Gary Ray
Chief Bitcher
2103 S. Pine Street
Brady, TX  76825
(325) 597-0045


*** No matter what you might think . . . I’ve never physically threatened anyone. I’m passionate about my causes and I sometimes use Literary Hyperbole to make my point. If you tend to be a candy-ass Coward, afraid of every-damn-thing . . . perhaps this website is not for sensitive panty-waists like you.

I have NEVER and will NEVER physically threaten anyone. If you think otherwise . . . don’t read this website. This tends to be an R-Rated website . . . and it ain’t for the faint-hearted. It’s for mature grownups who don’t wet the bed at night.


2-8-2016 -- 1:17 PM

How Does One Get “Selected” to be a Chamber Douche-Bag of the Year?

If I understand the process correctly, any Brady citizen can nominate anyone for an award.  They simply give the name and WHY they believe this person deserves an award.

Then the following Chamber Big Weenies vote for the award.


Executive Committee
Chair: Michael Cook,
Vice Chair: Tyler Williams,
Treasurer: Brendan Weatherman
Immediate Past Chair: Cory Howard

Amy Christie,
Cheryl Copeland,

Missi Davis,

Taylor Hoffpauir,

Cheryl Kubacak,
JT Owens,
Jenny Powell,
Jason Valdez,

Ex-Officio Peter Lamont

I tend to have a long memory, but I’ll give y’all the first opportunity to critique this list of Loyalist Cult Members.  I don’t know most of them but what I do know about a few of them makes the entire list suspect to me.

If you wanna see which scumbags won an award . . . go here.  Tim Jones appears to be getting as fat as moi. LOL.

It’s quite easy to see why our community isn’t growing.  Silly me . . . I always thought a Chamber of Commerce should be apolitical . . . when ours is deluged and drowning in Loyalist Cult politics.


2-5-2016 -- 1:03 PM

Letter from Bill Neslage to our “Citizen of the Year”


January 22, 2016

Publisher of Brady Standard Herald
201 S. Bridge Street
Brady, Texas 76825

Re: Formal request for retraction and correction of false October 28, 2015, news story, plus November 4, 2015 articles' false and misleading statements

Dear Mr. Stewart:

On October 28, 2015, you published a front-page article in your newspaper, headlined "Forged letter prompts state official response." Subsequently, on November 4, 2015, you published another article in your newspaper, headlined "Candidate's attorney authored draft letter." In that same November 4th edition, you also published an editorial headlined "Oh, the tangled web Brady politicians weave."

The October 28th article was false and, in my view of the available facts, deliberately and maliciously so. You were aware of its falsity at the time of publication, and its falsity was made patently obvious in a letter from State Representative Richard Raymond to State Representative J. D. Sheffield, a copy of which was provided to you. The article was intended to, and did, harm my public reputation as a resident of McCulloch County and a candidate for election to the Board of Directors of the McCulloch County Hospital District. Election Day for that position was the first Tuesday after your October 28th publication of the false story, and the timing of your publication was calculated to adversely affect my candidacy.

Through this letter, I formally request that you publish forthwith a correction and retraction of your October 28th story. Your November 4th articles do not remotely constitute such a correction or retraction and, in fact, your correction and retraction should include a retraction of the November 4th articles' false statements.

The falsity in the October 28th published story was that a letter had been forged, purporting to be from Representative Raymond, concerning questions of whether the McCulloch hospital district was operating legally in certain respects. There was no forgery involved and you knew that at the time of the October 28th publication. As part of the false accusation which you published, you imputed that I, too, was connected with the effort (non-existent) of forging the supposed letter. (There actually wasn't even a letter, much less a "forged" one.) This intended imputation was plain from the context and timing of the article, when I had been publicly critical of the hospital district's actions, questioning their legality, and was running for the district's board. You intended for the public to take from your false article the meaning that I was part of some illegal action in connection with questioning the hospital district's operations.

Your later articles on November 4th, at best, only indirectly and in the most obscure way possible acknowledged the falsity of your October 28th article (if they can even be said to have acknowledged the falsity at all). You hedged it with still more inaccurate accusations and innuendo. You have never forthrightly and directly acknowledged in a published article in your paper that the October 28th article was false (as explained above), that it was intended to be false at the time of publication, and that it was intended to damage the reputation of (among others) me. You must publish a story forthwith, giving it the same prominence in the paper as the October 28th story, that retracts your October 28th article in its entirety and explicitly states that it was false as to me that I did not act improperly in any fashion whatever in connection with the events and matters discussed in the October 28th story. Plus, you must not include in the story any other topics or items other than express retractions of the false and misleading statements in your November 4th articles, too.

Bill Neslage
O. Box 1381
Brady, Texas 76825


Comments;  James Stewart, our “Citizen of the Year,” is still nothing but a Big Dog Butt-Kissing, Lying-Ass Scumbag.  The Chamber of Commerce be damned!   And many Brady citizens are, in fact, damning them.  GR


1-7-2016 -- 1:24 PM

Email . . .

My wife and I have been trying to prove that you’re a liar.  We have gone back six months and finally given up.  When you state something is a fact, you have been right.

And I hate that, you would call us Loyalists.

What really convinced us to write this email was your 12/31 comment about “suspicious” fires.  We thought we had you when you said James Stewart had not written anything about the fires but my wife checked back copies of the newspaper and she found nothing so I guess you were right.

Then on the front page of this weeks newspaper the title above a photo was “suspicious” fire, just like the title of your commentary.

We hate to admit it but we believe you deserve the credit for bringing the situation to the public and James finally had to get involved.

When we decided you weren’t a liar, just a crazy jackass who speaks his mind about anybody and every topic, we, ‘specially my wife, have gone back and read as many of your comments as we could find.

You’re right, this town stinks.

We run with the Loyalist crowd and believe it or not most of them are great people.  We have convinced a few of them that you are not the Devil but maybe just a sidekick of the Devil.

We have a few friends who work in city government, county government, and the hospital.

We’ll try to convince them to help you in your various quests.

For example -- we have heard that you have been asking about a young kid who overdosed on some OTC drugs from WalMart.  And that you want to know about what happened at the Emergency Room.

We have intimate knowledge about this and are willing to tell you what you want to know.

It will make you furious but someone must be held accountable for this.  The kid could have died.

My wife will call you this afternoon to set up the meeting.

we still don’t fully trust you but we do believe if anyone is able to change the stench in Brady it is you.




Well, well, I’m not a liar . . . but I am a jackass and the Devil’s sidekick.


But thank you for believing in me.  You’re right . . . I don’t care about having friends in Brady . . . and I’m not afraid of ANYONE in Brady . . . I just won’t be RULED and nor will anyone else here so long as I’ve got the breath to fight back.

The Big Dogs will eventually be taken down.

Thanks for the email and I await your wife’s call.


BTW . . . check out both photos of the fires.  It appears to me that the concrete is burning.  I’m no expert but I believe the ONLY way concrete will burn is if it has gas or something poured on it.

Arson?  You be the judge.


1-5-2016 -- 10:33 AM

Shoot the Messengers . . .
Wound the Sources . . .
So Others Will Ignore the Facts.


Such is Clay and Tim Jones’ creed.  Cowardly actions they have perfected over the past decade or so.

There is one vital ingredient missing in this equation . . . An agent to do their bidding.

In the situation I’ll be describing there are, in fact, two agents involved.

Marilyn Gendusa, City Council Member, and Kim Lenoir, City Manager.

All of this pertains to my 12/12 comments – where I allege and then prove with public record documents that Clay Jones, Tim Jones, Michele Derrick, and Dr. Vickers are trying to run off Lyle Daniel, Fire Chief, because he does what’s best for the patients in his duties and not what’s best for the Hospital’s bottom-line.

I’ve heard of no feedback or arguments where anyone questions the facts or my interpretations of these facts so the hospital crooks are trying to steamroll my sources to intimidate them into not giving me any facts in the future.

Marilyn Gendusa and Kim Lenoir are leading this charge.

Whether they know it or not questioning Lyle Daniel and others to see if they were my sources for the basis of this commentary is downright immoral and, some would say, an attempt to intimidate city employees into keeping their mouths shut.

Just like Tim Jones wants.

If Ms. Gendusa and Ms. Lenoir want to serve as the Private Investigators for the Hospital Crooks, perhaps they should resign their current positions and get on the Hospital Crooks’ payroll.

Ms. Gendusa and I have battled for years so there’s no explanation needed where she’s concerned. Although I must say I’m disappointed because in the last year or so she’s seemed to finally “get it.” With IT being she represents ALL the citizens of Brady and not just a select few. I’m hoping she just doesn’t realize what the results are of these type of actions . . . That some city employees get the hint that they’re not allowed to talk about city business with concerned citizens like me.

Now . . . Ms. Lenoir is another story.

Those of you who have been reading this website for awhile know that I’ve been a big supporter of Ms. Lenoir and her crew . . . Even calling them “rock stars” again and again. I’ve even said she’s the best city manager I’ve ever seen.

Until a few incidents occurred over the past few weeks.

1.  I tried to have a meeting with her before I wrote this commentary . . . But she wasn’t interested. Tim Jones can summon her to a meeting at the hospital . . . his home turf . . . And she drops everything she’s doing to not only attend the meeting herself but she also brings a covey of city employees with her . . . as though they didn’t have anything else to do but attend Timmy’s little meeting. All of this after the hospital crooks had done nothing but try to slime and slander Lyle Daniel and his staff.  This in itself shows she may have her priorities a bit mixed up.

2.  I tried helping a friend with a complaint she had against the city. Kim Lenoir knew I was trying to help this friend . . . But she tried to set a TRAP for my friend. She called my friend and set up a meeting at City Hall without calling me. My friend was smarter than Ms. Lenoir gave her credit for being. My friend called me and asked me if I’d go to the meeting with her. I did . . . knowing instantly, after walking into the room, that this was a legal trap set up by Ms. Lenoir. The city attorney, dressed in all his intimidating-splendor, along with Ms. Lenoir, were waiting for us like lions setting up an ambush. Both seemed surprised when they saw me. My belief that it was a trap was proven right after we sat down when the city attorney tried to push a document across the table to my friend saying “this is a Supreme Court decision that . . .” I slapped my hand on the document and interrupted him saying “I don’t care what the law says.  I’m just a right and wrong guy.” As you might guess tempers flared and the city attorney and I had a 30 min. pissing contest.

Did all of this happen because my friend was a relatively poor Hispanic female?

I claimed it was at the meeting.

Ms. Lenoir and the legal beagle, naturally, disagreed.

You can be the judge.

The moral of this story? Don’t attend any “meetings” arranged by Ms. Lenoir without any fiery backup like me on your side. Also . . . Remember the TRUTH is not your friend at these meetings. Ms. Lenoir, based on this one example, will use the truth against you and never divulge any information herself.

I initially thought this was a fact-finding meeting when it turned out to be nothing but a legal TRAP. So . . . I believe my initial impressions of her might’ve been wrong. I hope not because we need a “rock star” city manager.

3.  Then Ms. Lenoir served as Tim Jones’ private investigator . . . Although I don’t believe Tim Jones called her himself. I can’t believe Ms. Lenoir would be bamboozled like I believe Ms. Gendusa was.  I heard from three sources that Ms. Gendusa made her rounds then a few days later Ms. Lenoir did likewise . . . So I believe Ms. Gendusa whined to Ms. Lenoir which caused her to take the actions she did.  In fairness to Ms. Lenoir . . . she didn’t tell Mr. Daniel not to give me Public Record Documents I request in the future.  She just wants everything funneled through City Hall so she can micro-manage things in the future.


I just have to ask these questions . . .

Were the documents I referred to in my 12/12 commentary not Public Record Documents? If so, why are these two ladies trying to intimidate my sources?  Because Tim Jones wants everyone to be intimidated by him?  So concerned citizens like me can’t get at the truth?  So he can continue being a Crook with the immunity afforded him by actions similar to the ones I’ve described above?

I hope to hell I’m wrong about all of the above . . . That both of these ladies just made a mistake.

If not, 2016 will be a rough year for them and moi.  I don’t want to waste my time and energy taking them on . . . but I will.

By the way, despite the recommendations of the city attorney and city manager . . . the City Council ended up “doing the right thing” for my friend.


12-31-2015 -- 11:03 AM

“Suspicious” Fires

How many of you have heard of all the “suspicious” fires on the north side?

If my three sources are accurate, there’s been anywhere from 5 to 10 fires lately.

Am I claiming they’re all arson?  No.  I’m not a fire investigator.

But I do know that all kinds of officials, including the Texas Rangers, are investigating these fires.  This from two independent sources.

Funny, but James Stewart hasn’t written about this . . . that I know of.  I would think this would be newsworthy.

There’s a lot I would like to say about this . . . but I can’t for now.



12-30-2015 -- 7:06 PM

I just heard Sue Steelhammer passed away today.

When you hit your knees tonight, please offer up a prayer for her and her family.


12-30-2015 -- 2:42 PM

Timmy Jones Whines to the City Council, City Supervisors, City Janitor . . .
And Anyone Else Who’ll Listen to His Bleating Protests . . .
Like the Candy-Ass Sissy He Is.


As per his typical MO, Timmy Jones didn’t particularly like the comments on my 12/12 post.


Facts are not Timmy’s friend.

He rattled a lotta cages trying to figure out where I got the documents I linked to in my comments.  He didn’t argue that I was WRONG, he just wanted to know where in the hell I got my facts.

If you’re confused, please read my post again.

Timmy absolutely hates it when he’s confronted with the facts about his bullying tactics.

But he’ll learn, if he hasn’t already, that neither he nor Dr. Vickers can bully THIS City Council, for the most part.

Or Lyle Daniel.

Or anyone else from the Fire Department.

Mayor Tony Groves has their backs.

Does the City Manager Kim Lenoir have their backs?  The jury is still out.

The City Council has their backs – with maybe one exception.


I asked Lyle Daniel for these PUBLIC RECORDS!!

Following the law . . . he gave them to me.

Unlike Tim Jones . . . the cowardly and corrupt jackass.

Him, Clay, and Morticia set up this illegal Heart of Texas Healthcare System monstrosity so they could HIDE documents that should be Public Records.  They’re using it to shield them from public scrutiny.

They believe they’re above the law . . . that they don’t have to follow Public Record Requests or anything else that might upset their illegal and corrupt actions.

Timmy, you just think this Village Idiot was angry in the past.

My Beloved Mutt . . . Baby . . . died Christmas Day in my lap.  I’ve been on cruise control in the past because I ALWAYS wanted her to have a nice yard to play in.

She’s gone now . . . and my granddaughters are old enough to fend for themselves.

So . . . now . . . I don’t give a damn if I lose my house in our soon to be fiery legal battles.

I don’t care if your covey of lawyers take everything I have.

The ONLY way you can stop this onslaught is to kill me.

If y’all decide to go this route, I welcome your attempts.  I’m ready to meet my Maker.  Are you?

You and Clay are picking on the wrong sumbitch.  I’ve heard of the folks y’all have run outta town in the past.

Y’all will NEVER make me run!!



Happy New Year, Punk.

Enjoy it while you can . . . 2016 is the year where HELL starts to be your home.


12-14-2015 -- 3:50 PM

Who Will Our Next Sheriff Be?

Rumor has it that Danny Neal went to Clay Jones’ office to get his Master’s edict.

The way I heard it is John Stafford will resign tomorrow or later.  Otherwise, a special election would’ve had to be called to fill out his term if he’d resigned today or earlier.

Whoever is appointed, if Stafford does resign, will be the Loyalist Big Dogs’ choice for a permanent Sheriff.

Democracy at work in Brady, Texas.

All hail Horn Dog.


12-12-2015 -- 12:54 PM


Hospital Money Grubbers VS the Apolitical Life-Savers



I’m not sure when this high dollar meeting occurred but it was some time around two or three weeks ago. But I have to admit that the hospital money grubbers are slick characters. They offered to feed the city officials but, as they should’ve, I understand most of our LifeSavers didn’t eat the meal.  They were there on official business and they simply didn’t want this meeting to be construed by the public as a kum-ba-yah, hand-holding get together.

I do have a list of the attendees and that itself will tell y’all a lot.

The list . . .

Timmy Jones
Mona Sloan
Dr. Mayes
Dr. Vickers
Tonya Weatherman (my good friend Brendan’s honey bunch)
City Manager Kim Lenoir
Mayor Tony Groves
Fire Chief Lyle Daniel
Assistant Fire Chief William Sorry-I-don’t-know-his-last-name
San Angelo Medical Director Dr. Benham – he’s the ER expert who set up the protocols for Mr. Daniel and his crew to follow.
And a few INNOCENTS I didn’t wanna list.

What was this shindig all about?


Timmy, Morticia, and the ambulance traffic controller . . . Dr. Vickers . . . want ALL the ambulatory patients to be run through Brady’s money-churning machine . . . HOTHS’s ER . . . a former hospital . . . The patient’s health concerns be damned.

Thankfully . . . Kim Lenoir, Tony Groves, Lyle Daniel, and the other Fire Department managers didn’t give in to these intimidation techniques perfected by the Hospital Honchos over the past years.

Dr. Benham stuck to his guns, and protocols, and didn’t budge from the directions and procedures he’s set up for our local LifeSavers.

Now, I give y’all some details . . .

Some time, probably in July, 2014, Dr. Vickers filed a complaint with the Texas Department of State Health Services. I couldn’t find a copy of the complaint but you can tell from the notification of the complaint to Lyle Daniel what occurred.

You can see it here.

As you’ll read you’ll see the money grubbers want to get their financial hooks into every patient picked up by any ambulance.

All the money grubbers want is a financial piece of every patient pie.  Even if they can’t help the patient . . . they want to be the ones who send the patient elsewhere.  Gotta keep that financial meter churning.

Now here is Lyle Daniel’s reply.


This is one organized Mohican.

This fight wasn’t even close to being fair.

It was like a bunch of moneygrubbing rats trying to intimidate a king cobra.

Mr. Daniel answered every question with unemotional facts. You’d think by now the money grubbers would know that Mr. Daniel knows what in the hell he’s talking about and the Honchos should leave our public servant life savers alone.

I talked to several of them and they all said they’re under such enormous pressure every day that it’s hard to do their jobs. Several even talked about quitting. I believe some of them will . . . And all the blame should lie at the feet of Clay “Horn Dog” Jones, Timmy Jones, Morticia, and Dr. Vickers.

We’ve already lost some valuable life savers, another one put in his notice a few days ago and, based on my polling data, almost everyone of ‘em are putting out feelers for other jobs!


Do the Hospital Honchos give a damn?

Hell no!  They just want every penny they can get.

And what about the almost unbearable pressure the Hospital Honchos are continuing to put on our life savers on a daily basis?

What kind of animals are these Honchos?

Timmy Jones also puts the same kinda pressure on the Hospital employees.

Who in the hell would want to work for this Nazi bastard?

It makes him feel like a REAL man to intimidate people . . . because he’s been a candy-ass all his life and others have been kicking sand in his face all his life until Horn Dog hired him to cook the hospital’s books.

I belive, if it’s possible, the Mayor/City Council/or whoever should file a restraining order against these Hospital Pukes to keep them off the backs of our life savers.




I’m also tired of the Loyalists blaming us non-loyalists for the Hospital Honchos’ inability to bring in new doctors. I’ve talked to some of those in the know about this and all of them blame Timmy Jones and Dr. Vickers for this failure.

I’ve even talked to some folks who talked to the doctors who decided not to come here.  It was almost unanimous . . . none of them wanted to work for Horn Dog, Timmy, or Vickers.

Back to the story . . . LOL.

These Bozos can’t even keep up with their own damn rules.  Because they keep changing them so damn much to fit their money-grubbing attitudes.

Here’s an edict from Timmy hisself.  Check the line underlined.  He states that ALL trauma situations should be diverted from his hospital!!

Now he wants to see ALL the patients?  Ka-ching . . . ka-ching!


You can find Kim Lenoir’s and Tony Groves’ reply to the complaint here.

I only have one bone to pick with this reply. It states “many patients request transport to surrounding facilities where their specialists are staffed.”

Kim and Tony have to be diplomatic. I don’t.

People wanna be transported to other facilities because the local money-churning machine isn’t worth a pinch of goat do-do.

The powers that be have changed our “supposed” hospital into one big slot machine. If you get lucky, you might survive an ER visit. LOL.  If not . . .

