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*** No matter what you might think . . . I’ve never physically threatened anyone.  I’m passionate about my causes and I sometimes use Literary Hyperbole to make my point.  If you tend to be a candy-ass Coward, afraid of every-damn-thing . . . perhaps this website is not for sensitive panty-waists like you.

I have NEVER and will NEVER physically threaten anyone.  If you think otherwise . . . don’t read this website.  This tends to be an R-Rated website . . . and it ain’t for the faint-hearted.  It’s for mature grownups who don’t wet the bed at night.


3-15-2015 -- 9:25 AM

There is no Justice in Brady’s Justice System!

Those of us who don’t feed at the Big Dogs’ Trough get body-slammed for doing nada in our Justice System . . . especially if you’re a public hemorrhoid like me who refuses to bow down and pay homage.  Criticize the Big Dogs and politically-connected punks and you get tried for any-damn-thing they can come up with.

The First Amendment isn’t honored or even acknowledged in Brady.

The Big Dog’s, their children, and their most devoted cultist followers get a limp-wristed slap for serious offenses while Clay Jones makes a series of phone calls to make sure a locally elected official is tried for throwing a party that his own damn daughter attended.

Was his daughter charged with under-age drinking?


Seriously . . . you don’t know the answer to that question?

Of course she wasn’t charged!

When I asked Mark Marshall about it, he said “She was a witness against some others who attended the party so I didn’t have her charged.”

Oh really!

She was a snitch against her friends . . . is that really Mark’s story?

I find that curious since none of the youngsters, to my knowledge, were tried for their offenses.

But, on the other hand, if ANY of them were charged . . . that’s complete BS.

The kids graduated from high school and had a party.


Those of you who didn’t party after big events like this in your lives are probably some of the local uppity souls who have a supply of rocks saved and piled up so you can start tossing them through glass houses.

But Clay was bound and determined that the party-hosts were tried . . . while he kept his precious daughter from even being charged with a crime.

What Clay wants in Brady’s Justice System . . . Clay gets.

But that too shall pass.  LOL.


How Did These Legal Beagles First Get Their Jobs?

Yup . . . they were initially appointed!!

Why is that important?

If you’re a Republican in Texas, and you’re classified as the “Incumbent” . . . you’ll win reelection over 70% of the time.

THAT is how the Big Dogs stack the legal deck and political spectrum against anyone who advocates change.

What are the three priorities of ALL of our Justice System robots?

1.  First and foremost is to ALWAYS get reelected . . . regardless of whose tush they have to pucker up and kiss.
2.  Secondly and almost as important . . . to join the In-Crowd by kissing some more Royal Asses.
3.  Lastly . . . they have to ACT like they’re meting out justice.

I’m not popular with the In-Crowders and some are correct in saying I’m not popular with the “former” Rebels . . . LOL . . . my goal was NEVER to be popular.

But I’ve been true to my word and goals.

Can the “In-Crowders” and “former” Rebels say the same?  Hell, many “former” Rebels have even changed sides.  But they have that right.  They have to live with their consciences, not moi.

The result of all this tush-kissing was Tonya Ahlschwede and judge rob hofmann stacked the deck and used witnesses who willingly perjured themselves . . . all of which had absolutely NOTHING to do with the Criminal Trespassing Charge I was being tried for.

In short . . . Ahlschwede gladly and gleefully did nothing but slander me in front of the jury.  All to play to her crowd of In-Crowders.

She and I will address this in a legal setting soon.

Did y’all know judge rob hofmann has a list of lawyers he uses when folks can’t afford their own lawyer?  You can’t go out and get a lawyer that’s not connected to the local tush-kissing scene and then have the court pay for it.  You have to take what judge hofmann gives you.

Trust me, he’s not gonna give you an aggressive lawyer that ONLY has your interests at heart.  These lawyers on his list probably curried favor with hofmann to get on this list . . . they have to please hofmann and his minders, not you.

If you’re a non-Loyalist and charged with a crime . . . and you refuse to give up your Constitutional Rights . . . you had best get rid of the local Legal Beagles by some legal maneuvering or you’ll find yourself in the same predicament I’m now in.

I’ll break all of this down in a future post and speak of the Unjust members of our Justice System and why us non-Loyalists will NEVER get ANY Justice in Brady or McCulloch County.

Clay Jones runs our Justice System . . . not those who’re supposed to.

That too shall pass.



3-14-2015 -- 9:02 AM

Christy Badilla

All I’ve been hearing lately is “she screwed us again” and “she needs to be fired.”

Did Jon Chase get screwed?


But blaming all of this musical chairs election nonsense on Christy is unfair and downright silly.

After all, isn’t it really up to the prospective candidate to know the rules better than anyone?  Why ask a busy City Secretary to interpret the City Charter when that is not her bailiwick nor in her job description?

