAL maneuver available to me to win it.

And they’ve also been asking why I bonded out when I said in court that I wouldn’t.

I’ve NEVER had a family of my own.

The most powerful force I’ve ever faced is two sad granddaughters.

I was about to be sent to another jail and my granddaughters, along with some concerned friends, convinced me to bond out.

My granddaughters have me wrapped around their little fingers.


What did my donations have to do with Criminal Trespassing in the first damn place?

I ain’t got a clue.

I believe it was just an attempt to convince the jury that I was some kind of scumbag.

Hell, LOL, from the Loyalist side of the equation I am a SCUMBAG and that’s okay.  They have the ABSOLUTE RIGHT to believe what they will.

Evidently, I don’t have those same rights.

Judge Hoffman even hammered me at his sentencing diatribe about money . . . WHEN IT WAS HE WHO KEPT AFTER ME ABOUT GETTING A COURT-APPOINTED LAWYER!!

But I’m shameless . . . and I’ll tell y’all the truth.

The moola I donated was the last of an $80,000 inheritance I received when my Beloved Sister died.  Some of y’all know her . . . Mary Locker.

I’ll even dig up the documents proving this if Mr. Lupton or Judge Hoffman wish.  Then, I’ll post ‘em here.

I just this second checked my banking records . . . I have $479.37 in my checking account . . . and I have to pay $357.71 to State Farm by August 8th and I found out in court . . . or I was reminded in court . . . that I owe my lawyer $300.

Yup . . . I’m living on Easy Street!

But I will NEVER give up this fight.  I can still sell my house if need be.

If Mr. Lupton and Judge Hoffman want me to, I’ll write them or the court a $479.37 check right now.

I’ve made a lotta money in my lifetime . . . but I’ve given it all away.

Did I squander it?

Perhaps.  According to the Loyalist Ways, I probably did.

But I just can’t see causes I agree with or people down on their luck suffer when I have one dollar to my name.

Yes, I’ve also helped local families and individuals, mainly to pay their outrageous utility bills.

I’ve never spoken of this because if you brag of such things . . . you’re not helping them in the manner God wants us to help each other.

I’m sure Mr. Lupton and Judge Hoffman don’t believe these comments . . . and that’s just plain tough!

I don’t give a damn what they believe!!  My conscience is clear.

If they want my money, all they have to do is call me or email me.


Before I go any farther . . . I wanna say a mutual friend of Steve Lupton’s and mine trusts him and really likes him.  This mutual friend thinks he’s a good guy.

Thus I’ll try to never disparage Mr. Lupton’s character.  I don’t believe anything I wrote above does so.  I believe his courtroom tactics were unfair . . . but he wanted to win his case . . . as is his job.

We also supported Judge Rob Hoffman and Tonya Spaeth Ahlschwede for reelection.

Would I do the same at this moment?

Hell no!

Hell no!


But I probably would in a week or so.


They’re both tough on criminals and they both think I’m a criminal.

I want our District Attorney and Judge to be tough on criminals.

I just believe I got caught in the cross-hairs because EVERY ONE of the witnesses perjured themselves . . . with the exception of “maybe” Police Chief Derrick.  His testimony was littered with lies . . . I just don’t believe they were of his making.  He simply believed the lies told him.

These perjurers will be dealt with later in any legal setting I can find to hold them accountable.  They are nothing but Political Hacks and Big Dog tush-kissers who got their asses kicked by We the People and, obviously, they think I led the charge.


I did my best . . . and I’ll continue to do my best.


Let’s talk about Kathi Masonheimer for a second.  It was her testimony that I threatened her and her family so much that they had to leave town.

Hey, Kathi, what about the 10 to 12 others who were after you before I even entered the fray?

Did I also scare you out of Killeen?

You moved from here to Killeen, yes?

Now you’re in Lampassas, right?

In less than, or a little more than, ONE YEAR!!

Am I responsible for that as well?

And why did the Midland job really, really fall through for you?

I’ve heard they did a background check on you and rescinded the job offer . . . so, jobless, you had to scamper back to Brady with your tail between your legs.