Our Professional life savers even had to create this form to prove to the Hospital Honchos patients chose to go elsewhere.  They have to fill out paperwork rather than devoting 100% of their time to the patient because of the Honchos’ bullshit temper tantrums.

I’ve been to the local ER 3 or 4 times with friends or family over the years.





Who has the ultimate decision on what facility they wanna go to?

The patient if possible.

The patient’s parents if possible.


Not the money-handlers at Timmy Jones’ hospital.

If one of my granddaughters need emergency care, trust me, they ain’t going here.  They’re going to Llano or San Angelo.

Besides, the patients get better care from our trained and professional paramedics and EMTS than they do from Timmy Jones’ hospital in the first damn place.

The complaint was CLOSED on October 28, 2014. Go here.

So . . . Vickers complained and got his ass kicked.



The city officials MUST find a way to take the pressure off Mr. Daniel and his co-workers.

Hell, we elected the Mayor and City Council to take this kind of heat.

Not Lyle Daniel.  He’s got his hands full trying to put out fires and save lives.

My suggestion would be this . . . the Mayor should appoint one prominent city official . . . like Kim Lenoir . . . to field all the calls from the pathetic Hospital Honchos.  And from the ambulance crews.

Then . . . I’d ask Mr. Daniel and ALL of his co-workers to make notes when ANYONE from the hospital shows them ANY disrespect or tries to put pressure on them.

Then I’d send the Horn Dog and all the Honchos a terse memo stating the city’s new policies.

Basically it should cover this . . .



Personally I ask any city officials or life savers with a complaint to send or email me a copy of it.

I’ll protect your identity . . . and I damn sure won’t allow anyone to ignore your complaint or sweep it under the rug.





12-9-2015 -- 11:32 AM

Who doe$ our Fire Chief, Lyle Daniel, work for?

The City?
The County?
Any Loyali$t Big Dog or Big$hot who want$ to order him around?
Clay “Horn Dog” Jone$?
Timmy “At lea$t my girlfriend like$ me” Jone$?
Michelle “Morticia” Derrick?
Lonnie Vicker$, MD, E$quire, and ambulance traffic controller?

$ome will $ay Mr. Daniel work$ for all of the above.

Loyali$t$ will $ay Mr. Daniel work$ for everyone but the city.

The four name$ mentioned above will $ay he work$ for anyone they by God tell him to work for.

I $ay he work$ only for the city . . . Guided by the City Council . . . Managed by the city manager.

$o how can he be $ummoned like a lowly $erf to a meeting with the ho$pital honcho$?  $o they can bitch at him for not running every ambulatory patient through THEIR ho$pital and then they will tran$fer the patient to a REAL ho$pital if the patient ha$ anything wor$e than a hang-nail.

Thi$ i$ what I call Medicaid, Medicare, and per$onal in$urance$ fraud.

They either want to run all kind$ of diagno$tic$ or “allegedly” run the$e diagno$tic$ $o they can churn the bill up to an outrageou$ level.

I call that turn-$tyle economic$. Get the patient in, get them billed, and only then get them tran$ferred $o they can truly be helped.

Lyle Daniel doe$n’t work that way.

We were all wrong about who he work$ for . . . HE WORK$ FOR THE CITIZEN$ OF BRADY!!  HE WORK$ FOR HI$ PATIENT$.

He want$ hi$ patient$ to get the be$t medical care po$$ible. And if that pi$$e$ off Dr. Vicker$ or Timmy Jone$ . . . while that’$ not the outcome I believe he want$ . . . that’$ ju$t up to them.


By the way . . . why do the$e Big Dog$ get PRIVATE meeting$ and not PUBLIC one$?  City official$ were $ummoned to the ho$pital like $erf$ to a public hanging.  AND THEY DUTIFULLY WENT WHEN CALLED!

$houldn’t the public know what happen$ with their tax dollar$? In$tead of ju$t ki$$ing the a$$e$ of the Big Dog$ $houldn’t the City Council or city manager in$i$t that di$cu$$ion$ like thi$ be handled in a public arena in$tead of behind clo$ed door$?

I’ve heard the City Council i$ OVERWHELMINGLY $upportive of Mr. Daniel but the truth depend$ on their action$, not what’$ di$cu$$ed in public.  THEY $HOULD OPENLY AND PUBLICLY $UPPORT Mr. DANIEL.  The politic$ in Brady ha$ already forced $ome firefighter$ to leave their job$.  There will be a big announcement $oon.  And the Ho$pital Honcho$ will be re$pon$ible for it.

To me there $hould be no di$cu$$ion about thi$. If the patient$ aren’t everyone’$ main priority, then why in the hell do we have an ambulance $ervice in the fir$t place?

The ho$pital folk$ wanna churn moola . . . and it $eem$ medical care i$ not their fir$t priority.

Lyle Daniel want$ hi$ patient$ to get the BE$T medical care po$$ible.

The Ho$pital Honcho$ are trying to run Lyle Daniel off . . . or to get him fired becau$e he won’t play ball according to their rule$.

Thi$ WILL happen if the City Official$ don’t $tand up for him.

I’m going to make thi$ a “$erial” commentary and I’ll di$cu$$ thi$ meeting in detail later.

$o . . . who doe$  Lyle Daniel REALLY work for?


11-16-2015 -- 11:12 AM


Wendy Baird Jones

October 21 at 9:57am · Edited · 

McCulloch County Residents please please take the time to go VOTE this week or next. Some of us are so used to not being able to vote on much because we live out of the City limits, but this time your voices can be heard. Our hospital is one of the best run assets in this town so let's keep it this way so our town can prosper!!!!!! The two candidates with the most votes will be elected or reelected to our Hospital board! Please go VOTE !!!! If you haven't really kept up with all the great things going on at our hospital like the lowest hospital taxes in West Texas, please PM me or give me a call and I'll be glad to tell you who I voted for and give you an ear full about the two candidates that you shouldn't vote for!!!!!!!

This is really hilarious coming from Wendy “Stand by your serial, skirt-chasing man because he’s rich” Jones.

AKA “Stand by your Daughter at all costs.”  Even if she lies on her National Honor Society form and isn’t anointed to the NHS because she’s Clay and Wendy’s spoiled-ass daughter.

Wendy and Clay even got a popular Principal fired because he refused to be their toady.

Then Clay got me convicted on a trumped-up charge while Wendy and her Loyalist Hens . . . including the Princess Jones . . . sat in the back of the courtroom and cheered on their fellow Hens while they perjured themselves to get me convicted.

Yup . . . a lotta folks listen to Clay, Wendy, Jimbo, and Holly.

That’s what cultist folks do.

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Nancy Lane We're with you Wendy 

Woo-Hool  Nancy Lane is “with” Wendy!!

Onward Cultist Soldiers . . . marching on to War!!

1 · October 21 at 12:22pm


Angie Turner Could not agree more!!!

Angie, “Little Timmy’s” new Squeeze is the Standard Bearer of this Crazy-ass Army!!

2 · October 21 at 12:37pm


Connie Jones Absolutely right on!!

Another Cultist serf.

2 · October 21 at 12:41pm


JoAnn McDonald Randall Anyone with a brain and common sense of decency knows to NOT vote for either Bill Neslage or Gary Sutton. The hate and lies they and camp followers have spread over the past few years has torn the town apart. The other three contenders are all good, solid people, generous with their time and talent, and will do a great job helping guide the hospital in the years ahead.

So . . . you too are calling ALL of us non-cultists morons, huh?

Clay Jones has NEVER accomplished ANYTHING on his own.  And you think what?  That he’s some kinda MENSA member?


3 · October 21 at 2:36pm


Nancy Lane How can we share this message. You said it girl.

Sister Nancy continues to be a cheerleader.


3 · October 21 at 2:58pm


Nancy Lane Every bodies friends list can't be this same. Share this post with all your friends. 

Or fellow cultist members.

October 21 at 3:01pm


Teresa Johnson Nesledge and Sutton are not educated enough to be on the Hospital Board. For Mr Sutton to say that the Hospital is involved in illegally leasing a Nursing Facility is nothing but an uneducated person who knows nothing about running a Hospital and maint...See More

I guess, along with Clay, you’re a MENSA member as well, huh?

I suspect you couldn’t score in double-digits on ANY kind of IQ scale.

3 · October 21 at 8:43pm · Edited


Nancy Lane You go girl. Right on. !!!


“Right on?”  LOL.  Were you the blond chick on “Laugh-In” a hundred years ago?

1 · October 21 at 8:25pm


Mickey Boswell Yea Wendy! Bill Boswell would be so proud of the previous comments! Right on JoAnn Randall!

1 · October 22 at 5:23pm


Charla Carrithers Way to phrase it Wendy!Yes, voted and could not agree more.

October 23 at 7:26am


Bottom of Form

11-10-2015 -- 4:12 PM


Brady Standard-Herald Newspaper

November 3 at 9:14pm · Brady, TX · Edited ·

Final voting results:

 Hospital District At Large: top two vote tally wins seat.


411 Sutton

 816 Keltz

 421 Neslage

 460 Schroeder

 580 Jolliff


Keltz and Jolliff top two


Prop # For - Against

 Prop. 1 1216 - 163

 Prop. 2 1256 - 104

 Prop. 3 907 - 437

 Prop. 4 919 - 432

 Prop. 5 1077 - 293

 Prop. 6 1285 - 96

 Prop. 7 1139 - 215

 Sale of city substations?

 544 - 170


Holly Smith Stewart Woohoo!!!!

Like · Reply · 10 · November 3 at 9:15pm

Missi Wickson BAM! But a bit concerning there are at least 832 misguided folks out there..

I don’t know you.  But I’ll make sure the public learns who you are and what your views are.

You folks hide behind the quasi-anonymity of Facebook . . . but no more.

You’re obviously a proud member of the Loyalist Cult and refuse to figure out what the REAL facts are for yourself.

Here’s to helping expose you to the facts . . . now whether you will accept them or not, that’s up to you.

If EVERYTHING Sutton, Neslage, and I say is wrong . . . why don’t your rich cult leaders sue us?

Like · Reply · 12 · November 3 at 9:19pm

    • Holly Smith Stewart Hopefully there are only about 400. Still disturbing. Hope this sends a big loud message!!!!
    • Oh yeah, Holly.
    • We’ve got the messaage.  Loud and clear.  You and your impotent hubby do nothing but cause strife in the community.
    • I never knew you were a card-carrying cultist member until now.  As the owner of the Jones Journal, I’ve decided you too are fair game.
    • Welcome to the public discourse.
    • I hope to see both of you in court soon.
    • The Political Bombs you and Jimbo cowardly unleashed only days before the election ended will jump up and bite y’all on the ass.
    • Like · Reply · 4 · November 3 at 9:20pm
  • Jared Whitworth I don't think all of them vote.
  • Like · Reply · 2 · November 3 at 9:21pm
    • LonesomeDove Trisha Hughes Aston They all voted for Sutton & Neslage I would imagine.
    • I realize in your cultist world it’s not okay for folks to vote how they want to.
    • Democracy has never been important to you Loyalists.
    • But, trust me, many of us non-Loyalists will never give up this fight.
    • We’re sick and tired of you Loyalists trying to dictate to us.
    • Slam us if you want . . . but we’ll return the favor soon.
    • And this Public Civil War will NEVER end because you Cultist won’t allow it to.
    • So be it.
  • Like · Reply · 2 · November 3 at 9:23pm
  • Ramona Jeffrey I soooo agree with you, Missy.
  • I sooooooooooooooo disagree with you, Ramona.
  • Like · Reply · November 4 at 12:15pm

Ann Allen Cox The people have spoken..... Votes count...... thank goodness.....

Like · Reply · 7 · November 3 at 9:21pm


Charlie Humphreys Sutton and Neslage need to move on to another town. 

(Here’s a note for you Big Mouth “get outta towners!” 

Gary Sutton, his wife, and/or their families have been paying property taxes on a ranch near Melvin since 1904.

How far back does your Brady lineage go, Deputy Humphreys?

You brag of being a Deputy.  Fine . . . find something illegal Sutton and Neslage have done and I’ll  help you escort them outta town.

Until then . . . they have just as much, or even more, right than you do to live here.

I’m surprised Sheriff Stafford allows biased deputies like you to work for him.

Missi Wickson Can we put that to vote on the next election...? wink emoticon

You’re a fine piece of work, Missy.

How long have you and your family lived in Brady?  Or McCulloch County?

Longer than 112 years?

LonesomeDove Trisha Hughes Aston Congratulations Keltz & Joliff!!

Like · Reply · 9 · November 3 at 9:23pm


Bruce Logan To all the military people in Brady Tx. We are misguided and still have to travel away from our homes to get adequate medical attention because this Hospital is not able to take care of us. Thanks for all your help. Not

Like · Reply · 3 · November 3 at 9:24pm

    • Charlie Humphreys When you choose to live in a town of 5,500 people, not all services are available. That's like saying Brady should have a Starbucks, Cheesecake Factory, and Disneyland.
    • Or an unbiased, honest Sheriff’s Department.
    • Like · Reply · 20 · November 3 at 9:31pm
    • Brady Standard-Herald Newspaper We're lucky to have a hospital here at all. The fact that it doesn't serve everyone's needs is unavoidable. The fact this hospital is in good financial standing is amazing knowing the current status of rural hospitals in Texas.
    • Because we stole money from the American taxpayers.
    • You cultists say this nursing home theft is not illegal.  I disagree.  But I know FOR DAMN SURE that it’s immoral.
  • Like · Reply · 17 · November 3 at 9:32pm
    • Holly Smith Stewart And this vote just ensures that we'll HAVE a hospital and our taxes would go through the roof just to have it!!!
    • You keep forgetting the court system, Holly.
    • Do you REALLY think we’re through with you, Jimbo, and the hospital crooks?
    • Some of us TRULY have morals.  We’re not Public Christians who lie and cheat behind the scenes.  Like Brendan Weatherman.  We believe in facts  and not just what Big Dogs and newspaper pimps tell us to believe.
    • We’re not going away.
  • Like · Reply · 6 · November 3 at 9:34pm
  • Jo Kitsmiller Why?
  • Like · Reply · November 3 at 9:46pm
    • Jeannie Marie Walden Logan Tell me, what good is it to have a hospital here in Brady when they just transport you elsewhere? Its not a hospital its an oversized over priced clinic . Don't get me wrong, I do appreciate having the facility here, what they do there I can go to my doc and get taken care of . If I wanted to be transported to all over gods creation, I would get a driver and not a high priced ambulance ride. As for Starbucks , cheesecake factory and Disneyland that would never happen . Heaven forbid you have a small town grow a lil . It would make the Sharif, police and other city workers have to actually work instead of hanging out at Flamingos for coffee in the morning. It doesn't make a rats ass to me either way but don't try to blow sunshine up my ass on a rainy day.
    • Wow!  Do I have a Doppelganger on here?  I like you, ma’am.  Even if you disagree with me on everything.  You speak your mind and I can’t think of another Loyalist . . . if you are a Loyalist . . . who does likewise.
  • Like · Reply · 1 · November 3 at 9:58pm
    • Charlie Humphreys 1) "Sharif" is actually Sheriff.  Protect and Serve is your motto.  Not kicking people outta town.
      2) As a reserve/volunteer Sheriff's Deputy, I/we have never hung out at Flamingo, or any other restaurant. It's a very active job.
      3) I think the sunshine has already been blown.
    • As has your cover as an unbiased Deputy.
  • Like · Reply · 16 · November 3 at 10:04pm · Edited
    • Erin Barnes Corbell My 18 month old son spent a week in the hospital here with MRSA, an infection that could have easily killed him. They didn't transfer him out. They took amazing care of him, the ENTIRE medical staff was incredible (especially given the antsy nature of ...
    • I’m very happy for you, Erin.  I still like and respect you . . . even though we probably disagree on anything Political.  LOL.
    • A child is a precious gift from God.  You deserve this little bundle of joy.
    • But, remember, even a broken clock is . . .
  • Like · Reply · 14 · November 3 at 10:04pm · Edited
    • Jeannie Marie Walden Logan OK well however you spell it . If I needed an editor I think one posted this to start off with . But its good to know there is more than one . Thanks !
  • Like · Reply · 2 · November 3 at 10:04pm
    • Jeannie Marie Walden Logan I don't believed I said anything negative about the people who work there . I know a lot that work there . You are right they are awesome . And take really good care of you . You have this killer hospital but half of its not being used . Why ?
  • Like · Reply · 1 · November 3 at 10:07pm
  • Charlie Humphreys Not an editor, just literate.
  • Like · Reply · 3 · November 3 at 10:08pm
    • Erin Barnes Corbell The gist of my comment was aimed at your "they just transport elsewhere". He had something that could have killed him, and stayed right here. I apologize for trailing off into compliments for the staff. Shame on me for getting off track.
  • Like · Reply · 4 · November 3 at 10:10pm
  • Like · Reply · 2 · November 3 at 10:15pm
    • Jeannie Marie Walden Logan OK and Charlie your telling me this why ? What part of me nor giving a rats ass did you not understand? And I don't think I ever said it wasn't OK for them to chill on a break . Y'all are totally getting off track here .
  • Like · Reply · November 3 at 10:16pm
    • Bill Derrick Erin Barnes Corbell, it sounds like we need to figure out a way to have more sick and hurt kids so we can make some people happy about having empty hospital beds! This hospital literally saved my life when I was training years ago and i was also able to have a procedure here that wasn't available a few years ago. Thank God for this hospital!!!
    • Oh man.  I’ve been waiting for you, pal.
    • What non-existent organization are you President of today?
    • You know . . . the scam BS you used when Kathi Masonheimer resigned and went to Midland.  Where “supposedly” you as President of some organization that didn’t exist almost “begged” her to stay . . . because I believe the folks in Midland didn’t want to hire her.
    • So . . . you, Holly, and ‘ol Jimbo gave her “political cover” to come back.
    • Yup . . . the newspaper moguls allowed you to lie in their newspaper.
    • And Jimbo and Holly wants the public to believe that it is they who are the only ones who can tell the truth.
    • But most folks in Brady . . . especially the cultists . . . have short memories and they can always forget the lies of their brethren.
  • Like · Reply · 4 · November 3 at 10:17pm · Edited
  • Like · Reply · November 3 at 10:17pm
    • Ricci Grimes-Jones Proof read before posting should be required!!! Spell check isn't a bad idea either, if you want to sound semi intelligent!!!
  • Like · Reply · 1 · November 3 at 10:17pm
    • Erin Barnes Corbell "It would make the Sharif, police and other city workers have to actually work instead of hanging out at Flamingos for coffee in the morning." Sure doesn't sound like you're supporting them chilling on a break either.
    • Now, now . . . remember you represent the Chamber of Commerce.
    • There’s no reason for you to get into any pissing contests with anyone.
  • Like · Reply · 3 · November 3 at 10:18pm
    • Bill Derrick  Hey, everybody. Let's just chill and be thankful for what we DO have. We have good people here and we won't always agree but let's at least try and respect other people's ideas. (What a bunch of bullshit!  You bash Sutton and Neslage every chance you get.)  We are all in this community together and if we or our kids or grandkids get hurt or sick, we have a hospital that can either treat us or get us somewhere where we can (hopefully) get well! Peace, folks!
  • Like · Reply · 9 · November 3 at 10:25pm · Edited
    • Jeannie Marie Walden Logan Erin we are talking about the hospital. I like the hospital . the fact that the beds are empty tells me there is less sick people . We all have our opinions . We don't all have to agree . It is what it is . I love the staff at the hospital . I love the hospital . I even like the small town we all live in . If I didn't I wouldn't live here . Andddddd I love the fact that we get to vote and speak our minds .
  • Like · Reply · 2 · November 3 at 10:24pm
    • Erin Barnes Corbell I'm aware that we're talking about the hospital, Jeannie. I, too, love this town and choose to live and raise my family here. But you weren't just talking about the hospital a few posts ago, and I was speaking my mind on that, as well. Thank goodness for the Democratic process! Have a wonderful evening!
  • Like · Reply · 2 · November 3 at 10:27pm
  • Like · Reply · November 3 at 10:28pm
  • Jay Medrano "THATS ALL FOLKS " the end
  • Like · Reply · November 4 at 9:11am
  • Like · Reply · 4 · November 4 at 10:02am


Susan Dittrich Jolliff Thank you to all the folks who got out and voted! I appreciate your support!