She, like many of us, also has some ongoing personal problems. That’s not an excuse but simply an explanation of her current reality.

I’ve had a few problems with Christy in the past. Problems that I’ve written about on this website. But costing someone their livelihood because of a decision they shouldn’t have made in the first place is downright petty and cold.

I’ve also heard she was friends with Marilyn Gendusa and that she’s even lived with Ms. Gendusa during this rough spell for her.

I know FOR A FACT that she’s not currently living with Ms. Gendusa, nor has she ever lived with Ms. Gendusa.

As to whether Christy and Ms. Gendusa are friends . . . that’s none of my business . . . nor is it germane to this discussion.

Are Christy and I friends?

We could be . . . but we don’t know each other well enough to call ourselves friends.

But I like her, I respect her, and I’ll have words with and/or about those who are pushing the agenda to have her fired.

Christy wants to please EVERYONE . . . that’s why she sometimes finds herself in this kind of predicament.  She’s always been straight-forward and honest with me . . . and that’s tough to do because I can sometimes be a really big a-hole.

But I’ve learned during my recent and ongoing health problems not to sweat the small stuff.

The problems many of us have with the current situation is not because of Christy . . . it’s because of the Big Dogs and their cultist followers.

I’ll continue to take them on head-to-head and with every fiber of my being . . . but good people like Christy should not be penalized because of this battle.

I support Christy.  I think she’s a GREAT City Secretary.  And I’ll fight for her if I need to.

Those who have so much rancor for her . . . should put their sights on those who’re really causing the problems.

I’ve already expressed my displeasure to Tony Groves about this silliness . . . and now I’ve expressed my displeasure publicly.

Christy’s one of us . . . regardless of which side of the political spectrum you might believe she’s on.  She’s a worker bee who does her absolute best to do her job well.

Does she sometimes screw up?


Just as you do.  Just as I do.  Just as everyone does.



3-11-2015 -- 11:15 AM

I can’t get involved!
I’ve got a wife.
I’ve got children.
I’ve got a mortgage.
I’ve got a good job.
I’ve gotta watch my favorite TV show.
I’ve got a sore throat.
I’ve got a pimple on my nose.
I’ve got a wart on my right big toe.


I’ve heard every excuse in the book used to explain why people can’t get publicly involved to try to better our city and society.

I’ve always said I understood.

But I lied.

I don’t understand one bit why any adults wouldn’t want to better the lives of their children and grandchildren. Thank God our ancestors didn’t have the same attitudes or we would all have crooked and nasty teeth like the English and would still be drinking tea from a dainty little cup.

For example . . .

How many of y’all have heard of Nancy Hart?


“Nancy Morgan Hart is the only woman to have a Georgia county named for her. Hart County was carved from Elbert, Franklin and Wilkes counties in 1853 to honor the legendary frontierswoman.

“Nancy was born in North Carolina some time around 1735. She is said to be related to pioneer Daniel Boone, Revolutionary War General Daniel Morgan and, by marriage, to Senators Henry Clay and Thomas Hart Benton. Her physical appearance was both dramatic and imposing: She had red hair and freckles, was six foot tall and cross-eyed with scars of small pox evident on her face. She was a hard swearer and a sharpshooter who could handle a rifle as well as any man.

“When Nancy married Benjamin Hart, the couple migrated first to South Carolina and then to the Georgia back country where they settled along the banks of the Broad River in Wilkes County in 1771. A mother of eight children, Nancy’s knowledge of frontier medicine made her a sought-after midwife.

“In the years of the Revolutionary War, most women and children were relocated for their safety. Nancy, however, chose to remain with her husband. According to legend, one day while Benjamin was working in fields some distance from their house, five or six Tories appeared and demanded that Nancy prepare a meal for them. In the course of preparing the meal she managed to seize the men’s rifles, having made them tipsy on corn whiskey. When the men attempted to reclaim their rifles, she killed one man and quickly picked up a second gun and wounded another. Her husband and a few neighbors, who had rushed to the cabin upon being summoned by one of the children, suggested shooting the remaining captives. His wife, however, is reported to have said that shooting was too good for Tories. They were taken to the woods and hanged.

“In 1912 a gang of workers grading a railroad bed about half a mile from the site of the Hart cabin discovered what may have been the remains of the hapless fellows when they dug up six skeletons.

“Nancy also acted as a spy for the local militia, boldly entering the British camp disguised as a man to get information that helped General Elijah Clarke win the Battle of Kettle Creek. According to one account, in order to get the location of an enemy camp in Carolina for Georgia troops, Nancy crossed and then re-crossed the Savannah River on a raft made of four logs tied together with grapevines.