In the Weekly Wipe, not a reputable NEWSpaper by any stretch of any imagination, it was reported that Morticia’s husband . . . Bill Derrick . . . supposedly the President of some organization no one has ever heard of . . . “supposedly” begged you to come back to Brady.

That’s complete BS and you know it!

If you like, I’ll research all of this and provide the documents to PROVE my statements.  I’ll even check with the Midland folks.

I’ll probably have to do this anyway before we face each other in court again.

But I’ll do it now if you wish.

I’ve also heard your “revised” history version of events where you’ve said you really didn’t RESIGN from your position in Brady.

I believe THIS debunks your claims and also proves you and the truth aren’t usually mentioned in the same sentence.

Is that NOT your signature?  Or did someone forge your resignation letter?

I’ll also get statements from anyone and everyone who think you did a bad job here.

Look, I don’t wanna pile-on when you’re down . . . but you perjured yourself and you know it . . . just so you could get even with ALL the folks who you think did you wrong.

I was just the figure-head of your venting.

You say you had nothing to do with Mudualistic, huh?

Who started calling the detractors of this project the CAVE people . . . Citizens Against Virtually Everything?

Wasn’t it you who coined that term?

Not a good thing for our Chamber of Commerce Queen and our EDC Grand Pooh-Bah to say.


And you and your Loyalist Compadres expected them to just take it because that’s what has ALWAYS happened in the past.

Didn’t you even take out a newspaper ad in the Weekly Wipe before May of 2013’s Election . . . pushing for an agenda that the Rebels vehemently opposed?

How’d that work out for you?

Here are the election results for you and Judge Hoffman.


For the record, Judge Hoffman, I didn’t say 75% of the people in Brady were supporters of mine . . . or if I did I misspoke.  I “believe” I said Brady residents were 3 - 1 . . . Rebels to Loyalists.  Please read the voting results and you’ll see, for the most part, I was just about right.

You, sir, were lied to in the entire trial.  I’ll eventually prove it.

I await your apology.

I believe I should also tell you of some of the scuttle-butt going around Brady now.

A few folks are saying you met with Danny Neal for about 45 minutes before the sentencing phase of my trial.

I don’t know if that’s true . . . and I don’t particularly care.

I DO NOT PERSONALLY BELIEVE IT AFFECTED YOUR DECISION IN THE LEAST!  I trusted you before the trial.  I’ll probably trust you again in a week or so.

I’m just telling you what folks are saying.

But I did NOT get a fair trial and I’ll prove it sometime in the near future.

I’ve never lied in court . . . and that’s ALL others did.


Back to Kathi.

EVERY item you supported in the election was beat in a landslide.

You and the Loyalists were kicked in the booty for the first time in Brady’s history.

And that still doesn’t sit well with you and your Loyalist Elitists . . . so y’all are now trying to thrash anyone who opposed and still opposes y’all . . . as has been the Loyalist MO for nearly 150 years.

By the way . . . do you think it’s proper for a small town Chamber of Commerce to get so personally involved in an election?

I could see you getting involved in topics that AFFECTED the Chamber . . . but did everything on the Voting List involve the Chamber?


But you Loyalists don’t care about such things.

I can’t believe you want to regurgitate all these things . . . but the choice was yours and you’ve made it.

You were about to lose your job . . . so you moved to Killeen.

It’s as simple as that.

If you wanna waste months or years of your life, trying to change history about YOUR character flaws . . . that’s your right.

I promise to be there with you EVERY step of the way!!


7-25-2014 -- 5:37 PM

Thanks for all the kind emails and phone calls I’ve received today.

I even appreciate the three calls I received from Gloating Loyalists.  LOL.  That’s what I’m fighting for . . . believe it or not . . . your rights to blast me as you did.  Of course, I would appreciate it if y’all gave me your names but that seems to be the Loyalist Way . . . to only fire away from long distance.

But . . . I’ve made myself a Public Figure . . . whether I like it or not.  The FIRST AMENDMENT gives you Loyalists the right to pretty much blast me at will.