Like · Reply · 34 · November 3 at 9:24pm

Cynthia Reeves Thank the LORD, perhaps we can now have relief from the hostile negativity that' has been flowing.

You cultists are truly blind to the read world.

Like · Reply · 10 · November 3 at 9:24pm


JoAnn McDonald Randall So... there are only 421 idiots in this county.

All one has to do is read this Facebook posting to see who the idiots are!

Like · Reply · 9 · November 3 at 9:31pm · Edited

Wendy Baird Jones Thank goodness!!!!!!!!!! It is still very sad that 400 plus voted for those idiots!!

And I suppose you’re a Public Christian as well, huh?

Those pious folks who’re really Hypocrites in the real world.

Like · Reply · 8 · November 3 at 9:29pm

    • JoAnn McDonald Randall Indeed. We really have to put a stop to this. Once and for all. He's done way too much damage.
    • And what about James Stewart?
    • He gets a pass in your world, right?
    • Even though I can prove he’s lied hundreds of times.
    • Lies that have caused at least three Civil Wars in the community that I can think of.
    • He gets a free pass in your world, right?
  • Like · Reply · 3 · November 3 at 9:32pm
    • Ann Allen Cox Even if I didn't know the people running and liked his views, I would have never voted for him. He said some horrible things about GOOD people, which shows what kind of person he truly is...... no one I would ever want to be making decisions on my behalf.
    • And you worship Clay Jones, right?
    • And Tim Jones?
    • And Morticia?
    • And James Stewart?
    • And Holly Stewart?
    • And anyone else in your Loyalist Cult?
    • You’ve really got an open mind, ma’am.
    • Why don’t you ask one of your heroes . . . Tim Jones . . . if he’s running such a GREAT hospital, why won’t he supply us with the documents we ask for?  He can prove it’s above-board!
  • Like · Reply · 2 · November 3 at 10:04pm

Nan Crouch Awesome! Maybe they will get the message

Yup, I’ve got the message.

And all of you can bite me.

I’m not afraid of any of you.

I will always continue to speak my mind.

I’m probably the only SOB in town who doesn’t give a Tinker’s Damn what any of you think about me.

My conscience dictates my path . . . not any of you cultists!

Like · Reply · 8 · November 3 at 9:38pm


Alice Dahlberg Powell YEA! Maybe things are on an upswing for a change!!!

Like · Reply · 7 · November 3 at 9:48pm


JoAnn McDonald Randall The hospital issue was just a toe in the (ballot) water for Neslage. Stay vigilant. This man cannot make Brady into Neslageville. Fredericksburg ran him out of town, so can Brady.

You cultists should move to Russia where your “send them to Siberia” rants would be welcome.

Like · Reply · 12 · November 3 at 10:29pm · Edited


Penny Williams Thank goodness. Now let's get back to the business of growing and promoting our town, Brady, the Heart of Texas.

Like · Reply · 15 · November 3 at 9:58pm


Jackie Owen Maxcey Hip hip hurray!!!! Congrats winners!! Kiss kiss Jack

Like · Reply · 3 · November 3 at 10:02pm


  • JoAnn McDonald Randall That should read... "Kiss ass Neslage!"
  • Or . . . “French-kiss my crack, JoAnn!
  • You’re a mean ‘ol wanker.
  • Like · Reply · November 3 at 10:47pm
  • Nancy Lane (Thumbs up; emoticon)
  • This gal’s Richare Lane’s wife . . . I’ve been told.
  • Richard was the hospital board member who “resigned” so Clay Jones could illegally be appointed to his vacant seat.
  • This was really some coincidence.  Clay sold his house and could no longer represent Precinct 1.
  • So, at this miraculous instant, Lane retired from his “At large” seat and Clay was instantly appointed to it.
  • Then . . . in another miracle . . . the Preacher who was to be appointed to Clay’s now vacant seat happened to be in the audience.  There were two audience members . . . and he happened to be one of them.
  • Like · Reply · November 4 at 6:01am

Bill Derrick  Scarlet Annita Ellison

Like · Reply · November 3 at 10:06pm


Ann Allen Cox Really happy with the election outcome.....two really Good people won. It pays to be honest and good......Even if I knew the people running against the GOOD ones and liked his views, I would have never voted for him. He said some horrible things about GOOD people, which shows what kind of person he truly is...... no one I would ever want to be making decisions on my behalf. Thank you KNEL for showing me what kind of person NOT to vote for!

Like · Reply · 2 · November 3 at 10:35pm


    • Nancy Lane Ann, don't think we know each other but I do unfortunately know him. My first experience being around him was this. I was helping his wife in her tea room on the square. It was during business hours and he came bursting in throwing around terrible curse words I had never heard in public. He is no respecter of persons. And remember he had at least 400+ people manipulated. We need to run his ass and his groupies out of Brady.
    • Do you classify me as one of his groupies?
    • If so . . . you just try to run my ass outta town.
    • You talk shit when you’re surrounded by friends . . . but you never express your own views.
    • Come on, Nancy . . . RUN ME OUTTA TOWN!!
    • Y’all won an election . . . thanks in large part because of Holly’s and Jimbo’s bald-faced lies.
    • Whoopee-frickin-do.
    • Now the TRUE characters of you cultists are coming out.
    • Y’all want a real, honest to goodness, verbal war??
    • Bring it!!
    • I’m sick of y’all’s quasi-anonymous blathering.
  • Like · Reply · 2 · November 4 at 6:06am
    • Ann Allen Cox Nancy I truely believe in being respectable to everyone and kind to everyone. I don't personally know either of them. But after listening to their radio ads for weeks I knew enough to know I didn't want them in any office in this town. I am sorry you had that experience. I hope this sends a message " be kind to one another"
  • Like · Reply · 1 · November 4 at 7:36am · Edited


Michael Missildine  Congratulations!!

Like · Reply · 1 · November 3 at 10:43pm


Bill Derrick Ann Allen Cox, you hit it right on the head. I really believe the reason people voted for the two who had the least votes was because they were simply mislead to think that those two could actually make good on the impossible promises they irresponsibly made week after week on KNEL. People want to believe what they hear on media but, unfortunately, some desperate candidates tend to stretch the truth when they are trying to get elected. Fortunately, a large percentage of the voters didn't respond to the negative and deceptive advertising. Thank God!






Like · Reply · 1 · November 3 at 11:06pm


    • Nancy Lane Please read my reply to Ann on msg above yours. I sick of being kind.
    • “I sick of being kind” too, Nancy.
    • Bring it.
    • Back your words with some action.
    • Try to run me off.
    • Try to kick Sutton and Neslage out.
  • Like · Reply · November 4 at 6:09am

Ann Allen Cox Well said Bill Derrick

This is starting to sound like a Loyalist Cult Reunion.

Pat each other on the back so y’all get the courage to bash folks semi-anonymously.


Like · Reply · 1 · November 3 at 11:07pm


Ann Allen Cox And thank God Brady Standard-Herald Newspaper is Good People.

“Good People?”

You need a brain-o-gram!

What about all the trouble ‘ol Jimbo caused about the Civic Center?

He sat on that project for SIX DAMN YEARS . . . then he started castigating a City Council who finally had the stones to do what over 70% of the voters wanted done.

What about banning folks from the newspaper who happened to disagree with him . . . like me for example?

What about him and Holly exploding lying-ass Political Bombs right before the end of the elections?

They truly believe they’re Royalty and can dump loads of shit on anyone they want to.

Sure . . . “Good People” indeed.

Like · Reply · 5 · November 3 at 11:08pm


Bill Derrick I hear the Brady Standard-Herald Newspaper is going to be a nuclear bomb tomorrow!! Everybody will want to read the front page article!!!

Like · Reply · 4 · November 3 at 11:19pm

JoAnn Huro Our voices have been heard. Thanks be to God and those who fought to give us the right to vote. Let's be good stewards of our community and encourage our elected officials to be fiscally and morally responsible. Let's continue to stay informed and not allow people whose sole purpose is to cause dissension in the community to make decisions on our behalf. Let us also remember to thank those who serve us in public office.

Like · Reply · 14 · November 4 at 12:00am


Bill Derrick Amen, JoAnn Huro! I think the voters have spoken loud and clear!!

Like · Reply · 1 · November 4 at 12:05am


Gayle Probst Well said, JoAnn Huro! It is a shame when it takes such major conflict to bring people to the poles. Voter apathy should never be an option. Criticizing people's opinions or candidates and calling others "idiots" does not lessen negativity.

Like · Reply · 6 · November 4 at 7:37am


You cultists should really get out more!

Y’all will eventually learn the truth.




11-9-2015 -- 1:36 PM


 Oh, the tangled web Brady politicians weave

Jimbo starts the lies, then tries to hide

Just James – By James “Supercilious” Stewart – Editor-BSH

Edited again by the Super-Duper No-Bullshit Editor – the Village Idiot


It appears as if the political games, usually only associated with bigger cities with folks who have high clout, have made their way right into the middle of McCulloch County's most recent election.

These “political games” were started and incited by the immoral lies of ‘ol Jimbo.

To put it all simply here is what has transpired:

The Timeline

1. In July, the local hospital receives a draft letter in the mail that appears to be written by Rep. Richard Raymond of Laredo. Said letter also hand delivered to Rep. J.D. Sheffield, the one who represents McCulloch County, by "an associate." 

A “Forged Letter” per Jimbo’s original article, now a “draft” letter to cover his legal ass . . . a draft letter revealed in July . . . yet not written about until only days were left in the election cycle to influence the election without allowing the candidates the time to dispute Jimbo’s lies. “An associate” Jimbo doesn’t reveal . . . per Jimbo’s typical MO.

2. Due to busy schedule of elected officials, no real follow-up until recent weeks.

Bullshit.  Only the Loyalist cultists will believe this.  The timing of the “follow-up” was designed to do the most damage.

3. Letter dated Oct. 23 written by Rep. Raymond condemns the draft letter and cites misappropriation of authority of legislative office by author of draft. Same letter denies any knowledge of letter prior to it being made aware to him by Sheffield. That same letter states possible Texas Ranger investigation. 

Raymond was originally blind-sided, as Jimbo intended, and he made a statement without knowing the REAL facts.

4. Oct. 26-27: newspaper makes multiple attempts to contact Rep. Raymond for comment.

Bullshit, part deaux.  Even if Jimbo made the attempt to contact Raymond, which I doubt, there still wouldn’t have been time for Jimbo to change his Political Bomb that was ready to be published in the Jones Journal the very next day per Jimbo’s own time-line.  Show us the phone records where you tried to contact Raymond.

5. Oct. 28: Front page article quoting Rep. Raymond's letter published in Brady Standard- Herald.

6. Oct. 29: Letter sent by Rep. Raymond to Rep. Sheffield and the newspaper changing his story about the author of the draft letter. Raymond announces that it was a "long-time friend and a person I hold in the highest regard" who drafted the letter, but was never formally discussed. 

If anyone wants to know the truth about the charlatan Sheffield, just go to Red59's Facebook page.  Sheffield is the LOWEST rated Republican in the state.  Hell, he’s even courting Democrats to get reelected.  No wonder he’s the Jones Brothers’ stooge.

7. Nov. 2: Rep. Raymond returns messages and calls the newspaper. Names the author of the letter. 

You had to be an idiot like ‘ol Jimbo to not know who wrote the letter.  Lawyers write this kinda crap EVERY single day and Jimbo wants y’all to believe Sutton and/or Neslage broke some kinda law doing this. 

Has Jimbo asked Clay and Tim Jones’ lawyers if they’ve ever done things like this?

Hell no, he doesn’t want y’all to know this.

Brady Politics

The author of the "draft letter" was written by Gary Sutton's attorney. Duh!!!  Whether or not he is still his attorney hasn’t yet been confirmed. How the draft letter got to the hospital administrator and Rep. Sheffield has also yet to be determined. 

Have you asked, moron?  Where was the letter post-marked?  I don’t know why you try to even hint that you’re some kind of investigator because you know squat about being a REAL newspaper reporter!!!


You’ve always said Tim Jones received the letter to protect Clay’s ass.


The "draft letter" contains arguments that one of the current political candidates tried to use the last time he ran for political office a year ago, and they are the same arguments he is using during this current quest for political office. Now we know why—his attorney wrote the "draft letter".

What a bunch of hokem, you Loyalist shill.  Gary Sutton used the same “arguments” this time as he did last time because EVERYTHING he’s said is still true, just as it was last time.

If everything he says is wrong . . . “libelous and slanderous” as one devout Loyalist wrote me . . . why hasn’t any of these rich folks sued Sutton or Neslage?

Or even me.  I’ve called them crooks and called them out about a gazillion other things.

Why haven’t they sued us, Jimbo?


If they sued any of us, they would have to open their books to us and we would bury them in the truth.


So how does this "draft letter," that was never made public, end up being mailed to the local hospital administrator as well as being hand delivered to Rep. J.D. Sheffield by a colleague?  Check the post-mark, you idiot.  Or didn’t your master Tim Jones give you the envelope?  If not, I suspect all roads lead to this same crook, Tim Jones.  And why don’t you just admit it that you don’t want to know who Sheffield’s “colleague” was? Either the author of the draft allowed it to be circulated or a member of their staff took it upon themselves to do so—or, maybe it was his client. But that couldn’t be because Gary Sutton has already gone on record denying knowledge of the "draft letter."  Are you calling Sutton a liar?  If so, moron, why don’t you just do that publicly instead of being a coy coward?

GOB Politics

Had the Texas Rangers pursued their investigation that Rep. Raymond himself was considering calling for, the trail would have been short and would have ended up at the door Max Renea Hicks, the attorney who "was considering pursuing an attorney general opinion."

When Hicks read last week's news article, he promptly called Rep. Raymond and informed him of what had happened. What is not yet known is how the "draft letter" became public.




Typical schemes

I wonder how that would have gone over if the author of the "draft letter" had gotten an AG opinion that ultimately shut down the program that is helping 65 hospital districts across the state, and who knows how many nursing homes, offset the low reimbursement rates of Medicaid?


You’re a sanctimonious sonofabitch, just like your Big Dog Masters.  Their participation in this program was NEVER about helping the elderly.  It has always been about lining their pockets with government hand-outs.

And I believe you’re either too stupid to know this . . . or you just don’t care.  You simply take your orders and screw anyone and everyone you have to screw to make your Masters happy.

You’re digging a deep hole for yourself, pal.  I hope to shovel some dirt on you myself.

Rep. Raymond has hospitals in his own district that benefit from the program. As chairman of the Committee on Human Services, Rep. Raymond was the one person who could send the letter to the AG without any traffic in his way. But Rep. Raymond knows the program is legal and knows it benefits a LOT of communities. It's probable that Hicks learned this as well and that’s likely why he let the issue lay. 

You lying POD . . . again you purposefully misstate the facts!!

If this damn program, which no one has EVER said was illegal, “benefits a LOT of communities” why don’t their own hospitals join up with their own nursing homes to use the program?  Why, instead, do our hospital crooks have to go outside of our jurisdiction to sign up nursing homes outside of our boundaries?

Therein lies the argument of the entire matter—it's a legal program and by participating in the program, the hospital doesn't have to raise taxes because it's making more money by carrying the licenses of these nursing homes. Eliminate the program and that lost revenue equals simply this—higher taxes.

So . . . here comes higher taxes, huh?  When the funding goes away in 2016?  So, genius, what do we do then?  Do we use our 90-day out clause on our 5-year contracts and just dump the elderly on the streets?

McCulloch County has a hospital CEO who has single handedly under the supervision of his board of directors, built a new hospital (that the citizens didn’t want), advanced its programs, and created a stable financial plan that takes advantage of every opportunity it can to keep small hospitals like ours viable. (Why don’t you tell us about the Hospital Guru in Lubbock that started all this crap in the first place?  Tim Jones ain’t a genius either, he’s just taking the advice of this nameless character in Lubbock) He can't tell doctors what to do—the doctors are the ones who are tasked with providing excellent health care. All he can do is provide leadership and direction—he can't make the doctors admit patients, the ones with the M.D. or D.O. provide the care, and no—there is no perfect business with perfect employees (except the newspaper—LOL!) so there will always be room for improvement.

So you have “perfect employees”, huh?  LOL.

Then why do so many of your ex-employees describe you as a mini-me Napoleon Bonaparte?

That you’ve got a helluva temper and you talked to them like they were slaves?

That you’re an uppity a-hole who doesn’t give a damn about anyone other than yourself?

With the series of attempts by the current duo of candidates along with a previous "village idiot" (not my words - his self descriptor) recruiting new doctors has been nearly impossible. HOORAY!!  I’M FAMOUS!!  THIS IS THE FIRST TIME JIMBO HAS HAD THE STONES TO TAKE ME ON PUBLICLY.  HOLLY MUST’VE LOANED HIM HER BALLS! 

One potential new doctor recently declined an interview simply after hearing the Neslage and Sutton radio ads during a recent trip to Brady. We'll be lucky if our new recruit doesn't renege on his commitment after seeing all of this malarkey and hearing about it on incessant negative ads on the local radio.

And in the Jones Journal!!  This is where the negativity always starts!

You’ve ALWAYS started this crap.

You’ve banned so many folks from publishing anything in the Jones Journal so what  are us non-Loyalists supposed to do?

KNEL is kicking your ass and you and your fellow cultists just can’t stand it.

You never miss a chance to kick KNEL . . . and they just keep growing.

You’re a pathetic little weasel.

I made a decision long ago not to take advertising dollars and allow people to continually run down our community and the people within it.

You’re such a pretentious, lying scumbag.  You attacked over 70% of the voters who voted for a new or improved Civic Center for weeks and weeks and weeks in the Jones Journal.  This vote was SIX DAMN YEARS AGO . . . during your reign as Mayor,   You ran “down our community and the people within it” for weeks on end in the Jones Journal.  Now you say you won’t allow anyone else to do the same damn thing!!

You’re a two-faced SOB!

By the way . . . you never did squat about the Civic Center . . . even though over 70% of the voters wanted it improved!!

That doesn't mean I won't run advertisements I don't agree with nor does it mean I won't run letters that differ from my opinion. What it does mean is that when people have negative opinions, I welcome them, but running them week after week and sounding like a broken record just isn't going to happen. 

Again, what a lying scumbag you are.  Hell, I’ve been told that you even delete Facebook comments off the Jones Journal’s Facebook page if they don’t agree with your take on the world.

This town—I thought—was better than what it's shown in recent weeks.

You’re the one who fired everyone up.  And it worked.  Your Loyalist Cultists won . . . thanks to your Political Bombs . . . but you still haven’t intimidated us non-Loyalists.  We’re still here. 

I think back to April, 2012 . . . when the Village Idiot and this website was born.  Do you remember why I started this website? BECAUSE YOU WOULDN’T PUBLISH SOME LETTERS TO THE EDITOR I’D WRITTEN ABOUT THE SCHOOL BOARD!!  You’re to blame for the Village Idiot being born.


You sincerely believe you’re important and everyone should bow and kiss your ass.

You’re nothing but a panhandling prick who happened to marry into a job!!

How will the election turn out? This newspaper went to press long before the results were known, so we'll just have to see. But with the way things have gone in years past, I'm not making any predictions. I'd like to say this county is going to step up and see all of the "stuff" that's been shoveled and vote accordingly, but since I got recalled by 11 votes by an effort that was based on lies by people who now serve this county on appointed boards, I'll refrain from acting surprised by the outcome. . . 

Boo-the frickin’-hoo.  You got recalled!

That’s what all of your temper parties have been about ever since.

It's a song that has been sung for this community since 2010. I wonder if anybody is really listening?—JS

Oh yeah, punk, we’re listening.

You haven’t heard the last of us.

In fact, the legal world, hopefully, will soon come down crashing on your head!



11-7-2015 -- 12:54 PM


The Politicians Ate My Homework!

Subtitled . . .

Oh shit, I can’t swim!

Jones Journal-titled

Candidate’s attorney authored ‘draft letter’

By James (I’m a Big Shot.  Really I am.) Stewart


 Before I begin to point out the fallacies of Jimbo’s desperate attempts to cover his own ass and blame everyone else but himself for publishing a political bomb in last week’s edition of the Jones Journal . . . I have some questions for the scumbag . . .

1.  Why did he publish the bomb only days before the end of the election, instead of in July or August when Tim Jones gave him a copy of the “Forged Letter?”  Which turned out NOT to be forged as Jimbo stated in the titillating but inaccurate title of the bullshit article!!