“Another famous story tells of her response to being spied on while she was boiling lye soap in her cabin: when she caught sight of a Tory peering through the chinks in the cabin wall, she threw the soap through the holes, blinding him.

“Nancy’s boldness was well-known to her neighbors. Even the Cherokees knew her, and gave her the name of “Wahatchee”—or War Woman. They also named a creek after her.

“After the Revolution, the Harts moved to Brunswick, where Benjamin died. Nancy then moved to Clarke County, Georgia, and finally to Kentucky, where she died in 1830. It was courage, steadfastness and a pioneering spirit such as Nancy’s that helped turn a raw wilderness into a country.”


In the beginning of the Revolutionary War there were far more British Loyalists and fence-sitters than there were Patriots but eventually the Patriots were able to gain the upper hand because of brave folks like Nancy Hart.

She had eight children, with their lives on the line virtually all the time, and yet this Patriot hero continued to fight.


Am I advocating another Revolutionary War?


But not a war of violence. I’m hoping We the People can take back our City, County, State, and Nation.

What has happened to our national pride and to the American courage of our ancestors?

Politicians and Big Dogs rule the world and what we’re seeing now is the initial stages of the fall of the American Empire, and we have front row seats.

If lower-level Loyalists knew what I know, I believe a large majority of them would believe that Clay Jones, et al, should be held accountable.

That’s what a few others and I are planning to do . . . But our jobs would be much easier if we had even your tacit support. After all, our efforts are intended to help the following generations.


Who was Sybil Ludington?


“A young American patriot, Sybil Ludington is the female counterpart to the more famous Paul Revere. Born in 1761 in Connecticut, Ludington was the eldest of twelve children. Soon after her birth, her family settled in Dutchess County, New York. In addition to being a farmer, Ludington’s father held various positions within the small town and served in the military for over sixty years. He was loyal to the British crown until 1773, when he joined the rebel cause. He was quickly promoted to Colonel and led his local regiment. Colonel Ludington’s area of command was along a vulnerable route that the British could take between Connecticut and the coast of Long Island Sound.

“When British troops and British loyalists attacked a nearby town, Danbury, Connecticut, in 1777, a rider came to the Ludington household to warn them and ask for the local regiment’s help. At the time, the Colonel’s regiment was disbanded for planting season, and all of the men were miles apart at their respective farms. The rider was too tired to continue and Colonel Ludington had to prepare for battle, so he asked his barely sixteen-year-old daughter Sybil to ride through the night, alerting his men of the danger and urging them to come together to fight back. Ludington rode all night through the dark woods, covering forty miles (a significantly longer distance than Revere rode), and because of her bravery, almost the whole regiment was gathered by daybreak to fight the British.

“After the battle at Danbury, George Washington went to the Ludington home to personally thank Sybil for her help. After the war, Ludington married a Catskill lawyer named Edward Ogden; they had one son. She died in 1839.

“Although Ludington never gained the widespread fame that Paul Revere did in America’s history, she was honored with a stamp by the Postal Service in 1975. There is a statue of her by Lake Gleneida in Carmel, New York, and there are historical markers tracing the route of her ride through Putnam County.”


Barely 16 years old and this brave gal rode twice as far as Paul Revere, having to dodge Loyalist troops to reach her destinations. But she never gave up and a battle was won.

I wonder what this little gal would think of us today? Where we are too afraid to even get off our couches to fight back against the same type of tyranny as little Sybil faced.

We should all be ashamed.


The Borgstrom family of Tremonton, Utah?

“The first brother was killed in March 1944 at Guadalcanal. The second in June, somewhere in Italy. Then the twins were both lost two weeks apart in August in bombing missions over Northern Europe. When the grieving parents asked that a fifth son, stationed at Camp Lejeune, be granted an emergency furlough, the Marine Corps base command refused — Pfc. Boyd C. Borgstrom had already used up all the furlough he had.

“The Borgstrom family of Tremonton was not the only Utah family that sent its sons off to World War II, but few sent so many and none with such tragic consequences that were echoed decades later in the 1998 movie "Saving Private Ryan."

“LeRoy Elmer Borgstrom, the oldest, was drafted into the Army in November 1942 at the age of 28. His younger brother by two years, Clyde Eugene, had enlisted in the Marines in October 1940, more than a year before the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor. Twin brothers Rolon Day and Rulon Jay were drafted on July 1943, just months after turning 18. The two, separated for training, both ended up as gunners on heavy bombers.

“The son who would survive the war, Boyd, enlisted in the Marines in 1940 with his brother Clyde. He was 19 at the time.

“Four other Borgstrom children didn't serve during the war: three married daughters and a son who was too young. Their parents, Alben and Gunda Borgstrom, would carry on raising sugar beets, alfalfa, grain and cattle on the 25-acre family farm as best they could.