I won’t whine about it like Morticia, Tim, Susan Jolliff, or Clay Jones.

I’ll accept it as your right . . . AS WE ALL SHOULD . . . and I’ll just go my merry way.


To those of you who have told me you want to ALSO start taking on the Hospital and the Three Stooges . . . Tom Swearingen and I talked today and we decided pretty much that we’d share ANY and ALL of our research with ANYONE who wants copies of it.

So long as you do likewise.  This is important to me because my ultimate aim is to sue ANYONE and EVERYONE who has wronged me in my pursuit of protecting my First Amendment Rights.  This definitely includes all the perjures witnesses from my trial.

I “believe” I own the right to our research since it’s part of my Case File . . . but I won’t part with ANY of it unless Tom and I agree about releasing it.

This, however, does not apply to any Loyalist enablers.  LOL.



Nope, we don’t agree all the time.  And we sometimes have heated exchanges at times.  But we always work it out.

If you need a PI . . . Tom Swearingen should be your man.


7-25-2014 -- 3:33 PM

Banned Again!!

Well . . . Boo-the-frickin-hoo . . . I’ve been banned from another business in Brady.  I “think” this is the fourth or fifth business I’ve been banned from for fighting for my Constitutional Rights.

Brady Dental Group . . . Susan Jolliff, Esquire, doesn’t want my business any longer.

Go here to see the letter I received in today’s mail.

I guess I’m one of those folks who made it impossible for her, Morticia, and Timmy to do their wasteful duties at the EDC.  Because the “political atmosphere” is so bad they can’t stand it.


I always liked Mrs. Jolliff . . . but, obviously, the feeling wasn’t mutual.

I suspect if you don’t feed at the same political trough as the Loyalists . . . or kneel and kiss their rings when they enter a room . . . they’ll just banish you into oblivion.

Hey, Susan . . . I can’t be intimidated.  Perhaps you’d best tell that to your little Loyalist Clique.  I hear they’ve been celebrating the past few days since I became the Kamikaze Konvict.

This legal battle is far, far from being over.

You might also wanna remember that there’s a lot more of us pesky Rebels around than there is you Loyalist Elitists.  You might be hurting your own business.


I’ll never stop fighting them!!

For those Elitist Eggheads who have never heard of the First Amendment, here she be.  Y’all might want your children to read it to you and explain it since there’s so many words over four letters long.

Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.


7-25-2014 -- 10:41 AM

McCulloch County Hospital District


Crane Nursing and Rehabilitation Center

Reporting still alive from Brady-chukistan, USSR . . . The Village Idiot aka Kamikaze the Konvict

See this Document.

And this one.

And this one.

And this one.

Those are just four of MANY items that prove OUR tax dollars were used to buy the Crane Nursing and Rehabilitation Center.

Was there any public discussion about this?

Why is Tim Jones signing the paperwork as the McCulloch County Hospital District Representative.  He said, UNDER OATH, at my trial, that he didn’t work for the District.

I’m sure he just misspoke.  Now . . . ‘ol Timmy wouldn’t lie under oath . . . would he?

How many of you have heard about this?


7-24-2014 -- 9:00 PM



My Granddaughters’ and some friends talked me into Bonding out.

They were gonna move me to Burnet and that didn’t fly with my Granddaughters.

I can’t talk about what’s happened much until I’m 100% certain that my Gag Order has been lifted.

But I will tell Morticia, Tim, and Marilyn that I’m sorry they didn’t get to see me led away in handcuffs . . . after them waiting so long to see it.  As is their fraidy-cat MO . . . they stood in the courthouse and peeked out a window.

I do congratulate them on winning the FIRST INNING . . . OF THE FIRST GAME!!

This is a seven game series . . . and we’re only 1/63rd through with it.

They are currently ahead . . . but I’m a purty damn good closer.

Besides, I’ll see them again many, many times in various legal arenas.

That is not a THREAT, TIMMY!


But who knows what a threat is in Brady anymore?  If someone like the cowardly Tim Jones gets to define the term, we’re all in trouble.


7-22-2014 -- 7:02 PM