 Answer – he wanted to do as much damage as possible so Sutton and Neslage didn’t have time to fight back.  That’s the way Jimbo is . . . a despicable coward who’ll do ANYTHING to follow his Masters’ Orders.

2.  Did Jimbo go to Tim Jones’ office at the hospital to get his Marching Orders or did Tim Jones come to Jimbo’s office?

 Answer – I suspect the serf went to the Master and did exactly as he was told.

3.  He obviously did a little research after he published his bomb.  WHY DIDN’T HE DO THE RESEARCH BEFORE HE POSTED THE BOMB?

 Answer – he doesn’t have a moral fiber in his body.  He’s a pipsqueak who truly wants to be, at least, a Big Shot in Brady.  When he’s nothing but a cartoon character, even to his Loyalist Masters.

4.  Where was the “forged” letter Tim Jones received post-marked?  Did you even think to ask that?

Answer -- he doesn’t give a damn about factual details.

5.  But Jimbo bit off a lot more than he can chew this time.  I’ve heard there could be as many as three or four lawsuits filed against him.  Well, Jimbo, how’re you gonna like it when someone finally starts holding you accountable in court?  Dig into your wallet, pal.  You don’t get to lie about folks who’ve got the money to burn your ass.  Although I hope the jurisdiction of these lawsuits aren’t in Brady . . . no non-Loyalist will get justice in front of rob hofmann.



In last week’s Brady Standard-Herald, a front page story detailed the revelation of a letter purportedly (why didn’t you check this out before the bomb was published?) authored by Rep. Richard Raymond of Laredo, addressed to Attorney General Ken Paxton pertaining to a ruling on issues concerning to the legality of McCulloch County’s local hospital district’s participation in the Nursing Home Upper Payment Limit Program.  (You purposefully continue to misstate this.  Sutton and/or Neslage have NEVER said this Program was illegal.  They’ve only said it’s illegal for the hospital district to operate outside of McCulloch County – as our hospital charter states.  Can’t you EVER publish the truth?)

In last week’s edition, the newspaper quoted a letter signed by Rep. Raymond, stating that the draft letter in question was deemed unauthorized and that neither he nor his staff had knowledge of the draft.

According to Rep. Raymond’s letter that was used to report last week’s story, based upon his review of the unauthorized draft letter, he stated “based on the unauthorized drafter’s attempt to misappropriate authority from the legislative office that I hold, I am strongly contemplating referring this matter to the Texas Rangers for a full and complete investigation into the source of the unauthorized use of this office.”

That letter was dated Oct. 23 and was signed by Rep. Raymond.  (And did you do any follow-up investigating on this letter before you dropped your Political Bomb?  HELL NO!!)

The article that was printed on the front page of last Wednesday’s edition also included quotes from Rep. J.D. Sheffield, the state official of the district that includes McCulloch County. Rep. Sheffield had personally spoken with Rep. Raymond and asked him about the draft letter. Rep. Raymond also reiterated to Rep. Sheffield that he had no knowledge of the draft letter.  (Remember . . . this is the political cat who drafted a bill that allowed the Jones Twins to take over our hospital and do what they want with it . . . without the citizens being allowed to seek information through NORMAL legal channels like Requests for Public Documents.  Tim Jones and his seven lawyers continue to say he manages a “private company” and doesn’t have to give the citizens squat!!!!!!!!!!!!)

Three telephone call messages to Rep. Raymond asking for his comments prior to publishing last week’s articles were never returned.  (And this surprises you??  LOL.  Why would any REAL politician return calls from a scumbag like you?  You’re a devout coward.  You hit and run . . . and hide behind the Smith’s skirts.)

In a complete new revelation, on Thursday, Oct. 29 at 3:49 p.m. a second letter authored by Rep. Raymond was received at the news office that offered a new explanation about who had drafted the letter in question.

Rep. Raymond stated in his second letter addressed to Rep. Sheffield that was drafted after the newspaper was published: (And you’re trying to imply what, Jimbo?  That, because of your investigatory prowess, a politician cowered down to you and tried to dig himself out of a hole?  Bullshit . . . you blind-sided this politician just as you did Sutton and Neslage!  The first thing Raymond knew about all this made-up BS was when you published your non-investigative Bomb that wasn’t based on ANY REAL facts!  Plus, Jimbo, if you’d started all this BS back in July . . . there would’ve been plenty of time to sort all this out.  THAT’S WHY YOU DIDN’T DO IT IN JULY.  THIS WAS A PLANNED HIT PIECE AND YOU DIDN’T GIVE A DAMN ABOUT THE TRUTH!)

“I am writing to clear up a misunderstanding that appears to have made its way this week into a local newspaper in your district. Contrary to what the paper reported about a draft opinion request letter concerning the local hospital district, there was nothing improper and no such thing as “forged letter” using my name. The newspaper’s report misunderstood what actually happened.

“I now know that a long-time friend of mine, a person I hold in the highest regard, was considering the option of pursuing an Attorney General opinion request on some legal issues concerning the local hospital district; he had done his own private draft of what such a request might look like and was thinking he would visit with me about it. We actually ended up never visiting about the matter. Instead, for reasons independent of me and of any legal issues, he decided not to pursue this particular avenue, and the matter was simply dropped. But somehow his private draft ended up in the hands of people who unfortunately have misstated (lied out their ass, as Jimbo always does) what it was.

“I thought it important to both you and my friend to clear this up as soon as possible. There is nothing improper in connection with this draft letter. He has not asked me to submit it, he has not submitted it, and I will not submit it to the Attorney General....”

After numerous attempts to contact Rep. Raymond, he was finally contacted by phone Tuesday afternoon. Rep. Raymond confirmed that the author of the “draft letter” was Max Renea Hicks, a well-known Austin Attorney.  (Now Jimbo’s getting himself into deep legal doo-doo.  This crap happens EVERY single day.  Is Jimbo so stupid that he doesn’t think Clay and Tim Jones’ lawyers wrote most of the bill that gave away our hospital to the Jones Brother crooks?  Jimbo’s nothing but a walking lie, seeking another enemy he can try to destroy.)

Hicks also happens to be the attorney hired by Gary Sutton and reportedly also by Bill Neslage, both of whom are candidates running for two at-large seats on the hospital district board of directors.  (Your buddies, the Jones Brothers, have at least SEVEN lawyers fighting the citizens of Brady EVERY day.  Tell the truth for once!!)

A phone call to Hicks to confirming that he is attorney for both Sutton and Neslage was not answered as of press time.  (Ain’t this convenient?)

According to Rep. Raymond, subsequent to last week’s article in the newspaper, he was contacted by Hicks. At that time, Hicks informed him that the draft was authored by him, but that it was never formally submitted for consideration for an Attorney General’s opinion.  (Did you ever call Hicks BEFORE you dropped your Bomb?  Hell, anyone with half a brain knew who the author was . . . but, I guess, that in fact would leave you out.)

“He had never called me prior to this because he had apparently discussed the idea but never decided to pursue formal action,” said Rep. Raymond.

How the draft letter became public is not yet known, but a copy of the “draft letter” written by Hicks was received in the mail by hospital administrator Tim Jones in July. A second copy of the letter was also hand delivered to Rep. J.D. Sheffield by a colleague.  (Who was the colleague, you coward?  Did you even ask?  You’re now trying to cover your ass but you still won’t give us all the facts.  Sheffield is in the Jones’ pocket, who else would give him a copy of the letter?  To do his job of trying to give Political Cover for his Jones Buddies.  And, again, this was known since July . . . why didn’t you publish anything before the final days of the election?  Because you’re nothing but the Jones Brothers’ mouthpiece!  People bitch about loud-mouths like me, always accusing me of stirring up dissension . . . when, in fact, it is cowardly liars like you who cause ALL the problems!  Some of us will just not take it any longer . . . even after being sentenced to jail by the Jones Brothers’ legal system)

Hicks has a history of working with McCulloch County clients.  (And winning.  The truth is just impossible for you to discuss.) Besides being legal counsel for Gary Sutton for the past several months, he was also employed by Jon Chase, the current president of the Brady EDC, in a 2014 lawsuit against the City of Brady and the now defunct Mudualistic ATV park. Chase et. al. settled with the City of Brady and the city paid Chase and company $12,000 in legal fees on Aug. 27, 2014.

Hicks is also the same attorney that was hired by now councilwoman Latricia Doyal, Donald Ray Lee, Paulette Savage and Jon Chase seeking a writ of mandamus ordering the Brady City Council to order the recall election of then Mayor of Brady, Gail Lohn.  (Wasn’t this after the Loyalist’s City Attorney said the petition collected for this recall was invalid?  Why can’t you publish ALL the truth, and not just pick out the pieces of the truth that favor your cause?  I believe Hicks and his clients won this as well, right, Jimbo?  It seems like he’s been kicking some Loyalist ass for awhile now . . . and that just irritates the hell outta you, huh?  LOL.)

Councilwoman Doyal was an employee of the Neslage-owned business “The Gypsy Market” until July 2014.  (And why did you need to add this bullshit, Jimbo?  So, using your logic, I should paint anyone and everyone with a broad brush if they work for ANY of the Big Dog or Big Shot Loyalists.  Like all of the hospital employees.  Like all of the bank employees.  Like anyone who even talks to a Loyalist.  It is you, punk, who is causing all the dissension.  Not me!)

Phone calls to Neslage asking for comment were unanswered and a written list of questions was e-mailed to Sutton asking for a statement. No response had been received from either person as of press time nor had Hicks confirmed them as clients. (You’re most definitely the most despicable person I’ve ever met.  You slam them, accuse them of “Forging” a letter, Bomb them like the coward you are . . . and then you want to make the public think it is they who are the cowards because they don’t reply to you?  I pray you get bitch-slapped in court.)



Jimbo, all the sudden, wants us to believe the mistakes of his Political Bomb were of the politicians’ making . . . or of anyone else other than him.

So why doesn’t he report that the almighty Nursing Home Upper Payment Limit Program everyone is talking about is not gonna be funded any longer?  The same Program Jimbo’s been lying about for months, concerning the “illegality” accusations Sutton and Neslage have made . . .

If it’s not gonna be funded any longer, what happens to the nursing homes we’ve signed five year contracts with?

Sure, we can opt out after a 90-day notice . . . but what then happens to the elderly patients in these nursing homes?

The money, supposedly, was meant for them, right?

The money the nursing homes received was meant to pay to upgrade the facilities and pay for funding shortages, right?

I’m alleging the money . . . as I’ve said all along . . . went to the individuals and companies involved in the program.  To do with as they wish.

I’m alleging our local leaders have been involved in a scam since all of this started.  But I can’t prove it because, thanks to Rep. Sheffield, I can’t force Tim Jones to give me any documents.

We’ll see now.  I believe we’ll see how all this checks out once the funding stops.  The Crooks can run . . . but they can’t hide.

The program’s funding ends in 2016.

You’ll never read about it in the Jones Journal.

Trust me, the rats will scurry for cover and the elderly patients will be left out in the cold.

One would think a REAL newspaper would be investigating and reporting on this . . . instead of trying to cover for the crooks involved in the coming nursing home Armageddon.






11-3-2015 -- 10:50 AM

Letter to the Editor . . .

Sex, Lies, and a Babe Trying to Protect . . .
Her Poor Little Honey-Bunch

Sub-Titled . . .

Sick and tired…


Is anyone else sick and tired of the negativity in OUR community?  I can’t even enjoy a cup of coffee and listen to the morning news without hearing the hospital board candidates spew negativity about our hospital and its leaders. These ads are so ridiculous, childish and full of lies! Shame on you, Lynn Farris and KNEL for allowing this to be spewed into our community.

Lemme make sure I understand this . . . Lynn Farris is running a for-profit business.  When local political candidates want to run an ad . . . he lets ‘em do so, regardless of their political persuasion . . . providing they pay.

Jimbo has banned some of us locals from posting ANYTHING in his newspaper.

Yet, Madam Turner wants to punish Lynn Farris for trying to make a profit at his business.

Oh yeah, Madam Turner, who got the “Forged Letter” BS right?

Your buddy . . . James Stewart . . . or Lynn Farris?

Citizens in Brady get their NEWS from KNEL because Lynn Farris and his crew try to get the story right, without bias.

Bias is James Stewart’s middle name and it’s his ONLY mission!


The two candidates who supposedly want our hospital to be better continually run down our hospital and say untruthful things. I believe there are two sides to every story and we are only hearing one—specifically over the airwaves of KNEL. I also believe a little bit of politics and lies are involved as well.

You’re Tim Jones’ love squeeze, right?

Then you should be an expert at politics and lies because you must hear them every day.

And you want us citizens to believe your opinions are right and accurate?

This Village Idiot will never do so.


I can say from personal experience that we are very fortunate to have our nice hospital.  The care my mother received was exceptional! Having the care here also kept my 82-year-old father from having to drive 150 miles round trip each day to be with her!

Hooray!  Hooray!

I’m sincerely thankful that our hospital is benefiting someone.

Because most of us use surrounding hospitals regardless of our infirmity.


How many of you have actually visited the new hospital and seen the new amenities it has to offer?  Take the time to do so, you will be greatly impressed. We need to thank Tim Jones, the hospital board, the doctors and nurses for the care we are afforded!

I can feel the love you have for Tim Jones oozing from every word you write.

Does our new hospital have a shrink?

Your precious NEW hospital averages just one to three overnight “guests.”  How is it paying for itself?

Your precious NEW hospital wasn’t wanted by the citizens.  It was crammed down our throats by the Hospital Board.

The same Hospital Board that is fighting like hell to keep Sutton and Neslage off it.


Because Sutton and Neslage will tell the truth about all the illegal activities going on there?

Because Sutton and Neslage will hold your Honey-Bunch accountable for his misdeeds?

The same Hospital and your Honey-Bunch that has banned me from it . . . and is trying to send me to jail for nine months just for writing about the crooked Hospital Board?


Negativity has been rampant since one particular hospital board candidate moved into our community and I say that it is high time for him to leave! That’s right, move, we don’t want you in our community anymore! He has reached to the lowest depths to feed a narcissistic personality!  He has been detrimental to our hometown in so many ways and he is not happy unless there is turmoil and strife. He feeds on it and our community has paid the price.

All these acts of “turmoil and strife” you speak of is what Democracy is all about, ma’am.

The Loyalists like you have been dictating local policies for over a hundred years.


Perhaps it is you and Tim Jones who should move.

Perhaps to Russia.


The other like-minded candidate unfortunately, does the same for the Melvin community.  The old saying, “birds of a feather, flock together” is definitely true in this case. They are both a disgrace and an embarrassment to our community. All of this dissension and negativity has cost our town its reputation and has hurt our local businesses.

I believe, solely based on this Letter to the Editor, that it is Loyalist folks like you who’re an “embarrassment to our community.”

You Loyalists truly believe y’all have a Divine Right to rule as you always have in the past.

You need to get out more, Madam Turner.  Us normal folks will be slaves no longer.

You ain;t got a clue about what’s happening in our community.


You might ask how all this has happened to our community?  It is the fault of the community, itself, because no one will vote!  Yes, apathy reeks in this town because folks will not take five minutes of their time to go vote.  Using the excuse that "it is not my concern" or "it doesn’t affect me" is wrong. That attitude has gotten us to where we are today! The crony and his followers are voting and controlling the town. As of last Friday, only 335 people have voted out of 4,800 registered voters. I am tempted to list all the names of the individuals who voted in next weeks’ paper. If your name is not on the list then we will know who to blame for what is happening to our community.


You’re searching for someone to blame?

We can start with your Honey-Bunch!

Then Clay Jones!

Then Morticia!

Then continue the list with all of the devout Loyalists like yourself.

The community wants change.  Loyalists want to return to the days when they considered themselves Royalty and us normal folks were simply serfs to carry out their edicts.


Our hometown can be great.  It is high time for this community to come together. Will you please stand with me and stop this negativity from destroying more of our community?

“It is high time for this community to come together.”


What you really mean is it’s time for us peons to back off so you uppity Loyalists can run things how y’all see fit.


Voting is the only way to accomplish this. All McCulloch County citizens can vote! Please go vote!


Angie Turner
Brady, TX

Please tell your beau that I send him my love . . . and that I’ll still eventually take the crooked sonofabitch down!!


11-2-2015 -- 8:05 PM

“Campaign allegations filling airways

with questionable statements”


I love the title of this other Page One article by ‘ol Jimbo.


Hell . . . Every article written by Jimbo is for damn sure questionable.  LOL.

And again he proves he has the IQ of a dyslexic sloth.

You can read the article here.  And the continuance here.

He writes in runaround BS and quotes from individuals we know we can’t trust . . . Rep. Sheffield and Dan Byrne, Tim Jones’ lawyer in my civil matters.  This cat “might” even be more crooked than Tim Jones, which is saying a lot.

He quotes all kind of BS . . . but not the pertinent paragraph in the “Special District Local Laws Code” . . . “Chapter 1059" and in Section 1059.004 which states . . .

“DISTRICT TERRITORY. The boundaries of the district are coextensive with the boundaries of McCulloch County, Texas.

Added by Acts 2007, 80th Leg., R.S., Ch. 920, Sec. 1.02, eff. April 1, 2009.”

Again, Jimbo is purposefully confusing the voters so his Loyalists brothers or sister can be elected.

Read the blue part again.  This plainly states our Hospital District Territory is in the “boundaries of McCulloch County.

Not in Crane.

Not in San Saba.

Which is what Gary Sutton and Bill Neslage have said all along.  They have never said ONCE that the program is illegal.  Instead, they’ve always said where our Hospital Directors are operating is illegal.




11-2-2015 -- 6:27 PM



On page 1 of last week’s Jones Journal . . . Once known as the Weekly Wipe . . . ‘ol Jimbo posted two of the most despicable articles I’ve ever seen the most despicable cretin post. That they were all lies means nothing to Jimbo. He despises Bill Neslage so much that he knowingly posted this trash only days before the election.

Clay Jones and/or Tim Jones told him what to do and, as a devout Loyalist soldier, he did what was asked.

I also suspect Jimbo has had this letter since July or August, given to him by Clay or Tim Jones, and he only pulled it out now to do the most damage. A real, real scumbag.

The only thing good about having a Jones Journal editor who doesn’t give a tinker’s damn about the truth is that there’s a good chance that the Jones Journal might have a new owner after all the future lawsuits are settled.

I’m not going to post this BS blather here.

Rather you can read the article about the Forged Letter for yourself here. Then you can go to the Page 12 continuance of the letter here.

The liar who started all this hullabaloo . . . our State Rep. Sheffield . . . is quoted in the article as saying he talked to the other state representative involved in this political trap and this representative knew nothing about the letter.

This is a bald-faced lie . . . Just as everything else is that comes out of Sheffield’s mouth.

If you want to know the truth, which is foreign to Jimbo, go here where the other state representative tells the truth and proves Jimbo is the liar most of us have always known he is.

This representative even sends Jimbo a copy of everything . . . But those of us who know Jimbo know that he will never correct his lies nor apologize to the two candidates he willingly and brazenly besmirched in this BS article.

It appears that Jimbo is even more despicable than I could even imagine him being. He knowingly published this trash only days before the election ended to hurt Sutton and Neslage as much as possible without them having the opportunity to explain the truth to prospective voters in McCulloch County.

That none of the other three candidates have publicly rebuked Jimbo describes their morals perfectly. They don’t have any.

Here’s a question for all the voters. Can y’all think of any other local elections, based on local issues, in the entire state of Texas that have two state representatives involved in that election?

Me either . . . So why is it happening here?

And why is being on the local hospital board so damn important?

Because Clay Jones and his cronies say it is . . . And they don’t want anyone upsetting their moneymaking empire.

This is nothing but a board of crooks trying to cover their own asses!

And Jimbo is dutifully doing his part.


11-2-2015 -- 4:55 PM

I  wasn’t gonna write much about this election because neither of the two candidates I’m supporting wanted me to.

But, then, some cowardly, anonymous Loyalist dared me to post an email they sent me.

Again . . . the brave, anonymous POS.

Here’s their email . . .

Subj: Forged Letter

From: Brady Citizen

Date: Thu, Oct 29, 8:19 PM


Mr. Ray,

We are coming and we are bringing the rath of hell with us! You and the MOB have messed with the wrong son of a bitch! Get ready to dance!