“In March of 1944, the Borgstroms received a War Department telegram informing them that their second son, Clyde, was dead. He had received basic training in San Diego and been shipped overseas attached to an aviation engineering unit. A veteran of several Pacific island battles, he was killed in action on March 17 at Guadalcanal.

“June brought more bad news. The oldest son, LeRoy, attached to a medical unit, had followed the Allied southern advance through North Africa, Sicily and Italy, where he was killed on June 22.

“The twins, Rolon and Rulon, were part of the bombing campaign in Northern Europe. Losses among those flying the big B-17 and B-24 bombers were horrific. A tour of duty was 25 missions; it was estimated that the average crewman had only a one in four chance of actually completing his tour. Neither of the 19-year-old boys would beat the odds. Rolon died on Aug. 8. On Aug. 22, Rulon was killed, though his death wouldn't be confirmed for two months.

“Mrs. Borgstrom told the Salt Lake Telegram, "I feel in giving four sons we have given enough," and the Borgstroms asked Marine officials for a furlough and permanent discharge for their remaining son, Boyd, who had been transferred from the Pacific Theater to Camp Lejeune, N.C. Authorities at Camp Lejeune replied that Boyd had already used up his 71 days of furlough and wouldn't be getting any more.

“Even during wartime, with extreme sacrifice expected of Americans, this struck many as heartless. Tremonton neighbor Adam Brenkman brought the Marine Corps' callous refusal to the attention of Utah's congressional delegation. In turn, the congressmen put the arm on the military.

“The next day, Marine Commandant Lt. Gen. A. Vandegrift ordered that the young private be given an honorable discharge.

“The lucky Boyd wrote to the Salt Lake Telegram and said that while he thought the Marines Corps was the best outfit in the world, his first love was farming. His chatty letter detailed his plans for the farm, his hopes to one day become a large-scale turkey farmer, and a spare description of time spent on some lonely spit of sand in the South Pacific where the favorite diversion was fishing for baby sharks.

“Then he wrote, "There's not much I can say about my three brothers being killed, and the other one who is reported missing in action, because nothing I can say will bring them back. I know my home certainly will not be the same without their noise and fun. You can imagine how my folks feel ..."

“Because of the Borgstroms' experience, the Army and Navy adopted a policy that "the sole surviving son of any family which has lost two or more sons in action will be exempted from combat duty."


The Borgstrom Family lost four sons!

And y’all can’t get off your tushes to make sure your children have better futures?


Ya’ know . . . maybe I am crazy.

I’ll probably lose my house and go to jail for AT LEAST 9 months . . . thanks to a Loyalist-controlled Judicial System . . . but now that my health scare is somewhat in my past . . . I’ll fight for the rest of my life if I need to to take down the likes of Clay Jones, Tim Jones, and Morticia.

I say AT LEAST 9 months because I’m sure they’ll try to send me to jail again when I get out . . . but they’ll NEVER intimidate me into silence.  And I’ll really be full of piss and vinegar when I get out each time.


Can’t you couch potatoes do ANYTHING to help?

I don’t blame y’all for not wanting to help this Village Idiot but Gary Sutton could use your help.

And there’s also some silent ways y’all could help . . . but those will be listed in another post.

I hope I’ve made an impression on at least one of you by showing the courage and sacrifices of our ancestors.

We can take our city, county, state, and nation back.

But not by just sitting on our tushes.


3-10-2015 -- 10:53 AM

Hey, Clay . . . I’M BBBAAACCCKKK!

And I’m sure it’ll be an unpleasant surprise to your pilot-fish followers . . . But I’m Cancer-Free!!

These are some of your cult followers who follow every move you make, hoping to snack on some financial crumbs you leave in your wake.

You Loyalists have had it your way for quite awhile.  But change is a comin’, Big Guy.

I’ve got a lot stored up to write about and you can expect a barrage.


2-8-2015 -- 5:45 PM

I Hear Brendan Weatherman is Running for City Council Again!!

Oh goodie . . . he won’t crawl away unscathed this time.

That is NOT a threat, Tim.

He wants to send me to jail with his lies . . . I’ve got some truths I wanna cram down your lying friend’s throat.




Money first, then we’ll treat you . . .
Even in the ER!!!!!!!!

Email . . .

My daughter-in-law has been in severe pain the last few days. She finally went to the er last night. They told her she could go to the Frontera Clinic and she told them she didn't have the $25 minimum they charge. The dr basically told her she could come up with $25 and walked off and left her. What happened to turning no one away in an emergency? Is there anything she can do about this? Going to a hopsital in another town really isn't an option. No one has any money for gas or even a decent car to make it to another town.



All who are surprised by the callous actions of Clay and Tim Jones’ Hospital personnel . . . stand up and shout!!

Trust me, the personnel are good . . . it’s the leadership that sucks.