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12-7-2014 -- 2:03 PM


Kathi Masonheimer . . .
The Perjuresse Who Keeps on Giving!


It’s only right that I comment on her on this date . . . when the Japanese, while “supposedly” negotiating with the U.S. in Washington, performed a sneak attack on us at Pearl Harbor 73 years ago.

Mizzzzzzzzzzzz Masonheimer is spun from the same cloth.

But now she tries to pick on teenagers.

But the wrong damn teenager this time.

My granddaughter!!

Her and her husband came to my home one time to complain that I mentioned that their daughter was a cheerleader.  I didn’t denigrate the child.  In fact, I thought the comment was rather complimentary . . . but Mizzzzzzzzzzzz Masonheimer and her husband took great offense to my comment.

I’ve never purposefully done anything to hurt a child so I deleted the reference.

Her husband is a basketball coach at Lometa.  They were playing Rochelle Friday.  My granddaughter and Mizzzzzzzzzzzz Masonheimer happened to cross paths where Mizzzzzzzzzzzz Masonheimer’s cattiness claws came out.

But she learned that picking on my granddaughter was the wrong move.

My little Wolverine loves her ‘ol grandfather and she handed Mizzzzzzzzzzzz Masonheimer’s ass to her on a silver platter.

Knowing she couldn’t handle her, Mizzzzzzzzzzzz Masonheimer complained to the Lometa Principal who complained to the Rochelle Superintendent.

The cowardly move only made Rochelle’s Super laugh.

But I only ask Mizzzzzzzzzzzz Masonheimer to remember this . . . about how irate she and her husband were when they came to my house.

I did nothing to their child . . . yet Mizzzzzzzzzzzz Masonheimer decides she can try to verbally abuse mine.

But mine fought right back and stood her ground.

I’ll soon see you in Court, Kathi.  Probably many times.

Here’s a copy of her latest Bio.

Remember, according to her perjurous testimony at my trial, I FORCED her to leave somewhere around April, 2013.  She moved to Killeen.

But she lasted there about a year before she moved to Lampasas in March, 2014.

Did I force her to leave Killeen as well?


I will not forgive her for harassing my granddaughter.  And I damn sure won’t forget it.

She perjured herself to convict me and try to send me to jail.

Perhaps the Lampasas folks would REALLY like to know the TRUE character of their employee.