Better call your daddy, Neslage. Your gonna need him and his money. Your vacation is coming up....pack your bags.

I'll bet your fat ass you will not post this on your page!

Hometown Folks!


I dedicate all of my following posts to you . . . asshole.


10-27-2015 -- 12:13 PM

The Weekly Wipe and the Loyalists are at it Again!

Evidently Clay Jones and James Stewart are really worried about this Hospital Board Election.

Because they’re bringing in a Big Gun Politico to lie for them in the midst of the early-voting.

From the Weekly Wipe’s website . . .

Rep. Sheffield makes statement on hospital issue
State Rep. J.D. Sheffield was in Brady Wednesday and gave his official statement regarding the allegations being made by local political candidates Bill Neslage and Gary Sutton pertaining to the local hospital's participation in the Upper Payment Limit Program.
Dr. Sheffield goes on record stating the facts pertaining to the legality of the program and makes statements discrediting Sutton and Neslage and their accusations. Hear the full audio recording by pressing the play button just above the above photo of Dr. Sheffield . . .

Go here to hear his audio lying.

Now why would he come to Brady to comment on a local election?

Because Clay Jones or one of his minions asked him to!  Or told him to!!!!!!!!!!

And why is Clay Jones so worried about this election?

Because his money-making empire is being threatened by Gary Sutton and Bill Neslage . . . two sharks who won’t blindly do his Majesty’s bidding!

Clay needs only his toadies to be on the Hospital Board to make his illegal schemes work.


Remember, he’s the putz who sponsored and passed the bill that allowed Tim Jones . . . Clay Jones’ personal enema . . . to lease the hospital from the Hospital District.  TIM JONES IS USING THIS TO HIDE THE DOCUMENTS COVERING ALL OF THEIR ILLEGAL ACTIVITIES FROM THE PUBLIC!!

We can Request Public Records from the Hospital District because it’s a public entity . . . but not from HealthCare System, which is Tim Jones’ bullshit company because it’s “supposedly” a private company.  EVEN THOUGH IT HAS EXACTLY THE SAME EMPLOYEES AS IT DID WHEN IT WAS PART OF THE HOSPITAL DISTRICT!!

This is nothing more than an illegal operation to hide facts from the public.


I can’t believe the lying puke is even getting involved with an election that is none of his business.

By the way . . . Sutton and Neslage didn’t say the “Upper Payment Limit Program” was illegal as Jimbo writes and as J.D. “show me the money” Sheffield says.  They said San Saba, Crane, and other towns aren’t in McCulloch County so we shouldn’t be participating with Nursing Homes in those places . . . PER OUR OWN HOSPITAL CHARTER RULES!!

J.D. Sheffield is nothing but a lying scumbag who does Clay Jones’ bidding.

I can’t wait for HIS Election to come up.


A bit more about the Weekly Wipe and James Stewart.

Several people called and emailed me about the above political shenanigan so I went ahead and looked through the newspaper to see if ‘ol Jimbo is back to his usual BIASED tricks.

He is.

I found two ads for Loyalist candidates for the Hospital Board positions and a letter to the editor from the Grand Dame of the Loyalists where she worships the hospital.

Nary one thing showed up that disagreed with Jimbo’s biased take on things.

Death, Taxes, and Jimbo’s biases . . . you can always count on ‘em.


10-15-2015 -- 1:42 PM




10-8-2015 -- 1:47 PM

Your Hospital Board is KNOWINGLY CORRUPT


The Back-Drop to the Story . .

Clay Jones sold his house in Precinct One . . . so he could no longer LEGALLY represent Precinct One on the Hospital Board.

So . . . miraculously . . . at this same instant . . . “Doctor” Lane decides to resign.

As does Clay Jones . . . although I don’t know if he resigned before or after “Doctor” Lane . . . but it doesn’t matter to the story.

In milliseconds Lane’s resignation is accepted and Clay is nominated to replace him for the AT LARGE seat.

Jones is, of course, appointed unanimously to Lane’s seat.


Then . . . in another miracle . . . one of the TWO audience members was appointed to fill Jones’ vacant seat for Precinct One.

Quite the coincidental scenario, huh?

And we’re supposed to believe all this happened without any violation of the Open Meetings Act!


This is the way this Hospital Board operates.


But it doesn’t need to be.  Clay Jones and his Political Minions don’t give a damn if they’re caught doing something illegal.

Who’s going to hold them accountable?

The Police Department?

The Sheriff’s Office?

Danny Neal?  One of their bosom buddies?

Tonya Spaeth Ahlschwede?  Another In-Crowder?

judge hofmann?  Don’t make me laugh.  He preaches about justice, then refuses to hold ANY Loyalist accountable.

How did the above scenario possibly happen LEGALLY?

Everything was lined up and already decided before the meeting even started.  Hell, Clay Jones NEVER stopped conducting the meeting . . . even during those few seconds he wasn’t “technically” on the Hospital Board.

The ONLY reason we know of this skulduggery was because the other audience-member was Gary Sutton!

The ENTIRE Hospital Board should be replaced.

We can begin to do that in less than two weeks.

If y’all want change, please vote for Gary Sutton and Bill Neslage.


By the way, for those interested in the Open Meetings Act . . . here she be.  Someone will probably have to explain it to Clay Jones.









Sec. 551.143.  CONSPIRACY TO CIRCUMVENT CHAPTER; OFFENSE; PENALTY.  (a)  A member or group of members of a governmental body commits an offense if the member or group of members knowingly conspires to circumvent this chapter by meeting in numbers less than a quorum for the purpose of secret deliberations in violation of this chapter.

(b)  An offense under Subsection (a) is a misdemeanor punishable by:

(1)  a fine of not less than $100 or more than $500;

(2)  confinement in the county jail for not less than one month or more than six months; or

(3)  both the fine and confinement.

Added by Acts 1993, 73rd Leg., ch. 268, Sec. 1, eff. Sept. 1, 1993.

Sec. 551.144.  CLOSED MEETING; OFFENSE; PENALTY.  (a)  A member of a governmental body commits an offense if a closed meeting is not permitted under this chapter and the member knowingly:

(1)  calls or aids in calling or organizing the closed meeting, whether it is a special or called closed meeting;

(2)  closes or aids in closing the meeting to the public, if it is a regular meeting; or

(3)  participates in the closed meeting, whether it is a regular, special, or called meeting.

(b)  An offense under Subsection (a) is a misdemeanor punishable by:

(1)  a fine of not less than $100 or more than $500;

(2)  confinement in the county jail for not less than one month or more than six months; or

(3)  both the fine and confinement.

(c)  It is an affirmative defense to prosecution under Subsection (a) that the member of the governmental body acted in reasonable reliance on a court order or a written interpretation of this chapter contained in an opinion of a court of record, the attorney general, or the attorney for the governmental body.

Added by Acts 1993, 73rd Leg., ch. 268, Sec. 1, eff. Sept. 1, 1993.  Amended by Acts 1999, 76th Leg., ch. 647, Sec. 3, eff. Aug. 30, 1999.


9-22-2015 -- 12:16 PM

Email and Comments

Some thoughts about the cement plant

So it's public knowledge that Brady is supposedly one of two sites being considered. Has the other location been revealed and if not why is that? Is there REALLY another location being considered?

Based on how much land they SAY they have acquired they do not have any where near enough land to get their money's worth. Are they lying about how much land they have lined up to buy?

They say they will burn only natural gas but history has proven that these plants end up burning other materials that are pollutants.

Water quality could be affected.

The particulate matter that is released not only affects the respiratory system but other parts of the body.

There may be blasting which could cause damage to houses and underground lines.

The proposed railroad spur could potentially be run thru the middle of people's property cutting off access to one side of their land making it useless.

Why all the secrecy and why for so long? I think we know why.

This will not benefit Brady ISD.

More than one source has said that it will not provide 200 jobs and some of the jobs it WILL provide will be given to people who are not current residents.

History has proven that politicians and cement company spokesmen are not exactly known for their honesty.

Why should we be impressed that this company has built another plant outside the U.S? If anything that should be a huge warning flag.

The residents who are impacted by this have indicated they will be spending significantly less money in McCulloch county if this plant is built. They may also be moving their bank accounts to other counties and (if not doing so already) seeing doctors in other counties. They will also be attending to getting their appraised value lowered on their property (lower value less taxes paid).


What’s with the name of Gary Sutton’s website?  MCHEPAC.ORG?

The name of yours is descriptive and people remember your website so they can check it on whatever device they want to.  Regardless of where they are.

If Mr. Sutton wants some viewers, he needs to learn how to attract some.

I’m not old enough to vote yet, one more year, but I’m trying to get some friends who are old enough to get involved because I believe in what you’re trying to do.  My patents love you, especially my mother.  She’s bee run over by “Morticia”, I LOVE THAT NAME YOU GAVE THE OLD WITCH, and my mother loves that you’re not afraid to take her and her rich friends on.


Wow.  You sound like my female doppelganger.

It’s also strange that you sent me this email last night.  I just got off the phone with a friend and they said the same thing you did about Gary Sutton’s website.

But . . . it’s his website.  He can call it whatever he wants to call it.

If he asks me about it, what would you like for him to call it?

Thank your parents for me . . . especially your mother.


9-20-2015 -- 1:49 PM

How Many City Judges Do We Have?


One for civil crapola, one for criminal crapola, . . . and Gary Schroeder.

Why so many?

Ask around and see what you’re told.

What does Gary Schroeder do if we already have civil and criminal judges?


Ask around.

Y’all might also wanna ask why Schroeder’s house is for sale.

And what he plans on doing after it sells.

Is he ONLY running for reelection to the Hospital Board so he can RESIGN so Clay and his minions can appoint another “Yes Man” to the Board?

These folks are evil and crooked.

I suspect Gary Sutton and Bill Neslage won’t put up with such BS.


9-20-2015 -- 11:32 AM

Mrs. Jolliff, Part Deaux

She said in her “I wanna serve the community . . . in my own way and so long as I get what I want” Ad in the Weekly Wipe that . . .The fact that the hospital district can build such a facility without raising taxes and operate in the black despite almost $2 million in uncompensated (indigent) care is a huge feat considering the fate of many rural hospitals.”

Where’s your proof of this, Mrs. Jolliff?

Or did you just take what Tim Jones told you as the Gospel of Claytonia?

Did you know Indigent Care was “suspended” in 2012?

We’ve been trying to see if it was ever UN-suspended . . . but your brethren cabal-crooks are afraid to give us the documents.

But . . . since you made the above statement . . . I challenge you to provide the documents that back your case.

If you don’t . . . you’re all set to join THIS Hospital Board . . . you’ll already have the lying part down.

You said it . . . now PROVE we’ve spentalmost $2 million in uncompensated (indigent) care.”

And over what time frame are you talking about, ma’am?

Since Adam bit the apple?

In the past decade?

In the past five years?

During what time frame?

Oh yeah . . . here’s some proof Gary Sutton managed to dredge up.  Indigent Care is addressed on Page 2, the first 2 paragraphs . . . but I have comments all over it . . . so enjoy.  LOL.

I don’t currently have a copy of Mr. Sutton’s initial Request for Records but the answers themselves provide a clue that something fishy is still going on with this Hospital Board’s and/or HealthCare System’s Indigent Care Policy.

Someone told me the other day that “Sutton’s just a toothless Tiger.”  Well . . . LOL . . . I challenge anyone to come within range of him when it concerns the Hospital.  He might just chew a leg off before you can get away.  This hospital nearly killed him . . . and he’s taking that quite personally.

Welcome to the Hornet’s Nest, ma’am.  I hope you enjoy your stay in the Public Eye.

I will since I plan on holding you accountable for every Hiccup you have.

Alas, I’m saving your trip down memory lane for mid-October . . . right before the election.

You probably won’t enjoy it . . . but the voters will.


9-20-2015 -- 10:20 AM

Email . . .

Danny Neal

I've never heard a human being talk so much and say so little.

It's like that joke about what dogs hear when humans talk to them:

"Blah, blah, blah, Rover, blah, blah, blah, Rover, blah, blah, blah"


Reps from the company "and quarry" will be in town on Monday 9/28. Three meetings at the civic center: 10 am, 2 pm, 6 pm


Could not access hospital stories on the website (probably my bad)

Will mention ONE of my experiences:

It was probably around August 2006; had a message that a close relative had been put in the hospital; called the hospital to see if the relative was in their room so I could talk to them

I was transferred to the nastiest c$&@ on the planet. It was like she was literally trying to start a fight with me.

Relative's symptoms were treated but not diagnosed and later diagnosed with a terminal illness and died. Don't know if determining the earlier condition would have made a difference or not.

We'll never know


Public meeting 9/28 at the civic center at 10 AM, 2 PM and 6 PM

They are asking for citizens who are opposed to the plant to be there


9-19-2015 -- 12:27 PM

Dr. Susan Jolliff announces candidacy
for hospital board at-large position



Dr. Susan Jolliff, has authorized the Brady Standard-Herald to announce her intent to run for election to the “at-large” position on the McCulloch County Hospital District Board of Directors.

"I am running for this position because I want to help the hospital to continue to be the best, state-of-the-art facility for the citizens of Brady and McCulloch County," she said Monday afternoon.

"The fact that the hospital district can build such a facility without raising taxes and operate in the black despite almost $2 million in uncompensated (indigent) care is a huge feat considering the fate of many rural hospitals. If we want Brady to prosper and grow, then we have to be willing to provide great health care to our citizens."

Mrs. Jolliff graduated from the University of Texas at Arlington in 1997 with a bachelor of science in biology and received my D.D.S. degree from Baylor College of Dentistry in 2001. Following graduation from dental school, she purchased the former dental practice of Dr. Chuck Priess, whose practice had been in transition since his retirement in 1997.

"I have been a Medicaid and CHIP provider for almost 11 years," added Mrs. Jolliff. "I also have served on the Texas Dental Association’s Committee on Access, Medicaid and CHIP since 2013. I feel that these experiences with federal programs will be beneficial to the board.

"I love Brady, and I choose to raise my family and practice here. It is my honor to serve our community in any capacity, and I would like to continue this service as one of the new members of the hospital district board of directors," she concluded.


Where does one start with such unbridled and unadulterated BBBBSSSS!


“I want to help the hospital to continue to be the best, state-of-the-art facility for the citizens of Brady and McCulloch County."

Oh really?

This explains why so many Brady’ites go elsewhere for their medical needs.  Because we have “the best, state-of-the-art facility.

If we want Brady to prosper and grow, then we have to be willing to provide great health care to our citizens."

What fantasy world does she live in?

Most people in McCulloch County know this “supposed” hospital is just a “money-churning” machine and the Board worships the Benjamins and doesn’t give a damn about medical care.

Would Mrs. Jolliff fit in with such a system?


She wants to be in the upper echelon of Clay Jones’ minions so badly she’d do almost anything to pay homage to the guy.

But one must NEVER forget that this is the same gal who resigned from the EDC, along with her compatriots Tiny Tim Jones and Morticia, because the city council FINALLY clamped down on EDC spending and the Three Stooges weren’t able to deliver the moola Clay wanted for his Club Med Retirement Home.

They wanted this to be their personal Piggy Banks as it has been for years but the city council said “No more!”

So . . . she quit in a hissy-fit . . . thinking the City and EDC couldn’t operate without her and her two compadres.

But the world kept turning.  No one protested.  No one gave a damn that they were no longer there.

Things have never been better without the Three Stooges.

Now she wants to get the trio back together on the Hospital Board.

She even has the gall to say this . . . It is my honor to serve our community in any capacity, and I would like to continue this service as one of the new members of the hospital district board of directors."

She says she wants to serve in “any capacity” yet she quit her last job.

Was she trying to work for the community on the EDC . . . or for her Big Dog handlers?

All one has to do is look at her circle of friends for the answer.

She would be a GREAT servant for President Putin . . . but not one for the Brady “community.”

After all, what happens to political dissidents in Russia?

They’re sent to the gulags, killed, or politically neutered in some other way.

What did Mrs. Jolliff do to me . . . BECAUSE WE DISAGREED POLITICALLY?????

She banned me from her business . . . as if this would ruin my life.  LOL.

She was also one of the Head Cheerleaders who cheered for my illegal and corrupt criminal conviction.

I’ve never even been charged with a crime in my 62 years of life . . . yet I was CONVICTED in Brady, TX because I refused to stop writing about the crooks Clay Jones, Tim Jones, and Morticia.

Of course, they couldn’t have achieved this without the overt support of the local Judicial System . . . DA Tonya Ahlschwede and judge rob hofmann primarily.

Mrs. Jolliff’s moral code would’ve also made her a GREAT Nazi.

A stretch, you say?


I’m not blaming her for the Holocaust . . . I’m just saying she doesn’t give a damn about what happens to those who disagree with her.

She toes the Party Line of Clay Jones and anyone who doesn’t feed at the same Political Trough she does can, and should, be sent to jail for NINE months . . . at least . . . even if all they were doing was exercising their First Amendment Rights.

The First Amendment doesn’t mean much to Mrs. Jolliff . . . or her Handlers or Friends.

But, Mrs. Jolliff, I’m not like the others you and your cohorts have demonized into silence over the years.


I’ll continue to speak my mind so long as I can take a breath.

You picked on the wrong sumbitch . . . and now it’s time for a little literary pay-back.

I’ve done a lot of research on your personal life . . . that I couldn’t use before because you weren’t a Public Figure.  With your candidancy, you are now.

I don’t even really care that much if you win because as long as you’re in the public eye . . . I can take literary pot-shots at you at will.

You went out of your way to try and hurt me . . . I plan on returning the favor.

Ego-maniacs like you can’t stand the heat.

You can dish it out . . . but you can’t take it.

I’m gonna enjoy this ride, Mrs. Jolliff.

Trust me, you won’t.


9-16-2015 -- 1:01 PM

Who are Gary Sutton and Bill Neslage?

“I’ve heard negative things about both of them.”


And yet you read my website.  I’m probably the most hated man in Brady because I speak my mind . . . and I don’t give a damn what anyone thinks.

These two fellas are much the same kinda guys as moi . . . except both have diplomatic skills I don’t possess.

But neither are afraid of going against the grain.  They just wanna make positive changes in Brady . . . and the Hospital Board is the most egregious political entity still standing.

Check out Gary’s website to see the kinda character he has.

They want the citizens to get the info they want.  They want our health-care to be improved.  They don’t want Brady citizens to have to go to other towns and/or cities to get their health-care.  They’re sick of Clay Jones and his minions hiding things and dealing with off-the-book activities that have NOTHING to do with managing a hospital.

If you want change, if you want better local health-care . . . they’re the ONLY two options for this election.


9-16-2015 -- 12:40 PM

Email . . .

Lol! You may be an asshole, but you're our asshole, and we love you for your outspoken ways. Obviously, you're doing something right, again. BTW, you are only an asshole to the people trying to hide the secrets you are getting close to exposing. Keep up the good work, Your Assholiness!



I checked out the website you told me about but it’s too damn complicated for me to understand what Mr. _______ is trying to tell us for me to understand.


9-15-2015 -- 1:30 PM

Secrecy, Secrecy, Secrecy, Secrecy, Secrecy, Secrecy, Secrecy, Secrecy, Secrecy, Secrecy, Secrecy, Secrecy, Secrecy, Secrecy, Secrecy, Secrecy, Secrecy, Secrecy, Secrecy, Secrecy, Secrecy, Secrecy, Secrecy, Secrecy, Secrecy, Secrecy, Secrecy, Secrecy, Secrecy, Secrecy!!

I’m sick of all the Secrecy Nonsense!


I swore I wasn’t gonna write about the Cement Plant again until we knew ALL the facts.

Based on past actions taken by the City Council and the County Honchos . . . I’m not sure We the People will EVER know ALL the facts!

Here’s an item on the City Council’s Top Secret Executive Session part of their Agenda for today’s meeting.

Pursuant to Section 551.087 (Economic Development), the City Council will deliberate the offer of a financial or other incentive or to discuss or deliberate regarding commercial or financial information that the City Council has received from a prospective cement plant and retail project that the City Council seeks to have locate in or near the City and with which the City Council is conducting economic development negotiations.”

And why must this be conducted in Secret?

So the citizens have NO Input into these discussions?

Are they trying to cause another civil war?

This Secrecy BS only causes the citizens to distrust them even more.

So why do they do it this way?

Your guess is as good as mine . . . IT MAKES ABSOLUTELY NO SENSE!

After talking to some folks . . . we have a plan of our own . . . and we don’t particularly care how much moola the city and county are proposing to give away.


So . . . we suggest this . . . regardless of the amount of the combined incentives from the city and county . . .

1.  They get 10% of the moola promised when they employ 60 people for a full year.

2.  They get 20% of the moola promised when they employ 80 people for a full year.

3.  They get 30% of the moola promised when they employ 100 people for a full year.

4.  They get 50% of the moola promised when they employ 150 people for a full year.

5.  They get 100% of the moola promised when they employ 200 people for a full year.


I’ve already been promised they won’t get one dime until the plant is built and they’re producing cement . . . by both city and county officials.

They break this promise at their own peril.

We the People deserve and MUST have input into a major decision like this.

Anything less and I’ll NEVER support this deal!  Nor will any of my supporters . . . they’ve already told me this.


9-15-2015 -- 11:42 AM

Email . . .

Funny, I had the same reaction to Schroeders letter. Didn't know Sutton, and Neslage were running for the board, but they'll certainly get my vote. Glad you're back.

Tell your friends . . . if we can get two spots on the Board then we finally have a chance to get a REAL Hospital that cares about medical care and not the almighty dollar in Brady.

Thanks . . . I’m glad to be back.


Where have you been?

Things have been awful boring in Brady without you bitching.

We need a daily dose.

I agree with everything you’ve written about the Hospital bastards.

Why can’t you tell us about what happened to Gary Sutton?

Gary Sutton’s story is not mine . . . but I will tell you that he almost died because of the local hospital.  He’ll be talking about it at some of his Town Hall Meetings . . . why don’t you attend one of those?


You’re the biggest asshole in Brady!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thanks . . . that means a lot to me.  And you’re right . . . I AM THE BIGGEST ASSHOLE IN BRADY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I’m not afraid to speak my mind and I speak the truth as I know it.

I hope Clay Jones, Tim Jones, Michelle Derrick, Gary Schroeder and Terry Keltz sue your ass off!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Did you know your exclamation key seems to stick?


Look, I’ve got plenty of ass to sue.  There’s more than enough for all of ‘em to take a big ‘ol bite.

But their lawsuit would also open up ALL their records to me.  Something they don’t wanna do.

But . . . tell ‘em to bring it on if that’s their wish!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You’re the main problem in this town!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


If that’s true . . . I thank you again.  That means I’m doing my job.

You’ve drank a lotta Loyalist Cool-Aid over the years, huh?


You’re one fearless SOB.

Fearless?  Or dumb?  LOL.

I’ve never seen anyone like you.  You bash these rich folks upside the head and don’t worry about what they’ll do to you.

I used to be one of ‘em . . . and I just know how powerless they are when someone confronts them with the truth.

You’re doing a really good job and tell Sutton and Neslage that they’ll get the votes of me, my wife, and our eldest daughter.  That’s how I found out about you -- from my oldest daughter.  She checks your website every day and I thought she was going insane while you were on your summer vacation.

I don’t know either Sutton or Neslage but if you support them that’s good enough for my family.

Keep up the good work.  You’re somewhat crazy, but you’re funny too.  This world needs some humor in it.

Thanks for your kind email.  I’ll tell Gary and Bill that they can expect your votes.

Also . . . tell your daughter I’ll try not to disappoint her again.



9-14-2015 -- 12:09 PM

Just Follow the Money!!


That’s what Deep Throat told Woodward and Bernstein during the Watergate investigation.


We’re trying to find the moola and guess what we’ve learned so far.

Guess which bank it’s in.

Clay Jones’ Banking Empire where he makes around $40,000 PER MONTH on the Bonding Fiasco . . . which the Board of Directors elected to use when the voters made it abundantly clear to everyone except those in the Hospital Board’s Fiefdom that they didn’t want an expanded Hospital.

Nope . . . not Commercial National.

Terry Keltz’s Brady National Bank?

Nope . . . not there either.

Are they keeping the $750,000 in tin cans buried on Clay’s ranch?

Some of it might be there . . . but the bulk of it isn’t.

Remember what Senor Schroeder said . . .

"The Texas attorney general and comptroller, as well as the federal government, have all indicated that this program is entirely legal. The hospital has had to expend approximately $43,000 to defend against these allegations. That money could have been spent on filling the needs of our local hospital rather than paying attorney fees."

Even if some idiot politicians were crazy enough to pass some BS legislation that allowed money grubbers like Clay Jones, Tim Jones, and Morticia to steal taxpayer money in such a way does not mean the full equation is legal.

Perhaps this legislation allows these bozos to collect the money . . . But what then happens with the money still needs oversight.

So what is happening with the money?

Where is the money? If it’s not in the two local banks, where is it?

It’s in Central National Bank.


Why Waco?

I believe they keep this money in Waco because that’s where their partners in crime are. More on this later.

Why are they fighting us to keep these banking records secret?

Mr. Schroeder whines about spending $43,000 on legal fees when, in my opinion, they’ve spent much more than that fighting to keep what they’re doing secret. When the public has to send their requests for records to an attorney, the stench of the Hospital’s business practices gets almost overwhelming at times.

But some of us just hold our noses and keep plugging along.

We will eventually catch all the crooks . . . whoever they might be.

When citizens are sentenced to jail for nine months . . . FOR JUST EXERCISING THEIR FIRST AMENDMENT RIGHTS . . . all those involved in this travesty of justice must be held accountable.

And you will be, Mr. Schroeder.

You will be!


9-13-2015 -- 2:39 PM

Hospital Board Election is right around the Corner . . .

. . . and two “Rubber-Stampers” and the “Queen of Quitters” and two “Outsiders” want your vote.

The two Rubber-Stampers are the Incumbents . . . Terry Keltz and Gary Schroeder.  Clay Jones cuts wind and these two dutifully ignore the stench.

The Queen is Susan Delk-Jolliff.  When her, Tim Jones, and Morticia discovered they were no longer going to be able to use EDC funds as their personal Piggy Banks . . . they quit with their panties in wedgies.  More on this later.

The Outsiders are Gary Sutton and Bill Neslage.  Say what you want to about these two . . . but both have PROVEN they’re all about change.  Trust me, Gary Sutton will expose all the corruption if he’s elected.  Hell, this hospital nearly killed him . . . ask him about it.

Why don’t we take a look at the Ad Senor Schroeder put in the Weekly Wipe as he stretched the TRUTH to the maximum and, for damn sure, beyond believability.

Gary Schroeder announces candidacy for re-election to 'at large' hospital board seat

Gary Schroeder has announced that he will run for re-election to an "at large" position on the McCulloch County Hospital District Board.

A member of the board for the last nine years, Schroeder "wants to continue the positive progress that the hospital has made over the last few years" he told the Standard-Herald in a press release late last week. 

“Positive Progress?”  What progress, pal? You folks are delusional. You’ve more than doubled the size of the hospital . . . all for the two or three hospital beds that’re normally occupied . . . when the voters voted against this project.

All it’s done is made Clay Jones a ton of money because of the bonding process you yo-yos used to finance the expansion.

More and more Brady and McCulloch County citizens are now going out of town for their medical needs. Some of our own EMS attendants, after delivering a patient to another hospital, told a tale that Brady’s hospital is where you go to die. They should know.

Okay now, Mr. Schroeder, let’s discuss some of the potential Medicare and Medicaid fraud that’s going on in your “positively progressive” hospital.

I’ve heard of many horror stories where patients are sent to the hospital by local doctors and, with virtually no tests or medical care given, they’re then forwarded on to a real hospital in San Angelo where real medical care is finally given.

This BS practice is done so the money grubbers like Clay Jones, Tim Jones, and Morticia can see to it that Medicare, Medicaid, or any other insurance company can be charged for a full days’ worth of service . . . When not a damn thing was done.

Can you explain this? I didn’t think so.

"The board has taken a 30-year-old entity and built a new, 'state-of-the-art' facility that serves not only this community, but surrounding ones as well. We have several specialists coming to our hospital to serve the people of this area. They are heart, neurologists, ob-gyns, urologists and many more on a regular basis."

“State-of-the-art” my ass!!

Money is always the primary concern of our hospital board . . . Not the well-being of the local citizenry. You folks think you have your own fiefdom set up and there’s not a damn thing anyone can do about it.

You’re wrong, pal.

"The old facility has been converted into a dialysis center that serves the people of this area so that they do not have to travel to San Angelo.”

What about the “love shack” in the old facility?

I’ve heard several rumors that women have been sexually harassed and, perhaps, sexually conquered in the “sleep study” room in the old facility. One tale could be a rumor, multiple tales would seem to be a trend. Have you ever heard the stories? If so, what have you done about them?

Schroeder said he's committed to obtaining all available funds such as the federal program to assist in the survival of rural hospitals. One such program he mentioned allows the hospital to partner with retirement homes in order to access federal funds.

"We currently have five retirement homes that we are now participating with in this program," he explained. Up to this time, this program has provided $750,000. This not only assists the retirement homes, but our local hospital as well. Contrary to allegations that this program is illegal, it is simply not true," Schroeder added.

If this is such a win-win deal, why did the public have to announce the deals? Why didn’t the hospital board members shout out the announcement of these deals on the courthouse steps? Why didn’t the Weekly Wipe announce these deals on the front page?

Instead, you folks tried to keep them secret.


"The Texas attorney general and comptroller, as well as the federal government, have all indicated that this program is entirely legal. The hospital has had to expend approximately $43,000 to defend against these allegations. That money could have been spent on filling the needs of our local hospital rather than paying attorney fees."

Oh, man, you’ve learned how to lie well from the Grand Poohbah . . . Clay Jones.

How much of that $43,000 was spent on the lawyer that we have to send our Requests for Public Records to . . . so he can screen them and plan a strategy of evading our Requests before Tim Jones receives them?  Most businesses allow you to send them to some clerk . . . you jackals are spending taxpayer moola on a squadron of attorneys . . . then you try to blame those of us who truly know the kind of folks y’all are.

We will run you varmints to ground.

Don’t play dumb . . . You folks have been sidestepping our requests from day one.

How much of that money is being paid to the lawyers who have filed civil charges against me for trying to exercise my First Amendment rights?

You and/or your brethren board members said all the civil and criminal charges illegally and corruptly filed against me would be dropped if I stopped writing about y’all but I told y’all to kiss my ass . . . then you cowards started attacking me through lawyers, the District Attorney, and the District Judge.


It’s actually pretty funny . . . we started figuring out your retirement homes shenanigans right after I refused to kiss y’alls’ asses.  Was that why y’all wanted me to stop writing about y’all?  It didn’t work did it, pal?

You even told people I verbally threatened you panty-waist cowards.  You’re quite the accomplished liar, Von Schroeder.

There’s a special Hell for you and your brethren Board Members.

I hope all of you set up residence there.

Early voting begins Oct. 19 with Nov. 3 being the official voting day.


More to come soon . . . on the others running for Hospital Board seats.

Be prepared, jaw-breaker . . . the Queen of Quitters.

Verbal Pay-back is a bitch.

Ban me all you want from your business . . . when I didn’t do anything wrong.  I’ve been taking a lotta notes on you.  Let’s see if I can get even.


9-8-2015 -- 12:48 PM

Okay . . . my summer vacation is over.  LOL.

It’s time to start writing again.

Email . . .

“Clay Jones is an asshole.”


Short, sweet, and to the point.  Just the way I like emails to be.  LOL.


8-15-2015 -- 10:23 AM

Email . . .

"I'm probably going to regret this in the morning" but here goes:

I enjoy your website immensely. I am not familiar with all the situations and personalities you talk about, but the ones I do know something about - you are right on the money.

Now about that cement plant....the people promoting this ARE LEAVING BIG SKID MARKS IN THE BOWL.

I won't go into all the reasons as to why I am opposed (including how it could affect me personally) but "scuse me while I whip this out:"

So they have a plant in......was it China or problem.....I got this

Has anyone seen the recent headlines about how many people in China die from pollution?

Egypt? Oh yeah I am sure they put a high priority on the environment and respecting adjacent property owners in a country where HOW MANY women are forced to have their genitals mutilated.

Thank you

Sent from my iPad


8-13-2015 -- 12:41 PM

I Had a Great Telephone Conversation With . . .
One of the See-Mint Plant’s Competitors Yesterday!

And many, many things about all this See-Mint Cacca doesn’t pass the smell test.

Yes, the guy I talked to was a competitor . . . and I have no facts that would MAKE me trust him . . . but my gut tells me to trust him.

For example . . . he says a $175,000,000 See-Mint Plant that’ll employee 200 employees MINIMUM is virtually impossible.  He says it would cost upwards of $500,000,000 to replicate his current plant AND HE ONLY EMPLOYEES SIXTY FOLKS. . . ON THREE SHIFTS !!

The Previous City Council . . . led by Brendan Weatherman and Missy Davis . . . didn’t believe me when we PROVED the Mudualistic Punk was a conman . . . BEFORE THEY OPENED OUR CITY COFFERS AND GAVE HIM AROUND $500,000 IN SERVICES, MATERIAL  , AND MOOLA but I hope the Current City Council will do their due diligence on this See-Mint Guy.


This applies to the Commissioners’ Court as well . . . especially to Danny Neal because he’s foaming at the mouth to approve this deal . . . BEFORE ANYONE KNOWS THE FACTS!!

I’ve even heard this POTENTIAL conman is telling people he’s just floating trial balloons to see how much money he can get from local communities.


If anyone wants to talk to my source, just call me and we’ll set a time where you can come over to my house, and I’ll call the guy for you.

Why won’t I just give you his name and telephone number?

Because I promised to protect his identity . . . and those promises are sacred to me.

If he wants to tell y’all his name . . . fine . . . but I WILL NOT.

He also doesn’t want a hundred people calling him with the same questions so please make your lists of questions.  If you even want to come over in packs of 4-10 . . . LOL . . . that’s fine!

I trust the guy and he knows his business . . . but I don’t want any of y’all to BLINDLY trust him just because I do!



8-12-2015 -- 11:28 AM

Email . . .

thought of the day: The reason this is top secrete no one knows what the hell they are talking about. We now have a new name for this stuff MCCulloch cement PACKAGE PLANT. Now where did that come from. Two members of our community went to the plants in waco and buda, got sick at the waco plant., rolled windown , dust enetered the auto, causing coughing snezing eyes watering.

some of that good by product is ised on the plant roads. this ant good folks. I have not heard of the cuty council member going to check out this one of a kind. It is like the rest of the surface mines all over the world. DIRTY, DRY, FILTHY, ENVIROMENTAL BAD. TO MAKE IT WORSE, THE TOTAL ACREAGE IS ON BOTH SIDE OF 377. WHAT DOES THAT DO FOR YOU SECRET STUFF. LET ME SAY THIS , I



8-12-2015 -- 11:22 AM

In response to my 8-4 11:41 AM Post


Hi, Gary-

I had a couple of phone calls this afternoon regarding your post on Paws from the Heart Animal Shelter. There seems to be a misunderstanding on the purpose of the Shelter.

Two sentences deleted . . . GR  The plan for Paws was to always be a shelter. One sentence deleted.  The animals that are in shelter will never be put down unless they are suffering.

Paws was never meant to be a rescue. That is why Brady has city animal control. Animal control knows how to deal with and capture the strays on the streets. People must realize that picking up a stray can be dangerous to them personally as well as their pets at home. Rabies is the number one thing to be worried about. If you are bitten the animal (if you are able to contain) must be in quarantine for ten days. If rabies does show up, then that person has to go thru a series of injections. If the animal is not contained, they still have to go thru the injections. Huge dangers in picking up a stray! The danger to pets at home is what you can get on your clothing....parvo, mange mites, ringworm, distemper. The best course of action is to call animal control when you see a stray. Let the experts handle it. That is why Paws has a contract with the city of Brady. To house the animals that are picked up by animal control. Paws does not pick and choose what animals come in. We must take what animal control brings in as well as what the citizens in the city of Brady wish to surrender. The good, the bad as well as the ugly. They are housed until we find homes for them and we work with other shelters to find homes as well.

It is true Paws does charge a surrender fee on animals. The reason for this is due to cost. So far the animals that have been brought in by the City, or surrendered, have not been altered (neutered or spayed) plus no vet records so these are additional costs for the shelter.

For example, we just had a dog spayed at Dr. Pace's office along with first shot series...bill was $155. We also had a dog come in that was hit by a car. Doc had to amputate one leg. He is doing wonderful and is up for adoption now but his vet bill was over $500. Just in June our vet bills for the shelter were almost $2000. Our electric bill was over $600. Bank note $1273. Water, trash pickup, Internet, food, litter, disinfectant, etc. are day to day costs as well as many others too numerous to mention. The statement made about money in the pocket is false.

People that cannot afford the surrender fees are allowed to work off their time. For example, a surrender of a non vetted animal will pull a volunteer time of 12 hours (8 hours for animals with vet records) plus another purpose of time at shelter is to not only work off the fee but to educate as well. During their work time they will be able to see what happens when animals are not properly taken care of....over production, illness, infestation. So many of the animals that are picked up are in poor shape. They are now thriving with good food, shelter, proper vet care, exercise and love.

Paragraph deleted.

Paws is only taking animals from within the city limits of Brady at this time. As we all know, the animal situation within the city is horrific. From the beginning, Paws estimated it would take about two years to get it under control. When asked about this once before, I told a person think of Brady as a sinking ship. You are having to make a choice of who to save first....your loved ones, elderly, infants, complete strangers? Who would be first and then, if time, who next and so forth? Paws knows every single animal out there cannot be saved BUT Paws is saving as many as they can that come thru those shelter doors. We are not picking and choosing who makes it thru that door. We only have so many kennels and when those kennels are full we have a waiting list. First come first serve. As a kennel becomes available, then we can fill from the waiting list. That is the reality.

On another note, the State inspection was wonderful. I was extremely pleased when the police chief, police captain and a council member were there to hear the rave review from the inspector. It is a facility for Brady to be proud of. The inspector actually stated to the chief "I hope the city realizes what a gift this is to the city and I hope you treat it accordingly". The people of Brady that helped to make this shelter happen need to give themselves a huge pat on the back. Job well done.

Gary, if you have any questions, or need further information, please let me know.

Thank you,
Deborah Neslage


8-4-2015 -- 12:53 PM

 Questions—asked and answered about the proposed cement plant



Dear Editor,

I read with interest Mr. Byler’s letter in the July 22 edition of the paper. Mr. Byler is asking some very good questions and I would like to answer those that I can. Some information is still privileged as this is an ongoing competitive matter, and some is still unknown. Allow me to address what we do know.

“Privileged?”  Or secret?  From who?  Do you know the answers to the questions everyone is asking?  Do our Politicians?  If so, why doesn’t the public know?  This might be how they do business in China or Egypt . . . but this ain’t how business SHOULD be done in Texas!  Our Politicians have let us down so many times in the past that I can’t believe ANYONE is so gullible to take what they say as Gospel.

The company that is looking to locate in Brady is a new privately-held company incorporated in Texas, and as such, does not have stock market and public financials. We are investigating a related company however. The plant is being privately funded with primarily U.S. investors. We have been told that there could be up to 30 percent foreign investment but that number has not be finalized.

The plant will produce a premier white cement used in decorative and architectural elements. It is not the typical grey cement used in foundations and roads. The reason they are considering McCulloch County is we have limestone of the specific chemical makeup to produce this white cement. We also have good access to highways and rail. This product will primarily ship by rail so a spur with two railheads is a benefit. If McCulloch County is the selected site, a rail spur to the plant could be constructed in the future. As part of the competitive nature of this project, the New Mexico site name has not been released to us and our name has not been released to them.

A question has been raised about the utilities.  At this time it is intended that the City of Brady will provide water and gas. Currently, the City of Brady is permitted for 2,709 acre feet of water. The city currently uses half that amount. That leaves sufficient water rights, already permitted to the city to provide water to the new plant as well as provide for future growth in Brady itself. Additionally, the city owns rights of way to provide gas to the plant. New gas pipeline would be paid for in the rate structure for the gas sold to the plant. The increased purchase of gas from the city’s supplier could also result in a lower rate for citizens due to increased volume. Sharyland Electric would be the electric provider for the plant.

The city and county are not alone in vetting this project. In addition to the information the city and the county are asking for, the Governor’s Office on Economic Development and Tourism will be vetting the project as well because the company is asking for state incentives also. Since the project will require an Air Quality Permit, the Environmental Protection Agency and the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality will be reviewing the permitting and design of the plant.

Neither the city nor the county are funding this project. It is going to be built on private land, for which there is already an option contract in place, pending selection of this site and approval of all the appropriate permits. All abatements and tax grants are based on new, currently unrealized property and sales tax. The Brady Economic Development Corporation will be providing a lump sum payment out of taxes dedicated to the attraction of new commercial and manufacturing businesses. A specific point to remember that separates this from prior projects is no payments will be made until the plant is complete.

This project could be a significant investment in McCulloch County. It will not go forward until it has been thoroughly vetted. The city, the county and the BEDC are very aware of their responsibilities to implement smart growth and financial management. Until then, this is still a competitive, private business process and we will continue to exercise our due diligence. There are processes that must take place to get all the answers. The city, the county and the BEDC will provide information as it becomes available.

Director, Brady Economic
Development Corporation

I trust Peter Lamont and the rest of Kim Lenoir’s crew because of their past actions . . . BUT I’M TOO DAMNED OLD AND STUBBORN TO BLINDLY TRUST ANYONE!!  If they want my support . . . which I’ll gladly and enthusiastically give once questions are answered and facts are given . . . they’ve gotta back their words up with tangible and public facts.



8-4-2015 -- 11:56 AM

Royal White See-Mint

I’m officially OPPOSED to the new see-mint plant.


Weren’t you 1000% supporting it before?


But I just can’t deal with all this secrecy nonsense and it appears our Public Officials either won’t or can’t answer our most pressing questions.

Didn’t we learn ANYTHING from the Mudualistic and Race Track fiascos?

If someone or some company wants to negotiate from the shadows . . . I say piss on ‘em!

We shouldn’t waste one more second of our time negotiating with them and against ourselves.

We want community PARTNERS . . . not some yo-yo who wants to take our tax dollars and give nothing back.

Think about this . . . this plant will be somewhere around 20 - 30 miles from Brownwood.

Where will the BIG money-makers live and shop if we get the Plant?


Is Brownwood donating ANY moola to this project?

If one Politician votes FOR this project without giving the Public ALL the information they deserve . . . I say they should be RECALLED!

And I would support this effort.


8-4-2015 -- 11:41 AM






2 things…..


Just a responsive word about your post on Brady West…….yes that place has been and still is questionable at best!!! I have a loved one in the facility and I have raised holly hell more than one time about the management and the non-caring ways of the CNA’s (Certified Nursing Aides) ---- however, since they brought in a new DON (Director of Nurses) things are beginning to change ----everything except the FOOD --- yuk,.,.,.,.,yuk.,.,.,.,.yuk.,.,.,.hopefully that will change soon!!!!


PAWS --- I heard discussion in town about the animal shelter not taking a stray puppy or kitten off the streets without a $50.00 fee??? I thought that was what the shelter would do is HELP animals….but oh – I forgot – it is all about the back pocket of certain people.

When I first supported PAWS, I thought the same thing you did . . . that this was to help the animals.  I had no idea that someone could rescue a critter, then pay for this fact.

Yes, we knew there would be a surrender fee for owned animals that a person could no longer keep---- but just off the streets?? These babies need a chance for help to survive. A lady on Trading on the Radio just this morning has kittens she herself is needing to find a home for because she would have to pay $50.00 per animal in order to take them to the shelter. People in this town don’t have that kind of money in the first place so now they will just leave them or worst yet _ _ _ _ them or dump them elsewhere!!!!!

SO WHAT PEOPLE NEED TO DO IS CALL THE NEW ANIMAL CONTROL OFFICER TO PICK THEM UP!!!!!! That way everyone (especially the rich) just get richer!!!!


7-28-2015 -- 1:01 PM

See-Mint Plant Discussed at Commissioners’ Court Meeting Yesterday

First off . . . I just finished an extensive, extensive search to see if the Top Secret Folks from Royal White See-Mint are negotiating with folks in Hobbs, NM . . . as they are negotiating with us.


So . . . what does this mean?

Either my sources are wrong . . . Hobbs isn’t in the mix.

Or . . . we’re competing against ourselves.  It just blows my mind that, evidently, no one involved with our local government knows who we’re competing against.


But . . . and this is hard for me to admit, trust me . . . LOL . . . Danny Neal and the Commissioners conducted the BEST and most fair Meeting yesterday that I’ve ever seen in Brady!!!!!!!!

Danny let ANYONE who wanted to talk . . . TALK!!  With no time limits.  With no constraints I could see . . . and I was sitting on the front row so I could see and hear EVERYTHING.

And there was some Mad Mohicans there.  LOL.

I was afraid I was gonna have to do CPR on Phil Graves and that wouldn’t have been fun for either of us.

I’m sure I was the only one at this Meeting who was in favor of the See-Mint Plant . . . but I still won’t support it until all the questions from the Nay-Sayers are answered.


Brady has plenty of smart people in our little town.  If our Governmental Entities don’t use this source . . . they’re either crazy or they have a HIDDEN AGENDA!!

What I propose is this . . . EVERY citizen should have access to EVERY document ANY Governmental Entity has about this deal.  Hell, this Top Secret BS just means the See-Mint Plant can hide stuff from us.  AND DO WE THINK ALL OF THESE HIGH-PAID SCIENTISTS AND ENGINEERS ARE GONNA LIVE IN BRADY?? If they live in Brownwood instead . . . how is that helping us?

Until I can find some DOCUMENTED evidence that we’re competing against someone . . . I WILL PROTEST MY BIG ‘OL BOOTIE OFF OVER THIS AND I’LL NEVER SUPPORT IT!!

The various entities can post these documents on their websites . . . or they can give me copies and I’lll scan them suckers to post here.

I’ll tell ya’ what . . . yesterday PROVES what the citizens can do when they get involved.  The Court TABLED both decisions the citizens wanted them to . . . the wind turbans and the See-Mint Top Secret BS.

Yesterday proved it is the CITIZENS who have the power . . . not our elected or appointed politicians.

I would also like to see this . . . if I were the Grand Poobah of Brady, like Clay Jones thinks he is . . . I’d hire an Environmental Company in Israel to check out the See-Mint Company’s Plant in Egypt.  I wouldn’t trust an Egyptian company but I’d trust most ANY Israeli company.

In my opinion, the local Governmental entities should pay the freight for this . . . but if my homestead was next door to the proposed See-Mint Plant . . . I’d get some of my rich neighbors to kick in a few bucks.

Royal White See-Mint says their plant in Egypt is the most modern one they have . . . and that ours will be even MORE hi-tech . . . I say secretive folks should have to prove it.

What did Ronald Reagan say? 





7-21-2015 -- 7:28 PM

Our See-Mint Competition

I just got back from the Silly Council Meeting and two “supposedly” reliable contacts both left me messages, saying Hobbs, New Mexico is our competition.


7-21-2015 -- 4:19 PM

Has anyone VETTED This See-Mint Company . . .
or Their Employees or Their Businesses Practices?

For the previous City Council Members . . . those folks who wouldn’t believe the research we did on Ben Siebert that showed he was a PROVEN CON-MAN (Especially Brendan Weatherman and Missi Davis -- the Mudualistic supporters to the end) . . . the term VETTED means to “make a careful and critical examination of someone, something, or a company”.

That means we check out EVERYTHING there is to know about someone or a company before we jump into bed with them and just start flinging taxpayer cash at ‘em.


I wanna know who vetted these See-Mint guys and their company!


Not after the poop careens into the fan!!

If we haven’t done this yet . . . why are we wasting our time, energy, and moola on this?

How many times do we have to get burnt before we, finally, learn a lesson?

Don’t get me wrong . . . I’m still in favor of this deal 1000% . . . but ONLY if everything is on the up and up . . . and the company PROVES to us that none of our citizens will be harmed.

And what’s with all of this secrecy BS?

I don’t feel all fuzzy inside knowing Danny Neal has known about this for over a year BEFORE the public did.  I also don’t have confidence in Danny to “negotiate” this deal by himself as he said he was at the meeting last Tuesday.

How many of you trust him to Ram-Rod this deal alone?

I don’t either.

I say this secrecy is complete and utter BS.  I for one will believe we’re negotiating against OURSELVES until the See-Mint company gives us the name of the town in New Mexico we’re “supposedly” competing with.

In my opinion . . . Secrecy is only used to hide something.  Something that usually is in favor of the entity who’s demanding the hush-hush nonsense.

I will NEVER support this deal until all the cards are on the table and ALL the questions from the NAY voters are answered.

If this See-Mint Company . . . Royal White Cement . . . doesn’t agree to give up the secrecy . . . I SAY WE SHOULD STOP TALKING TO THEM!!

Trust me, they won’t move here because they like us.  The ONLY reason they’ll move here is because they can make more moola here than anywhere else.

This Diplomatic nonsense of promising this and that . . . when we don’t have ALL the facts . . . is monetary suicide but, most importantly, I don’t want it on my conscience that ONE child is harmed in the future by decisions that’re haphazardly made today.




By the way . . . how can a County Judge afford to buy all of that property?


7-21-2015 -- 11:36 AM

More “Good” News from Jones, Jones, and Morticia, Inc.


I’ve now had six complaints from folks who have loved ones WAREHOUSED  in Brady West Nursing Home . . . and three of them have had multiple complaints.

Doesn’t “our” hospital district “own” the license for Brady West?

Is that just so Clay and his lackeys can get somewhere around $500,000 per year . . . for doing nothing?

Or are they responsible for the piss-poor care that many of our elderly citizens are getting at Brady West?

This sounds like a typical Clay Jones arrangement . . . take the moola without doing a damn thing to receive it.

Our elderly citizens should be respected and loved in their Golden Years . . . not treated like chickens in a coop.

Hell, it seems that many of them would be better off being hung on nails in a warehouse than enduring their current situation at Brady West.

What’re you gonna do to clean this up, Clay?  You’re damn sure getting enough money!  Why don’t you step in and do something to earn a few dollars of it?


7-21-2015 -- 11:23 AM

Welcome to Jones, Jones, and Morticia Funeral Home . . .
aka Brady Memorial Hospital . . .
aka Heart of Texas Memorial Hospital . . .
aka the Big Dogs’ Piggy Bank.


Email . . . Highlights are mine!!

Thought you might like an update on _____...after 4 more months of _____ going to the er with excruciating Pain and numerous x-rays, 3 ct scans and the drs there tlling her she needed to see an internist or GI expert, because they were finding nothing wrong, she finally came up with the $25 to go to Frontera Clinic, to be told by them it would be $125...she would have to apply all over again for the sliding scale. Because of the amount of pain she was having, they told her to go to the er. It was the clinic that told her to apply for indigent care. She did and they actually pushed it through and she was approved within a week and a half. She saw Dr. McDonough and he ordered an MRI and referred her to Dr. Stauffer. By this time she had swollen lymph nodes in her groin, he suspected lymphoma. but would need a biopsy to money for that. Her daughter came and got her, took her to Odessa, where she lives, because they have a lot more progams, she said, to help with medical(that was May 24). The hospital there ran all the same tests she had here and said she had stage 4 cancer. Tumors in her kidneys, liver, spine, lymph nodes, her pelvic bones. She was so close to death, they called in hospice. They did start radiation and a couple weeks ago, chemo. Her prognosis is still bad, but there are indications if she can survive the chemo, she could possibly go into remission. But the type of cancer she has is aggressive and most likely at some point will come back. How could all these "doctors" here miss something like that?? Then one "real" doctor feels the nodes in her groin and is almost sure it's cancer? From what I understand, 4 other women have been diagnosed with lymphoma since the beginning of the year...what is it going to take to wake this town up?? There is too much cancer here!! (and an inept hospital)

No sense in me commenting . . . the email says it all.

Good job, Clay Jones, Tim Jones, and Morticia.  Y’all are running a fine funeral home.


7-14-2015 -- 2:35 PM

A $175,000,000 New Business in Brady?
Which pays approximately $7,000,000 . . .
In Annual Salaries?
Hell Yeah!!


But not in my backyard.

I’m accustomed to being in the minority at any gathering of local politicians.  One guy asked me what would happen if a bomb blew up with all the politicos around?  I told him, “A good start.”


I was again the minority at yesterday’s political ho-down at the Civic Center.

The Loyalists normally stack the audience with their members and dare anyone to publicly disagree with them . . . Which, per my village idiot MO, I normally do.

But I suddenly noticed the folks in the audience yesterday were not Big Dog Loyalists or, with the exception of Brendan Weatherman, even Bigshot-wannabes. I somehow managed to ignore the presence of the King of Falsehoods and listen to the public speakers.

I quickly learned that, as so often happens, I would be the only idiot to speak against them.

But, then, some of their complaints started to hit home.

After all, who in their right mind would want a cement plant in their backyards?

But these “not-in-my-back-yarders’” were told this would be a state of the art cement plant . . . The first of its kind ever built in the United States.

Big words . . . But what proof do we have that these words are accurate?

After all, Brady is known statewide as corrupt and a con man magnet . . . A reputation we have painfully earned.

The speaker who really touched my heart was a young mother with several young children who stated quite intelligently that she would not be raising her youngsters down-wind from this plant.

I normally take the stance that some may have to suffer for the greater good.

I can’t with a clear conscience take that stance on this subject. Sure, it would be great to have 200 jobs open up in Brady . . . but at what cost?

Hell, would one of your children or grandchildren be worth more than $175,000,000 to you? I think so.  We must prove or disprove this company’s claims.

So, for once, why don’t we do our due diligence?

This company has made all kinds of promises and claims . . . Shouldn’t we now investigate these promises and claims?

I propose this . . .

1.  After we’re selected, if we’re selected, BUT BEFORE WE SIGN ANYTHING . . . The city and County should hire someone like Tom Swearingen or any other private investigator to check out the principle members of this company and their business practices. They bragged yesterday about a similar plant they have running in Egypt. Why not send Tom and one of the “not-in-my-back-yarders’” to Egypt so they could review this plant themselves, and take videos and photos, and talk to those who live close to the plant?  They could even hire a private lab to conduct tests of this plant to verify the company’s claims.

Would it be worth this even if the costs were $50,000-$100,000?

How much is the health of our citizens and youngsters worth?

We’re talking about an expensive and long term commitment, why don’t we, for once, do it right?

2.  I was a bit put off yesterday when the company’s representative wouldn’t even tell us the name of the New Mexico town we’re supposedly competing with for this cement plant.

Do any of y’all trust this company with this much secrecy? How do we know for sure that we’re not being scammed or that we’re not competing against ourselves? I negotiated a gazillion multimillion dollar deals before I became a disabled bum and the best way was to inject the “competition factor.”

Another thing I didn’t believe yesterday was when the rep said they started looking at about 100 locations for this plant . . . And this number was eventually whittled down to just two towns.

Have we ever been this lucky?

3.  The biggest problem I have with this deal is Danny Neal thinks he can negotiate with the company alone.  It’s no big secret that I and many others don’t trust him. He said yesterday, basically, that he had to worry about 8000+ citizens and not just a few. Sorry, Danny, we elected County Commissioners to be our voices . . . Not just you. Someone else should be with ‘ol Danny Boy everywhere he goes on this deal. A man in the audience tried to tie him down yesterday but Danny refused to answer the guy’s questions. As is so typical of him.


If this cement company truly wants to be long-term partners with us, they won’t have any problems with anything I’ve written above.

If this cement company wants to scam someone . . . They need to just head on down the road.

Brendan Weatherman, Missi Davis, and the other Ben Siebert-Loving City Council Folks . . . including our then City Attorney . . . Didn’t ask Siebert one intelligent business question.  And our city coffers are somewhere around $500,000 lighter.  Siebert was a PROVEN con-man before Brendan cracked open our piggy bank . . . but Brendan didn’t care.

I hope we’ve learned a lesson. That lesson being take it slow and turn over every rock.


7-8-2015 -- 12:40 PM

I TRY to not pounce on “Innocents.”

After all, we ALL have the First Amendment Right to speak our minds . . . despite what Clay Jones, Tim Jones, Morticia, the Hospital Board of Directors, Mark Marshall, Danny Neal, Tonya Ahlschwede, Rob Hofmann, and MOST Loyalists think.

But I’ve been stewing on the following 7-1-2015 Letter to the Editor for days now . . . and I just can’t keep silent any longer.

I love my HISPANIC Granddaughters beyond measurement . . . and I just won’t sit idly by while someone body-slams them or their Race.

For the letter-writer’s information . . . I MUST point out a few things . . .

1.  According to this website . . . their projections concerning populations for Texas in 2015 are 27.7 Million total.  11.7 Million of that are us Gringos.  11.1 Million are Hispanic.  BUT IF YOU ADD THE FIGURES FOR THE “OTHER” RACES TO THE HISPANIC TOTALS . . . US GRINGOS ARE ALREADY MINORITIES IN TEXAS!!

2.  Texas was a part of Mexico before 1836 . . . so perhaps us Gringos should be more understanding of the Hispanics plight.  THEY WERE HERE FIRST!!  ACTUALLY, THEY WERE HERE SECOND AS NATIVE AMERICANS HAVE BEEN IN TEXAS FOR THOUSANDS AND THOUSANDS OF YEARS!

I’ll have some more comments after everyone reads this sickening Letter to the Editor.


The government is out of control


Well, I can not believe we are sitting in our living rooms and doing nothing!

This is just about to go too far. This by God, is America! People we have to stand up against this person sitting in the White House that thinks he has the right to change everything that is good and right in our country! I know he is wanting to infuriate us to the point that we rebel, just so he can enforce marshal law, but I will not let that dingbat tell me I can't fly the American flag, or the Confederate flag in my own home or on my own property!  (I agree to this point . . . then the letter-writer flies off the rails starting with the next sentence . . . GR) It is a disgrace to drive around town and see Mexico's flag flying and not the American flag. Go to Mexico if you think that is your flag! No, you want to sit and drink beer, eat good food that you go to the store and purchase with your Lone Star card, play your music so loud that it rattles the windows of the house two blocks away, then get in a knife fight with your family members and try and blame it on somebody else when you get thrown in jail. This kind of tyranny has got to come to an end...Come on Americans, let's wake up and take our country back!

If you don't go register to vote then you don't have a voice, and this is the kind of leadership you get when you let someone else do your thinking for you. Register and vote! Get informed on people that are running for office. This is our government and we should take control. We should not live in fear of our government, the government should fear the people. If you haven't learned in your civics class, there are three branches of government all of equal power. Seems to me the country as a whole has elected too many whimps, and a POTUS that thinks he is a king and can just dictate to us what we can and can not do. And the whimps in our legislative branch have let too many, I don't know what to call them, be admitted to the supreme court, that could care less about America.

It is time to stand and be counted!

Brady, Tex.


Let me repeat this quote . . . “It is a disgrace to drive around town and see Mexico's flag flying and not the American flag. Go to Mexico if you think that is your flag! No, you want to sit and drink beer, eat good food that you go to the store and purchase with your Lone Star card, play your music so loud that it rattles the windows of the house two blocks away, then get in a knife fight with your family members and try and blame it on somebody else when you get thrown in jail. This kind of tyranny has got to come to an end...Come on Americans, let's wake up and take our country back!”

So much racist indignation.  Where does this deep-seeded anger come from . . . and where could it go from here?

Several folks have told me the letter-writer works at the Weekly Wipe with my buddy Jimbo . . . but I don’t know this for a fact.

If I were Hispanic, I would be marching in front of the Weekly Wipe until both the letter-writer and Jimbo apologized.

I can’t believe Jimbo would allow such obvious racism to be published in HIS newspaper . . . but we all know CLASS isn’t Jimbo’s forte.

I feel sorry for the letter-writer.  In this day and age . . . thank God . . . she’s a dinosaur.

To screw up what could have been a GREAT message . . . with her racist views . . . demeans not only her but the message she was trying to get out there.




7-7-2015 -- 3:57 PM





From the 7-1-2015 Weekly Wipe -- Letter to the editor.


Chase offers opposing view


To The Editor:

James Stewart in his last editorials criticized my being a party to a 12 person lawsuit concerning MUDualistic, my appointment to the EDC and my involvement in his recall. His criticism is based on misinformation that I must now address as it has spilled over to the Mayor and City Council. 

(In Village Idiot-Speak . . . Jimbo is a lying snake who must be held accountable for causing another civil war in Brady.)

The first issue I will address is Mr. Stewart's complete misrepresentation of the filing of the 12 plaintiff lawsuit against the City and MUDualistic. The second issue is his inaccurate reporting of my appointment to the EDC. My influence on his recall is a non-issue. The citizens of Brady voted to recall Mr. Stewart and I only had one vote.

Now for MUDualistic and the lawsuit. In the Summer of 2011 as president of Simpson lake Club I was cut short by Mayor Lohn at a Public Hearing and was allowed only 2 minutes to present volumes of vital information and objections as to the proposed MUDualistic 's 24-7 ATV operation. After this hearing, the Simpson lake Club directors authorized a letter from a San Angelo attorney requesting a discussion with the City of Brady as to modifying the MUDualistic project. The request was totally ignored by the city. At this point I along with 11 other homeowners retained an Appeals Attorney, Renea Hicks, to petition the Brady Zoning Board of Appeals, (ZBA) to be heard as to the Zoning violation involved in the operation of a 24-7 ATV and dirt bike operation to be located adjacent to our neighborhood. We home owners were summarily denied by the city attorney who did not have such authority and we found later that the city did not even have a Zoning Appeals Board. It was at this point, after exhausting all other options that we were forced to file a lawsuit and go to court. Through the court it was ruled that we had to exhaust our legal remedies. This ruling was overruled in the Third Court of Appeals as there was no ZBA to appear before and we were finally going to be heard in court.

I seem to remember that Jimbo’s reporting of all this was so damned slanted that no Weekly Wipe reader had any idea what was REALLY going on.

At this point, the city appealed to keep us from being heard and we remained in the Third Court of Appeals for well over a year. We then settled the lawsuit for $12,000 after being forced to spend close to $50,000 fighting four city attorneys to protect our rights as Brady citizens. 

Jimbo’s biased reporting and comments aim to mislead Brady’s citizens.  He implies Jon Chase and his cohorts MADE $12,000 when, in fact, they lost approximately $36,000!!  Maybe his mathematical-deficiency is why he’s never been successful in any business he didn’t INHERIT!!  And he’s about to run the Weekly Wipe into the ground.

In the almost two years leading up to the settlement, MUDualistic committed a multitude of documented illegal and questionable acts. Here are just a few:

1. MUDualistic failed to provide adequate liability insurance, a major violation of their contract and a huge risk for the city.

2. Ben Siebert, the main partner, submitted a 1/2 page, fraudulent financial statement listing non-existent assets.

3. MUDualistic submitted no business plan and started construction with no City permits.

4. MUDualistic stole electricity from the City of Brady and was allowed to continue operating.

Has anyone been prosecuted for this theft?  I didn’t think so.

5. MUDualistic was cited by TCEQ for blading of over 7 acres of public property with no storm water permit before it even had a lease.

6. MUDualistic was cited by the TCEQ for illegal septic tanks

7. MUDualistic was caught by state law enforcement while stealing water from a public water supply and was still allowed to continue operation though cited by the TCEQ.

8. MUDualistic was cited by the State Historical Commission for excavating public land with no archeological study or permit.

9. MUDualistic illegally allowed operation of ATV's and dirt bikes by riders who did not comply with state regulations on public property.

10. MUDualistic used a fraudulent disclaimer form citing no accidents on city property after at least three extremely serious accidents occurred, one to a minor allowed to ride with no valid waiver.

11. Instead of the $70,000 - $100,000 per month "guaranteed payments" to the city, MUDualistic failed to average $300 per month payments during their existence.

12. MUDualistic failed to hire even one full time employee although the lease called for 10 employees after one year.

13. ATVs were allowed to operate far out into the Brady Lake bed in violation of TPWD and EPA regulations.

Most of the aforementioned violations occurred early on in the non-performing MUDualistic operation. Had, Councilman Stewart along with the Mayor and the rest of the Council taken action this operation would have been terminated early on. There was little public outcry because as both editor of the newspaper and City Councilman Stewart did not report on most of MUDualistic violations and editorialized that he would not publish anything critical of the Council or MUDualistic.

(Editor's Note: This statement is not accurate. What was stated was that the paper would no longer publish information about Mudualistic that was submitted by Jon Chase et. al. That statement was made after a string of negative advertisements were run in the newspaper by Mr. Chase and his cohorts.)

Then, Jimbo, why was I black-balled from the Weekly Wipe?  At the time I was commenting about the School Board issues.  But my views differed with yours so you REFUSED to publish any of my Letters to the Editors.


Our lawsuit against the City was filed because we had no other choice and our settlement offer was made to bring this issue to a close. Had the appeals process gone on and we prevailed it would have cost the City at least $100,000 more in legal fees. I feel that our offer was more than fair as our legal expenses were $30,000 more than the settlement.

The settlement was approved by a 4-1 vote with the lone dissenter being longtime MUDualistic supporter Marilyn Gendusa.

Now to the issue of my appointment to the EDC. Contrary to what Mr. Stewart wrote, Mayor Groves did not appoint me to the EDC. I was nominated by Mayor Pro-Tem Latricia Doyal and the Council voted 5-0 to confirm my nomination. They were under no obligation to do so. For my last appointment, Tony Groves asked the council for nominations for the two open EDC positions. The council had nine names to choose from and voted unanimously to reappoint Tracy Pitcox and me.

Even Gendusa and Perkins voted to keep Jon on the EDC.

There’s a lotta future projects Jon can’t talk about yet . . . but, trust me, this current EDC Board is doing some GREAT things for Brady!!

Not too long ago, on the front page of his newspaper, Mr. Stewart ran excerpts from a letter by Susan Joliff, a resigned member of the EDC, (and one of the three business owners who have BANNED me from their businesses because of my political views . . . GR) stating that she and two other members resigned because I was going in a "different direction" and had also sued the city. The current council apparently thought that the direction of honoring the 2009 vote by our "sales tax payers" to expand and remodel our Civic Center to 700 plus capacity, was the right direction. Ms. Joliff and the two other resigned members, Tim Jones and Michelle Derrick are very vocal supporters of a Type "B" EDC or a MDD type Development Corporation, this in spite of the fact that both the MDD and the type "B" EDC propositions have been overwhelmingly defeated in two elections. This, in essence, would give the Loyalist Big Dogs a free rein to rob our Piggy Bank unfettered by what the Citizens want. I agree with the majority of the voters, that any non-manufacturing or industrial project should be voted on, just as the citizens did with the Civic Center. I have faith in the intelligence of the citizens of Brady and feel as they do that all type "B" projects should be voted on. This is what happens with our type "A" EDC. Unfortunately the previous city council did not follow through with the voter's mandate, nor did the previous EDC.

The EDC has some very exciting possibilities to consider and I feel honored to have the chance to work with the council on these projects and to honor the overwhelming mandate of the voters in the 2009 Civic Center election and the type "B" and MDD elections. As a public servant, this is my duty.


President, Brady Economic Development Corporation

(Editor's Note: This letter references appointments made by the Brady mayor and city council. There are conflicting versions of the events that transpired leading up to said appointments. Those accounts are being investigated and will be reported upon in an upcoming issue.)




Because you’re starting to get bitch-slapped on a daily basis?

Because people are FINALLY starting to realize how dangerous you and your political views are to the community?

Because people are finally seeing you as the Big Dog Toady you really are?

You’re still pathetic, Jimbo . . . but it’s starting to get quite humorous so I’m just gonna enjoy the ride.


6-26-2015 -- 11:48 AM

Kim Lenoir and Her Crew are Rock Stars!


If you can stand it . . . LOL . . . read this Status Report 07 about our nuclear-water problems.

If you can’t stand reading it, just go to Page 6 because that’s what I’ll be commenting about.

A $7,635,000 Savings versus the No Grant model.  For you professional mathematicians or accounting bean-counters, I know my figures are skewered a bit . . . but I like to brag on the current administration so I’ve stretched it a bit.

I believe the REAL Truth is we were getting 50% of Grant Moola . . . now we’re getting 85% . . . so you egghead numbers guys can figure out what the savings REALLY are.

But I’m sticking to my  numbers.

Hell, I don’t care if it’s ONLY two mil . . . why didn’t the Stewart and Lohn regimes figure out how to do it?

The Loyalists on their Councils didn’t give a damn about the nuclear-water mess . . . they preferred to give a Proven Con-Man $500,000 of moola and/or services . . . so they passed the water problem on to the current council.

Brendan Weatherman led this ATV charge . . . and passed on the nuclear-water problem to someone else.  That should answer all of you who question why I’m so hard on the guy.  He kissed Ben Siebert’s ass, spent a lotta money we didn’t have, and his lies were one of the main reasons I was sentenced to 9 months in Jail.


 Legally, Brendan, don’t get your panties in a wedgie.  This isn’t a threat.



6-26-2015 -- 8:10 AM

Email . . .

"How dare you attack Bill Derrick.
He does nothing but good for the community and he had the right to collect signatures on ANY Petition he wanted to."

Ummmm.... WHAT?? That person should seek help immediately.

Personally, I think you are a bit of a whackadoo, Gary.  However, I wouldn't piss on Bill Derek if his ass was on fire. I am hard pressed to come up with any other soul that I find to be more disgusting and downright creepy than Bill Derek. The first time I ever met him, he told me how delicious my curves were. Who does that? The subsequent meetings were no better. Not to mention the fact that he and his almost equally creepy wife tried to rip me off at their "jewelry shop." I use that term loosely because I feel certain it is some sort of a cover. Had I only taken the time to ask a handful of people in Brady about their little racket of an establishment, I would have realized that screwing the public is their MO.

Although I disagree with your stance on several issues, I do find your site quite entertaining. You and I come from different places and different times, but I sure do appreciate your blunt-force honesty. Personally, I feel both sides of the Brady nonsense are somewhat laughable. I know each thinks they have all the answers, but as an observant bystander, neither side will shut the hell up for 2 seconds to listen to anybody else. Furthermore, if anybody DID stop to listen, the other side would continue to sling mud, oblivious to the fact that they are all GROWN-ASS PEOPLE!

Anyway, keep up the good work, Gary. It's always a pleasure to visit!


Up Yours is an Idiot


I would love to meet you and talk to you.  I’d love to get your take on things.  I try my best to tell the truth . . . but I agree with you . . . I am a bit of a whackadoo!!


One would have to be a bit crazy to take on Clay Jones and all the other Big Dogs and Big Dog “wannabes” like James Stewart.

Please call me and maybe we can meet.  I don’t know if the name listed on the email is your REAL name . . . but I don’t expose “Innocents” or try to figure out who people are.  You sound like an interesting person.  I need “interesting” right now.



Keep it up Gary….about the person that sent you the e-mail about Derrick – they have to have a huge deposit of SHIT FOR BRAINS…..bless their hearts!!!!!

I just looked over the petitions/signatures – there again…..SHIT FOR BRAINS!!!! I was shocked at some of the persons that did sign it…..because believe me I have seen some of their asses at a number of activities that have gone on at the civic center in the past.

I can’t believe JS will not publish the total truth about who is going to pay for what – so many believe property taxes are going up to pay for the improvements….If so I have truly been misled. I couldn’t help but be amused that the Miss HOT had to be held in a church activity center!!!!! Sorta like …. There was no nice place/auditorium to have a nice pageant….so they had to go elsewhere.

I talked to a friend of mine last week who was so upset because of a property tax increase because of the civic center……they were so determined about it that I didn’t try to explain the truth.

You can post this if you would like ---- JUST NO NAME PLEASE!!!



I find it strange that many Loyalists just leave that impression out there instead of telling the truth.

The City will pay for the project and the EDC will pay the city back.

This arrangement will save the EDC/City upwards of $450,000.

THAT is the truth!!



"Political Correctness

is a doctrine, fostered by a delusional, illogical minority, and rabidly promoted by an unscrupulous main stream media, which holds forth the proposition that it is entirely possible to pick up a turd by the clean end."


“A liberal paradise would be a place where everybody has guaranteed employment, free healthcare, free education, free food, free housing, free clothing, free utilities, and only law enforcement has guns. And believe it or not, such a place does, indeed, exist. It's called prison."

Sheriff Joe Arpaio Maricopa County Arizona Sheriff's Office


6-22-2015 -- 12:59 PM

Email . . .

How dare you attack Bill Derrick.

He does nothing but good for the community and he had the right to collect signatures on ANY Petition he wanted to.

And what possible reason would you have to print the Petitions?

Are you trying to say that those who signed it did something wrong?

Is that not their right?  I thought you were in favor of the citizens getting involved.

I believe it is you who are the liar, and not James Stewart.

Up Yours



Not a bad rant for an anonymous Amateur.

I didn’t attack Bill Derrick.  In fact, I’ve purposefully not commented on him much because he hasn’t been an in-your-face Loyalist like Morticia.

But, unlike James Stewart and most of the Loyalists . . . like yourself, you folks hate to be confronted by the facts.

Here’s the facts I was referring to.  Check out the highlighted portion.

I know quoting ANYTHING as being factual from the Weekly Wipe is taking quite a chance.  As this article proved because, at the time it was written, and up until this date I haven’t found ANYONE who knows what this Board is or was that Mr. Derrick claimed to be the President of.

If you can prove me wrong with FACTS . . . I’ll gladly apologize.  Unlike some of your neo-Nazi friends, I find no shame in being wrong AND admitting I’m wrong.

I’ll give you another set of facts about Mr. and Mrs. Derrick.

While doing my research I noticed that him and his wife are in charge of EVERY charity known to man in Brady.

They’re either the most giving folks since Jesus and Mother Teresa or . . .


6-20-2015 -- 5:15 PM

Jimbo’s Petition

I’ll list the Petitions by who Ram-Rodded them.

Their names are all at the bottom of the pages.

James Stewart’s Petition.

Diane Jones’ Petition.

Don Perkins’ Petition.  He’s Shelly Perkins’ husband.  It seems “unseemly” to me that a sitting Council-Member’s hubby is out collecting signatures on a Petition that questions decisions being made by the same City Council she sits on.

“Unseemly?” I know, I know.  I don’t know where that came from.  In fact, I believe that’s the only time in my 62 years that I’ve used that word.

But it fits so I stand by it.


Bill Derrick’s Petition.  He’s Morticia’s “ceremonial” husband.  I ain’t got a clue what that means but I heard him described that way last week.  I thought it was cute . . . so I copied it.  By the way . . . he was also the “President” of some organization no one’s ever heard of . . . he “supposedly” almost begged Kathy Masonheimer to stay in Brady when she left for Midland.  I suspect she wasn’t offered a job and this was a maneuver for her to save face.


6-20-2015 -- 4:21 PM

You’re a prodigious liar, Jimbo . . .

But, despite all your practice, . . .

You’re still not any good at it.


Ahhhh . . . so much bullshit, so little time.

Here and here are the two articles I’ll be commenting on today.

The first one is on Page 1 of the June 17, 2015 Weekly Wipe. The second is from the same Weekly Wipe, it’s Page 4A.

Both are highlighted with red numbers on the pertinent topics I’ll be commenting on.

You’ll need to refer back and forth to keep up with my comments. Someone should probably explain this procedure to Jimbo so he can keep up.


Since it’ll take a novel to explain all my comments . . . I’ll break them down by Chapters so y’all can read this damn thing at your leisure.


Chapter One

Let’s get your lies outta the way first, Jimbo . . .

#3 on Page 1 – the article states you got enough signatures on your silly-ass Petition “within six calendar days.”

#4 on Page 4A – you yourself wrote that “it took exactly 5 days (Wednesday - Sunday) to collect the required number of registered voters’ signatures on my petition . . .”

During your Citizen Comments at the City Council Meeting this past Tuesday you first said it ONLY took THREE days to get the Petition signed . . . then later during the same damn braggadocio comments you said it took TEN days.

Which was it, Jimbo? Six . . . Five . . . Three . . . or Ten days?

That’s the problem with lies . . . you can’t remember them.  Even someone who lies so often like you.


Chapter Two.

Now . . . I’ll start commenting on the individual and for damn sure BIASED comments in your Propaganda Rag. Why Holly lets you get away with this nonsense is beyond me.

#1 on Page 1 – You or your minion wrote . . .

“The petition was submitted by Brady Standard-Herald publisher James Stewart in an attempt to use the election to affirm or vote down the usage of city funds to pay for a controversial expansion and renovation of the civic center.”

What a load of crap!!

76.92% of the Voters have already approved the “usage of city funds” for this project. It’s ONLY “controversial” because, first as Mayor and then as an illegal City Councilman, you refused to do anything about it. Either that or you were too dumb to figure out how to do it.

THIS City Council has the courage and know how to get the project done. Kim Lenoir has a GREAT team working with her and that gal will get the project done . . . IF THIS CITY COUNCIL IS EVER ALLOWED TO VOTE ON THE DAMN THING!!!


You’ve also said before that you voted FOR this project. That’s either another lie . . . or your Big Dog Masters have changed your mind.

Why would they do that?

Remember . . . Morticia, Tim Jones, and the lady jaw-breaker all threw hissy-fits and resigned from the EDC when they learned they would no longer be able to use EDC Funds as their private piggy-bank. Morticia had been telling folks for months, maybe years, that the EDC would pay for the infrastructure for Clay Jones’ Club Med for Seniors.

When the City Council said “Hell No!” . . . Morticia got her Loyalist panties in a knot and resigned.

These three stooges evidently thought the city couldn’t operate without them. Either that or they thought their brother and sister Loyalists would come to their aid and their protests would bring down this City Government.

Neither happened.

The cosmos didn’t explode.

The Loyalists didn’t riot or storm the Bastille.

WalMart opened as usual.

No flags were flown at half-mast.

No one cared that these dopes resigned.

EVERY phone call or email I received voiced their joy at the Three Amigos resigning.


Hell, the new EDC has gotten more done in the few months since their resignations than Morticia’s EDC ever did. Grown-ups are now in charge . . . and not the blind followers of Clay Jones.

So . . . the Loyalists had to attack to try to regain the “prestige” they thought they’d lost.

But, LOL, they picked the wrong spokesman, Jimbo. If you’ll travel outside your circle of church friends and Political Parasites . . . you’ll see that virtually no one respects you.


Chapter Three.

#2 on Page 1

After several years and numerous failed attempts by now four different city councils, Anthony Groves, Brady’s current mayor, has spearheaded the discussions and development of plans that have formally been approved by the council.”

Why would you admit that you’re a neutered eunuch and impotent politician in writing?

How many of these “different city councils” were you a member of? Two? Three?

How can this paragraph possibly support your idiotic protests against this project?

While you, as Mayor, helped start the current Civil War in Brady . . . Anthony Groves, at his own snail-like pace,  is trying to lead the city out of this tit-for-tat struggle that you started and are now still perpetuating.

You’re nothing but the Big Dogs’ Lackey. Just admit it.

You admitted above that you don’t givea damn about what the voters say . . . You’re still gonna do as you’re ordered.

I’m sure I’m still the most disliked person in Brady . . . But you’ve now made it a neck and neck contest. And one of us doesn’t care that he’s not popular.

Welcome aboard, Jimbo.


Chapter Four.

#3 on Page 1

Stewart, a vocal opponent of the project, started the petition after the last council meeting and provided a qualifying number of signatures on that petition within six calendar days.  That petition would require the city to put the issuance of the certificates of obligation on a ballot for voter approval.”

Here you go again, Jimbo. Lying your ass off.

You started getting signatures DURING the City Council meeting . . . Ignoring the fact that the City Council was still trying to conduct business . . . In your typical arrogant manner.

You don’t give a tinker’s damn about how the city pays for this project.


You’re just trying to stall hoping Latricia Doyal or Jack Turk either don’t run for reelection in May, 2016 or that they’re defeated so you Loyalists are in the majority once again and can dictate policies regardless of what the voters truly want.

I hope you’re paying homage to Senor Putin every day because you’d fit right in with his management style.


Chapter Five.

#4 on Page 4A

I’ll wait to publish the rest of my comments until later.

This sucker’s long enough for one day.


BEFORE I CLOSE . . . HOW MANY OF YOU HAVE NOTICED THAT JIMBO IS AN “I” AND “MY” KINDA MAN.  IT’S ALWAYS I DID THIS OR MY PETITION.  I suspect that those who signed his silly-ass petition had something to do with it as well.

I’ll post their names sometime soon.